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Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Short-Term Risk Estimate among Civilian Licensed Aircrew  [PDF]
Nathan B. Buila, Jean-Marc B. Bantu, Gilbert K. Kabanda, Pascal M. Bayauli, Aliocha N. Nkodila, Franois B. Lepira, Symphorien M. Ditu, Jean-René M’Buyamba-Kabangu
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2019.92010
Background: Flight and cabin crew are known to be at increased risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). However, ASCVD risks have not yet been compared in flight and cabin crew in low resource settings like sub-Saharan Africa. Objectives: To assess absolute ASCVD risk estimate and its clinical correlates among flight and cabin crew. Methods: From June 1st 2015 to December 30th 2015, 379 consecutive aviation navigants (Flight crew: 62.5%, pilots: 46.2%, women: 29.6%, Caucasians 23.2%) were enrolled in a cross-sectional survey of ASCVD risk estimate using the Framingham tools. They underwent a physical examination for either initial or
Chronic kidney disease among high school students of Kinshasa
Justine B Bukabau, Jean Robert R Makulo, Nestor M Pakasa, Eric P Cohen, Franois B Lepira, Nazaire M Nseka, Patrick K Kayembe, Ernest K Sumaili
BMC Nephrology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2369-13-24
Abstract: In an epidemiological cross sectional study, a random sample of 524 pupils (263 boys, mean age of 18.7 ± 1.4 years) from school environment of Kinshasa were studied. Recorded parameters of interest were anthropometric, proteinuria, serum creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) according to the Schwartz formula using uncalibrated creatinine levels from one random measurement. CKD was defined as the presence of kidney damage (daily proteinuria ≥ 300 mg) and/or reduced kidney function (eGFR < 60 ml/min/1.73 m2). Concordances between eGFR according to Schwartz, Cockcroft-Gault (C-G) indexed for BSA and modification of diet in renal disease (MDRD) study equations were computed using the kappa coefficient.The prevalence of CKD by the Schwartz formula was 1.5%. By stage, 0.8% had CKD stage 1 (proteinuria with normal eGFR) and 0.8% had CKD stage 3 (eGFR, 30 to 59 ml/min/1.73 m2). The prevalence of proteinuria ≥ 300 mg/day was 1% (one case had 2.7g/day). Agreement between eGFR according to Schwartz formula and the MDRD formula was excellent (kappa: 88.8%). Although correlations between all formulas were excellent (0.99; 0.87, and 0.89), agreement was poor between eGFR according to Schwartz and C-G indexed BSA equation (kappa: 52.7%) and, poorer with C-G unadjusted for BSA (kappa: 26.9%).In the large African city of Kinshasa, 2% of high school students have CKD. This high prevalence rate emphasizes the need for appropriate detection and prevention measures in this vulnerable young age population group.
Moderate Hypertriglyceridemia Revealed by Acute Chest Syndrome, a Milky Appearance Serum and Prior History of Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis in a Type 2 Diabetes Black Patient: A Case Report  [PDF]
Franois Bompeka Lepira, Vita Eulethère Kintoki, Jean-Robert Risassi Makulo, Fabien Mbala Kintoki
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2016.611046
Abstract: Although the “triglyceride paradox” states that hypertriglyceridemia is less frequent in Blacks and the risk of pancreatitis increases with severe hypertriglyceridemia, we herein report on a case of moderate hypertriglyceridemia revealed by an acute chest syndrome and a milky appearance serum in a 47-year-old type 2 diabetes black patient with prior history of recurrent acute pancreatitis. In addition to insulin therapy and coronary angioplasty, the combination of a statin and a fibrate resulted two months later in a substantial improvement in triglyceride levels and a normal serum appearance.
