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Bentonite Effects on Zinc Concentration in Plants Irrigated with Wastewater  [PDF]
Gilvanise Alves Tito, Lúcia Helena Garófalo Chaves, Francisco De Assis Santos e Silva
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.810165
Abstract: A greenhouse study was conducted to investigate the effect of bentonite on zinc concentrations in radish and corn irrigated with wastewater. The experimental units were plastic pots with a capacity of 5 kg and 14 kg for radish and corn, respectively. The soil was mixed with increasing doses of bentonite equivalent to 0,?30,?60 and 90 t·ha-1. The plants were irrigated with poor quality water with a concentration of 5 mg·L-1?Zn. On the occasion of the harvest of radish and corn, that is, at 30 and 60 days after the emergence, respectively, the plants were separated in aerial part and roots, dried in a forced circulation oven, weighed and ground for analysis of zinc in the plant tissues. After these analyzes, the translocation factor (TF), the translocation index (TI), the bioaccumulation in the plant (BFP) and in the root (BFR) were calculated. According to the conditions of this research, the incorporation of bentonite to the soil irrigated with water of inferior quality favored the development of radish and corn; allowed the retention of the Zn metal in the soil, reducing the concentrations of this metal in the root of the radish and in the aerial part of the corn; decreased the transfer of zinc from the soil to the plants under study.
Using Poultry Litter Biochar and Rock Dust MB-4 on Release Available Phosphorus to Soils  [PDF]
Jacqueline da Silva Mendes, Lúcia Helena Garófalo Chaves,de de Brito Chaves, Francisco de Assis Santos e Silva, Josely Dantas Fernandes
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/as.2015.611131
Abstract: Highly weathered soils in areas from Brazil are acidic soils, typically characterized by poor fertility, particularly with low soil phosphorus level. This laboratory experiment was carried out to evaluate the influences of biochar, made from the poultry litter and MB-4, rock dust from grinding of silicate rocks in increasing the available soil phosphorus on Ultisol, Oxisol and Entisol. Thus, one experiment involving soils incubation was conducted in laboratory, during 100 days. The treatments consisted of rock powder, MB-4 and poultry litter, biochar, evaluated by the base saturation method, with correction levels from 40% to 80% for Ultisol and Entisol and from 20% to 80% for Oxisol and three replicates. After the incubation period, the soil samples were analyzed in relation to available phosphorus in the soil. The results of this study confirmed that the biochar prepared from the poultry litter through slow pyrolysis was a potential source of phosphorus, particularly to weathered soils. Biochar released phosphorus into the soils. The biochar could be used in the improvement of available phosphorus for the three soils analyzed. During the incubation period, 100 days, the application of increasing doses of MB-4 in soils there was no improvement in the available soil phosphorus. MB-4 was not a source of phosphorus to the soil in a short term.
Identification of Sugar, Amino Acids and Minerals from the Pollen of Jandaíra Stingless Bees (Melipona subnitida)  [PDF]
Girliane Regina da Silva, Tamires Botelho da Natividade, Celso Amorim Camara, Eva Monica Sarmento da Silva, Francisco de Assis Ribeiro dos Santos, Tania Maria Sarmento Silva
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2014.511112

The aim of this investigation was to analyze two samples of pollen from jandaíra stingless bees (Melipona subnitida) in view of their mineral composition, free amino acids and sugars. Palynological analysis showed that the predominant pollen was monofloral from Senna sp. species (94.5%, pollen 2011) and the second pollen sample showed the presence of two primary species, Chamaecrista sp. (39.2% pollen 2009) and Mimosa tenuiflora (43.5%) (pollen 2009). The highest mineral content was potassium. The bee pollen contained 20.8% and 31.0% of mannitol in samples from 2011 and 2009, respectively. Proline and serine are the predominant amino acids. High content of essential amino acids, minerals and the sugar mannitol confirmed high nutritional value of pollen samples from jandaíra bees.

