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Pregnant Women Life Quality Concept & Phenomenology
Abedi G,Babamiri F,Rostami F
International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health , 2012,
Abstract: Life quality is a multi-lateral concept which should be analyzed from different aspects and angles. The present research is a study of the life quality concept and phenomenology of pregnant women visiting Sari-based health & treatment center in 2010. This research was performed with a phenomenological approach on 25 pregnant ladies in their 4th month to 9th month of pregnancy, during 51 sessions visiting health & treatment center in Sari. Data was collected via semi- structured interviews. Upon verification and correction of extracted data, thematic codes were drawn. Besides, the health & treatment centers excerpter’s comments during two discussion sessions with the experts from head-quarters were obtained and family health suggestions were given afterwards. Participants considered special meanings for appropriate care, having enough information, physical health, psychological health, social health, accessing facilities and resources sufficiency regarding their experiences. Life quality is a subjective assessment & people themselves are the best judges about their living quality. But sometimes there are conditions that make this judgment difficult. In these special cases, health care providers & experts group are able to give all meaning a unique termination.
Vertical velocities from proper motions of red clump giants
M. Lopez-Corredoira,H. Abedi,F. Garzon,F. Figueras
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201424573
Abstract: We derive the vertical velocities of disk stars in the range of Galactocentric radii of R=5-16 kpc within 2 kpc in height from the Galactic plane. This kinematic information is connected to dynamical aspects in the formation and evolution of the Milky Way, such as the passage of satellites and vertical resonance and determines whether the warp is a long-lived or a transient feature. We used the proper motions of the PPMXL survey, correcting of systematic errors with the reference of quasars. From the color-magnitude diagram K versus (J-K) we selected the standard candles corresponding to red clump giants and used the information of their proper motions to build a map of the vertical motions of our Galaxy. We derived the kinematics of the warp both analytically and through a particle simulation to fit these data. Complementarily, we also carried out the same analysis with red clump giants spectroscopically selected with APOGEE data, and we predict the improvements in accuracy that will be reached with future Gaia data. A simple model of warp with the height of the disk z_w(R,phi)=gamma (R-R_sun) sin(phi-phi_w) fits the vertical motions if d(gamma)/dt/gamma=-34+/-17 Gyr^{-1}; the contribution to d(gamma)/dt comes from the southern warp and is negligible in the north. The vertical motion in the warp apparently indicates that the main S-shaped structure of the warp is a long-lived feature, whereas the perturbation that produces an irregularity in the southern part is most likely a transient phenomenon. With the use of the Gaia end-of-mission products together with spectroscopically classified red clump giants, the precision in vertical motions can be increased by an order of magnitude at least.
Identification of Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen (HBsAg) Genotypes and Variations in Chronic Carriers from Isfahan Province, Iran
M Norouzi,SA Ghorashi,F Abedi,A Nejatizadeh
Iranian Journal of Public Health , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) gene and protein variations are frequently been seen in chronic patients. The aims of study were to determine the genotypes as well as the patterns of variations distribution in chronically-infected patients from the central part of Iran.Methods: The surface gene was amplified, sequenced and subsequently aligned using international and national Iranian database. Results: All strains belonged to genotype D, subgenotype D1 and subtype ayw2. Of all 62 mutations occurred at 39 nucleotide positions, 31 (50%) were missense (amino acid altering) and 31 (50%) were silent (no amino acid changing). At the amino acid level, 30 substitutions occurred, however, 3 were in positions 122 and 127, corresponded to subtypic determination. 22 (73%) out of 30 amino acid mutations occurred in different immune epitopes within surface protein, of which 12 (54.54%) in B cell epitopes in 10 residues; 5 (45.45%) in T helper epitopes in positions; 5 (22.73%) in inside CTL epitopes in 4 residues. Conclusion: The distribution of amino acid mutations as well as the ratio between silent and missense nucleotide mutations showed a narrowly focused immune pressure had already been on the surface protein in these patients, led to the emergence of escape mutants in these patients.
