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Breastfeeding Recommendations. Pediatricians Mexicans Survey  [PDF]
H. Reyes-Vázquez, C. Lopez-Enriquez, F. Bribiesca-Godoy, A. Espinosa-Aguilera, B. M. Morfin-Maciel, N. E. Martínez-Aguilar
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1102816
Objective: To know recommendations on breastfeeding by Mexican pedia-tricians. Methods: Cross-sectional, descriptive study conducted through a survey of Mexican pediatricians. Results: Two hundred and fifty-four pedi-atricians (range 27 to 72 years) were surveyed. Most of them worked in public hospital or private practice or both. Among them 94.5% recom-mended newborn early contact with mother and 54.3% rooming. Exclusive breastfeeding was suggested by 89.8%, out of them 51.9% for 6 months. Breastfeeding on demand was counseled by 88.2% and 84.6% without fixed schedules. Pacifier use was rejected by 86.6%. 51.2% used iron supplements and 59.5% used other vitamins. Stopping breastfeeding in special situations was suggested by 87.4%; of them, 86.6% in case of infection with AIDS; 74.4% if the mother used drugs; 74.4% by infection with hepatitis B virus; 49.6% in case of mastitis; 17.3% in newborns with jaundice; and 18.5% in other situations. Finally, 93.3% of pediatricians surveyed reported interest in breastfeeding; 54.7% obtained information in medical journals; 54.7% through medical courses, and 31.9% in books. 58.3% of respondents oriented on breastfeeding according to WHO recommendations; 31.5% did so regularly and 10.2% did not. Conclusions: Pediatricians play a major role in breastfeeding promotion, but their formation is scarce and they are not prepared to counsel patients. Governments of developing countries should promote breastfeeding to ensure the health and proper development of infants.
J. F. Godoy
Motricidad : European Journal of Human Movement , 2010,
Abstract: En este trabajo se presentan potenciales líneas de integración del biofeedback en el área de la actividad física y deportiva, revisando tres posibles áreas de actuación en el deporte utilizando procedimientos o técnicas de biofeedback: a) mejora en el entrenamiento deportivo u optimización del proceso de preparación física del deportista, b) mejora de la actuación deportiva u optimización del rendimiento del deportista y c) prevención y rehabilitación de lesiones generadas por la práctica deportiva.
Illness beliefs about hypertension among non-patients and healthy relatives of patients  [PDF]
Antonio Del Castillo, Débora Godoy-Izquierdo, Ma Luisa Vázquez, Juan F. Godoy
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.54A007

Objectives: Personal beliefs about illnesses have received increasing interest because these cognitions help to explain and predict preventive and therapeutic coping efforts, adjustment to a disease and health outcomes. We sought to explore and compare non-specialised illness representations of hypertension among adults never suffering from hypertension who had and had not lived with hypertensive patients. Design: Hypertension representations were explored in a community-based, convenient sample of normotensive Spanish adults of both genders from different educational backgrounds and with different family experience with this illness. Method: An adapted Illness Perception Questionnaire-R was used to assess such perceptions among healthy people in nine dimensions: Identity, Time-line, Consequences, Personal Control, Treatment Control, Illness Coherence, Evolution, Emotional Representations and Causes. Results: The participants’ beliefs mixed accurate and folk knowledge, while gender, age and education level had little impact, family experience (having or not having a relative with hypertension) strongly determined the content of hypertension representations. Participants with family experience held significantly stronger beliefs of controllability of the disease, both by patients and treatments, considered the disease as less stable and reported a lower emotional impact when thinking on suffering from hypertension. Family experience was the only significant predictor of illness cognitions. Conclusions: This study allowed us to know the perceptions of hypertension among non-patients and healthy relatives

Retención y cinética del fósforo en pollos de engorde alimentados con fosfatos sedimentarios
Godoy,Susmira; Chicco,Claudio F.;
Interciencia , 2005,
Abstract: phosphorus true net retention (tnr) and phosphorus kinetics of venezuelan sedimentary phosphates were measured in three week old broiler chicks. the phosphates utilized were riecito (rio), lizardo (liza), monte fresco (monte), navay (navay), chiguará (chigua) and jají (jaji). dicalcium phosphate was used as a reference control (dical). the kinetic studies and endogenous phosphorus measurements were carried out by orally dosing the birds with 10μci32p. phosphorus tnr values (%) were 66.98, 67.70, 58.20, 57.70, 59.65 and 59.97 for rio, liza, chigua, jaji, monte and navay, respectively, being rio and liza higher (p<0.05) than the other phosphates. blood 32p kinetics showed a faster dynamics for the phosphates with the higher absorption values. the relative bioavailability values as percentage of the reference phosphate (100%) were 90.6, 91.6, 78.5, 77.8, 80.7 and 81.1%, respectively for rio, liza, monte, navay, chigua and jaji.
