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Presence of the Genes cagA, cagE, virB11 and Allelic Variation of vacA of Helicobacter pylori Are Associated with the Activity of Gastritis  [PDF]
Pedro Pinheiro de Negreiros Bessa, Francivandi Coelho Barbosa, Ana Paula Santos do Carmo, Gildo Barreira Furtado, Fernanda Capelo Barroso, Silvia Helena Barem Rabenhosrt
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2014.411049
Abstract: Non-atrophic active chronic gastritis (ACG) is characterized by the presence of H. pylori in the gastric epithelium, known to be one of the first steps that precede progression to gastric adenocarcinoma. Inactive chronic gastritis (ICG) suggests that the patient has H. pylori gastritis, but this diagnosis is rarely made in routine histopathology. Clinical manifestations associated with H. pylori infection are potentially due to differences in virulence between strains; however, it is unclear if the progression of ACG to ICG depends on the H. pylori strain. The aim of this study was to compare the prevalence of the virulence factors of H. pylori found in patients with ACG and ICG, and its influence on the development of ICG. A significant association was observed between H. pylori detection by histological examination and the activity of gastritis (p < 0.01). Long-term use of proton pump inhibitors (PPI) (>1 year) was reported by 28.6% of the ACG group and 42.5% of the ICG, while no evidence of association between long-term use of PPI and decreased inflammation was found in the patients studied. The genes cagA, cagE and virB11 were statistically associated with ACG (p = 0.01, p < 0.001 and p = 0.002, respectively). In the vacAs1 allele groups, ACG was associated with the most virulent group (p = 0.0015), while ICG was associated with the less virulent group (p < 0.001). The rate of co-infection was significantly higher in ICG than in ACG cases (p = 0.02). In conclusion, this study points to the role of virulent strains of H. pylori in the non-resolution of gastritis.
XXXVI: Syntaxonomical disposal of the Euphorbia pedroi Molero & Rovira communities, a syn-endemism of Serra da Arrábida (Portugal) sea-cliffs - Convolvulo fernandesii - Euphorbietum pedroi ass. nova
Jorge Capelo
Silva Lusitana , 2003,
∫1. Novarum Flora Lusitana Commentarii In memoriam A.R. Pinto da Silva (1912 - 1992): Nota à taxonomia de Picris spinifera Franco
Jorge Capelo
Silva Lusitana , 2008,
Consciência da doen?a na demência do tipo Alzheimer: uma revis?o sistemática de estudos longitudinais
Sousa, Maria Fernanda Barroso de;Santos, Raquel Luiza;Brasil, Denise;Dourado, Marcia;
Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0047-20852011000100010
Abstract: objectives: to evaluate the definitions, assessment methods and etiological hypotheses used in longitudinal studies on awareness of disease in dementia of the alzheimer type. method: search in medline, isi, lilacs and scielo database, looking for longitudinal studies about awareness of disease in dementia of the alzheimer type between 1999 and 2009. the keywords used were "alzheimer", "dementia", "anosognosia", "awareness of deficit", "awareness of disease", "insight" e "longitudinal study". the articles reviewed were classified according to the etiological hypotheses. results: nine articles were selected and they were divided into two areas: biological etiological hypotheses and psychosocial etiological hypotheses. the terms "lack of awareness of deficits", "awareness of deficit", "insight" and "denial of memory" deficit were used as synonyms of "anosognosia", although conceptually different. the questionnaires discrepancy between patients and caregivers was the most used evaluation method. conclusions: longitudinal studies show heterogeneous etiological hypotheses, a lack of a standard conceptual and methodological assessment. these difficulties make impossible to obtain homogeneous results. there is a need of further studies in the area.
Competência social de psicóticos: o comportamento de alternancia da fala em situa??es de fazer e receber críticas
Bandeira, Marina;Barroso, Sabrina Martins;Reis, Fernanda Vale;Gaspar, Tais Ribeiro;Silva, Magali Milene;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2004000300001
Abstract: this research has investigated the interaction behavior of 35 psychotics compared to 35 non-clinical participants. two trained judges have observed them interacting with trained partners in 4 negative assertion role-play situations, regarding giving and receiving criticism, which were videotaped. types of situations and gender of partners were varied during the procedure. results indicated the clinical group failed to alternate its speech with its partners more often than the non-clinical group. the clinical group showed greater frequency of very short verbal or vocal responses to their partners interactions. the content of their responses were more totally or partially bizarre. both groups presented more disruptions regarding the timing of their responses in situations where they were receiving rather then giving criticism. both groups gave longer verbal responses to male rather than female partners. these results in general replicated data from others researchers and indicated the specific dimensions of interaction behavior need to be addressed in social skills training for psychiatric patients.
Interven??es de grupo para sobrecarga de cuidadores de pacientes com demência: uma revis?o sistemática
Santos, Raquel Luiza;Sousa, Maria Fernanda Barroso de;Brasil, Denise;Dourado, Márcia;
Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-60832011000400009
Abstract: background: besides receiving general orientations about how to deal with a patient with dementia, the caregiver needs support to cope with the progress of the disease and to alleviate his burden, as well as his depressive and anxious symptoms. objectives: to evaluate the theoretical and methodological models used, as well as the effect of the group interventions on the burden of caregivers of people with dementia. method: search of articles at isi, pubmed/medline, scielo and lilacs about the efficacy of non pharmacological interventions with caregivers of patients with dementia, from january 1999 to august 2010, using the keywords: "dementia", "caregiver", "burden", "non pharmacological interventions", and "group/groups". the studies found were organized in two categories: psychoeducational or psychosocial interventions and psychotherapeutic interventions. results: thirty seven articles were selected, 31 psychoeducational or psychosocial interventions and 6 psychoterapeutic ones, with statistically significant results related to the efficacy of group interventions on the burden of caregivers of people with dementia in 33 cases. there was an improvement especially on the scores of caregivers' depression and stress. discussion: in spite of efficacy, the group interventions for caregivers of people with dementia still need randomized studies aimed at the solution of important methodological problems of this kind of treatment, like the lack of standardized educational approaches, the number of participants or the duration of the group.
