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Correla??o entre resistência carotídea e autonomia funcional de mulheres idosas
Meneses, Yúla Pires da Silveira Fontenele de;Cabral, Patrícia Uchoa Leit?o;Abreu, Flávia Maria Campos;Vale, Rodrigo Gomes de Souza;Rocha, Francisca Cecília Viana;Andrade, Arméle Dornelas de;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672007000400004
Abstract: this study had as objective to correlate the resistance of the carotid artery and the functional autonomy of old women. the resistance of the carotid artery was evaluated through the method called doppler and the functional autonomy through tests related to daily activities (protocol gdlam). in the description of the data it was used measures of localization and dispersion. the internal right carotid resistance got mean and pattern deviation respectively (0,71 ± 0,07) and functional autonomy mean and pattern deviation respectively (30,40 ± 6,31). the coefficient of the correlation of spearman showed a strong association between the variation of the study (r = 0,998; p = 0,000). the results suggest that the bigger the table of contents of the resistance of the carotid artery is the bigger will be the difficulty of execution of the daily life tasks.
A emergência da comunica??o expressiva na crian?a com síndrome de Down
Andrade, Rosangela Viana;Limongi, Suelly Cecília Olivan;
Pró-Fono Revista de Atualiza??o Científica , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-56872007000400011
Abstract: background: expressive communication in the child with down syndrome (ds). aim: this study had as a purpose the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the different forms of communication in children with ds; the emergence of oral expression and its relationship with the use of gestures; the development of gestures and their qualification; the effectiveness of the dialectic-didactic method, based on the clinical method proposed by piaget, as a form of speech-language intervention. method: participants of this study were eight children with ds (ages between 33 and 52 months at the beginning of the research) - four composing the research group (rg) and four composing the control group one (cg1); and four children with normal development nd (ages between 14 and 16 months at the beginning of the research) - control group number two (cg2). all children presented cognitive development classified between the final sensory motor stage and the beginning of the pre-operational stage, and were assessed three times during a period of 12 months: initial, after six months and after twelve months. all assessments were recorded and transcribed. toys, appropriate to the cognitive stage of the children, were used as materials during the assessments. the therapeutic process, exclusively for the rg, consisted of 40 therapy sessions, using similar materials to those used at during the assessments. results: children in the rg developed better than children in cg1. children who expressed themselves better were those who presented a better cognitive development. conclusion: it was possible to confirm the effectiveness of the dialectic-didactic method as a therapy method, shown through the language development of the rg when compared to gc1.
As no??es de classifica??o e seria??o na crian?a com síndrome de Down
Limongi, Suelly Cecília Olivan;Carvalho, Angela Maria de Amorim;Silva, Tatiana Pires da;Picchi, Paula Dias;Andrade, Rosangela Viana;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-80342010000200012
Abstract: purpose: to characterize the development of classification and seriation notions in children with down syndrome. methods: the sample was composed of 15 children with chronological ages between five and 13 years old. subjects were placed in the pre-operational period of cognitive development and arranged in three egalitarian groups, according to their mental age. mean mental ages were 3.4 years for g1, 4.3 years for g2, and 5.4 years for g3, as measured by the primary test of nonverbal intelligence (ptoni), administered in a different session than the others tasks. children were submitted to classification tasks using non-figurative and figurative materials, and seriation tasks using bowls and sticks of different sizes. subjects were individually assessed in different sessions for classification and seriation tasks, with no previously established order. all sessions were registered in video and transcribed in specific protocols. results: statistically significant differences between g1 and g3 were observed for figural classification, with a higher use by g1 and no use by g3, and for non-figural classification with semantic characteristics with a lower use by g1 and a higher use by g3. for seriation, statistically significant results were obtained for comparisons between g1 and g3 regarding the empirical kind, and for comparisons between g3 and the other groups regarding the intermediate kind. operational seriation was observed only for g3. conclusion: within- and between-group analysis showed the progressive and cumulative character of classification and seriation notions. moreover, the studied children followed the same acquisition order observed in typical development. clinical trials registration # nct00952354.