Prognostic Signification of Admission Hyperglycemia among Acute Stroke Patients in Intensive Care Units in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo  [PDF]
Josée K. Tshituta, Franois B. Lepira, Franois P. Kajingulu, Jean Robert R. Makulo, Ernest K. Sumaili, Pierre Z. Akilimali, Aliocha N. Nkodila, Freddy M. Mbuyi, Angèle I. Masewu, Stéphane Mutombo, Eric B. Amisi, Jean Pierre M. Ilunga, Wilfrid B. Mbombo, Patrick M. Mukuna, Adolphe M. Kilembe
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2019.99060
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Although admission hyperglycemia has been reported to be associated with unfavorable outcomes in acute stroke, little is known about this association in sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to assess the prognostic significance of admission hyperglycemia in the acute phase of stroke in Congolese patients. METHODS: In a multicenter prospective cohort study, consecutive patients with acute stroke were examined in 5 Emergency Rooms or Intensive Care Units of Kinshasa between July 15th, 2017 and March 15th, 2018. The severity of stroke was assessed at admission using the Glasgow Coma Scale. Stress hyperglycemia was defined as random blood glucose levels at admission > 140 mg/dL in patients without known type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The endpoint was 10-day all-cause in-hospital mortality. Survival (time-to-death) curves were built using the Kaplan Meier methods. Cox proportional analysis was used to identify predictors of 10-day all-cause in-hospital mortality. The predictive performance of blood glucose level
Effects of Judo Strength-Velocity Training during Precompetition on Cardiorespiratory Responses in Congolese Judoists Aged 15 - 17 Years Old  [PDF]
Jean Georges André Moulongo, Alphonse Massamba, Jean Marie Kayembe Ntumba, Franois Lepira Bompeka, Félix Lotoko Lisule, Bernard Packa-Tchissambou
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2016.410006
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the effects of “strength-velocity” training on the evolution of some cardiorespiratory parameters in postpubertal judoists of the Congolese national elite. Methods: The survey, exploratory, experimental and longitudinal, was about 14 boys, belonging to seven categories of weight of the International Federation of Judo. These judoists, at the level belonged to stages 3, 4 and 5 of the classification to Tanner, of pubertal maturation. Their median age was 16 years (range: 15 - 17 years). All topics have been submitted to “strength-velocity” training, focused around exercises bound to the development of the power and automatisms, from plyometric and isometric training. Three assessments have been realized in the beginning, to mid-training (3 months) and at the end of the program (6 months). The measured values were cardiorespiratory parameters. Results: The heart rate to the doorstep was decreased significantly (p = 0.048), so VO2 max (p = 0.046), FVC (p = 0.0244) and ratio VEMS/FVC (p = 0.046) as function of pubertal stage. In contrast, increase was not significant for VEMS (p = 0.205) and absolute VO2 to doorstep (p = 0.097). No significant effect of pubertal state on respiratory frequency was found. On the other hand, strength-velocity training improved cardiorespiratory data. To the recovery of the “strength-velocity test”, the decrease of the VO2 took place more quickly that the one of the VE, the VCO2 and the HR, variations linked to the category of topic weight. Conclusion: Among high level Congolese postpubertal judoists, the cardiorespiratory modifications induce faculty to the realization of a good performance and pursue objectives of health. However, it is necessary to be heedful as for situations to put in place in sittings at the time of such of “strength-velocity” training.
Prehypertension, Hypertension and Associated Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Adult Congolese Urban Dwellers: Results of the Vitaraa Study  [PDF]
Mwasa Pascal Bayauli, Jean-René M’Buyamba-Kayamba, Daniel Lemogoum, Robert Fagard, Jean Paul Degaute, Mpandamadi Symphorien Ditu, Bompeka Franois Lepira, Jean-René M’Buyamba-Kabangu
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2014.48049
Abstract: Objective: To assess the prevalence of prehypertension and hypertension, their determinants and associated cardiovascular risk factors in Congolese urban dwellers. Methods: From July 2007 to March 2008, we collected information on lifestyle habits, medical history and anthropometric data in 1292 household members of Adoula Quarter, Kinshasa, aged 20 years or more, 731 women (56.6%). We obtained measurements of BP, blood glucose, serum lipids and qualitative proteinuria. We defined blood pressure categories according to JNC7 classification and used logistic regression analyses to assess their independent determinants. We obtained age adjustment of continuous and categorical variables using GLM and Genmod procedures, respectively. Results: Prehypertension was observed in 30.3% of subjects, 34.9% of men and 26.7% of women (P = 0.0045). The prevalence of hypertension amounted to 30.9% with no difference between genders. Participants with prehypertension had average age, BMI and waist circumference intermediate between those with normal BP and hypertensive subjects. Their glucose and lipids levels were similar to those of normotensives. The prevalence of prehypertension amounted to 33% at age 20 - 29 years and decreased to 16.7% at ≥60 years whereas the prevalence of hypertension increased from 11.2% to 71.4%. The rates of diabetes mellitus were similar accross blood pressure catogo- ries whilst prevalences of overweight/obesity, abdominal adiposity, dyslipidemia and metabolic syndrome significatively increased (P = 0.05 or less). Among participants with prehypertension, 73% had two or more additional cardiovascular risk factors. In the logistic model the probability of prehypertension was higher in men (OR: 1.429; 95% CI: 1.099 - 1.857) and participants with overweight/obesity (OR: 1.666; 1.146 - 2.422), lower in participants aged ≥ 55 years (0.427; 0.267 - 0.683) and those with high fruit intake (0.691; 0.488 - 0.977). The probability of hypertension was higher in participants aged ≥ 55 years (OR: 6.988; 4.561 - 10.706), overweight/obesity (2.263; 1.704 - 3.004), those with high vegetables consumption (1.152; 1.003 - 1.324) and faster pulse rate (1.013; 1.002 - 1.025). Conclusion: Our results suggest that fruit consumption and control of over-weight are important issues for prevention of cardiovascular disease in sub-Saharan Africa where high blood pressure is the main driver of the current epidemic.

