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Qualidade fisiológica de sementes de girassol avaliadas por condutividade elétrica
Oliveira, Fabrícia Nascimento de;Torres, Salvador Barros;Vieira, Francisco Elvis Ramos;Paiva, Emanoela Pereira de;Dutra, Alek Sandro;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1983-40632012000300007
Abstract: the seed quality evaluation is essential in quality control programs. thus, vigor tests have been developed to differentiate seed lots, due to the limitations of the germination test. this study aimed at evaluating the electrical conductivity test efficiency for determining the physiological quality of sunflower seeds. ten lots of sunflower seeds (catissol and multissol cultivars) were used. initially, the quality of each lot was determined, besides the seeds moisture content, by using tests of germination, first counting and seedling emergence, in a greenhouse. then, the seeds were submitted to the electrical conductivity test, for four soaking periods (6, 12, 18 and 24 hours), by using disposable plastic cups containing 25 and 50 seeds, in 50 ml and 75 ml of deionized water, at 25oc and 30oc. the experimental design was completely randomized, in a 5x4 factorial scheme (five lots and four soaking periods), separately for each cultivar, with four replications. it was possible to conclude that the electrical conductivity test combining 25oc, 75 ml of deionized water and 50 seeds was sufficiently sensitive to evaluate the physiological quality of sunflower seeds.
Produtividade e morfologia de acessos de caupi, em Mossoró, RN
Torres, Salvador B;Oliveira, Fabrícia N de;Oliveira, Regina C de;Fernandes, Jo?o B;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362008000400023
Abstract: the objective of this work was to evaluate the productivity and to describe the morphology of ten cowpea [vigna unguiculata (l.) walp.] accessions in the edaphoclimatic conditions of mossoró, brazil. the accessions amapá, brs potiguar, canapu, casca-de-seda, coruja, costela-de-vaca, jo?o-vieira, pingo-de-ouro, rabo-de-peba and sempre-verde were evaluated in a field experiment from august 2006 to june 2007. the majority of accessions was of indeterminate and semi-branched voluble growth habit; only brs potiguar was semibranched. the number of seeds per pod varied from 12 to 16. for the mossoró region, the accession amapá is considered be the best alternative for small farmers. this accession is earlier maturing, presents a high number of pods per plant and high yield. other promising genotypes are brs potiguar and casca-de-seda.
Ensinando e aprendendo com portadores de Esclerose Múltipla: relato de experiência
Almeida,cia Helena Rios Barbosa de;Rocha, Fabrícia Cavalcante;Nascimento, Francisca Caroline Lopes do;Campelo, Lidiane Maria;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672007000400020
Abstract: this report describes the experience of a group of nursing students from universidad federal do piauí, in face of the reality of multiple sclerosis patient. the experience highlight the necessity of an integrated team to achieve fundamental knowledge and to offer a holistic assistance to the patient. the impact of the actions developed by the students, in appem (piauiense association of multiple sclerosis), allows them to better coexist with the difficulties of the disease. in addition, the general community is favored through the knowledge transmited by the activities developed by the group. we conclude that a wider knowledge about a full of mysteries pathology is only possible when the theory is combined with the reality of the patient.
Seletividade de inseticidas a Orius insidiosus
Torres, Fabrícia Zimermann Vilela;Carvalho, Geraldo Andrade;Souza, Jander Rodrigues de;Rocha, Liuz Carlos Dias;
Bragantia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052007000300009
Abstract: the use of selective pesticides to natural enemies is important for the success of integrated pest management programs. the objective of this study was to investigate lethal and sublethal effects of some insecticides, used to control pests in rose crops, on eggs and fifth instar-nymphs of orius insidiosus (say) under laboratory conditions. commercial formulations of the following insecticides were diluted in distilled water (concentration in g a.i./100 ml): endosulfan (0.021), formetanate (0.04), spinosad (0.0144) and deltamethrin (0.0008). distilled water was used as control. the tests were carried out in climatic chamber at 25±2oc, rh of 70±10% and 12 h-photophase. the eggs of the predator laid on bidens pilosa l. stems were treated by dipping the stems containing eggs into insecticide solutions for five seconds. fifth instar-nymphs were treated with the insecticides using a potter spray tower. the total effect of the insecticides was estimated and they were classified according to the toxicity categories proposed by the iobc. deltamethrin was harmful and, endosulfan, formetanate and spinosad were slightly harmful to eggs and fifth instar-nymphs of o. insidiosus. endosulfan and formetanate did not affect negatively the reproductive characteristics of the females originated from treated eggs. endosulfan and spinosad reduced the number off eggs laid by the females originated from the treated fifth instar-nymphs, and spinosad affected negatively the viability of these eggs.
