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Presence of Illicit Drugs in the Sarno River (Campania Region, Italy)  [PDF]
Massimo Maddaloni, Sara Castiglioni, Ettore Zuccato, Flaminia Gay, Anna Capaldo, Vincenza Laforgia, Salvatore Valiante, Maria De Falco, Marco Guida
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2014.57085

The presence of illicit drugs and their metabolites in surface waters has to be considered a new type of hazard, still unknown, for both the human health and the aquatic ecosystem, due to the potent pharmacological activities of all the illicit drugs. Our research was aimed at evaluating the presence of illicit drugs in the Sarno River (Campania region, Italy), crossing a densely populated area, the basin of the Sarno River, one of the largest and most important economic areas in Campania region, famous for the presence of zones with high landscape-environmental value. The drugs selected for this study were the most used in Campania region. The presence of illicit drugs in surface water was analyzed by a selective multi-residue assay based on liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry. The analysis showed the presence of all the illicit drugs investigated: cocaine and its main metabolites (benzoylecgonine, nor-benzoylecgonine), morphine, THC-COOH and codeine; cocaine was the most abundant illicit drug. The presence of illicit drugs and their metabolites in the Sarno River suggests new potential risk for the basin’s inhabitants, using water in the food chain, via field irrigation and animal feed, and for the health of the aquatic fauna.

Botulinum Neurotoxin for Pain Management: Insights from Animal Models
Flaminia Pavone,Siro Luvisetto
Toxins , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/toxins2122890
Abstract: The action of botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) at the neuromuscular junction has been extensively investigated and knowledge gained in this field laid the foundation for the use of BoNTs in human pathologies characterized by excessive muscle contractions. Although much more is known about the action of BoNTs on the peripheral system, growing evidence has demonstrated several effects also at the central level. Pain conditions, with special regard to neuropathic and intractable pain, are some of the pathological states that have been recently treated with BoNTs with beneficial effects. The knowledge of the action and potentiality of BoNTs utilization against pain, with emphasis for its possible use in modulation and alleviation of chronic pain, still represents an outstanding challenge for experimental research. This review highlights recent findings on the effects of BoNTs in animal pain models.
Mobile Agents Rendezvous in spite of a Malicious Agent
Flaminia L. Luccio,Euripides Markou
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: We consider a number of `honest' mobile agents which are initially scattered in an asynchronous network. In the network there is also a hostile mobile agent that is able to block the agents' movements. The honest agents need to meet (rendezvous) at a node. We study this problem under a weakest scenario in which the agents do not have any information about the size of the network or their number, they do not have distinct identities, they cannot see or communicate with each-other unless they are at the same node, and they only have constant memory. We give a universal distributed deterministic algorithm that solves the problem for any number of more than two honest agents in oriented rings, and for any odd number of agents in unoriented rings, despite the existence of a malicious agent. We prove that the problem is unsolvable in any other configuration in a ring network. Then, we study the problem in an oriented mesh network and we prove that the problem can be solved if and only if the honest agents initially form a connected configuration without holes and they can see at a distance two. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt to study such a weak setting with a malicious agent in which the aim of the honest agents is to achieve a task in the `trusted' subnetwork, i.e., in the part of the network where the malicious agent has no access.
The lateral neck radiograph for an impacted fish bone in the aero-digestive tract: Going back to basics  [PDF]
Dushyant Shetty, David AT Gay
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2012.512A104

Aim: To evaluate the radioopacity of fish bones from a number of species using digital radiography in order to establish whether advances in acquisition and interpretative techniques have affected the radiologist’s ability to detect impacted fish bones. Methods: The bones from six species of fish commonly consumed in the United Kingdom were radiographed using a soft tissue neck phantom by means of a digital radiographic X-ray tube. The images were looked at by 15 radiology consultants and registrars who determined whether the bones were visible or not using General Electric (GE) PACS workstations. Results: The radio-graphed bones from all six species of fish were visible by all 15 (100%) radiology registrars and consultants. Conclusion: Digital radiogramphy and modern PACS workstations have meant that fish bones can be visualized irrespective of species. The lateral neck radiograph therefore may still have an important role in the investigation of impacted fish bones in the aerodigestive tract.