A Survey of Epidemiological Situation of Patients Infected with Hydatid Cyst Operated in Hospitals of Qom, Iran (2004-2007)
Mardani, A,Babakhan, L,Abedi Astaneh, F,Rafiei, M
Medical Laboratory Journal , 2010, DOI: http://www.goums.ac.ir/mljgoums/index.php?slc_lang=en&sid=1
Abstract: Background and objectives: Hydatid cyst is one of the most importantzoonotic parasitic diseases produced by means of Larva stage ofEchinococcus granulosus. Since this Hydatid cyst is a widespreaddisease in many regions of the world and Iran, we decided to study theepidemiological situation of patients infected with hydatid cyst whowere operated in hospitals of Qom, Iran (2004-2007).Material and Methods: In this Cross-sectional retrospective study, wesurveyed the Medical records of 19 patients infected with hydatid cyst,who were operated in hospitals of Qom (2004-2007). Patients’demographic data including gender, age, career, dwelling place, numberof cysts and the infected organ were collected and analyzed by SPSSsoftware.Results: of the 19 patients, 12 cases (63.2%) are female and seven cases(36.8%) male. The highest rate of infection is related to 21-30 yeargroup (31.65%) homemakers (52.7%) and urban (89.5%). The resultsshow that the organs involved are liver (73.7%) and lung (26.3%). Allpatients infected with pulmonary hydatid cyst are male.Conclusion: Since 63.2 percent of infected people are female andhomemaker, having contact with vegetables contaminated with parasiteova is the most important way of infection transmission.Key words: Hydatid cyst, Epidemiology, Surgery, Iran
Effect of irrigation with treated municipal wastewater on yield of Nitraria schoberi under greenhouse conditions
A. R. Shahriari,S. Noori,J. Abedi Koupai,F. Asaleh
Journal of Science and Technology of Greenhouse Culture , 2011,
Abstract: Water crisis is an important issue in arid and semi-arid regions like Iran. Due to drought events, the situation has become more acute in recent years. Therefore, where good quality water is not available, the use of unconventional water has increased considerably. One of these resources is municipal wastewater that can also provide some of the nutrients needed for plant nutrition. Therefore, in this research, the combined effects of treated municipal wastewater and soil texture on growth and yield of Nitraria schoberi under greenhouse conditions, was investigated. The experiment was a factorial completely randomized design with four replications. The treatments included: two types of irrigation water (wastewater and water), two soil textures (clay and sandy) and two irrigation frequencies (5 and 15 days). Analysis of the wastewater showed that concentrations of the elements were in the standard limits. The results also showed that the use of wastewater has positive effect on stem length and dry and fresh weight of the plants. Therefore, due to the problem of water supply to plant species in the arid regions, this method can have a significant role in the stability of plants, reducing costs of irrigation and fertilizers, and biological restoration.
Performance and Improvement of Production Line Function Using Computer Simulation (Case Study: An Iron Foundry)  [PDF]
Alireza Abedi Saidabad, Houshang Taghizadeh
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2015.54038

Using the accurate methods and tools for evaluation of function in different areas is of great importance. In recent years, much more studies have been done on the nature and methodology of function evaluation in organizations and its improvement. This study aimed to evaluate and improve the function of production line through computer simulation in one of the iron foundries in Iran. For this purpose, at first data has been gathered on the basis of timing with chronometer for each one of the production line machineries and using this data, distribution functions governing the activity cycle of each one of these machineries have been determined; and then, using the required gathered data for computer simulation (taking the advantage of “ED” simulation software), a model was simulated to introduce the current situation of production line and the validity of simulated model was measured on the basis of production rate. And then, considering the criteria such as the production rate, average waiting time, machine utilization coefficient, production yield, production cost, production income and the production time production line function was evaluated. Finally, applying amendment changes on the simulated model improved model was offered.

Anita Abedi
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810051494
Abstract: The asymmetric unit of the title compound, [HgBr2(C8H8N2S2)], contains two crystallographically independent molecules. The HgII atoms are four-coordinated in a distorted tetrahedral geometry by two N atoms from a 2,2′-dimethyl-4,4′-bi-1,3-thiazole ligand and two Br atoms. In the crystal structure, intermolecular C—H...Br hydrogen bonds and π–π contacts between the thiazole rings [centroid–centroid distances = 3.670 (3) and 3.614 (2) ] stabilize the structure.
Biodegradable Biopolymers: An Overview On Polyhydroxyalkanoates
Daryoush Abedi
Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research , 2006,
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: This paper presents the effects of geometrical structure on microwave and optical properties of traveling wave electroabsorption modulators (TWEAMs) based on asymmetric intra-step-barrier coupled double strained quantum wells (AICD-SQW) active layer. The AICD-SQW active layer structure has advantages such as very low insertion loss, zero chirp, large Stark shift and high extinction ratio in comparison with the intra-step quantum well (IQW) structure. Firstly, the influences of the intrinsic (active) layer thickness and width on effective optical index and confinement factor are analyzed. Furthermore, the effect of the intrinsic layer thickness on their transmission line microwave properties such as microwave index, microwave loss, andcharacteristic impedance are evaluated. The thickness and width of active layer are changed from 0 μm to 1.4 μm and 1 μm to 3 μm, respectively. Finally, the frequency response of TWEAM based on AICD-SQW active layer is calculated using circuit model.
Kambiz Abedi
International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper, a travelling wave electroabsorption modulators (TWEAMs) based on asymmetric intra-step-barrier coupled double strained quantum wells (AICD-SQW) active layer is designed and analyzed at 1.55 μm for the first time. The AICD-SQW structure has advantages such as very low insertion loss, zero chirp, large Stark shift and high extinction ratio in comparison with the intra-step quantum well (IQW) structure. For this purpose, the influence of the electrode width and ground metal separation on their transmission line microwave properties (microwave index, microwave loss, and characteristic impedance) and modulation bandwidth are analyzed.
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