Avalia o da toxicidade de inseticidas utilizados em roseira para adultos de Orius insidiosus (Say) (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) = Toxicity evaluation of insecticides used in rose crops to adults of Orius insidiosus (Say) (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae)
Fabrícia Zimermann Vilela Torres,Geraldo Andrade Carvalho,Jander Rodrigues de Souza,Luiz Carlos Dias Rocha
Acta Scientiarum : Agronomy , 2007,
Abstract: Percevejos do gênero Orius têm sido usados como agentes entomófagos emdiversos sistemas agrícolas, obtendo-se sucesso no controle de diferentes pragas. Em roseira esses percevejos podem ser utilizados no controle de tripes, a principal praga desse cultivo. Objetivou-se avaliar o impacto de inseticidas utilizados em roseira sobre adultos de Orius insidiosus (Say), por meio da pulveriza o direta sobre os percevejos e por ingest o de ‘alimento tratado. Utilizaram-se formula es comerciais dos produtos (g i.a. 100 mL-1): endosulfam (0,021), formetanato (0,04), espinosade (0,0144) e deltametrina (0,0008), sendo que somente endosulfam foi avaliado em teste de ingest o de alimento tratado. Utilizou-se água destilada no tratamento controle. Os bioensaios foram realizados em laboratório. Para pulveriza o dos produtos sobre os adultos utilizou-se torre de Potter. Nos testes de ingest o, ovos de Anagasta kuehniella (Zeller) foram imersos na calda inseticida e oferecidos ao predador. Avaliaram-se a mortalidade, a reprodu o e a capacidade predatória dosindivíduos sobreviventes. Em pulveriza o, o inseticida deltametrina foi nocivo aos adultos de O. insidiosus; espinosade foi moderadamente nocivo e endosulfam e formetanato foram levemente nocivos. Nos testes de ingest o de alimento tratado, endosulfam foi levemente nocivo. A capacidade predatória de O. insidiosus n o foi afetada pelo endosulfam em nenhum dos testes realizados. Predatory bugs of the genus Orius have been used as entomophagous agents in several agricultural systems, obtaining success in the control of different pests. In rose crops these bugs can be used in the control of thrips, the principal pest of this crop. This study aimed to evaluate the impact of some insecticides used in rose crops to adults of Orius insidiosus (Say), by direct spraying on the bugs and by ingesting contaminated food. Commercial formulations of the insecticides used (g a.i. 100 mL-1) were: endosulfan (0.021), formetanate (0.04), spinosad (0.0144) and deltamethrin (0.0008). Out of these, only endosulfan was evaluated as for ingestion ofcontaminated food test. Distilled water was used as control. The bioassays were carried out in laboratory. A Potter’s tower was used to spray the products on adults. Eggs of Anagasta kuehniella (Zeller) were dipped in the insecticide solutions and offered to the predator. The mortality, the reproduction and the predatory capacity of the survivors were evaluated. By spraying, deltamethrin was harmful to adults of O. insidiosus; spinosad was moderately harmful and endosulfan and formetanate were
Envelhecimento acelerado para avalia??o do potencial fisiológico de sementes de mel?o
Torres, Salvador B;Oliveira, Fabrícia N de;Oliveira, Andreya K de;Benedito, Clarisse P;Marinho, Jean C;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362009000100014
Abstract: the accelerated aging test can be useful for quality control of vegetable seeds. however, there are factors which can affect the results, so it is necessary to adjust the methodology to obtain consistency. this study was carried out with the main objective of evaluating procedures for performing accelerated aging test to estimate the physiological potential of melon seeds, including the use of saturated solution of nacl of water. seeds of two melon hybrids (goldex and vereda), each one represented by five lots, were submitted to germination tests, first germination counting, electrical conductivity (16 and 24 hours of imbibition), plant emergence in greenhouse and accelerated aging. in the last, two procedures were used: traditional (water) and saturated solution (40 g 100 ml-1) of nacl at 41oc for 24, 48 and 72 hours. a completely random design was used with four replications and single analysis for each test. the tests of first germination counting and plant emergence were efficient to identify seed lots of inferior quality. but the electrical conductivity test was not efficient for evaluation of seed vigor. the accelerated aging test (traditional procedure and with saline saturated solution), using the period of 72 hours at 42oc, shows to be adequate for evaluating the physiological potential of melon seeds. in comparison with the use of water, the utilization of saline solution in the accelerated aging test inhibited significantly growth and development of fungi.
