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Analysis of EMU Air Conditioning System inside the Temperature Profile of the Flow Field

李嘉塗, 黄志宏, 余汶龍
Modeling and Simulation (MOS) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/MOS.2012.11003
Abstract: 随着经济日渐富裕与发展观光的需求,未来可以期待对大众运输捷运系统的需求愈益明显。旅客对交通服务的需求是安全、快速与舒适。因此,本研究目标能让旅客在搭乘过程中享有舒适体感,提升服务满意。本研究采用CFD软件,仿真捷运电联车车厢内空调系统,温度动能的变化情形。冷气送风口(inlet)设为2个,出口(outlet)设为4个;风速设定范围为0.1 m/s0.2 m/s0.3 m/s0.4 m/s,电联车体温度设为3038;空调温度的设定为2225,人体最佳舒适标准,温度设定为
- , 2018, DOI: 10.11918/j.issn.0367-6234.201703068
Abstract: 个体主动调节行为在满足人体舒适的同时还具有节能的潜力,但现有的文章很少有关于热湿环境下,个体主动调节行为对热舒适影响研究.为此,在热湿环境下对给定风速和个体主动调节风速的情况进行人体主观感觉的实验研究.本次实验共有24名受试者参与,背景环境温度分别为26, 28, 30 ℃,风速模式分为固定风速模式和自由调控风速模式两种.实验对比分析不同工况下受试者的舒适性情况,结果表明,使用风扇能有效提高受试者在高温环境下的舒适性.个体主动调节的行为不仅可以使受试者在热湿环境中的舒适度优于固定风速下,其调节模式还能在一定程度上起到节约能源的作用.当受试者可以自由控制风扇时,其热感觉最接近于中性,电风扇平均功率最小.
Personal control behavior has potentials for both saving energy and maintaining comfort of human body. However, few studies are found on the influence of personal control behavior on thermal comfort in hot and humid environment. In this study, a series of experiments of personal-controlled desk fan were conducted in a hot and humid environment. In total, 24 subjects were invited to participate in the experiments and they experienced the environments which were set at 26, 28, and 30 ℃ with fixed or free-controlled local air flow, respectively. The experiment analyzed the comfort of the subjects under different working conditions. The results show that the use of desk fan significantly improved the subjects' thermal comfort. And the individual control behavior can not only lead to a better thermal comfort situation, but also show potential in energy-saving. When the subjects could freely control the fan, the thermal sensation is very close to neutral, and the average power of fans is at the lowest level.
Feeling or Perception—Analysis of the Psychological Factors Influence Consumer Buying Behavior

Modern Marketing (MOM) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/MOM.2013.31001
Abstract: 文章就市场营销教材中对影响消费者购买行为的心理因素的一般表达提出不同的观点,认为消费者在做出购买决策时,感觉比知觉更重要,并从多个方面阐述了感觉对市场营销的影响和意义。
Thispaper proposes some different points of view about the general expression ofthe psychological factors that influence consumer buying behavior in marketing materials. The article maintains that when consumers make purchasing decisions,the feeling is more important than perception. And further the article described the influence of the feeling to marketing from multiple perspectives.
Health Effects on Canteen Staff Working in a University Canteen  [PDF]
Penpatra Sripaiboonkij, Sasitorn Taptakarnporn
Health (Health) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.618275
Abstract: Background: Working in a canteen will involve more than one activity e.g. cutting, grinding, washing. These activities may lead to stress and muscle fatigue. Objective: To analyze health effects in canteen staff working at the university. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in canteen staff. A questionnaire was used to compare the level of feeling e.g. strength, force, interest before and after work between canteen staff using a subjective judgment scale from 1-10, together with assessing muscles: extensor of the wrist, biceps, triceps at different times by using surface electromyography (EMG). A paired t-test was used to analyze data. Results: 23 canteen staff participated the project (100%). Canteen staff did not report any significant difference in feelings e.g. freshness, keenness, force or strength that differentiated before work and after work. Extensor of the wrist seems to be the most muscle using part in a canteen activity. Conclusions: Stress levels related to working in a university canteen are low as is muscle fatigue measured by EMG. However, performing repetitive work in a canteen could lead to muscle fatigue or stress so break interval time may be important for preventing muscle fatigue and reducing stress.
Changing Thoughtforms  [PDF]
David Klugman
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.515189
Abstract: The author introduces and defines the idea of thoughtforms and their role in psychic life. Using both clinical and theoretical data to build his argument, the idea is put forward that dominant thoughtforms can be displaced by new ones, and that this is in fact the process of growth in both life and psychotherapy.
