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Development of a drtqPCR Assay for Differentiation of PCV-2a and 2b in Shanghai Area  [PDF]
Jian Liu, Feifei Ge, Houbing Ju, Dequan Yang, Xin Li, Jian Wang, Peihong Liu, Jinping Zhou
Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine (OJVM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2014.412035
Abstract: A dual real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay (drtqPCR) was established to detect and differentiate between Porcine circovirus-2a (PCV-2a) and Porcine circovirus-2b (PCV-2b). Genotype-specific primer sets and probes were designed by using sequence data published for different PCV-2 strains. Specificity and sensitivity of the drtqPCR were examined by using PCV-2 isolates with known genotype. Among 367 tissue samples, 44.69% (164/367) were PCV-2 positive. From 164 PCV-2 positive samples, 10.98% (18/164), 92.56% (137/164), and 3.31% (9/164) were positive for PCV-2a, PCV-2b, and both genotypes, respectively. These results suggest that the dif-ferential drtqPCR can be used to detect PCV-2 and to differentiate the 2 genotypes from field sam-ples. The PCV-2 infection is quite common in swine of Shanghai area. Furthermore, the PCV-2b infective ratio is far higher than PCV-2a, and PCV-2a/2b mixed infections are also observed but at a lower prevalence in Shanghai area.
A Fast and Practical Method to Estimate Volumes of Convex Polytopes
Cunjing Ge,Feifei Ma,Jian Zhang
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: The volume is an important attribute of a convex body. In general, it is quite difficult to calculate the exact volume. But in many cases, it suffices to have an approximate value. Volume estimation methods for convex bodies have been extensively studied in theory, however, there is still a lack of practical implementations of such methods. In this paper, we present an efficient method which is based on the Multiphase Monte-Carlo algorithm to estimate volumes of convex polytopes. It uses the coordinate directions hit-and-run method, and employs a technique of reutilizing sample points. The experiments show that our method can efficiently handle instances with dozens of dimensions with high accuracy.
A Tool for Computing and Estimating the Volume of the Solution Space of SMT(LA)
Cunjing Ge,Feifei Ma,Jian Zhang
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: There are already quite a few tools for solving the Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) problems. In this paper, we present \texttt{VolCE}, a tool for counting the solutions of SMT constraints, or in other words, for computing the volume of the solution space. Its input is essentially a set of Boolean combinations of linear constraints, where the numeric variables are either all integers or all reals, and each variable is bounded. The tool extends SMT solving with integer solution counting and volume computation/estimation for convex polytopes. Effective heuristics are adopted, which enable the tool to deal with high-dimensional problem instances efficiently and accurately.
Reconfiguration and Empirical Study on the Evaluation System of WeChat Communication Effect of Sci-Tech Periodicals  [PDF]
Feifei Han, Zhangzhi Ge, Rongting Zhou
Advances in Journalism and Communication (AJC) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajc.2016.41002
Abstract: In the coming Micro-Communication era, many Sci-Tech periodicals have successively registered WeChat Official Accounts and then how to objectively evaluate the communication effects of the WeChat Official Accounts of Sci-Tech periodicals becomes the biggest concern at present. This thesis analyzed the existing communication effect evaluation system of WeChat Official Accounts of Sci-Tech periodicals and its problems, and put forward the following improving strategies: re-building a new evaluation system of WeChat communication effect of Sci-Tech periodicals via the selection of evaluation indexes, the division of assessment index weight and the calculation method of evaluation index, then testing the reliability and efficiency of the new evaluation system, and finally putting forward the corresponding policy recommendations.
Research on the Dissemination Path of Virtual Reality Book Publications  [PDF]
Feifei Han, Zhangzhi Ge, Rongting Zhou
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.63007
Based on the summary of the dissemination and management status of virtual reality book publications, this article builds a dissemination industry ecosystem of the virtual reality book publications with the core of IP operation, and also expounds the relationship among stakeholders in the ecosystem. Finally, this article discusses the dissemination path of virtual reality book publications in details from three aspects of marketing integration, IP operation and organization integration.
Government R & D Subsidies, Political Relations and Technological SMEs Innovation Transformation  [PDF]
Feifei Yu
iBusiness (IB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2013.53B022