Application of nanotextured carbons for electrochemical energy storage in aqueous medium
Béguin, Franois;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532006000600004
Abstract: this paper presents a hybrid capacitor, with two different electrodes working in their optimal potential range. the negative electrode is based on the reversible hydrogen sorption which occurs at low potential values in nanoporous carbons. galvanostatic cycling at temperatures ranging from 20 to 60 oc demonstrates that hydrogen is weakly chemisorbed. this is confirmed by tpd on the electrode material after charging, which shows a peak due to hydrogen at 200-250 oc. the positive electrode is a composite made of carbon nanotubes, as minor component, and mno2. interesting properties are given by the presence of nanotubes, such as a developed porosity, a high electrical conductivity and a good resiliency, all being very important for enhancing the power and cycle life of supercapacitors. the hybrid capacitor is able to operate at voltage values as high as 2 v in aqueous medium with a long cycle life.
Potentialités écologiques des carrières de quartzite après exploitation : l'exemple de la carrière de Cheffois (Vendée, France)
Franois Bétard
Physio-Géo , 2011, DOI: 10.4000/physio-geo.1667
Abstract: Dans les carrières de roches massives abandonnées après l'exploitation, l'aridité du sol et le caractère oligotrophe du milieu, conjugués à la présence de parois rocheuses et de plans d'eau au niveau des excavations les plus profondes, sont des éléments favorables à l'expression d'une biodiversité renouvelée et originale. Un inventaire écologique mené sur la carrière de quartzite de Cheffois, située dans le sud du Massif Armoricain, a révélé la richesse biologique de ce type de milieu semi-naturel. Les résultats de l'inventaire ont conduit à distinguer six types d'habitats néoformés correspondant à d'anciens secteurs d'exploitation : (1) un plan d'eau de fosse, (2) une zone de carreau humide, (3) une zone de carreau sec, (4) des fronts de taille d'expositions variées, (5) des remblais boisés, et (6) une galerie souterraine. Ces six types de milieux sont eux-mêmes subdivisés en une mosa que de petits habitats, favorisant au final une grande biodiversité avec le développement de nombreuses espèces végétales et animales, dont certaines à forte valeur patrimoniale. Replacé dans le contexte du Bas-Bocage vendéen, l'apport écologique de la carrière de quartzite est évalué et confronté aux pertes en biodiversité engendrées par l'ouverture de la carrière. Avec les autres carrières de quartzite situées sur les sites rocheux des environs, elles constituent, ensemble, un réseau de carrières partiellement inondées pouvant contribuer à la création d'un véritable corridor écologique, dans une matrice bocagère actuellement en perte de biodiversité. In abandoned quarries of massive rocks, the aridity and oligotrophic character of soils, combined with the presence of rock walls and water bodies in the deeper excavations, are favourable to the expression of a renewed, original biodiversity. An ecological survey carried out on the quartzite quarry of Cheffois, located in the southern Armorican Massif, revealed the biological richness of this type of semi-natural environment. The results of our inventory have led to distinguish six types of neoformed habitats in old segments of the quarry: (1) a large water pit, (2) a wet tile zone, (3) a dry tile zone, (4) quarry faces with changing microclimatic conditions, (5) waste embankments, and (6) an underground cavity. These different sectors of the quarry are themselves divided into a mosaic of small habitats, promoting high biodiversity with the development of many plant and animal species, including some with high conservation value. Replaced into the geographic context of the Vendean "Bas-Bocage", the ecological contribution
Aperiodic oscillatory asymptotic behavior for some Bianchi spacetimes
Franois Béguin
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/27/18/185005
Abstract: We study the asymptotic behavior of type A vacuum Bianchi spacetimes. It has been conjectured that this behavior is driven by a certain circle map, called the Kasner map. As a step towards this conjecture, we prove that some orbits of the Kasner map do indeed attract some solutions of the system of ODEs which describes the behavior of type A vacuum Bianchi spacetimes. The orbits of the Kasner map for which we can prove such a result are those which are not periodic and which do not accumulate on any periodic orbit. This shows the existence of Bianchi spacetimes with a aperiodic oscillatory asymptotic behavior.
Mathurin Jousse, ma tre serrurier à La Flèche et théoricien d'architecture (vers 1575-1645)
Franois Le?B?uf
In Situ : Revue de Patrimoines , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/insitu.1111
Abstract: Mathurin Jousse est essentiellement connu pour avoir publié trois traités de construction consacrés à la serrurerie, la charpente et la stéréotomie, les premiers du genre en France. Ces ouvrages témoignent assurément de la variété des centres d'intérêt d'un auteur, curieux de l'activité de métiers du batiment aussi divers. Traités pratiques plut t que théoriques, ils semblent en outre fondés sur une certaine expérience, au point qu'il paraissait impensable, aux yeux de beaucoup, que Jousse n'...
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