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Métodos de inocula??o de Phakopsora euvitis Ono em Vitis labrusca L.
Gomes, Erbs Cintra de Souza;Nascimento, Luciana Cordeiro do;Perez, Jane Oliveira;Leite, Rodrigo Pereira;Silva, Fábio Júnior Araújo;
Ciência Rural , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782010000400037
Abstract: rust is one of the most important diseases in grapevine, with occurrence recorded in many production areas. in this research it was evaluated three methods of phakopsora euvitis inoculation on grapevine seedlings cv. 'isabel' with the objective of selecting an inoculation method for rapid pathogenicity determination. grapevine seedlings were inoculated with p. euvitis and maintained under conditions of 25±4c and ur 85±10% for 13 days. the experimental design was completely randomized, with 10 replications. the treatments were: t1 - brush of pathogen spores; t2 - spores suspension spraying (2.7x103 spores ml-1); t3 - disks of grapevine leaves with symptoms stuck in five leaves per plant and t4 - control. the spore brushing method was the most efficient, showing early symptoms at five days, and 100% of the leaves showing pathogen symptoms 13 days after treatment.
Piodermite profunda por Staphylococcus intermedius em eqüino
Santos, Fábio Cordeiro Oliveira;Souza, Maria Ver?nica de;Gra?a, Dominguita Lühers;Vargas, Agueda;Moreira, José do Carmo Lopes;Zandim, Bruna Mota;
Ciência Rural , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782008005000019
Abstract: a case of one month of evolution, of an 8-year-old equine of undefined breed, presenting alopecic areas, crusts on the upper eyelid, forelimbs, hindlimbs, preputial region and mainly, on the neck and scapula is reported. pruritus was discrete. the histological analysis revealed pyogranulomatous dermatitis round blood vessels and adnexa, associated with epidermal hyperplasia, as well as orthokeratosis, parakeratosis and crusts. the follicular epithelium exhibited foci of spongiosis and exocytosis of neutrophils, with predominant chronic inflammation changes. bacterial culture identified staphylococcus intermedius, based on morphology, staining and biochemical tests positive for catalase, coagulase, glucose and aerobic acid production from mannitol. the equine was treated with dimethylsulfoxide, gentamicine and dexamethasone topically on a daily basis. although some lesions presented rapid regression (7 days), it took 13 months for the complete repair of those lesions of the neck and scapula.
Tumores malignos da cavidade nasal: tomografia computadorizada e ressonancia magnética
Souza, Ricardo Pires de;Paes Junior, Ademar José de Oliveira;Lenh, Carlos Neutzling;Gonzalez, Fábio Mota;Cordeiro, Flamarion de Barros;Yamashiro, Ilka;Rapoport, Abr?o;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842004000500005
Abstract: objective: the aim of this study is to evaluate the role of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in the characterization of deep tissue extension of malignant tumors of the nasal cavity. materials and methods: twelve patients diagnosed with malignant tumors of the nasal cavity were retrospectively evaluated at the departments of diagnostic imaging and head and neck surgery of the "complexo hospitalar heliópolis", s?o paulo, brazil, between 1990 and 2000. all cases were confirmed by histopathologic examination. results: extension to the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses was identified in six patients, extension to contralateral nasal cavity, orbit and lamina cribosa in five patients, extension to nasal pharynx and masticator space in two patients, extension to cavernous sinus, anterior/middle cranial fossa, pterygomaxillary fossa, inferior/superior orbital fissure, frontal sinus, contralateral ethmoid sinus, contralateral lamina cribosa, hard palate and pterygopalatine fossa in one patient. conclusion: it is important to precisely assess the local extension and spread of tumor by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in order to plan the approach to treatment, which will influence the prognosis.
Carcinoma de seio maxilar: análise de dez casos
Souza, Ricardo Pires de;Cordeiro, Flamarion de Barros;Gonzalez, Fábio Mota;Yamashiro, Ilka;Paes Junior, Ademar José de Oliveira;Tornin, Olger de Souza;Botelho, Renato Assayag;Leite, Claudia da Costa;Barros, Cristiano Ventorim de;Aquino, Igor Motta de;Macedo, Leonardo Lopes de;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842006000600005
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the role, especially of computed tomography, in the staging of maxillary sinus carcinomas. materials and methods: ten cases of carcinoma treated in hospital heliópolis department of diagnostic imaging and head and neck surgery, s?o paulo, sp, brazil, in the period between 1988 and 2002, were evaluated. results: nine patients presented with tumor extension to the cheek, eight to the masticator space, seven to the mouth floor and hard palate, five to the pterygoid fossa, five to the orbit, three to the ethmoid bone, and one to the skull base. three of the patients were staged t3, and seven t4. two patients had lymph nodes metastases at their initial presentation, and were staged t4. all of the cases were histopathologically confirmed. conclusion: the accurate analysis of the tumor local extent and dissemination by means of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging plays a relevant role in the surgical planning, besides influencing the therapeutic conduct and prognosis.
Origem an?mala de artéria coronária esquerda do tronco pulmonar: síndrome de Bland-White-Garland
Bregagnollo, Isamara Fernanda;Oliveira, Gustavo Souza;Bonatto, Rossano Cesar;Carvalho, Fábio Cardoso;
Revista Brasileira de Cardiologia Invasiva , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S2179-83972007000400020
Abstract: the abnormal origin of the left coronary artery (lca) from the pulmonary artery, known as bland-white-garland syndrome (bwg), is a rare disease that, usually, results in death within the first year of life. the authors report the case of a 2 ? year old caucasian child, with bwg syndrome. a review of the clinical presentation, physiopathology, diagnostic methods and treatment of such patients is also presented.
