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A Profile of Cases of Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia at a Large Tertiary Centre in Dubai
Tasneem H. Rangwala,Faiza Badawi
ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology , 2011, DOI: 10.5402/2011/453190
Genital and Urinary Tract Obstruction as a Late Complication of Female Genital Mutilation at Latifa Hospital, Dubai, UAE—Case Report  [PDF]
Laila Yahya A. Alhubaishi, Faiza Badawi, Hassan Y. Hotait, G. Lakshmiah, Atif Bashir Fazari
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2019.92023
Abstract: Female genital mutilation (FGM) is partial or total excision of female external genitalia or other deliberate injury to the female genital organs for non-therapeutic purpose. It is cultural and traditional practice. Female genital mutilation may result in immediate complications such as severe pain and bleeding and long-term complications such as: psychological, psychosexual, trauma, infertility, urinary and genital complications.
Public Library Services and the Information Needs of Women in Northern Nigeria.
G Badawi
Samaru Journal of Information Studies , 2009,
Abstract: Nigeria was a British colony that became independent in 1960. It is the most populous state in Africa. Northern Nigeria comprises of 62% of Nigeria’s land mass and 53.7% of the national population. Majority of the people in northern Nigeria are Muslims and the culture of these people reflects largely Islamic influences. Western-style education was introduced into the southern part of Nigeria by Christian missionaries in the mid 1800th. On the other hand, it took the Europeans another 64 years to establish the first primary school in the north in 1907. European form of education was initially rejected by the people of the north regarding it as a threat to their culture and religion. For many years people were not willing to send their children (especially girls) to those schools. Early marriage was popularly supported by most families and large percentages of girls were rarely allowed to attend formal western schools or go beyond primary school education. As such, greater percentage of the population but most especially the female population in Northern Nigeria could not read. Public Libraries in northern Nigeria were also rejected as alien by the community because they were stocked by the British with documents written in the English Language. Very few people could read at that time and the few that could, only read documents written in Arabic. After independence, the aspiration to develop and the desire for education encouraged political leaders of Northern Nigeria to build more schools in towns and villages and girls were encouraged to attend. Within thirty years after independence, the numbers of pupils (especially females) in all educational institutions have increased tremendously in the region. The increase in literacy among the population increased the level of library utilisation and this encouraged the governments of northern Nigeria to increase their support for libraries.
A characterization of normal subgroups via n-closed sets
Ayman Badawi
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Let (G, *) be a semigroup, D subset of G, and n >= 2 be an integer. We say that (D, *) is an n-closed subset of G if a_1* ... *a_n in D for every a_1, ..., a_n in D. Hence every closed set is a 2-closed set. The concept of n-closed sets arise in so many natural examples. For example, let D be the set of all odd integers, then (D, +) is a 3-closed subset of (Z, +) that is not a 2-closed subset of (Z, +). If K = {1, 4, 7, 10, ...}, then (K, +) is a 4-closed subset of (Z, +) that is not an n-closed subset of (Z, +) for n = 2, 3. In this paper, we show that if (H, *) is a subgroup of a group (G, *) such that [H: G] = n < infty, then H is a normal subgroup of G if and only if every left coset of $H$ is an (n+1)-closed subset of G.
Through the Looking Glass: Muslim Women on Television—An Analysis of 24, Lost, and Little Mosque on the Prairie
Faiza Hirji
Global Media Journal : Canadian Edition , 2011,
Abstract: In the ten years that have passed since September 11, 2001, media discourses regarding Muslims have changed superficially while essentializing stereotypes have been reinforced for the general public. This is true of many forms of media, but this paper focuses on popular television entertainment, and the way in which this has framed the Muslim woman. Media have had a longstanding fascination with the Muslim woman but this appears to have grown during the war in Afghanistan. Despite greater attention to this subject, the overarching discourses do not seem to be more complex than they were during previous events, such as the 1979 Revolution in Iran. Indeed, portrayals of Muslim women on television are arguably more regressive now than on September 10, 2001. Admittedly, at that time, it would probably have been unthinkable to imagine a series such as Little Mosque on the Prairie, and this show does constitute a significant source of change. However, when looking at depictions of female Muslim characters on shows such as Little Mosque and other popular network shows from the last ten years, such as 24, it is clear that television after 9/11 has not evolved in its depiction of the Muslim woman. Drawing upon existing literature regarding historical depictions, and utilizing a textual analysis of contemporary shows such as 24, Little Mosque on the Prairie and Lost, this paper interrogates the role of entertainment media in advancing pluralist discourses, and investigates the limitations and possibilities of historical and contemporary depictions of Muslim women in such media.
