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Supporting parents of preschool children in adopting a healthy lifestyle
Lemelin Lucie,Gallagher Frances,Haggerty Jeannie
BMC Nursing , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6955-11-12
Abstract: Background Childhood obesity is a public health epidemic. In Canada 21.5% of children aged 2–5 are overweight, with psychological and physical consequences for the child and economic consequences for society. Parents often do not view their children as overweight. One way to prevent overweight is to adopt a healthy lifestyle (HL). Nurses with direct access to young families could assess overweight and support parents in adopting HL. But what is the best way to support them if they do not view their child as overweight? A better understanding of parents’ representation of children’s overweight might guide the development of solutions tailored to their needs. Methods/design This study uses an action research design, a participatory approach mobilizing all stakeholders around a problem to be solved. The general objective is to identify, with nurses working with families, ways to promote HL among parents of preschoolers. Specific objectives are to: 1) describe the prevalence of overweight in preschoolers at vaccination time; 2) describe the representation of overweight and HL, as reported by preschoolers’ parents; 3) explore the views of nurses working with young families regarding possible solutions that could become a clinical tool to promote HL; and 4) try to identify a direction concerning the proposed strategies that could be used by nurses working with this population. First, an epidemiological study will be conducted in vaccination clinics: 288 4–5-year-olds will be weighed and measured. Next, semi-structured interviews will be conducted with 20 parents to describe their representation of HL and their child’s weight. Based on the results from these two steps, by means of a focus group nurses will identify possible strategies to the problem. Finally, focus groups of parents, then nurses and finally experts will give their opinions of these strategies in order to find a direction for these strategies. Descriptive and correlational statistical analyses will be done on the quantitative survey data using SPSS. Qualitative data will be analyzed using Huberman and Miles’ (2003) approach. NVivo will be used for the analysis and data management. Discussion The anticipated benefits of this rigorous approach will be to identify and develop potential intervention strategies in partnership with preschoolers’ parents and produce a clinical tool reflecting the views of parents and nurses working with preschoolers’ parents.
Nurses joining family doctors in primary care practices: perceptions of patients with multimorbidity
Martin Fortin, Catherine Hudon, Frances Gallagher, Antoine L Ntetu, Danielle Maltais, Hassan Soubhi
BMC Family Practice , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2296-11-84
Abstract: 18 primary (health) care patients with multimorbidity participated in semi-directed interviews, in order to explore their perceptions and expectations in regard to the involvement of nurses in primary care practices. Interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed. After reviewing the transcripts, the principal investigator and research assistants performed thematic analysis independently and reached consensus on the retained themes.Patients with multimorbidity were open to the participation of nurses in primary care practices. They expected greater accessibility, for both themselves and for new patients. However, the issue of shared roles between nurses and doctors was a source of concern. Many patients held the traditional view of the nurse's role as an assistant to the doctor in his or her various duties. In general, participants said they were confident about nurses' competency but expressed concern about nurses performing certain acts that their doctor used to, notwithstanding a close collaboration between the two professionals.Patients with multimorbidity are open to the involvement of nurses in primary care practices. However, they expect this participation to be established using clear definitions of professional roles and fields of practice.In primary care, a high number of patients present multimorbidity [1,2], defined as the simultaneous presence of two or more medical conditions in the same patient [3]. Many studies have shown that multimorbidity was associated with negative outcomes [4-17]. A number of problems in following up such patients have been identified, such as increased costs [18-20], difficulty in maintaining continuity of care [21] and compliance [22,23], greater use of emergency services [24], difficulty in observances and fragmentation of care [24,25], conflicts between interventions [24], difficulty in applying guidelines [26,27]. In the presence of multimorbidity, providing care to patients becomes much more complicated as in cases where
La discussion de cas infirmière médecin, une pratique essentielle en première ligne
Frances Gallagher,Denise St-Cyr Tribble,Alain Vanasse,Chantal Doré
L'Infirmière Clinicienne , 2010,
Abstract: La discussion de cas est reconnue comme une modalité de communication essentielle à la collaboration interprofessionnelle, notamment entre les infirmières praticiennes spécialisées et les médecins partenaires. Elle permet de discuter des situations cliniques dans lesquelles ils interviennent. Devant la rareté de données probantes sur cette pratique professionnelle, l’objectif de la recherche était de décrire le contenu de discussions de cas au sein de dyades infirmière bachelière et médecin de famille concernant la clientèle suivie conjointement en première ligne. Une équipe infirmière médecins d’un Centre de santé et de services sociaux a participé à la recherche. Trois rencontres au cours desquelles huit cas ont été discutés par l’infirmière et trois médecins de l’équipe (3 dyades) ont été enregistrées en version audio et transcrites. Le contenu des discussions a fait l’objet d’une analyse thématique inductive qui a donné lieu au regroupement des sujets discutés en trois thèmes : 1) l’échange d’information sur la situation clinique et l’intervention qui s’y rapporte, 2) le partage de savoirs professionnels et 3) le processus de soin. Il ressort que la discussion de cas permet l’actualisation du processus de soins au sein de la dyade et, entre autres, le transfert d’information concernant la promotion des autosoins par l’infirmière. Les résultats doivent être considérés avec prudence considérant le nombre restreint de rencontres infirmière bachelière-médecin examinées et du nombre de cas abordés au cours des discussions. La description de ces rencontres peut alimenter la réflexion chez les infirmières praticiennes spécialisées en soins de première ligne quant à la teneur et l’utilité de leurs propres discussions de cas avec des médecins partenaires. D’autres études pourraient documenter cette pratique exemplaire et ses effets.