Elimina??o de linhas em cafeeiros adensados por meio semimecanizado
Oliveira, Ezequiel de;Silva, Fábio Moreira da;Guimar?es, Rubens José;Souza, Zigomar Menezes de;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542007000600033
Abstract: in order to obtain a larger initial productivity of coffee plantation it is very common to dense it, however this procedure reduces the productivity from the fourth or fifth crops on, because of the "closing" of plants tops, therefore it is necessary to eliminate some streets. the purpose of this work is evaluating the operational and economic performance of different methods of elimination of dense coffee-lines. the rehearsals were accomplished in lavrasmg considering aleatory portions with 50 m of length, with three repetitions, using casual lines, where the averages were compared by the through tukey test at 5% probability level. the treatments were: tacking off with tractor and hook, sticking with scythe, cut down with saw and sticking with scythe and cut down with circular saw. the pod cutting treatment using a buzz saw, presents the best performance in the field, being 41,8 % more efficient than the arranquio treatment with tractor and hook. the use of buzz saw or motion-mountain range is a more technical and economically viable than the use of tractor in arranquio with hook, a when it is necessary to eliminate lines of coffee trees. in the case of selling the trunks as firewood, the three methods of elimination of the lines of coffee trees result in net revenues, being the highest price for the poll letting and buzz saw cutting, able of reaching the value of r$ 624,98 ha-1.
Clinical and surgical treatment of secondary orbital abscess in ethmoidal sinusitis
Couto Junior, Abelardo de Souza;Barbosa, Rafael Siqueira;Miranda, José Fábio de Oliveira;
Revista Brasileira de Oftalmologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72802012000100012
Abstract: the authors report the case of na eighteen years old patient with a clinical picture of orbital abscess caused by ethmoid sinusitis. the decision for surgical intervention results from correlation between clinical findings and from the image diagnosis.
Carcinoma espinocelular do conduto auditivo externo: estudo por tomografia computadorizada de seis casos
Gonzalez, Fábio Mota;Paes Junior, Ademar José de Oliveira;Tornin, Olger de Souza;Souza, Ricardo Pires de;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842005000300006
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the role of computed tomography in the assessment of deep extension of squamous cell carcinoma of the external auditory canal. materials and methods: in the period between may 1995 and december 2003 six patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the external auditory canal were submitted to computed tomography scan at "hospital heliópolis", s?o paulo, sp, brazil, including axial and coronal slices with soft tissue and bone algorithms. results: thickening of the soft tissue of the external auditory canal was seen in all patients, bone erosion and invasion of the middle ear in five (83.3%), invasion of the mastoid and parotid gland in four (66.7%), invasion of the temporomandibular joint in three (50%), and invasion of the middle cranial fossa, carotid canal and cervical lymph node enlargement in two (33.3%) patients. conclusion: assessment of deep extension of squamous cell carcinoma of the external auditory canal using computed tomography is useful for clinical staging of the disease allowing better therapeutic planning for these patients.
Candidose na medicina veterinária: um enfoque micológico, clínico e terapêutico
Brito, Erika Helena Salles de;Fontenelle, Raquel Oliveira dos Santos;Brilhante, Raimunda Samia Nogueira;Cordeiro, Rossana de Aguiar;Sidrim, José Júlio Costa;Rocha, Marcos Fábio Gadelha;
Ciência Rural , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782009000900046
Abstract: the candida genus is composed by yeasts that live as commmensal on human and animals' microbiota. in general, they do not cause any damage to their hosts. however, due instability on chemical, physical and immunological defenses, these microorganisms can become pathogens. candida spp. infections are rare on veterinary medicine. however, on the last years, a considerable raise of illness caused by these yeasts has been related on varied animal species. several species of this genus has been mentioned as responsible for infectious diseases in animals, being c. albicans the main of them, followed by c. tropicalis and c. parapsilosis. considering the pathogenic role of the genus candida, allied to the emerging of resistant strains to the azole derivatives, in vitro, the present research proposed to perform a detailed review, approaching clinic-laboratorial, etiologic and therapeutic aspects of the candidosis on veterinary medicine.
Aquatic Phoretic Mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia) Associated with Ectoparasitism of Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Midwest Region of Brazil  [PDF]
Fábio Alexandre Leal dos Santos, Sirlei Frank Thies, Aldimara Vaillant Gon?alves, Klaucia Rodrigues Vasconcelos, Monaly da Silva Ribeiro, Junio de Souza Damasceno, Elisangela Santana de Oliveira Dantas, Diniz Pereira Leite Júnior
Advances in Entomology (AE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ae.2016.43015
Abstract: Water mites (Hydrachnidia) are common external parasites of the medically important mosquitoes (Culicidae). Between April 2014 and April 2015, 64 mites from three genus, Arrenurus 71.9%, Limnochares 3.1%, and Hydrachna 25.0%, were collected from female mosquitoes in two rural locations near Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Dipterous species parasitized by water mites belonging to seven species: Anopheles (Nys.) darling, An. evansae, Aedes (Och.) scapularis, Ae. serratus, Mansonia (Man.) wilsoni, Psorophora (Jan.) ferox, Ps. varipes. The most common specimens to accommodate the water mites were Anopheles (Nys.) darlingi and Psorophora (Jan.) varipes. The prevalence of parasitism of mosquitoes by water mites found in this study was less than 5. However, few studies have addressed the ecological role of mites and their biotopes, as well as host-parasite interactions in Brazil.
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