Autoimagem de clientes com colostomia em rela??o à bolsa coletora
Batista, Maria do Rosário de Fátima Franco;Rocha, Francisca Cecília Viana;Silva, Danillo Maia Guedes da;Silva Júnior, Fernando José Guedes da;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672011000600009
Abstract: the study aimed to analyze the perception of patients with colostomy in the use of the collection bag. it was conducted a descriptive qualitative approach, on the center for integrated health lineu araujo, teresina-pi, brazil. ten clients with colostomy bag participated in the survey. data were generated through semi-structured interviews. content analysis has revealed the feelings, the changes and how the process of adaptation of the person with the colostomy bag occurs. it was found that the relationship between the collection bag and the person with a colostomy is filled with negative feelings, significant changes in physical, psychological and sexual order, and in the web of his/her social relationships.
Análise da produ??o científica sobre o idoso na REBEn
Rocha, Francisca Cecília Viana;Brito, Cleidiane Maria Sales de;Luz, Maria Helena Barros Araújo;Figueiredo, Maria do Livramento Fortes;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672007000400017
Abstract: this is a bibliographic research that aimed at analyzing the scientific production about the aged in revista brasileira de enfermagem (brazilian nursing journal), in the period from 2000 to 2006. it was carried out bibliographic data bases using the following descriptors: senior, nursing, gerontology. it was analyzed eighteen scientific articles. in 2004 it happened the largest number of publications. regarding authorship of the articles, most had the participation of doctors, most of this production concentrated on the southeast area with qualitative approach and preponderance of hospital as the scenario. the scientific production of nursing about the aged is initial, recent and relevant.
O estado ponderal e o comportamento alimentar de crian?as e jovens: Influência do peso e das atitudes de controlo da m?e
Viana,Victor; Franco,Tania; Morais,Cecília;
Psicologia, Saúde & Doen?as , 2011,
Abstract: the weight status of mothers and their children is related, calling for the involvement of hereditary factors and environmental factors, such as: food habits, the attitudes towards food and the child feeding control strategies. the purpose of this study was to investigate the association between weight status of mothers, the attitudes to control child feeding, and eating behavior and weight status of children. participants included 204 mothers and their children aged between 6 and 13 years. the mothers provided data regarding their weight and height in order to calculate the body mass index (bmi), answered the child feeding questionnaire (cfq) and the child eating behaviour questionnaire (cebq). the children were weighed and measured; the bmi was calculated and then transformed into z-score. results show that for both sexes, the weight status of children was associated with the bmi of the mothers, mother?s attitudes to control child feeding, and dimensions of the children?s eating behavior. the conclusions have implications for counseling and intervention in children and youth at risk for obesity and obese, and their mothers.
Olhares entrecruzados sobre as políticas e reformas recentes e seus efeitos sobre o trabalho e as práticas docentes Intercrossing visions about politcs and recent reforms and their effects on teacher's work and pratices
Cecília Borges,Dalila Andrade Oliveira
Educa??o em Revista , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/s0102-46982006000200007
An evaluation of p16INK4a expression in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia specimens, including women with HIV-1
Nicol, Alcina F;Golub, Jonathan E;Silva, José R Lapa e;Cunha, Cynthia B;Amaro-Filho, Sergio M;Oliveira, Nathalia S;Menezes, Willker;Andrade, Cecília Viana;Russomano, Fabio;Trist?o, Aparecida;Grinsztejn, Beatriz;Friedman, Ruth Khalili;Oliveira, Marcia P;Pires, Andrea;Nuovo, Gerard J;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762012000500001
Abstract: although several studies have evaluated the role of p16ink4a as a diagnostic marker of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (cin) and its association with disease progression, studies regarding the role of p16ink4a in human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)-infected patients remain scarce. the present study was designed to determine the potential utility of p16ink4a as a diagnostic marker for cin and invasive cervical cancer in hiv-positive and negative cervical specimens. an immunohistochemical analysis of p16ink4a was performed in 326 cervical tissue microarray specimens. performance indicators were calculated and compared using receiving operating characteristics curve (roc)/area under the curve. in hiv-1-negative women, the percentage of cells that was positive for p16ink4a expression was significantly correlated with the severity of cin (p < 0.0001). a roc curve with a cut-off value of 55.28% resulted in a sensitivity of 89%, a specificity of 81%, a positive predictive value of 91% and a negative predictive value of 78%. hiv-seropositive women exhibited decreased expression of p16ink4a in cin2-3 specimens compared with hiv-negative specimens (p = 0.031). the roc data underscore the potential utility of p16ink4a under defined conditions as a diagnostic marker for cin 2-3 staging and invasive cervical cancer. hiv-1 infection, however, is associated with relatively reduced p16ink4a expression in cin 2-3.
