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Clinical Analysis of a Coaxial Dilator Set Attached to Needle Puncture for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy  [PDF]
Evandilson Guenes Campos de Barros, Salvador Vilar Correia Lima, Fabio de Oliveira Vilar, Eugenio Soares Lustosa, Roberto Santos Lima
Open Journal of Urology (OJU) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/oju.2013.36046

Introduction: Percutaneous approach to the kidney is a very useful alternative in renal surgery which minimizes the morbidity of a variety of procedures. Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy, practicity of a reusable system of metallic coaxial dilator coupled to a special puncture needle to perform lumbar puncture and dilation of the percutaneous tract. Methods: A randomized experimental study was carried out involving 50 individuals. These patients were randomized as follows: Group 1 had the procedure performed with the conventional disposable Amplatz set traditionally used for this procedure. Patients in Group 2 were operated utilizing the new reusable coaxial set specially designed for this purpose. The following parameters were measured to compare the 2 groups: sex Corporeal Mass Index (CMI), Pre and postoperative hematocrit and hemoglobin. Time interval between the puncture, dilation and access to the renal pelvis and insertion of the nephroscope were also analyzed. Results: There was no statistical difference between the 2 groups concerning hematocrit and hemoglobin changes when comparing prewith postoperative period. Patients in Group 2 required a significant lower time between puncture and final access to the upper collecting system. Conclusion: The new coaxial dilator set showed to be as safe as the conventional Amplatz set with the advantage of reusability and decrease of tract

The Aging Bladder in Females Evaluated by Urodynamics  [PDF]
M. C. de Albuquerque Neto, Leslie Clifford Noronha Araujo, Thome Decio Pinheiro Barros Junior, Joao Luiz Amaro, Flavia Cristina Morone Pinto, Fabio de Oliveira Vilar, Salvador Vilar Correia Lima
Open Journal of Urology (OJU) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oju.2017.73008
Abstract: Aim: To determine whether bladder functions deteriorate with age. Methods: Data contained in electronic medical record (INFOMED?) were used in this institutional retrospective review. Analysis was done on the urodynamic studies in women over 18 years old conducted between May 2011 and November 2015. Patients with previous history of pelvic surgery or radiotherapy, neurological disease, vaginal prolapse greater than grade I, congenital urogenital malformations, urinary obstructive disease, diabetes, or the use of any medication that could interfere with bladder function were excluded from the analysis. The urodynamic parameters analyzed were the Maximum Cystometric Capacity (MCC), Voiding Volume (VV), Maximum Flow (Qmax), Bladder Compliance (BC), Detrusor Pressure at Maximum Flow (PdetQmax), Bladder Contractility Index (BCI), Bladder Voiding Efficiency (BVE) and Post-Void Residual Urine Volume (PVR). Patients were further stratified in five groups according to age (A—18 to 40; B—41 to 50; C—51 to 60; D—61 to 70; E—over 70 years old). Results: Out of 3103 urodynamic studies analyzed, 719 were eligible for the study. The average age of patients was 49.3 (+13.2) years old and in all evaluated parameters, statistically significant correlation between age and decline of bladder function was obtained (p < 0.05). Moreover, mathematical equations were presented to estimate the parameters values in relation to age. Conclusions: This study showed a decline in bladder storage function (reduction in MCC and BC) and in bladder emptying function (reduction in Qmax, PdetQmax, VV, BCI and BVE with an increase in PVR) with age.
Bernardo Barbosa Vilar,Vinicius Cunha de Oliveira
Fisioterapia & Saúde Funcional , 2012,
Abstract: Introdu o: O efeito das interven es para modificar cren as e atitudes dos terapeutas em pacientes com dor lombar n o especifica ainda é desconhecida. Objetivo: Investigar o efeito das interven es para modificar as cren as e atitudes dos terapeutas na melhora clínica dos pacientes com dor lombar. Metodologia: Buscas realizadas nas bases de dados: MEDLINE, PsycINFO, PEDro, Cochrane e AMED e estudos clínicos aleatorizados ou quase aleatorizados investigando o efeito de interven es para modificar cren as e atitudes dos terapeutas na melhora clínica de pacientes com dor lombar foram incluídos. Qualidade dos estudos incluídos foi avaliada pela escala PEDro. Os desfechos clínicos de interesse foram dor e incapacidade. Quando houve homogeneidade suficiente, meta-análise foi realizada, e as estimativas foram reportadas com intervalo de confian a de 95% (IC95%). GRADE sumarizou a for a da recomenda o para cada desfecho analisado. Resultados: Dois artigos de baixa qualidade (PEDro<5) foram incluídos de um total de 2809 levantados através das estratégias de buscas. Meta-análise revelou very low quality evidence que a interven o n o tem efeito na incapacidade em curto prazo (tamanho de efeito de 1,8 pontos em uma escala de 100 pontos; IC95%: -7,3 a 3,7). Análises reportadas por estudos individuais também demonstraram que essas interven es n o s o eficazes na incapacidade a médio prazo (mean difference: -4,2; -13,4 a 5,0) e na dor a curto (0,0; -9,7 a 9,7), e a médio prazo (-9,1; -18,9 a 0,7). Conclus o: As interven es para modificar as cren as e atitudes dos terapeutas em rela o à melhora clínica na dor lombar n o s o efetivas. Palavras chave: Assistência ao Paciente. Conhecimentos, Atitudes e Pratica em Saúde. Dor lombar.