Avalia??o da associa??o entre doen?a auto-imune de tireóide e urticária cr?nica idiopática
Feibelmann, Taciana C.M.;Gon?alves, Fabrícia Torres;Daud, Mariana Salom?o;Jorge, André de Sousa;Mantese, S?nia A.O.;Jorge, Paulo Tannús;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302007000700009
Abstract: several studies found a higher prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease (atd) in patients with chronic urticaria (cu). this relationship may be due to the possible autoimmune etiology in up to one third of the cases of chronic idiopathic urticaria (ciu). however, the frequency of atd ranged from 1.14% to 28.6%. the study began by determining whether there is an association between atd and cu, in a population seen at the same clinic. we compared the frequency of anti-thyroid antibodies and thyroid dysfunction in 49 patients with ciu (group 1) and 112 controls (group 2). in order to support the result found, we studied the prevalence of ciu in 60 patients with atd (group 3) and compared with 29 patients who had non-immune thyroid disease (nitd) (group 4). we did not find a statistical difference for the presence of anti-thyroid antibodies or thyroid dysfunction between groups 1 and 2 (12.24% x 9.82% and 12.24% x 7.14%, respectively). the same occurred for the presence of ciu among groups 3 and 4 (3.33% x 3.44%). in our study it was not possible to demonstrate a relationship between atd and ciu, which means that different populations may present a higher or lower degree of association between these illnesses.
Estudo Morfométrico do Epitélio e do Estroma Mamário sob Tratamento com Anticoncepcional Hormonal Combinado Oral
Mattia Nara Fabrícia de
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2001,
Treino cognitivo em adultos maduros e idosos: impacto de estratégias segundo faixas de escolaridade
Teixeira-Fabrício, Aline;Lima-Silva, Thaís Bento;Kissaki, Priscilla Tiemi;Vieira, Marcela Guidetti;Ordonez, Tiago Nascimento;Oliveira, Thalita Bianchi de;Aramaki, Flávia Ogava;Souza, Patrícia Ferreira;Yassuda, M?nica Sanches;
Psico-USF , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-82712012000100010
Abstract: the objective of this study was to test the effectiveness of a cognitive training program of six sessions based on the presentation and practice of memory strategies (categorization) and activities that recruit executive functions offered for older adults. we also aimed at identifying and comparing the mnemonic strategies used by participants stratified by levels of schooling before and after training. the study included 31 older adults divided into group 1 (up to 8 years of schooling) and group 2 (9 or more years of schooling). the instruments used were: sociodemographic questionnaire, cognitive scales and a list of possible strategies to identify the strategies used. the results were indicated the influence of education on the use of memory strategies in the pre-test and post-test. at the post-test, there was a significant increase in processing speed and strategies use. it is concluded that he use of strategies, memory self-efficacy and the gain after cognitive training may be influenced by education.
Depress?o e comportamento suicida em pacientes oncológicos hospitalizados: prevalência e fatores associados
Fanger, Priscila Caroline;Azevedo, Renata Cruz Soares de;Mauro, Marisa Lúcia Fabrício;Lima, Daniela Dantas;Gaspar, Karla Cristina;Silva, Viviane Franco da;Nascimento, Wagner Tadeu Jurevicius do;Botega, Neury José;
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302010000200015
Abstract: objective: to determine prevalence rates of depression and suicidal behavior among cancer inpatients and factors associated with these conditions. methods: a total of 5357 patients consecutively admitted to a university hospital were assessed by means of the hospital anxiety and depression scale (had) and the suicide risk section of the mini international neuropsychiatric interview (mini). univariate analyses adjusted for gender and age groups were performed with depression and suicide risk as dependent variables. results: of those assessed, 675 had cancer. the prevalence rates for depression and suicide risk were 18.3% (95%ci = 15.4 - 21.4) and 4.7% (95%ci = 3.2 - 6.7) respectively. depression was more frequently found in cancer bearers than in the other inpatients (13.2%; p = 0.0009). female gender, low schooling level, long time of disease, pain, use of psychotropic drugs and suicide risk were associated with depression (p < 0.05). pain and depression were associated with suicide risk. conclusion: because prevalence rates of depression and suicide risk are high among cancer inpatients, simple screening instruments and specific questions during interviews are needed to detect these clinical conditions.
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