A Case Study of Evaluation and Distribution of Tourism Climate by Using TCI: Baluchestan Region of Iran  [PDF]
Chakavak Khajeh Amiri Khaledi
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2017.78082
Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate the tourist’s comfort conditions of Baluchestan region by using Tourism Climate Index (TCI). Climate parameters data were collected from 5 synoptic stations (Khash, Saravan, Nikshahr, Iranshahr and Chabahar) located in Baluchestan region of Iran between January 1995 and December 2015. Monthly TCI for each station was calculated and geographical distribution maps were prepared by using GIS software. In winter, Baluchestan had very good to ideal TCI. January and February are the best months for travelling to Chabahar based on TCI. Marginal to ideal TCI was observed in spring, except for Chabahar which had excellent TCI due to monsoon wind. In summer, elevation plays an important role for determination of TCI and acceptable TCI was achieved. By decreasing temperature in autumn, better tourism conditions and ideal TCI were observed. Nikshahr and Iranshahr had ideal TCI in March, however, ideal TCI was observed in April, October and November for Khash and Saravan. It can be concluded that winter seems to be the best season for travelling to Baluchestan region as TCI ranged from very good to ideal except for Khash. Elevation has the important effect on tourism climate condition and higher elevated counties (Khash and Saravan) have different tourism season compared to other counties (Nikshahr and Iranshahr).
Serum 17β-estradiol and oral dryness feeling in menopause  [PDF]
Farzaneh Agha-Hosseini, Iraj Mirzaii-Dizgah
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.35046
Abstract: The aim of this study was to compare serum 17β-estradiol of menopausal women with/without Oral Dryness (OD) feeling, and evaluate the re-lationship between serum 17β-estradiol and severity of OD feeling. A case-control study was carried out on 70 selected menopausal women aged 40 - 77 years with or without OD feeling (35 as case, 35 as control) conducted at the Clinic of Oral Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Xerostomia inventory (XI) score was used as an index of OD feeling severity. The serum 17β-estradiol concentration was measured by an enzyme immunoassay kit (ELISA). Statistical analysis of Student’s t-test and Spearman correlation coefficient was used. The mean serum concentration of 17β-estradiol was significantly lower in case than control. There was a significant negative correlation between XI score and concentration of 17β-estradiol in menopausal women (r = –0.311, P = 0.004). It seems that there is a negatively slight correlation between OD feeling severity and serum 17β-estradiol in menopausal women.
Effect of Student Teaching of Physical Education and Sports on the Sense of Competence “Develop and Innovate”  [PDF]
Ayman Guemri, Nejah Kacem, Chokri Naffeti, Liwa Masmoudi
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2016.62013
Abstract: This study is to search the effect of the teaching course of EPS on the sense of competence develop and innovate”. The French version of the questionnaire by Perrault (2008) was used to calculate these effects. Our sample consists of 402 trainees of the ISSEP of Sfax. The results show that Physical Education and Sports trainee teachers did not consider having actually made any progress during the teaching course of EPS with regard to the competency “develop and innovate”. This result could be explained by the result of Blanchette (2007), which showed that teachers in the beginning of their careers tended to opt for “compliance” strategies for “survival” (Blanchette, 2007: p. 57). There are several research opportunities dealing with innovation in favor of trainee teachers in Physical Education and Sports.
The Influence of Leader-Member Relationship on Staff under the Feeling Trusted  [PDF]
Xue Yang
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2019.72039
Abstract: Through a survey of 256 employees and their supervisors, the results show that the leader-member relationship between the supervisor and the employee has a certain adjustment effect on the relationship between organizational input and employee contribution, which indicates that the role of the supervisor playing as a spokesperson of employees is indeed having an influence on the role of the organizational agent. When the supervisor thinks that the leader-member relationship is good, it can promote the smooth progress of social exchange between the organization and the employees, so that the input of the organization can get higher job performance returns and work engagement of the employees, but the emotional exhaustion between each other cannot be proved.
An Approach to Human Adaptability towards its Built Environment: A Review  [PDF]
Richa Tiwari, Mukesh Pandey, Anupama Sharma
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2010.22013
Abstract: This paper deals with the human adaptability to its built environment. The built environment as we know it rarely finds itself adapting to its surrounding context, whether it be on the level of interaction with humans or the climate. Humans and nature both are in a constant state of flux; moving, changing, sensing, and reacting to their context and information they gather and perceive. A barrier is formed between the built environment and humans and nature due to the fact that their inherent characteristics are utterly contrasting. It is commonly estimated that persons in urban areas spend at least 80% of their time indoors. This suggests that the quality of the indoor environment can have a significant impact on comfort, health, and overall sense of well being. The indoor environment of buildings should thus be designed and controlled, as to provide a comfortable and healthy space for occupants. In order to maintain the quality of the indoor environment, we mechanically condition our buildings to achieve constant, uniform and comfortable environments. The maintenance of thermal equilibrium between the human body and its environment is one of the primary requirements. History of thermal comfort and climate design shows a definite relation between them and research is needed to know “What are comfort conditions?” and “How buildings could adapt themselves to these conditions”.
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