Sintomas obsessivo-compulsivos nas demências
Pena, Marina Ceres Silva;Vale, Francisco de Assis Carvalho do;
Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-60832010000300006
Abstract: background: dementia is increasingly prevalent in the population. cognitive symptoms are usually accompanied by behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (bpsd), causing an increase in the cost of care and the burden of the caregiver. objectives: to search in the indexed literature until june 2008 articles related to studies on the occurrence of obsessive-compulsive symptoms (ocs) and trying to identify their prevalence, characteristics and impact on caregivers in terms of loading, quality of life and socioeconomic cost. methods: a systematic search was performed in the pubmed and lilacs indexing services, using the keywords: obsessive, compulsive, obsession, compulsion and dementia, having been identified 10 articles. results: among those, five focused on primary ocs, while in the other five ocs were a secondary objective; eight studies reported test of neuroimaging procedures; eight reported compulsive symptoms; two reported both an obsessive and compulsive symptoms, while no study reported only obsesssion. the majority of the studies reported cases of frontotemporal dementia patients. discussion: the analysis of the 10 articles denified in our search highlighted the scarcity on research on ocs and dementia, the importance of associating neuroimaging to this kind of research and the diversity of trials to evaluate ocs. no article evaluated the impact of ocs in caregivers, which could be a suggestion for future studies.
Volvo da vesícula biliar
Rodrigues, Luiz Antonio;Silva, Francisco de Assis David Cruz;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69911999000600014
Abstract: a case of torsion of the gallbladder is presented. this is a rare condition that occurs when it is associated with anatomical variants related to abnormal fixation of the gallbladder to the liver bed. the blood irrigation is insufficient and the gallbladder develops necrosis. the abnormal implantation occurs in 4% of the population. if the gallbladder losses its fixations to the inferior margin of the liver with the presence of a 1011.g mesocyst a torsion can occur when this gallbladder twists axially with subsequent occlusion of the blood flow. the signs and symptoms are similar to those of severe acute cholecystitis: abrupt onset of the pain and large palpable mass below the right costal margin. the ultrasound can show a very large and anteriorly floating gallbladder: in this case, the ultrasound did not show any abnormal signs, so it is usually diagnosed at laparotomy and the treatement consists of cholecystectomy. this condition should be suspected in acute abdominal pain of unknown origin.
Emergent Macrophytes Alter the Sediment Composition in a Small, Shallow Subtropical Lake: Implications for Methane Emission  [PDF]
Claudio Cardoso Marinho, Cleber Palma-Silva, Edélti Faria Albertoni, Iara Bueno Giacomini, Marcos Paulo Figueiredo Barros, Leonardo Marques Furlanetto, Francisco de Assis Esteves
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.62036
Abstract: Aquatic macrophytes in shallow lakes emit high levels of methane. We hypothesize that the presence of emergent aquatic macrophytes in an artificial shallow lake promotes important input of autochthonous organic matter (OM) in sediment and higher levels of methane emission via bubbles. Samplings were performed at three sites in a small, shallow subtropical lake: (1) one station in the limnetic region and (2) - (3) two stations in the littoral region ((2) inside and (3) outside aquatic macrophyte stands). A higher concentration of OM was observed at the macrophyte station, and within this site, a higher methane concentration was observed in the sediment. These results could explain the methane ebullition values at macrophyte sites. At the macrophyte station, methane emission via bubbles contributed 17% to 56% of the total methane emission; however, at the other stations, its contribution via bubbles, was lower than 1%. This research confirmed the importance of emergent macrophytes at Polegar Lake as a source of OM in sediment and methane emission via bubbles. Further, we could confirm the positive effects of temperature on methane emission, mainly by bubbles.
Ambient degradation, irregular occupation and sustainable handling in complex estuary-lagoon Mundaú/Manguaba, Alagoas State (AL)
Djane Fonseca da Silva,Djnane Fonseca da Silva,Francisco de Assis Salviano de Sousa
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2008,
Abstract: The evaluation of environmental impacts constitutes an instrument of the environment politics capable to assure the accomplishment of a systematic examination of the risks decurrent of one determined human action, as well as of its alternatives. This work had as objective to disclose to the public and responsible for the decision taking the raised results at Complex Estuary-Lagoon Mundaú/Mangaba (CELMM), at State of Alagoas, Brazil, with emphasis in the possible consequences that the related degrading action can generate. The main detected impacts resultant of degradings actions had been: deposition of sediments, to block of the lagoon, antropization of the landscape, water’s pollution, deforestation, erosion and reduction of biodiversity. As forms to brighten up these impacts had been suggested: drainage, accompany of the water’s quality, cultivation of native bush species, insert of native species, urban and tourist planning, projects of environmental education, displacement of industries, plantations and constructions and control of the real estate speculation.
