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Dose de exposi??o radiométrica e composi??o das rochas sedimentares e ígneas na bacia do Rio Corumbataí (SP)
Concei??o, Fabiano Tomazini da;Bonotto, Daniel Marcos;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2006000100003
Abstract: this work evaluated the activity concentration of radionuclides on sedimentary and igneous rocks at corumbataí river basin, s?o paulo state, and, consequently, the exposure rate. this basin possess a large sugar cane crops area, where occurs the application of phosphate fertilizers, and where is located the most important ceramic center of south america (santa gertrudes ceramic center). the chemical characterization of the samples indicated that ca > mg > k > na, which is related to the mineralogy of each formation. the weighted mean exposure rate (35 ngyh-1) to the studied formations represent just 64% of the world average due to terrestrial gamma radiation, occurring the highest exposure rate at the south-east portion of the area. the data obtained can be utilized in environmental studies involving the basin, including those related to the land use.
Spatial and Temporal Quality of Water in the Itupararanga Reservoir, Alto Sorocaba Basin (SP), Brazil  [PDF]
Felipe José de Moraes Pedrazzi, Fabiano Tomazini da Concei??o, Diego de Souza Sardinha, Viviane Moschini-Carlos, Marcelo Pompêo
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2013.51008

Considering the great importance of the Itupararanga Reservoir, Upper Alto Sorocaba basin/SP, this study aimed to report the variations of some parameters of water quality in the spatial and temporal gradients in this multipurpose reservoir. The eutrophication of this reservoir was checked using the Carlson Index Modified and the results indicate that the surface water were classified as eutrophic and mesotrophic in wet and dry periods, being characterized the better quality of water in wet period. In the vertical gradient the results showed a stratiphication in all parameters analyzed, except for the electrical conductivity, with good correlation between total phosphorous and chlorophyll-a, indicating that eutrophication of the reservoir changes the conditions of algal growth, mainly in its initial area. Immediate interventions are needed, which must be directed to planning of land use, domestic effluents treatment, taking to an integrated management of this important watershed located in the Sao Paulo State.

Caracteriza??o química e mineralógica da incrusta??o em rede de ferro fundido e potencial de recupera??o da capacidade hidráulica
Moruzzi, Rodrigo Braga;Concei??o, Fabiano Tomazini da;Navarro, Guillermo Rafael Beltran;Zanardo, Antenor;
Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-41522012000300007
Abstract: the purpose of this work was to characterize chemical and mineralogical the water supply networks and to assess the hydraulic recovery on high-degraded pipe. thus, the resistance (by pitometric essays), chemical analyses (icp-ms and icp-es), mineralogical analysis (petrographic thin sections, x-ray difractometry and scanning electronic microscopy), hardness (mohs scale) and simulations for pipe's change and rehabilitations scenarios were investigated (from scenario 1 to 4). the results showed that the high-degraded pipe had a limited recovery (from 3,9 to 14,0 m0,367.s-1). the deposits were formed by oxide and hydroxide of iron (magnetite and goethite), which are materials of high hardness (6 on mohs scale). the simulations indicated the required power ratio (ci/c1) around 86.00, 1.00 and 0.02% in relation to present scenario.
Mineral Chemistry and Pressure and Temperature Estimates of Metasedimentary Rocks of the Araxá Group in the Region of Morrinhos, South of Goiás State
Guillermo Rafael Beltran Navarro,Antenor Zanardo,Fabiano Tomazini da Concei??o,Renato de Moraes
Geologia USP : Série Científica , 2011,
Abstract: In the Morrinhos region, Goiás state, Brazil, the rocks of the Araxá Group have mineral assemblages related to themetamorphic peak which occurred in this region and is typical of the amphibolite facies (kyanite zone). These rocks areassociated with the initial stage of the main ductile deformation that occurred in this area. Thermobarometric calculations,including the associations, garnet + plagioclase + biotite + muscovite; garnet + plagioclase +biotite + muscovite + kyanite;garnet + plagioclase + biotite + muscovite + amphibole, with quartz in excess, indicate that the metamorphic peak occurredat temperatures of approximately 610oC and pressures in the order of 10 kbar. The P-T path is probably clockwise and is inagreement with the tectonic conditions observed in collisional settings.