A Controversial Role Model for Pakistani Women
Faiza Mushtaq
South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Al-Huda is a movement of Islamic education and reform with a dedicated female following in Pakistani cities. Its founder and leader is a woman, Dr. Farhat Hashmi, who has become a well-known public figure in Pakistan. This paper explores how Hashmi derives her authority, displays it, and defends it against challenges. Women who become active participants in her classes claim she transforms their understanding of Islam and inspires them to change their lives. However she is criticized by the secular-liberal elites of the country and by the traditional male leadership of Islamic institutions, who question her religious expertise and are uncomfortable with the role of both gender and class in this movement. This analysis highlights the collective interactions and organizational innovations through which Hashmi’s teachings acquire an authoritative status for selected women.
Uncommon Cause of Acute Adrenal Failure - Case Report
Turkish Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism , 2010,
Abstract: Adrenomyeloneuropathy is a rare X-linked inherited disorder of peroxisomes characterized by accumulation of very-long-chain fatty acids (VLCFA) in the central and peripheral nervous system, adrenal glands and testes, leading to dysfunction of these organs and systems (1). Here, we report a case of adrenomyeloneuropathy presenting initially as acute adrenal crisis, which progressed rapidly within one year to variant neurological manifestations, dementia, sensory, motor and psycho-intellectual dysfunction, and generalized spasticity. Turk Jem 2010; 14: 103-5
Severe rhabdomyolysis and acute renal failure secondary to use of simvastatin in undiagnosed hypothyroidism
Qari Faiza
Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation , 2009,
Abstract: A 52-year-old Indian woman with underlying diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia, presented with generalized musculoskeletal pain and oliguria for three days. The patient was taking 80 mg of simvastatin initiated 20 days earlier after cardiac catheterization for an inferior myocardial infarction. Laboratory investigations revealed the following serum levels: creatine kinase 81,620 U/L, aspartate aminotransferase 2497 U/L, alanine aminotransferase 1304 U/L, blood urea nitrogen 21.7 mmol/L, creatinine 447 μmol/L, Free T4 12.6 pmol/L, and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) 22.7 μIU/L. Simvastatin was discontinued and the patient received forced alkaline diuresis. Her hypo thyroidism was treated with thyroxin, which was continued upon discharge, and her renal function recovered within two months. This case report discusses the incidence of rhabdomyolysis in a patient with primary hypothyroidism receiving large doses of simvastatin.
Abstract: The capital market is one indicator of a country's economic progress. The existence of the Indonesian capital market began the establishment has undergone several ups and downs that can be seen from the JCI indicators fluctuated. It is as a result of globalization and economic integration that lead to the performance of the capital markets is highly dependent on the performance of the national economy, regional, and international. The greater role of local investors are needed to encourage the Indonesian capital market to make it more resistant to a variety of crises and shocks. The population of the Indonesian middle class that has grown relatively large, an opportunity that can be exploited to encourage them to engage inactive invest in capital markets. Meanwhile, some of the challenges in the development of capital markets must also be addressed among others, the limited types of securities traded, the rules for the protection of the rights of investors, the "game" in a stock transaction and is still a lack of public knowledge of the capital markets.
Abstract: The research theme is the financial and banking institutions. The purpose of this study is to empirically tests the association between ownership structure, firm size and leverage on earnings management in Indonesian listed company. Using a correlation method with observation from 2012 to 2013 foods and beverages firms we try to model the relationship between earnings management and these variables. Ownership concentration was used as proxy for ownership structure, total assets as a measure firm size, and discretionary accruals for earnings management. Modified Jones Model was used for calculation of discretionary accruals. The results indicate a significant negative relation between leverage and earning management. Hovever, ownership concentration and firm size were not significant. This findings suggest that there is a beneficial consequence of debt because the increased debt might reduce manager’s discretionary spending, and in turn, reduces accrual earnings management.
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