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Moderate Hypertriglyceridemia Revealed by Acute Chest Syndrome, a Milky Appearance Serum and Prior History of Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis in a Type 2 Diabetes Black Patient: A Case Report  [PDF]
Fran?ois Bompeka Lepira, Vita Eulethère Kintoki, Jean-Robert Risassi Makulo, Fabien Mbala Kintoki
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2016.611046
Abstract: Although the “triglyceride paradox” states that hypertriglyceridemia is less frequent in Blacks and the risk of pancreatitis increases with severe hypertriglyceridemia, we herein report on a case of moderate hypertriglyceridemia revealed by an acute chest syndrome and a milky appearance serum in a 47-year-old type 2 diabetes black patient with prior history of recurrent acute pancreatitis. In addition to insulin therapy and coronary angioplasty, the combination of a statin and a fibrate resulted two months later in a substantial improvement in triglyceride levels and a normal serum appearance.
Enterocytozoon bieneusi Identification Using Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction and Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism in HIV-Infected Humans from Kinshasa Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Roger Wumba,Menotti Jean,Longo-Mbenza Benjamin,Mandina Madone,Kintoki Fabien,Zanga Josué,Sala Jean,Kendjo Eric,Guillo-Olczyk AC,Thellier Marc
Journal of Parasitology Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/278028
Abstract: Objective. To determine the prevalence and the genotypes of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in stool specimens from HIV patients. Methods. This cross-sectional study was carried out in Kinshasa hospitals between 2009 and 2012. Detection of microsporidia including E. bieneusi and E. intestinalis was performed in 242 HIV-infected patients. Typing was based on DNA polymorphism of the ribosomal DNA ITS region of E. bieneusi. PCRRFLP generated with two restriction enzymes (Nla III and Fnu 4HI) in PCR-amplified ITS products for classifying strains into different lineages. The diagnosis performance of the indirect immune-fluorescence-monoclonal antibody (IFI-AcM) was defined in comparison with real-time PCR as the gold standard. Results. Out of 242 HIV-infected patients, using the real-time PCR, the prevalence of E. bieneusi was 7.9% (=19) among the 19 E. bieneusi, one was coinfected with E. intestinalis. In 19 E. bieneusi persons using PCR-RFLP method, 5 type I strains of E. bieneusi (26.3%) and 5 type IV strains of E. bieneusi (26.3%) were identified. The sensitivity of IFI-AcM was poor as estimated 42.1%. Conclusion. Despite different PCR methods, there is possible association between HIVinfection, geographic location (France, Cameroun, Democratic Republic of Congo), and the concurrence of type I and type IV strains.
Application of LED Type Lamps in Domestic and Public Utilities and Gain Capability to Run New Small Investments in Rwanda  [PDF]
Mukundufite Fabien
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.510093

The Rwandan State-run Energy Water and Sanitation Authority Company (EWSA) is rapidly increasing the number of population having access to electrical power energy. 30% of electrical energy is used in lighting. The incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamp bulbs as well as fluorescent tubes are mostly used to convert electrical energy into light. The said light sources have many disadvantages such as excessive power consumption leading to giant bills of electricity, short life span leading to continuous replacement of lamps, and emission of CO2. Application of light-emitting diode (LED) lamps in lighting in long term suppresses the aforementioned problems resulting into saving of money that will be used for running new small investments.

Study on Food Import in D. R. Congo  [PDF]
Mukeba Mbala Eric, Shiwei Xu, Wen Yu, Shengwei Wang, Abdul-Gafar Ahmed, Siek Darith, Mujinga Bukasa Eliane
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2017.52B003
Democratic Republic of Congo is a developing country located in Central Africa with a population of over 75 million. Generally, it relies on import in international market for food as it has constantly been experiencing domestic crisis which hinders production. Given the importance of shores price policy and income policy, the government pays meticulous attention to these factors to meet the present and future food security. In order to understand the import behavior related to GDP and international trade prices, the study employs Almost Idea Demand System (AIDS) model using FAO data. The result explains that price effect is more useful to the food security of the country than the income effect, thus this study suggest the government should give priority to policy on price.