Caracteriza o química e mineralógica da incrusta o em rede de ferro fundido e potencial de recupera o da capacidade hidráulica Chemical and mineralogical incrustation characterization and potential of hydraulic performance recovery
Rodrigo Braga Moruzzi,Fabiano Tomazini da Concei??o,Guillermo Rafael Beltran Navarro,Antenor Zanardo
Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental , 2012,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho foi caracterizar química e mineralogicamente os depósitos em rede de ferro fundido e avaliado o potencial de recupera o da capacidade hidráulica em tubula o altamente comprometida pela incrusta o. Para tal, foram feitas medidas do coeficiente de resistência (pitometria em trecho isolado de 71 m), análises química ( P-ES e ICP-MS), mineralógicas (lamina o, difra o de raios-X e microscopia eletr nica), dureza (escala de Mohs) e simula es em setor hipotético com cenários distintos (de C1 a C4) de troca e substitui o da rede. Os resultados indicaram que a rede altamente comprometida tem potencial limitado de recupera o (de 3,9 a 14,0 m0,367.s-1). As caracteriza es química e mineralógica indicaram Magnetita e Goethita, com dureza da ordem de 6 na escala Mohs. As simula es demonstraram potências relativas (raz es Ci/C1) da ordem de 86,00, 1,00 e 0,02% em rela o ao cenário atual. The purpose of this work was to characterize chemical and mineralogical the water supply networks and to assess the hydraulic recovery on high-degraded pipe. Thus, the resistance (by pitometric essays), chemical analyses (ICP-MS and ICP-ES), mineralogical analysis (petrographic thin sections, X-ray difractometry and scanning electronic microscopy), hardness (Mohs scale) and simulations for pipe's change and rehabilitations scenarios were investigated (from Scenario 1 to 4). The results showed that the high-degraded pipe had a limited recovery (from 3,9 to 14,0 m0,367.s-1). The deposits were formed by oxide and hydroxide of iron (magnetite and goethite), which are materials of high hardness (6 on Mohs scale). The simulations indicated the required power ratio (Ci/C1) around 86.00, 1.00 and 0.02% in relation to present scenario.
Geophysical characterization in solid waste landfill for evaluation of geotechnical instability conditioners
César Augusto Moreira,Letícia Hirata Godoy,Diego de Souza Sardinha,Fabiano Tomazini da Concei??o
Geologia USP : Série Científica , 2013, DOI: 10.5327/z1519-874x2013000100002
Abstract: The disposal of solid waste can create environmental problems, in addition to the potential risk of instability even in planned geotechnical works, such as provisions in stacks or high ends of the landfill, because they represent mere adjustments in civil engineering works. The Leme city, SP, generates about 35 t/day of municipal waste, that are deposited in a landfill located in the Barro Preto neighborhood. This work conducted a geophysical survey, based on geotechnical instability evidence in area, for analysis of the conditioners that cause on the sides leachate resurgence landfill and its relationship to mass movements and ravines installation in cover soil, with consequent waste exposure. The results indicate horizons of low resistivity connected with resurgence points generated by the organic matter decomposition contained in the waste. Such horizons result in leachate concentration in some places, which, in turn, may lead to loss of cohesion of the materials constituting the residues mass. The results are areas with mass flow by rotational movements, which, together with the surface flow of rainwater, evolves into ravines and exposed residues, preferably at the resurgence point. The leachate flow on the surface affects areas beyond the limits at landfill with direct impact on local agriculture and risk to pedestrians using the highway bordered by the landfill beyond the soil and the local aquifer.