Quality of eggs traded in different markets at Imperatriz, Maranh o, Brazil Qualidade de ovos comercializados em diferentes estabelecimentos na cidade de Imperatriz-MA
Leonardo Augusto Fonseca Pascoal,Francisco de Assis Bento Junior,Willian Silva dos Santos,Ricardo Sousa Silva
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2008,
Abstract: The experiment was led for evaluating the quality of white eggs from different places (supermarkets, free markets and poultry farm eggs). A completely randomized design was used with three treatments (commercial places) and five replicates (36 eggs for experimental unit). The studied variables were egg weight, integrity of the shell, albume weight, yolk weight, shell weight, albume % , yolk %, shell%, pH of the yolk and pH of the albume. The obtained data were analyzed by the GLM procedure of the SAS program. White eggs of the day (from the farm) and from supermarkets presented the best results (P <0.05) for egg weight and the worst for dirty eggs percentage. Eggs differed (P <0.05) for most of the quality variables, except pH of the yolk. Eggs from supermarkets and free markets are out of the established quality pattern for the suitable category in the label of the packing. Eggs from poultry farm eggs showed the best quality. O experimento foi conduzido para avaliar a qualidade de ovos brancos de granjas de diferentes tipos de estabelecimentos (supermercados, feiras livres e na própria granja). Utilizou-se um delineamento inteiramente casualizado com três tratamentos (estabelecimentos comerciais) e cinco repeti es (36 ovos por parcela experimental). As variáveis estudadas foram: peso dos ovos, integridade da casca, peso do albúmen, peso da casca, % gema, % de albúmen, pH da gema e pH do albúmen. Os dados obtidos foram analisados estatisticamente pelo procedimento GLM do programa SAS. Os ovos brancos do dia (da granja) e os comercializados em supermercados apresentaram melhores resultados (P<0,05) para peso do ovo e pior para porcentagem de ovos sujos. Os ovos diferiram (P<0,05) para a maioria das variáveis de qualidade interna, exceto pH da gema. Conclui-se que os ovos comercializados em supermercados e feiras livres est o fora do padr o de qualidade estabelecido para a categoria indicada no rótulo das embalagens, sendo os comercializados na granja de melhor qualidade.
Drug-related problems observed in a pharmaceutical care service, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Nascimento, Yone de Almeida;Carvalho, Wania da Silva;Acurcio, Francisco de Assis;
Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-82502009000200018
Abstract: this present observational, longitudinal, and non-concurrent study was developed with the purposes of evaluate the profile of patients attended by a pharmacotherapeutic follow-up service and describe the drug-related problems (drps) found over there; determine the proportion of drps between the health problems presented by the studied population, classifying them and identifying the situations related with their appearance. the study was developed at the school pharmacy of newton paiva university center, belo horizonte, mg, during the period from 2001 november up to 2003 november. ninety seven patients have been evaluated, the majority of female sex (66.0%), with up to 8 years of scholarship (45.4%), mean age of 56.7 ± 13.0 years; mean of 4 ± 2 diagnosed diseases; 7 ± 6 complaints and 4 ± 2 medications per patient. nine hundred and twelve health problems have been identified: 56.5% uncontrolled. from the uncontrolled problems, 380 (73.6%) were drps and between these, 81 (21.3%) were risks for drp. from the 97 followed-up patients, 89 (91.7%) have presented at least one drp during the follow-up. the more frequent drps were related to effectiveness (53.2%), to necessity (25.2%) and to safety (21.6%). a great number of uncontrolled problems was observed, as well as the possibility to resolve them by means of pharmaceutical care, indicating so the resolutive potential of this practice.
Determina??o in Loco da difusividade térmica num solo da regi?o de Caatinga (PB)
Silans, Alain Passerat de;Silva, Fernando Moreira da;Barbosa, Francisco de Assis dos Reis;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832006000100005
Abstract: an in-depth experimental study into heat and water transference in the soil - vegetation - atmosphere complex was carried out in a semi-arid region dominated by caatinga (xerophytic) vegetation in the state of paraiba, brazil. results showed that the thermodynamic soil behaviour plays a fundamental role in soil evaporation and sensitive heat fluxes. in this paper we show how the thermal difusivity of the soil was calculated in situ by three different methods with different hypotheses. the harmonic method (hm) was not suitable for the studied soil. the corrected laplace transform method (cltm) proved adequate only for the upper 0-5 cm soil layer. the points were greatly dispersed when using the nhs method, which considers vertical variability of the soil thermal diffusivity yields, although the results were similar to those of the cltm method in the upper soil layer and coherent in the other layers. soil moisture was measured with an adequately calibrated tdr probe at a depth of about 5 cm. the thermal diffusivity could thus be related to the volumetric moisture of the soil under study. the very low values of thermal diffusivity represent an important component of the local climate.
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