Consciência da doen?a na doen?a de Alzheimer: resultados preliminares de um estudo longitudinal
Sousa, Maria Fernanda Barroso de;Santos, Raquel Luiza;Arcoverde, Cynthia;Dourado, Marcia;Laks, Jerson;
Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-60832011000200003
Abstract: background: the presence of cognitive deficits and behavioral and psychological symptoms in dementia makes the phenomenon of awareness of disease a rather complex object of study. this phenomenon has been most studied in cross-sectional studies than in longitudinal studies. objective: to compare awareness of disease in alzheimer's patients over six months. methods: early-stage alzheimer's disease patients (n = 18) were evaluated over six months using scale of psychosocial impact of the diagnosis of dementia (aspidd), mini mental state examination (mmse), clinical dementia rating (cdr), cornell depression scale in dementia (cornell), quality of life in alzheimer's disease (qol-ad - patient's version) and pfeffer functional activities questionnaire (pfaq) and caregivers were assessed using zarit burden interview (zarit) and qol-ad - caregiver's version. results: at six months' observation, there was a decline in the degree of awareness of disease (p = 0,02), in cognitive status (p < 0.01), in functional activities (p < 0.01), in clinical staging of the dementia (p < 0.01) and an increase in depressive symptoms (p < 0.01). discussion: as the severity of dementia increases, there is also impaired awareness of disease, together with cognitive and functional deficits.
Variabilidade na mensura??o das medidas orofaciais
Rodrigues, Fernanda Veloso;Mon??o, Fabiana Rodrigues Cerqueira;Moreira, Michelle Barroso Rocha;Motta, Andréa Rodrigues;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-80342008000400006
Abstract: purpose: to verify the degree of variability of orofacial measures, among speech pathologists who are specialists in orofacial myology. methods: a prospective study was carried out, where 30 speech pathologists who are specialists in orofacial myology measured, in two different moments, with the use of a digital sliding caliper, ten orofacial measures of a standard subject. within- and between-examiner data were compared using measures of central trend and dispersion, and hypothesis testing, with the level of significance of 5%. results: nine out of the ten parameters investigated were considered as homogeneous in both within- and between-observers analyses. the maximum mouth opening with the tongue in the papilla presented high coefficients of variation, indicating heterogeneous data, although between-observers values were considered similar. in the within-examiner analysis for this parameter, a significant difference was evidenced (p=0.0384). in the data analysis, it was also observed differences next to the cut point established in the study, in the within-observer mensuration of the midfacial height (p= 0.0711) and the maximum mouth opening (p= 0.0677). among the ten analyzed variables, it was not observed decrease in the coefficient of variation from the first to the second mensuration only for the parameters midfacial height and superior lip. conclusion: it was not observed variability in the orofacial mensuration carried out in this study, except for the parameter maximum mouth opening with the tongue in the incisor papilla, indicating that data produced by different professionals can be considered partially trustworthy.
Embryonic thymic development in fetuses of domestic cats (Felis domesticus)
Camila Ercolini Barroso,Luana Célia Stunitz da Silva,Mariana Martinho,Fernanda Rodrigues Agreste
Biotemas , 2012,
Abstract: During fetal life, and during the neonatal period, the thymus is a very important immune organ, and is the largest lymphatic organ, which exhibits high lymphopoietic activity as a precursor of lymphopoiesis. Morphological studies on the development of the thymus are rare and only include general information. Given the above, this study aimed to characterize the morphological development of the thymus of embryos and fetuses of domestic cats (Felis domesticus), from natural pregnancy, using macroscopic dissection techniques and light microscopy. The thymus of the cats was pale pink and was resting in the region of the cranial mediastinum, medially to the lungs and dorsally to the base of the heart. Histologically, two distinct regions were observed (cortical and medullar). The medullary region had reticular epithelial cells with large nuclei and dendritic extensions. The fetuses had exponential growth and were more pronounced starting on the 35th day of gestation.
Fernanda Rodrigues Agreste,Pedro Primo Bombonato,Camila Ercolini Barroso,Fabio Hosoi Rezende
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2008,
Abstract: There were utilised 10 fetuses of jumentos, males and females, to macroscopic study of the thymus vascularization. After the arteries injection, throught the aorta, with Neoprene Latx “450” solution, it was proceded the fixation, in a 10% formalin solution. It was observed that the thymus is reached by direct or indirect arterial branches coming from the right and left internal thoracic, left subclavian arterie, right superficial cervical, left extern thoracic and direct and indirect branches of left and right carotidas arteries. Thymus; vascularization; Equus asinus Foram utilizados 10 fetos de jumentos, machos e fêmeas, para o estudo macroscópico da vasculariza o do timo. Para a dissec o dos fetos, o conteúdo arterial recebeu solu o aquosa a 50% de Neoprene Látex “450”, corada com pigmento específico, em seguida os fetos foram fixados em solu o aquosa a 10% de formol. Observou-se que o timo era irrigado por colaterais oriundas das artérias torácicas internas direita e esquerda, da a. subclávia esquerda, da a. cervical superficial direita, da a. torácica externa esquerda e por ramos diretos e indiretos das aa. carótidas comuns direita e esquerda. Timo; vasculariza o; Equus asinus
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