ArcGIS Server per la distribuzione delle informazioni del Trasporto Pubblico
Flaminia Leggeri,Patrizia Micheli,Annalisa Perla
GEOmedia , 2012,
Abstract: Uno degli obiettivi di ATAC, gestore del trasporto pubblico del Comune di Roma, è quello di fornire informazioni sul trasporto pubblico ad un bacino di utenza sempre più vasto. In quest’ottica, negli ultimi anni, si è cercato di migliorare sia la quantità che la qualità delle informazioni cercando di migliorare l’integrazione grafica dei servizi aumentando anche la dimensione della mappa e fornendo all’utente finale una user experience più moderna e conforme ai sistemi di web mapping disponibili su Internet. ArcGIS Server for public transportation info service in Rome One goal of ATAC, the public transport operator of the Municipality of Rome, is to provide information the the daily users of the transportation network. In recent years the efforts to improve both the quantity and quality of information have reached a high level of integration in order to provide the end user with good web mapping systems available on the Internet.
Transgenic technologies to induce sterility
Catteruccia Flaminia,Crisanti Andrea,Wimmer Ernst A
Malaria Journal , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2875-8-s2-s7
Abstract: The last few years have witnessed a considerable expansion in the number of tools available to perform molecular and genetic studies on the genome of Anopheles mosquitoes, the vectors of human malaria. As a consequence, knowledge of aspects of the biology of mosquitoes, such as immunity, reproduction and behaviour, that are relevant to their ability to transmit disease is rapidly increasing, and could be translated into concrete benefits for malaria control strategies. Amongst the most important scientific advances, the development of transgenic technologies for Anopheles mosquitoes provides a crucial opportunity to improve current vector control measures or design novel ones. In particular, the use of genetic modification of the mosquito genome could provide for a more effective deployment of the sterile insect technique (SIT) against vector populations in the field. Currently, SIT relies on the release of radiation sterilized males, which compete with wild males for mating with wild females. The induction of sterility in males through the genetic manipulation of the mosquito genome, already achieved in a number of other insect species, could eliminate the need for radiation and increase the efficiency of SIT-based strategies. This paper provides an overview of the mechanisms already in use for inducing sterility by transgenesis in Drosophila and other insects, and speculates on possible ways to apply similar approaches to Anopheles mosquitoes.
Future direction of pathogenesis and treatment for rheumatic disorders
Steffen Gay
Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/ar3556
Abstract: Millions of patients have tremendously benefitted. However, we cannot cure these diseases yet and have to search for additional therapeutic targets.Since it was shown that synovial fibroblasts (SF) are not only effector cells responding to inflammatory stimuli, but appear endogenously activated and potentially involved into spreading the disease [1], we searched for the epigenetic modifications leading to the activated phenotype of these cells.Epigenetics in its scientific definition "is the study of all heritable and potentially reversible changes in genome function that do not alter the nucleotide sequence within the DNA", but might be considered in simpler terms as the regulation of gene expression.Epigenetic modifications include:Acetylation,Methylation,Phosphorylation,Sumoylation,miRs or microRNAs.Our laboratory is studying these processes and we have found that RASF reside in a hyperacetylated synovial tissue and appear hypomethylated [2]. Hypomethylation leads to the activated phenotype of RASF which is characterized by the production of matrix-degrading enzymes and of potent chemokines induced by Toll-like receptor signalling. Current strategies are designed to methylate these cells to deactivate and "normalise" them again.miRs are about 20 nucleotide long smallRNAs acting to destroy specific mRNA.In the race to identify specific miRs as novel targets we have identified for example, that interleukin-6 modulates the expression of the Bone Morphogenic Protein Receptor Type II through a novel STAT3microRNA cluster 17/92 pathway, which helps to explain the loss of the BMPR2 in the vascular cells in pulmonary hypertension [3]. Moreover, miR-203 is regulating the production of IL-6 [4].Most interestingly, epigenetic therapy is also on the horizon [5].
El desenvolupament professional permanent del professorat a Anglaterra Continuing professional development for teachers in England El desarrollo profesional permanente del profesorado en Inglaterra
Brenda Gay
Temps d'Educació , 2011,
Abstract: Aquest article explica la formació docent a Anglaterra, a partir d’una breu descripció del sistema educatiu i un repàs històric a la formació inicial del professorat. Tot seguit, s’examinen una sèrie de qüestions relatives al desenvolupament professional permanent del docent. Es fa especial incidència en algunes de les dicotomies del sistema: en primer lloc, s’assenyala que sovint existeix un conflicte entre el desenvolupament professional docent considerat des del punt de vista de l’individu i el que contempla el pla de desenvolupament de l’escola; en segon lloc, es passa revista a la varietat de prove dors de serveis de formació i tipus de finan ament i, finalment, a partir de les evidències aportades pels estudis de recerca més recents, s’examina l’eficàcia de diferents tipus de desenvolupament professional docent. Un dels aspectes que es destaca en aquest article és el pas d’una formació basada en l’adquisició de coneixements específics de la matèria d’especialitat, vers una formació que busca un desenvolupament de competències docents. ______________________________________________ Cet article explique la formation des enseignants en Angleterre à partir d’une brève description du système éducatif et d’une révision historique de la formation initiale du professorat. Ensuite, il examine un ensemble de questions relatives au développement professionnel permanent des enseignants. L’article met l’accent sur certaines dichotomies du système : en premier lieu, il signale qu’il existe souvent un conflit entre le développement professionnel de l’enseignant considéré du point de vue de l’individu et celui qu’envisage le plan de développement de l’école ; en deuxième lieu, il passe en revue la variété des prestataires de services de formation ainsi que les types de financement ; et, finalement, à partir des éléments apportés par les études de recherche les plus récentes, il examine l’efficacité des différents types de développement professionnel de l’enseignement. Un des aspects mis en avant dans cet article est le passage d’une formation basée sur l’acquisition de connaissances spécifiques de la matière de spécialité à une formation qui recherche un développement des compétences d’enseignement. This article explains teacher training in England, starting with a brief description of the education system and a historical review of initial teacher training. It then goes on to discuss a series of issues concerning continuing professional development for teachers. Special attention is given to some of the contradictions within the system. Firstly, it is pointed out
Tornados en Espa a (1987-2005): distribución temporal y espacial
Miquel Gayà
Revista de Climatología , 2005,
Abstract: Se presenta la primera climatología de tornados realizada en Espa a utilizando la base de datos generada por el autor a lo largo de los últimos 19 a os. Se muestran las distribuciones anuales de los tornados de Espa a a lo largo del período 1987-2005, así como las distribuciones mensuales y horarias. Asimismo se intuye una posible propagación temporal del período de máxima frecuencia de tornados que iría de Este a Oeste y de Norte a Sur. También se presentan las distribuciones geográficas, las de velocidad máxima estimada en la escala de Fujita, y la de la longitud del recorrido seguido por los tornados registrados.
Chip Power
Gay Hawkins
Cultural Studies Review , 2011,
Abstract: A review of Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things (Duke, 2010).
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