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First record of the invasive snail Melanoides tuberculatus (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia: Thiaridae) in the Paran? River basin, GO, Brazil
Rocha-Miranda, F.;Martins-Silva, M. J.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842006000600018
Abstract: the thiarid snail melanoides tuberculatus (müller, 1774), native to asia and east africa was recorded for the first time in the paran? river basin, goiás state. there is no evidence concerning introduction vectors but aquarium releases is the most probable vector. specimens were collected at three different water bodies after twenty-seven rivers were investigated. the possible spread of this species to other habitats and potential effects on native thermal water communities are discussed.
Novel Strains of Mice Deficient for the Vesicular Acetylcholine Transporter: Insights on Transcriptional Regulation and Control of Locomotor Behavior
Cristina Martins-Silva,Xavier De Jaeger,Monica S. Guzman,Ricardo D. F. Lima,Magda S. Santos,Christopher Kushmerick,Marcus V. Gomez,Marc G. Caron,Marco A. M. Prado,Vania F. Prado
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0017611
Abstract: Defining the contribution of acetylcholine to specific behaviors has been challenging, mainly because of the difficulty in generating suitable animal models of cholinergic dysfunction. We have recently shown that, by targeting the vesicular acetylcholine transporter (VAChT) gene, it is possible to generate genetically modified mice with cholinergic deficiency. Here we describe novel VAChT mutant lines. VAChT gene is embedded within the first intron of the choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) gene, which provides a unique arrangement and regulation for these two genes. We generated a VAChT allele that is flanked by loxP sequences and carries the resistance cassette placed in a ChAT intronic region (FloxNeo allele). We show that mice with the FloxNeo allele exhibit differential VAChT expression in distinct neuronal populations. These mice show relatively intact VAChT expression in somatomotor cholinergic neurons, but pronounced decrease in other cholinergic neurons in the brain. VAChT mutant mice present preserved neuromuscular function, but altered brain cholinergic function and are hyperactive. Genetic removal of the resistance cassette rescues VAChT expression and the hyperactivity phenotype. These results suggest that release of ACh in the brain is normally required to “turn down” neuronal circuits controlling locomotion.
Occurrence and Distribution of Fresh-Water Molluscs in the Riacho Fundo Creek Basin, Brasilia, Brazil
Maria Júlia,Martins-Silva; Barros,Marilia;
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2001,
Abstract: to study the distribution of molluscs in the riacho fundo creek (cerrado region of central brazil), five creek sites were sampled once every two months for one year. molluscs were sampled using standardized kick-net sampling. four species of molluscs were found : physella cubensis, melanoides tuberculata, biomphalaria straminea and pisidium sp. the most abundant were p. cubensis and pisidium sp. p. cubensis was most abundant in the dry season and pisidium sp. was most abundant in the rainy season, probably reflecting the rainy season increase of water currents
Occurrence and Distribution of Fresh-Water Molluscs in the Riacho Fundo Creek Basin, Brasilia, Brazil
Martins-Silva Maria Júlia,Marilia Barros
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2001,