Analytical Determination of Benzophenone-3 in Sunscreen Preparations Using Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes  [PDF]
Michelli Thomaz Laranjeira, Fabio de Lima, Silvio Cesar de Oliveira, Valdir Souza Ferreira, Robson Tadeu Soares de Oliveira
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2011.23047
Abstract: A new electroanalytical procedure was developed for the determination of Benzophenone-3 (BENZO) in commercial sunscreen as the active ingredient. The procedure is based on the use of electrochemical methods as cyclic and square-wave voltammetry, with boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrodes. The reduction of BENZO in Britton-Robinson buffer (0.1 mol●L–1) using this type of electrode gives rise to one irreversible peak in –1.30 V (versus Ag/AgCl) in presence of cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTABr). The proposed electrochemical method was successfully applied to the analysis of commercially available pharmaceutical preparations.
Enxertia em citros por substitui??o de ápice caulinar
Oliveira, Inez Vilar de Morais;Dami?o Filho, Carlos Ferreira;Carvalho, Sérgio Alves de;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452002000300046
Abstract: this work aimed to verify the setting of small shoot scions of 'valência' orange tree, inserted on seedlings of five stocks: rangpur lime; citrange 'troyer'; 'cleópatra' mandarin; trifoliata 'davis a' and citrumelo 'swingle'. the scions consisted of stem apical segments with 2-3 mm thickness. seventy days after sowing, the stock seedlings were cut, transversely, below the node of the first true leaf at the height ranging from 13,4 to 17,6 mm above the substrate level. the meristematic apices were put on the cut surface of the stocks and fixed with plastic film (parafilma ?). forty five days after budding, the percentages of selling were: 79%; 67%; 66%, 61% and 34% in 'rangpur' lime; 'troyer'; 'cleópatra'; trifoliata 'davis a' and citrumelo 'swingle', respectively. in the same date, the number of leaves emitted by the scions was 3,9 and 2,2 in 'rangpur' lime and 'cleópatra', respectively. morphological and anatomical aspects of the contact area between scion and stock were documented and described.
Influência do tamanho da semente na emergência das plantulas de longan (Dimocarpos longan Lour)
Oliveira, Inez Vilar de Morais;Costa, Raquel Silva;Andrade, Renata Aparecida de;Martins, Antonio Baldo Geraldo;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452005000100045
Abstract: with the objective to evaluate the percentage of seedlings emergence and the emergence velocity index (evi) of longan (dimocarpos longan lour) seeds, was carried out the present research, using plants that came from the germplasm bank of the department of vegetable production of the faculdade de ciências agrárias e veterinárias - unesp - campus of jaboticabal, s?o paulo state, brazil. immediately after the extraction, the seeds were washed, dryed and sowed in sand seed beds. the experimental delineation was entirely randomized, with three treatments, characterized by the size of the seeds: big, medium and small, determined by the medium weight of 50 seeds (in grams), being: 89; 80 and 65g respectively. the values of percentage of emergence were transformed in arc-sen square root (x / 100). the averages were compared by the test of tukey, with 5% of probability. it was not observed significantly difference to the evaluated parameters, being obtained the values of the percentage of emergence of 97 to 91% and evi of 0,651 to 0,680, showing that the size of the seed is not a factor to be considered for this specie.