Avalia??o da qualidade da água e autodepura??o do ribeir?o do meio, Leme (SP)
Sardinha, Diego de Souza;Concei??o, Fabiano Tomazini da;Souza, Antonio Donizetti Gon?alves de;Silveira, Alexandre;De Julio, Marcelo;Gon?alves, Julio César de Souza Inácio;
Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-41522008000300013
Abstract: this investigation utilized hydrochemical relations to evaluate possible anthropogenic inputs at meio stream, s?o paulo state. realized three sampling of water during the months of february, april and july/2005, in five sampling points analyzing: discharge, temperature, turbidity, ph, electrical conductivity (ec), dissolved oxygen (do), tds (total dissolved solids), tss (total suspended solids), ca2+, mg2+, na+, k+, hco3-, cl-, so42-, po43- and no3-. the characteristics of water close to spring until leme city allow concluding that there is a small interference in its quality, however the absence of treatment of domestic wastewater at leme city reduced its quality. it was applied the qual 2k modeling to evaluate the meio stream auto-purification identified the auto-purification zones and indicated the necessity of secondary wastewater treatment, with 76% of efficiency.
Composi??o química das águas pluviais e deposi??o atmosférica anual na bacia do Alto Sorocaba (SP)
Concei??o, Fabiano Tomazini da;Sardinha, Diego de Souza;Navarro, Guillermo Rafael Beltran;Antunes, Maria Lúcia Pereira;Angelucci, Vivian Andréa;
Química Nova , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422011000400011
Abstract: two sampling points were chosen and forty samples were collected between january and december 2006 at alto sorocaba basin. the rainwater ph varied from 5.46 to 6.36 (ibiúna) and 5.26 to 6.81 (itupararanga), being ca2+ the main ion responsible for controlling the rainwater ph. the ionic concentrations decreased in the following order: ca2 +>na+> mg2+>k+ for cations and so42->hco3->no 3->cl- >po43- for anions. the annual atmospheric deposition appeared to be controlled mostly by following sources: mining activities and cement factories (ca2+ and hco3-), natural soil dust (na+, mg2+ and hco3-), fossil fuel burning (so42-) and agriculture activities (k+, no3- and po43-).
Valores de press?o arterial e suas associa??es com fatores de risco cardiovasculares em servidores da Universidade de Brasília
Concei??o, Tatiana Valverde da;Gomes, Fabiano Alves;Tauil, Pedro Luiz;Rosa, Tania Torres;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2006000100005
Abstract: objective: to verify and classify, according to the jnc 7, the blood pressure levels (bpl) of the employees of university of brasilia, a public university in brazil, who are older than 40 years of age, and to estimate the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in this population. methods: a cross-sectional study was conducted at the university of brasilia, with employees over 40 years of age. they answered a questionnaire and had their blood pressure, weight and height measured. the bpls were classified according to the jnc 7 classification and the demographic data of the subjects in each category were analyzed. the percentage of risk factors was calculated. the statistical analysis was carried out using the anova test and the chi-square test, where applicable. results: seven hundred and four subjects participated in the study, 438 male and 266 female. the median age was 47. according to the jnc 7, 139 (19.8%) subjects were classified as normotensive; 298 (42.3%) as prehypertensive and 267 (37.9%) as hypertensive. the risk factors assessed were overweight/obesity (56.8%), smoking habit (19.5%), alcohol consumption (53.6%), sedentary lifestyle (48.4%) and hypertension (37.9%). conclusion: the high frequency of elevated blood pressure levels and cardiovascular risk factors among the employees indicates the need for preventive and therapeutic measures for cardiovascular disease targeted at the university?s employees.
America conquers the World: A History of spread of American spices from the navigations of the sixteenth century.
Fabiano Bracht,Gisele Cristina da Concei??o,Christan Fausto Moraes dos Santos
Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa em Alimentos , 2012,
Abstract: From the beginning of the fifteenth century, it is observed a phenomenon that had as one of its main features, the spread of trade, cultivation and consumption of some specific varieties of plants. Although, modern historiography has a reasonable volume of studies published about the spices of the East as well as the economic impact of these in the Renaissance, an issue still remains, that is related to the dissemination and use of some American plants which in turn have also become spices of considerable economic, cultural and gastronomical importance.
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