Abstract: To study the distribution of molluscs in the Riacho Fundo Creek (cerrado region of central Brazil), five creek sites were sampled once every two months for one year. Molluscs were sampled using standardized kick-net sampling. Four species of molluscs were found : Physella cubensis, Melanoides tuberculata, Biomphalaria straminea and Pisidium sp. The most abundant were P. cubensis and Pisidium sp. P. cubensis was most abundant in the dry season and Pisidium sp. was most abundant in the rainy season, probably reflecting the rainy season increase of water currents Para estudiar la distribución de moluscos en Riacho Fundo Creek (region cerrado en el centro de Brazil), se muestrearon cinco sitios en un arroyo una vez cada dos meses durante un a o. Los moluscos fueron muestreados usando muestreos estandarizados de "kick-net". Se encontraron cuatro especies de moluscos: Physella cubensis, Melanoides tuberculata, Biomphalaria straminea and Pisidium sp. Los más abundantes fueron P. cubensis and Pisidium sp. Physella cubensis fue la más abundante en la estación lluviosa, probablemente reflejando el aumento de corrientes de agua en la estación lluviosa
Teorias sobre o amor no campo da Psicologia Social Teorías sobre el amor en el campo de la Psicología Social Theories about love in the field of Social Psychology
Priscilla de Oliveira Martins-Silva,Zeidi Araujo Trindade,Annor da Silva Junior
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2013,
Abstract: Este é um ensaio teórico sobre o fen meno amor em relacionamentos romanticos no campo da Psicologia e no da Psicologia social. S o apresentadas as primeiras teorias sobre o amor na Psicologia, e, posteriormente, s o abordadas em maior profundidade três teorias da Psicologia social: os estilos de amor de John Alan Lee, a teoria de apego, de Phillip Shaver, Cindy Hazan e Donna Bradshaw, e a teoria triangular do amor, de Robert J. Sternberg. S o apresentados os aspectos teóricos, empíricos e metodológicos de cada teoria, e sua análise permitiu observar que o amor é um fen meno complexo e detectar a presen a de divergências teóricas e metodológicas. A complexidade é observada na diversidade teórica e nos resultados de pesquisas encontrados. Teoricamente, foi registrada divergência na forma como o amor é concebido; metodologicamente, houve o predomínio de abordagens quantitativas, com a presen a de diferentes escalas. Identifica-se que algumas quest es precisam ser mais bem investigadas, assim como os instrumentos de medidas adotados. Nota-se, assim, que essa área de estudo ainda está em processo de evolu o e que a realiza o de mais pesquisas pode contribuir para o desenvolvimento do campo. Ao final, sugere-se o estudo da intera o da cultura via cren as e valores na vivência do amor e maior utiliza o de abordagens qualitativas. Este es un ensayo teórico sobre el fenómeno amor en relaciones románticas en el campo de la Psicología y en el de la Psicología social. Son presentadas las primeras teorías sobre el amor en la Psicología, y, posteriormente, son abordadas en mayor profundidad tres teorías de la Psicología social: los estilos de amor de John Alan Lee, la teoría de apego, de Phillip Shaver, Cindy Hazan y Donna Bradshaw, y la teoría triangular del amor, de Robert J. Sternberg. Son presentados los aspectos teóricos, empíricos y metodológicos de cada teoría, y su análisis permitió observar que el amor es un fenómeno complejo y detectar la presencia de divergencias teóricas y metodológicas. La complejidad es observada en la diversidad teórica y en los resultados encontrados de investigaciones. Teóricamente, se registraron divergencias en la forma de como el amor es concebido; metodológicamente, hubo el predominio de abordajes cuantitativos, con la presencia de diferentes escalas. Se identificó que algunas cuestiones necesitan ser mejor investigadas, así como los instrumentos de medidas adoptados. Se nota, así, que esa área de estudio aún está en proceso de evolución y que la realización de más investigaciones puede contribuir para el desarrollo del campo.
Imaturos de trichoptera na bacia do rio Paran?, GO, com novos registros de gênero
Martins-Silva, Maria J.;Engel, Diana W.;Rocha, Fabio M. da;Araújo, Juliana;
Neotropical Entomology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2008000600018
Abstract: distribution of trichoptera along paran? river basin, goiás state, with new records for genera, is presented. eighteen sample sites were made along the basin during the rain (march and december/2003) and dry (july/2003 and august/2004) seasons. surber and d net were used for sampling all habitats.
Biomarkers in Overactive Bladder: A New Objective and Noninvasive Tool?