Godoy,Susmira; Chicco,Claudio F;
Interciencia , 2005,
Abstract: to measure mineralization and phosphorus kinetics in bone tissue of chicks fed with non-defluorinated sedimentary phosphates, 280 one day old chicks were distributed in 7 groups, with 4 replications of 10 birds each, in a randomized design. each group received one of the following phosphates: riecito (rio), lizardo (liz), monte fresco (mon), navay (nav), chiguará (chi) and jají (jaj), or a high purity dicalcium phosphate (dic) as control. birds were fed the different phosphates in the last week of a three week experimental period. the diets were isocaloric (3,100kcal me/kg), isoproteic (24% cp), with equal ca (1%). sedimentary phosphates added 0.20%p to a basal diet with 0.41%p. body weight and feed intake were recorded. birds were then dosed orally with 10μci of 32p (na2hpo) for kinetic studies. in and out bone 32p movement was measured, relating specific activity with time after dosing. at three weeks of age, birds had similar body weight but different bone mineralization values. ash and p content were greater (p<0.05) for dic, followed by liz and rio, lower (p<0.05) for chig, mon, nav and jaj. the highest 32p level was reached at 5h postdosification with specific activity values of 0.041, 0.047, 0.043, 0.061, 0.069, 0.064 and 0.067 for dic, rio, liz, chi, jaj, mon and nav, with no differences between dic, liz and rio, these being higher (p<0.05) than chi, mon, nav and jaj. kinetics of 32p leaving the bone was faster for dical with t1/2 of 16.34h, while this was lower for the sedimentary phosphates, with values of 22.50, 20.75, 21.26, 23.31, 21.00 and 24.67h, respectively for rio, liz, chi, jaj, mon and nav, and relative average biological values (100% dic) were 74.0, 73.3, 53.5, 576.2, and 63.7%.
Fuentes alternas de fósforo en la alimentación de ovinos
Godoy,Susmira; Chicco,Claudio F.;
Interciencia , 2004,
Abstract: to evaluate phosphorus sources, 24 lamb (14.5kg) were randomly assigned, in groups of 6, to two venezuelan raw rock phosphates, riecito (rio) and monte fresco (monte), a fertilizer (triple superphosphate; sft) and a dicalcium phosphate (dical) as a reference control. the diets, fed for 15 months, had 14% pce, 2.2mcal eme/kg and 0.37% p (60% from phosphorus sources). body weight and feed intake were recorded. in 4 sheep per treatment bone density, ash, ca, p and f were determined in the seventh rib. apparent absorption (aa) of p and ca, and f retention were measured by total fecal and urinary collection, including an additional treatment of dical with 500ppm added f as naf (d+f). weight gain (g/animal/day) was higher (p<0.05) for dical and rio than for monte and sft. intake (g/animal/day) was higher for dical, rio and monte, and lower (p<0.05) for sft. bone mineralization expressed as ash content was similar for dical and sft, followed by rio and lower (p<0.05) for monte. bone f accumulation was higher with sft followed by monte and rio, and lower for dical. aa of p was similar for dical, d+f and sft, which were higher (p<0.05) than rio and monte. aa of ca was higher in dical, d+f and rio. f retention was higher (p<0.05) for d+f, followed by monte, sft y rio. it is concluded that sedimentary phosphates and fertilizers can only substitute partially feed grade defluorinated phosphates.