Influence of the substrate in germination of lychee seeds
Andrade, Renata Aparecida de;Martins, Antonio Baldo Geraldo;Oliveira, Inez Vilar de Morais;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452004000200049
Abstract: the lychee is, all over the world, considered as the "queen of the fruits" due to the delicacy of its appearance and flavor. although it was only recently that it started to have economical importance in brazil, the lychee is already calling the attention of numerous farmers, mainly those who cultivate citric fruits and/or sugarcane in the state of s?o paulo, due to the constant and at the same time growing necessity of finding new alternative crops. considering that the commercial cultivation of lychee plants in the field requires the previous obtainment of rootstocks viewing to reduce the genetic variability and the length of the juvenile period displayed by plants resulting directly from the seeds, finding ways to improve the germination performance of lychee seeds for the production of rootstock plants is of considerable economic importance. thus, the objective of this experiment was to test five substrates for the germination of lychee seeds: (1) vermiculite, (2) washed sand, (3) filter paper, (4) carbonized rice hull, and (5) sphagnum. the results showed that the period of time required by a lychee seed to germinate is a short one thus reinforcing the importance of providing a suitable substrate for the germination to take place. it was found that the substrates which apparently allowed the best combinations of water and oxygen availability for the seeds - washed sand and carbonized rice hull - were those leading to the fastest and highest germination values.
Influência da condi??o e período de armazenamento na germina??o de sementes de pitaya vermelha
Andrade, Renata Aparecida de;Oliveira, Inez Vilar de Morais;Martins, Antonio Baldo Geraldo;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452005000100044
Abstract: the experiment was carried out in the department of vegetable production of the faculdade de ciências agrárias e veterinárias - campus of jaboticabal- s?o paulo state - brazil, using seeds that were extracted from ripe fruit, that were washed, drying in environmental condition during 24 hours and conditioned in paper bags, disposed according to the treatments: 3 storage conditions of the seeds: environmental; dry chamber (16-18oc e 60% ur) and cold chamber (10oc e 60-70% ur), and 4 storage periods: 7, 14, 21 and 28 days after the extraction of the seeds, besides of the seedling immediately of the extraction of the seeds. after these periods the seeds were conditioned in gerbox boxes, having as substrate filter of paper and maintained in a germination chamber with a constant temperature of 25oc. based on the results, it is possible to conclude that the seeds of red pitaya can be storage in cold chamber for until 28 days without damage in percentage of germination.
Influência da temperatura na germina??o de sementes de Annona Montana
Oliveira, Inez Vilar de Morais;Andrade, Renata Aparecida de;Martins, Antonio Baldo Geraldo;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452005000200041
Abstract: with the objective to evaluate the influence of the temperature in percentage of germination and the germination velocity index (gvi) of seeds of annona montana, a potencial specie for a rootstock to the comercial varieties, were tested four temperatures (20, 25, 30 and 35oc). the research was carried in conditions of laboratory, in chamber of germination type bod using seeds of tree plants that came from the germplasm bank of the department of vegetable production of the faculdade de ciências agrárias e veterinárias unesp, campus of jaboticabal, s?o paulo state, brazil. the experimental delineation was entirely randomized, and four replications with ten seeds in each one. by the obtained results, was observed that to the parameter percentage of germination and for the gvi, the bigger values observed were for the seeds in temperature of 30oc (55% of germination and gvi = 0,153), following by the temperature of 25oc (25% of germination and gvi = 0,088). to the temperatures of 20 and 35oc were not observed occurrence of germination. the statistical analysis of the values of percentage of germination were transformed in arc sen, square root (x/100) and the averages were compared by the test of tukey, with 5% of probability.
Enxertia em citros por substitui o de ápice caulinar
Oliveira Inez Vilar de Morais,Dami?o Filho Carlos Ferreira,Carvalho Sérgio Alves de
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2002,
Abstract: O objetivo do presente trabalho foi o de verificar o pegamento de pequenos ápices caulinares (enxertos) da cultivar de laranjeira-'Valência', enxertados sobre plantulas de cinco porta-enxertos: Lim o-'Cravo'; Citrange-'Troyer'; Tangerina-'Cleópatra'; Trifoliata-'Davis A' e Citrumelo-'Swingle'. Os enxertos consistiram de por es apicais do caule, com 2-3 mm de espessura. Os porta-enxertos, aos 70 dias após a semeadura, foram seccionados transversalmente abaixo do ponto de inser o do primeiro eófilo, com altura variando de 13,4 a 17,6 mm acima do nível do substrato. Os ápices meristemáticos isolados foram colocados sobre a superfície cortada dos caules e aderidos entre si por meio de parafilme (Parafilma ). Aos 45 dias após a enxertia, verificou-se o "pegamento" médio de 79%; 67%; 66%; 61% e 34% nos porta-enxertos 'Cravo', 'Troyer', 'Cleópatra', Trifoliata 'Davis A' e Citrumelo-'Swingle', respectivamente. Aos 45 dias após a enxertia, o número médio de folhas emitidas pelos ápices caulinares enxertados foi de 3,9 e 2,2 sobre 'Cravo' e 'Cleópatra', respectivamente. Foram descritos e documentados aspectos morfológicos e anat micos da regi o de contato entre enxerto e porta-enxerto.
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