Empowerment interventions, knowledge translation and exchange: perspectives of home care professionals, clients and caregivers
Denise Tribble, Frances Gallagher, Linda Bell, Chantal Caron, Pierre Godbout, Jeannette Leblanc, Pascale Morin, Marianne Xhignesse, Louis Voyer, Mélanie Couture
BMC Health Services Research , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-8-177
Abstract: The qualitative design chosen is a fourth generation evaluation combined with case studies. A home care team of a health and social services center situated in the Eastern Townships (Québec, Canada) will be involved at every step in the study. A sample will be formed of 15 health care professionals and 30 of their home care clients and caregiver. Semi-structured interviews, observations of home care interventions and socio-demographic questionnaires will be used to collect the data. Nine instruments used by the team in prior studies will be adapted and reviewed. A personal log will document the observers' perspectives in order to foster objectivity and the focus on the intervention. The in-depth qualitative analysis of the data will illustrate profiles of enabling interventions and individual empowerment.The ongoing process to transform the health care and social services network creates a growing need to examine intervention practices of health care professionals working with clients receiving home care services. This study will provide the opportunity to examine how the intervention process plays out in real-life situations and how health care professionals, clients and caregivers experience it. The intervention process and individual empowerment examined in this study will enhance the growing body of knowledge about empowerment.This study is part of a process to transform health care practices with the aim of strengthening empowerment of clients with chronic health problems. To achieve this objective, an in-depth analysis of home care interventions will be undertaken using an evolving model of empowerment interventions (enabling interventions). The intervention indicators were derived from the findings of previous studies [1-6].This study is concept-oriented and empirical in nature and will help to further refine interventions supporting empowerment. It is in line with the reform of the Québec health care system that calls for a transition of services from health
Analysis on the Growth Rhythm and Cold Tolerance of Five-Year Old Eucalyptus benthamii Plantation for Bioenergy  [PDF]
Aihua Yu, Tom Gallagher
Open Journal of Forestry (OJF) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2015.56052
Abstract: A research plot of Eucalyptus benthamii was planted to evaluate this species’ ability to supply the emerging bioenergy markets that are developing in the southern U.S. The plot was planted in two different densities to investigate the growth parameters and the cold tolerance. The stand was measured annually through five growing seasons. The results indicated that the growth difference among the young E. benthamii was noticeable. For example, the maximum and minimum value of five-year old trees at diameter breast height (DBH) was 27.9 centimeters and 1.27 centimeters; and the maximum and minimum value of tree height was 22.86 meters and 2.44 meters, respectively. The yearly change in DBH and height of E. benthamii had significant differences. The average annual survival rates of E. benthamii had differences under the two planting densities (1650 trees ha-1 and 1237 trees ha-1). The densities also had effects on the height and DBH growth of E. benthamii. The average DBH and height of 1650 trees ha-1 plantation were 11.18 centimeters and 15.03 meters, and the average DBH and height of 1237 trees ha-1 plantation were 13.46 centimeters and 16.28 meters. The volume per hectare of 1650 trees ha-1 and 1237 trees ha-1 plantation were 111.45 cubic meters and 101.15 cubic meters, respectively. Average diameter growth was almost 2.54 centimeters per year and average height growth was over 3 meters. E. benthamii plantations were considered tolerant to -7.4 degrees Celsius and a cold spell during early 2014 (-11.3 degrees Celsius for two consecutive nights) killed the plantation. The growth of E. benthamii also
Genetics of childhood and adolescent depression: insights into etiological heterogeneity and challenges for future genomic research
Frances Rice
Genome Medicine , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/gm189
Abstract: Major depressive disorder (MDD) during childhood is relatively uncommon and the 12-month prevalence ranges from 0.5% to 3% [1,2], with an equal proportion of girls and boys affected or a slight preponderance of boys. Adolescence is a period of vulnerability for depressive disorder with first onsets often occurring during this period and subthreshold symptoms increasing markedly [3-5]. Estimates of the 12-month prevalence of depressive disorder in adolescence range from 2% to 8%, and the figure for lifetime adolescent depression is 20% [1,2,6]. In adolescence, the ratio of affected females to males is 2:1, which mirrors the pattern seen in adult life [2,6]. Adolescent subthreshold symptoms are not benign, and high levels of depressive symptoms that fall below the diagnostic threshold are associated with functional impairment [7]. Depression interferes with the ability of young people to meet their academic, economic and social potential, and is associated with a greatly increased risk of suicide and suicidal behaviour [1]. A significant proportion of depressed adolescents continue to have mental health problems and poor social outcomes in adult life [8].The criteria used to diagnose depression in children and adolescents are the same as those used in adults, with the only exception being that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria allow irritable mood instead of depressed mood as a core symptom for children and adolescents [9]. The fact that the same criteria are used to diagnose depression in childhood/adolescence and adulthood implicitly assumes similarity in the presentation of depression across developmental stages. Although very few studies have compared the phenomenology or symptom profiles of childhood/adolescent depression with that of adult depression, evidence suggests that there may be heterogeneity between childhood/adolescent and adult depression, and also between depression in childhood and adolescence. This evidence comes fr