This paper studies the effect of government research and development (R&D) subsidies and political relations on the innovative activities of technological small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Moreover, the technology innovation path of SMEs is an important issue related to government R&D subsidies. This paper explores these effects using multiple case studies. Through case analyses of four biological pharmaceutical enterprises, we found that first, technological SMEs that receive a significant amount of government R&D subsidies will transform from exploitative innovation to explorative innovation in a short amount of time, whereas technological SMEs that receive less government R&D subsidies will perform less innovative activities over a long time. Second, technological SMEs with strong political relations tend to do more explorative innovation, whereas technological SMEs with weak political relations tend to do more exploitative innovation. Third, technological SMEs with strong political relations will promote the positive effect of government R&D subsidies on their innovation performance.

Effect of high-strength ammonia nitrogen acclimation on sludge activity in sequencing batch reactor

Feifei Wang,Yuanhong Ding,Lei Ge,Hongqiang Ren,Lili Ding,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2010,
Abstract: The effect of high-strength ammonia nitrogen acclimation on sludge activity in sequencing batch reactor (SBR) was investigated. Two batch experiments, RUN1 and RUN2, were conducted with the influent ammonia nitrogen concentrations 60 and 500 mg/L, respectively. The sludges inoculated from RUN1 and RUN2 were used to treat a series of influent with ammonia nitrogen concentrations of 59, 232, 368, 604 and 1152 mg/L. It is found that the activated sludge acclimated to higher ammonia nitrogen concentrations revealed higher COD and NH4 +-N removal efficiencies, and slower DHA decrease. The results confirmed that the activities of the bacteria in activated sludge in SBR were inhibited by high-strength ammonia nitrogen, whereas the activated sludge acclimated to high-strength ammonia nitrogen showed substantial resistance to inhibition by influents containing high levels of ammonia nitrogen.
Chinese Climate and Vernacular Dwellings
Feifei Sun
Buildings , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/buildings3010143
Abstract: The industrial and economic expansion of China, particularly its rapid urbanization, has resulted in dramatic increased consumption of energy resources and the resulting environmental impacts at local, regional and global levels. Although a national program aimed at the technological development of sustainable buildings with energy saving potential is ongoing, it is also appropriate to consult vernacular architectural tradition. This holds the potential to learn and adapt important cultural ideas developed over time on the art of balancing thermal comfort between climate and limited resources. This paper explores the five different climatic regions into which China is partitioned by the Chinese authorities: severe cold region, cold region, moderate region, hot summer and cold winter region, and hot summer and mild winter region. Analysis of each region covers the climate and its vernacular architecture with a special focus on how sustainability was addressed. Finally, regional climate scenario has been analyzed on the basis of data from Meteonorm V6.1 with special attention paid to passive design strategies.
The Retailers’ Choices of Profit Strategies in a Cournot Duopoly: Relative Profit and Pure Profit  [PDF]
Feifei Zheng
Modern Economy (ME) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/me.2017.82014
Abstract: To investigate the influence of the relative performance on retailers’ choices of profit strategies, a Cournot competition model composed of two private retailers is proposed, in which retailers are facing the problem of choosing a strategy from pure profit and relative profit. The study shows that, 1) when its competitor pursues relative profit, the retailer will adopt pure profit strategy if the degree of relative performance of its competitor is high enough. Otherwise, the retailer will adopt the relative profit strategy. 2) The more relative profit-maximizing retailers there are, the more intense market competition will be, the lower market price will decrease. 3)?Under a certain degree of relative performance, the strategy profiles (relative profit, relative profit), (relative profit, pure profit) and (pure profit, relative profit) are all likely to be Nash equilibrium, except the strategy profile (pure profit, pure profit).
On Lyrical Poetry of Wordsworth, a Poet of Nature  [PDF]
Xiaolin Huang, Feifei Pei, Changle Fu
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/als.2014.24018
Abstract: William Wordswith, one of the greatest poets in England, is known as the poet of nature. His poems took on greater significance in English literature. The purpose of this essay is to study his source of forming such a lyrical style and the process he expressed his ideal in singing highly of the nature to show my respect towards him.

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