Potentials and Constraints of Small-Scale Livestock Productions in Cambodia  [PDF]
Siek Darith, Shiwei Xu, Wen Yu, Ahmed Abdul-Gafar, Sa Kennvidy, Ou Ratanak, Eric Mukeba Mbala
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2017.52B002
Livestock husbandry plays a very important role in rural areas of Cambodia. Farmers mostly have complained about the declining revenue from livestock production which supports their livelihood. Therefore, the study aimed at investigating the potentials and constraints of smallholder livestock productions in Battambang province. Primary and secondary data were collected to meet the objectives. Data were collected interviewing 204 households. Some of the advantages of the Cambodia livestock subsector are the increasing market demand: increasing domestic market for livestock and increasing demand from neighboring countries (especially cattle); the rich source of manure and other agricultural input such as transportation means, ploughing etc. More so, there is high expectation of the farmers experiencing increase in production since more supports are provided by both governmental and non-governmental organizations. On the other hand, the subsector witnesses some constraints including the low level of education of the livestock farmers, erratic market prices as a result of too many middlemen, local breed with low productivity and traditional management system still dominates the sub- sector. Scarcity of abled labor and seasonal cost is also one of the factors impeding the subsector to reaching it potential. This study suggests that to reach full potential in the livestock sector of Battambang of Cambodia, the government needs to address the infrastructural problems and private sector needs to be encouraged to invest in the sector in livestock input industries.
Prevalence of Circadian Blood Pressure Patterns and Factors Associated with Non-Dipping among Black Patients with Untreated and Treated Hypertension: A Cross-Sectional Study  [PDF]
T. S. Mvunzi, Y. Lubenga, F. B. Lepira, J. R. Makulo, A. Nkodila, D. K. Kuntonda, Y. Samafundu, Y. M. Nlandu, Y. M. Engole, B. P. Kianu, F. Kintoki, D. Mupepe, N. Buila, R. M. Kongo, E. V. Kintoki
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2017.711038
Abstract: Objective: To determine the prevalence of circadian BP patterns and to assess factors associated with the non-dipping pattern in untreated and treated hypertensive patients, studied separately. Methods: Clinical data and ABPM were obtained from 52 untreated and 168 treated hypertensive patients referred for ABPM to Monkole Hospital in Kinshasa. Twenty-four ABPM was performed using an oscillometric device. Non-dipping pattern encompasses non-dipping (nocturnal systolic BP dip less than 10% of daytime systolic BP) and reverse dipping (mean night SBP higher than the day SBP). Results: the prevalence of non-dipping pattern was 75% (63.5% non-dipping and 11.5% reverse dipping) and 70% (60.1% non-dipping and 10.1% reverse dipping) in untreated and treated hypertensive patients, respectively. Advanced age (adjusted OR 1.80; 95%CI 1.96 - 3.38; p = 0.015), female sex (adjusted OR 2.28; 95%CI 1.19 - 4.36; p = 0.013), diabetes (adjusted OR 5.06; 95%CI 1.38 - 6.95; p = 0.014), reduced kidney function (adjusted OR 3.10; 95%CI 1.50 - 6.43; p = 0.018), inflammation (adjusted OR 2.65; 95%CI 1.76 - 6.48; p = 0.031), LVH (adjusted OR 4.45; 95%CI 1.78 - 7.67;
Objective and automated protocols for the evaluation of biomedical search engines using No Title Evaluation protocols
Fabien Campagne
BMC Bioinformatics , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-9-132
Abstract: We describe two protocols for evaluating biomedical information retrieval techniques without human relevance judgments. We call these protocols No Title Evaluation (NT Evaluation). The first protocol measures performance for focused searches, where only one relevant document exists for each query. The second protocol measures performance for queries expected to have potentially many relevant documents per query (high-recall searches). Both protocols take advantage of the clear separation of titles and abstracts found in Medline. We compare the performance obtained with these evaluation protocols to results obtained by reusing the relevance judgments produced in the 2004 and 2005 TREC Genomics Track and observe significant correlations between performance rankings generated by our approach and TREC. Spearman's correlation coefficients in the range of 0.79–0.92 are observed comparing bpref measured with NT Evaluation or with TREC evaluations. For comparison, coefficients in the range 0.86–0.94 can be observed when evaluating the same set of methods with data from two independent TREC Genomics Track evaluations. We discuss the advantages of NT Evaluation over the TRels and the data fusion evaluation protocols introduced recently.Our results suggest that the NT Evaluation protocols described here could be used to optimize some search engine parameters before human evaluation. Further research is needed to determine if NT Evaluation or variants of these protocols can fully substitute for human evaluations.A search engine retrieves articles from a text collection (or text corpus) to best satisfy user queries. Articles that discuss material related to what the user was looking for when he formulated the query are defined as relevant. Other articles retrieved are defined as non-relevant. Defined sets of relevant and non-relevant documents make it possible to evaluate the performance of a search engine by calculating various quantitative performance measures. Such measures i
Transport capacity constraints on the mass transit system: a systemic analysis
Fabien Leurent
European Transport Research Review , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s12544-011-0046-5
Abstract: A public passenger transit system is complex, because it involves two types of traffic unit, passengers and vehicles. The system operations require supplying passengers with stations where they can access vehicles and then travel in them between stations. These operations are subject to various capacity constraints, depending on the traffic type and the situation in the system. The article provides a framework for the analysis of a mass transit system, broken down into four subsystems that respectively pertain to the Passenger, the Vehicle, the Station and the Line. Each subsystem consists of several components that are involved in the system processes and interactions. Within this framework, capacity phenomena are identified, described qualitatively and classified into seven broad categories, namely: (i) the vehicle capacity of an infrastructure; (ii) the vehicle fleet; (iii) the passenger capacity of a vehicle; (iv) the passenger capacity of a route; (v) the passenger capacity of a station; (vi) the vehicle storage and movement capacity of a station; (vii) the capacity of a station for interface with personal transport modes. Moreover, it is shown that capacity phenomena can interact in congestion gears, which impair capacity. Lastly, there are complex retroactive effects that involve either network management or demand behaviour (through route choice which depends on quality of service hence on congestion).