Tiago Antunes-Lopes,Sérgio Carvalho-Barros,Célia-Duarte Cruz,Francisco Cruz,Carlos Martins-Silva
Advances in Urology , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/382431
Abstract: Overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) is a highly prevalent urinary dysfunction, with considerable economic and human costs. Clinical diagnosis of OAB is still based on subjective symptoms. A new accurate, objective and noninvasive test to diagnose OAB and assess therapeutic outcome is lacking. Recent studies in lower urinary tract (LUT) dysfunctions, particularly in OAB patients, indicate that urinary proteins (neurotrophins, prostaglandins, and cytokines), serum C reactive protein, and detrusor wall thickness are altered, and such changes could be used as biomarkers of the disease. Nowadays, increasing emphasis has been given to the role of urinary neurotrophins, namely nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), as key players in some urinary dysfunctions. Although recently considered to be a bladder dysfunction biomarker, urinary NGF presents low sensitivity and specificity. Preliminary results suggest that BDNF may serve as a more efficient biomarker. Even though we have to wait for future studies to confirm the potential role of NGF and BDNF as OAB biomarkers, it is already clear that neurotrophins will contribute to elucidate the physiopathological basis of OAB. Herein are reviewed the latest advances in this new and exciting field, the detection and clinical application of emerging OAB biomarkers. 1. Introduction OAB is currently recognized as a chronic disorder with an overall prevalence in the adult population of above 10%, but that may exceed 40% in elderly groups [1]. According to the International Continence Society (ICS), OAB is defined as a clinical syndrome characterized by the presence of urgency, with or without urgency incontinence, usually accompanied by daytime frequency and nocturia, in the absence of proven infection or other obvious pathology [2, 3]. Urinary urgency, defined as a sudden compelling desire to void that is difficult to defer, is the unique symptom that must be present in order to establish the diagnosis of OAB [3]. However, urgency is difficult to be understood by patients and caregivers. Differentiation between urgency and urge is not always straightforward. Yet, urge is a normal bladder sensation, gradual in appearance, usually proportional to the degree of bladder filling, and that can be easily controlled by individuals. In addition, grading urinary urgency is a difficult task, which may render difficult the efficacy of a therapy. The multiple questionnaires available to quantify and grade urgency severity (USS, OABq) reflect this problem [4, 5]. One way to overcome this problem would be
Imagens construídas em torno da gravidez
Martins,Maria de Fátima da Silva Vieira;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232010000700046
Abstract: the present article is based on a study carried in six municipalities of braga district where we performed semi-structured interviews to 100 women who had just given birth in a maternity hospital in the northern area of the country and whose residence were located in the municipalities of amares, braga, póvoa de lanhoso, vila verde, vieira do minho and terras de bouro. we tried to identify the representations of these women in reference to their pregnancy experience, where we point out that the origin of these representations is connected to a triangulate vision of the concept of health, illness and of the body. and all these concepts constitute extraordinarily positive aspects since some contribute towards an affectionate connection to the baby or a prenatal bond. it is important to point out that the knowledge hereby revealed is at most times a result of beliefs culturally rooted and that should be analysed or demystified upon the prenatal surveillance consultation.
Structural details in lightweight aluminium crafts: Ways of improving structural reliability by applying ?safe life? vs. ?fail safe? principles
Matias,Carlos; Silva,Paulo P.; Martins,Rui F.;
Ciência & Tecnologia dos Materiais , 2008,
Abstract: this paper presents the results of investigations into static and dynamic properties of structural details of lightweight aluminium crafts, made of 5000 and 6000 aluminium alloys. material and structural analyses were performed using both finite element analysis and intensive destructive and non-destructive essays on specimens representing typical structural details of lightweight crafts. the effects of alloy combination, welding process, geometries non-linearities and stress concentrations on static mechanical properties and fatigue lives of the ?as designed? and the ?as built? structural details are evaluated and discussed, with the aim of improving the design and production under ?safe life? vs. ?fail safe? principles.
Revis?o da literatura sobreavalia??o da qualidade de vida (QDV) de adultos com epilepsia. I: dificuldades na abordagem do tema
Meneses,Rute F.; Ribeiro,José P.; Silva,A. Martins da;
Psicologia, Saúde & Doen?as , 2002,
Abstract: the construct quality of life (qol) is frequently cited in the epilepsy?s literature. for those professionals who do not work in the field of qol the particularities of the construct may prevent a good assessment of the qol of adults with epilepsy and/or that their clinical practice be guided by the research done in this domain. the aim of the present work is to systematize and discuss the literature of the last five years (1996-2000) on qol and epilepsy. the systematization is based on the abstracts indexed in medline and psycinfo databases. of the 337 references, a deep analysis was done on 120 abstracts (27 theoretical, 93 empirical). current dificulties and tendencies in the study of epileptic adults? qol are presented and discussed. the analysis has raised questions regarding the established data, the proprieties of the more frequently used instruments and the domain?s state of the art in portugal. the abstracts consulted do not answer these questions, which will be deal with in part ii.
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