Perspectivas católicas progressistas em saúde e direitos reprodutivos: o desafio político da ortodoxia
Kissling, Frances;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X1998000500024
Abstract: catholics do not follow official roman catholic teachings on matters of sexuality and reproduction, including the position that contraception , even for married couples, is always evil, and that direct abortion , even to save a woman's life, is always immoral. less well known is the extent of the church's involvement in policy-making on these same issues. for example, it has forced the closing of in vitro fertilization (ivf) services from poland to uruguay. as the church has never declared any of the dominant views, over time, regarding when a fetus becomes a person as a doctrine or dogma, there is no theological justification for the absolute condemnation of abortion. neither is there a theory on "just abortion" similar to the "just war" that allows killing under certain circumstances. the enormous gap between the church's positions and the views of worshippers has led catholics to shape a workable and honorable sexual and reproductive ethic of their own. the church could make a positive contribution if it chose to accompany people on this quest rather than to raise roadblocks.
Nueva especie de Parathelohania (Microsporidia) en larvas de Anopheles aquasalis (Diptera: Culicidae) en Venezuela
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2002,
Abstract: the symptoms of anopheles aquasalis larvae naturally infected by a microsporidium, and the ultrastructure of the infecting spores is describes. the larvae were maintained under laboratory conditions in salt concentrations of 10 g/l and 20 g/l of water. daily recordings of the mortality of the larvae were made and the dates of change of instar were noted. infected larvas were processed for transmission electronic microscopy using conventional methods at ph 7.2 and 260 mosm/l. the infection by the microsporidia was positively correlated with an increase in the mean duration of the fourth instar of 2.88 to 6.33 days in 10 g/l of salt and of 2.47 to 6.14 days in 20 g/l of salt. larval mortality also increased by approximately 50% during this instar in both salt concentrations. development time and survival were not affected during the other immature stages. the mature spores found in the intestines of infected larvae were barrel shaped and measured approximately 2.6 x 2.4 mm. the exospore has a collar shaped prolongation at the posterior end of the spore. the spores are uninuclear with a posterior vacuole. the polar filament is anisofilar with nine rings, five with a diameter of 58 nm each and four with a diameter of 23 nm each. the polarplast is lamellate, and more tightly packed in the apical region. the reduction of the survival of a. aquasalis larvae infected with the microsporidia, and the increase in the development time suggest that this parasite might have a potential as a biological control of this pest. the microsporidium describes here has similar characteristics to that of the genus parathelohania. i suggest that the rnicrosporidium found in a. aquasalis represents a new species and i propose the name parathelohania aquasalensis. this is the first report of a microsporidium from a dipteran in venezuela.
La relación interpersonal con la audiencia: El caso del discurso del presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez
Revista signos , 2005, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-09342005000300002
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to present evidence of the linguistic resources deployed by the venezuelan president when he addresses his audience through his radio and television weekly program "aló presidente". within the framework of critical discourse analysis, my starting point is the assumption that these mechanisms contribute to reflect and to reproduce the polarization which has characterized venezuelan political dialogue in recent years. in fact, during this program the president introduces topics that enable him to establish clear distinctions between his interlocutors. extracts of these productions are analyzed qualitatively in order to identify references or designations of the different groups that he addresses. the research yields evidence of how the president maintains a relationship of proximity or solidarity with some of his interlocutors and one of exclusion or depreciation with others. it is concluded that the pragmatic function of the identified linguistic marks in this particular communicative situation plays an important role in developing a polarized dialogue and thus hinders the possibilities of overcoming the socio-political conflict
Exploring the contexts of information designed for Swedish school-leavers
Hultgren, Frances
Svensk Biblioteksforskning , 2006,
Abstract: In this paper the institutional origins of information designed for school leavers have been examined using a discourse analytical approach. Texts from three of the major actors in the careers guidance system constitute the empirical basis of the study. It was found that information and the individual are constituted in different ways in each of the texts. Different ways of viewing the individual and information are related to different views on the nature of society, the labour market and the individual’s position within it, and on the value of education. Such views mediate to the reader which actions may be appropriate or inappropriate to take. The implications of the study are that young people need to develop skills in the critical analysis of informational texts as a tool in discerning their own best interests in relation to the range of interests promoted by career guidance literature. Furthermore, it is suggested that technical solutions need to be developed that increase the transparency of literature designed for school leavers.
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