Ut musica rhetorica : de l’association musique-rhétorique dans les textes anciens
Fabien Delouvé
Synergies Espagne , 2011,
Abstract: : L’analogie entre la rhétorique et la musique est présente dans de nombreuses sources antiques de toutes périodes, comme en témoignent par exemple Aristote, Démétrios et Plutarque. Absente au Moyen Age pour des raisons diverses, notamment en raison de l’intérêt accordé à la dialectique – et non à la rhétorique –, cette analogie réapparait à la Renaissance dans des traités de musique qui abordent la musica poetica, division de la musique au sein de laquelle la rhétorique occupe une place primordiale. Un parcours chronologique de l’Antiquité à la renaissance permet d’aboutir à la genèse de la théorisation de la création musicale considérée comme une uvre achevée.
L'impact de la tempête "Martin" sur le couvert forestier en Auvergne. Origine des chablis et logique de reconstitution
Fabien Jubertie
Physio-Géo , 2008, DOI: 10.4000/physio-geo.1014
Abstract: La tempête du 27 décembre 1999 a laissé des traces durables sur le couvert forestier auvergnat. Aussi semble-t-il aujourd'hui intéressant, non seulement de conna tre les raisons qui expliquent la localisation et une telle ampleur des dégats, mais aussi d'aborder le problème des reconstitutions.Le système dépressionnaire océanique responsable des rafales tempétueuses (158 km/h enregistré à Clermont-Aulnat !) sort de l'ordinaire. Il fut remarquable à cause de sa petite taille, de sa grande mobilité et surtout par le fait qu'il trouva son maximum d'intensité en pénétrant à l'intérieur des terres. D'une manière générale, les vents ont atteint, en Auvergne, des valeurs presque comparables à celles qui avaient été enregistrées lors de la tempête de novembre 1982, événement de référence pour le Massif Central. Associés à ces vents violents, de fortes pluies ont été enregistrées. Saturant largement les sols, elles ont ainsi rendu plus efficace l'impact de la tempête sur les forêts.L'inégale répartition des chablis appara t clairement en visualisant des cartes départementales des dégats établies par l'Inventaire Forestier National, ainsi qu'à travers une étude personnelle réalisée à l'échelle locale dans une forêt témoin de la Haute-Loire. L'interprétation de ces cartes permet de montrer quelles interactions ont joué entre facteurs météorologiques et orographiques. De même, elles mettent en évidence la trop grande présence de parcelles de conifères à forte densité, fragiles face au vent, issues des reboisements artificiels réalisés principalement après la Seconde Guerre mondiale.Du coup, l'importance des dégats, en partie liée à la mauvaise gestion sylvicole, a provoqué chez les forestiers une remise en cause des pratiques qui avaient prévalu jusqu'alors. Un véritable changement dans la stratégie des reconstitutions forestières semble aujourd'hui se développer. Des régénérations naturelles sont réalisées pour les plus petites parcelles, favorisant ainsi la diversification des essences (et le retour des feuillus). Les reboisements artificiels sont, quant à eux, réalisés avec un nombre de plants moins importants à l'hectare. Toutes ces mesures doivent permettre une diminution de la vulnérabilité au vent de ces espaces forestiers. The December 27th of 1999 storm left lasting marks on the Auvergne forest cover. Therefore, it seems interesting today not only to know the reasons which explain the localization and extent of the damages but to tackle the reconstitutions problem too.The oceanic low pressure system responsible for the stormy gusts (158 km/h recorded at Cle
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