Estudo comparativo entre nível de desconforto e reflexo acústico em trabalhadores
Bezerra, Francisca Magnólia Diógenes Holanda;Iório, Maria Cecília Martinelli;
Pró-Fono Revista de Atualiza??o Científica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-56872006000100002
Abstract: background: comparative study between the level of discomfort and the acoustic reflex in workers. aim: to observe the hearing behavior, through the assessment of the contraction activity of thestapedius muscle and the level of discomfort, of individuals who are and are not exposed to occupationalnoise, with the aim of identifying the influence of noise in the behavior of the contraction of thestapedius muscle and in the sensibility of hearing. method: this study was developed at the servi?osocial da indústria - sesi - ce. a hundred and three adults with normal hearing, male and female, withages varying from 18 to 45 years were divided in three groups: g1 with 41 adults exposed to noise andwho used aipe; g2 with 32 adults exposed to noise and who did not use aipe; g3 with 30 adults whowere not exposed to noise. participants were submitted to audiologic evaluation, including the analysisof the acoustic reflex level (arl) and discomfort level (dl) at the frequencies of 500 hz, 1000hz,2000hz, 3000hz, 4000hz and wn. for the statistical analysis the tests of mann whitney, wilcoxonand kruskal, with significance levels of 5%, were used. results: no statistically significant differencewas identified for the arl between the three groups, with mean values ranging from 93 to 103dbhl;the arl was significantly smaller than the dl, with the mean values of dl varying from 111 to 119dbhl for g1, from 113 to 120dbhl for g2 and from 106 to 114dbhl for g3; the dl is higher inindividuals of g1 followed by individuals of g2 and g3. conclusion: the exposure to noise does notdetermine changes in the behavior of the arl; the dl rises with the exposure to occupational noise;the dl is higher than the arl in 10 to 25db.
Tendência da mortalidade por doen?a cerebrovascular no Estado de S?o Paulo: 1970 a 1989
Lotufo, Paulo Andrade;Lolio, Cecília Amaro de;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1993, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1993000400003
Abstract: aim: description of proportional mortality and death rates by stroke in adult population (20 years of age or older) of s?o paulo state, brazil. methods: the deaths were obtained from the statistical official bureau; the population data were based in the federal census (1970, 1980 and 1991); all trends whose the slope was significantly greater than zero had a calculation of the decline per year. results: proportional mortality for stroke decreased for males (m) (- 11.40%) and increased for females (f) (+7.58%); stroke in all cardiovascular diseases showed increase in both sexes, +8.65% (m) and +3.12% (f); stroke age-adjusted death rates declined 1.19% (m) per year and 1.76% (f) per year between 1970 and 1989; the ages whose decline was more important were those 60-years-old of age or older (m) and 40-years-old or older (f); the male/female sex ratio increased during the observed years (22% in 1970 to 45%) due to the change in the 50-59 age strata (36% in 1970 to 69% in 1989). conclusion: the fall of the stroke deaths rates could be due to increase in the detection and control of hypertension; other factors such as improve in death certification, decline of chagasic myocarditis, new image-diagnostic tests and medical care had maybe only a secondary play in the decline of stroke mortality.
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