Absorción del fósforo y cinética de fósforo y calcio de ovinos alimentados con diferentes fosfatos
Godoy,Susmira; Chicco,Claudio F;
Interciencia , 2005,
Abstract: in order to measure true absorption of p, and p and ca kinetics, four sheep per phosphorus source, with different tissue "pool sizes" of fluorine, were fed during a 15 month period sedimentary phosphates of riecito (rio) and monte fresco (monte), and triple superphosphate fertilizer (tsp) to constitute the high f tissue pool group. in addition, four animals with low f tissue pool were fed during the last 30 days of the experiment with dicalcium phosphate (dical) plus 500 ppm f (d+f). a reference group was fed dical alone. sheep were kept in metabolic crates. the diets (1kg/animal/day) had similar protein, caloric, p and ca contents. p and ca kinetics, and endogenous faecal p fraction were determined by isotopic dilution technique with 32p and 45ca (200μci/animal). true absorption of p showed higher values (p<0.05) for dical, d+f and tsp, and lower ones for rio and monte. the half-life of fast 32p blood clearance was lower for tsp, dical and d+f, in relation to rio and monte. the t? for 45ca entry to plasma was lower for dical, intermediate for tsp and d+f, and higher for rio and monte. the t? for 45ca clearance was significantly lower (p<0.05) for dical, followed by rio, dical+f, monte and tsp. capture of 32p and 45ca in bone tissue was higher in less mineralized bone. the results indicate that p bioavailability is lower in sedimentary phosphates; that p kinetics is related to the bioavailability of the element; and that high levels of f, independent of tissue pool, have a negative effect on ca absorption, with no apparent effect on p utilization.
Actividad fitásica in vitro de los microorganismos del rumen y degradación in situ de un sustrato fibroso en ovinos alimentados con diferentes regímenes
Godoy,Susmira; Chicco,Claudio F.;
Zootecnia Tropical , 2005,
Abstract: summary rams provided with rumen fistulae were fed diets containing three levels of forage/concentrate ratios: high (f, 100%)), medium (fc, 50%) and low forage level (fcc, 20%). an in vitro method was used to determine phytase activity, and an in situ suspension of nylon bags, containing grounded forage, to measure degradability of dry matter (ms), organic matter (mo) and residual crude protein (pc) and phosphorus (p). in addition, ph was measured in rumen content. phytase activity increased with the addition of concentrate, with values of 0.232, 0.229 and 0.313 u/kg, respectively for f, fc and fcc, being the latter higher (p<0.05). no differences were found in ms and mo degradability. proteolysis was enhanced with the addition on concentrate, being this higher (p<0.05) for fcc. rumen ph was decreased by the addition of concentrate (p<0.05), reaching values of 6 approximately, at 8 hours of incubation. residual p was higher (p<0.05) in fcc treatment. it is concluded that feeding forages with the addition on concentrate results in an increment o microbe phytase activity in the rumen, associated with changes in the fermentation pattern, apparently promoting microorganisms adapted to more acid ruminal environment.
Sistemas Financieros automatizados hechos a la medida de su microempresa
Graciela Bribiesca Correa
Contaduría y administración , 2003,
Dynamic Evaluation of the Venous Pressure During Passive Plantar Flexion and Dorsiflexion Exercises with the RAGodoy Apparatus
Godoy JMP,Godoy MFG,Batigália F,Xavier MIG
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: The objective of this case report was to dynamically evaluate pressure changes during passiveexercises using a device that performs plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.Design and setting: The medial vein of the left hallux was punctured using a 0.9 mm x 25 mm angiocatcatheter and this was connected to a DTX Plus TM sensor. With this portable apparatus, pressure variationsare measured at half-second intervals and the data stored in a numerical form. The RAGodoy apparatuswas used to perform passive exercises that stretched and bent the ankle joint.Six evaluations were made and the minimum and maximum pressures during each session were assessed.Main outcome measures and results: In all the sessions, variations in the pressures were obtained with aminimum pressure of 8 mmHg and a maximum of 77 mmHg.Conclusion: The device, named the RAGodoy , creates pressure variations in the venous system, whichassist blood flow in the lower limbs and thus it can be used to avoid venous stasis.
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