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Compensatory renal growth and mitochondrial function: the influence of warm ischemia and reperfusion
Tucci Jr, Silvio;Molina, Carlos Augusto Fernandes;Cologna, Adauto José;Suaid, Haylton Jorge;Tirapelli, Luis Fernando;Celini, Fábia Martins;Martins, Antonio Carlos Pereira;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502008000700006
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the influence of ischemia/reperfusion injury on renal compensatory growth (cgr) and mitochondrial function. methods: forty five wistar rats were divided in 3 groups: control group (gc) - 21 rats were submitted to a sham laparotomy and sacrificed at 1st (6 rats) and 7th (15 rats) postoperative days to evaluate the dry weight of both kidneys and their growth during 1 week (6 rats) and to quantify mitochondrial respiration (9 rats); group 1 (g1) - 12 rats underwent right nephrectomy and were sacrificed 7 days later for analysis of renal mitochondrial function (6 rats) and dry weight (6 rats). group 2 (g2) - renal warm ischemia for 60 minutes followed by right nephrectomy was performed in 12 rats; they were sacrificed 7 days later to evaluate renal mitochondrial function (6 rats) and dry weight (6 rats). results: dry weight (mg) of left kidneys at 7th day: gc - 219±18, g1 - 281±23 and g2 - 338±39 (gcxg1 p<0.01; gcxg2 p<0.001; g1xg2 p<0.01). state 4 mitochondrial respiration rate and respiratory control ratio (rcr) were similar in all groups (p>0.05). state 3 respirations (mm/min/mg) in gc, g1 and g2 was respectively: 99±23, 132±22 and 82±44 (p<0.02; the only statistical difference noted was between groups g1xg2 - p<0.05). conclusions: following unilateral nephrectomy crg is associated with an increase in state 3 of mitochondrial respiration. renal ischemia/reperfusion injury enhances the crg provoked by unilateral nephrectomy but such enhancement seems independent on mitochondrial respiration.
Renal ischemia and reperfusion injury: influence of chorpromazine on renal function and lipid peroxidation
Tucci Junior, Silvio;Carvalho, Roberto Marins de;Celini, Fábia Martins;Cologna, Adauto José;Suaid, Haylton Jorge;Tirapelli, Luis Fernando;Martins, Antonio Carlos Pereira;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502008000700008
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the influence of chlorpromazine (cpz) on renal function and lipid peroxidation in a rat model of kidney ischemia/reperfusion injury. methods: forty eight wistar rats underwent a laparotomy for hilar clamping of left kidney with a bulldog clamp for 60 minutes followed by organ reperfusion and contralateral nephrectomy. of these, 26 received 3mg/kg of cpz intravenously 15 minutes before renal ischemia (g-e) while the remaining 22 were used as ischemic control group (g-c). eleven rats of g-e and 8 of g-c were followed for blood urea nitrogen and creatinine determinations before renal ischemia and at 1st, 4th and 7th postoperative days. samplings of left renal tissue were obtained at 5 minutes (5 rats from each group) and 24 hours (9 g-c and 10 of g-e) of reperfusion for malondialdehy (mda) content determination. controls of renal mda content were determined in kidneys harvested from 6 additional normal rats. results: acute renal failure occurred in all animals but levels of bun and creatinine were significantly lower in g-e (p<0.001). mda content rose strikingly at 5 minutes of reperfusion in both groups (p>0.05) and returned near to normal levels 24 hours later. conclusion: cpz conferred partial protection of renal function to kidneys submitted to ischemia/reperfusion injury that seems to be not dependent on inhibition of lipid peroxidation.
Tumores testiculares na infancia
Cologna, Adauto José;Martins, Antonio Carlos Pereira;Tucci Jr, Silvio;Suaid, Haylton Jorge;Celini, Fábia Martins;Paschoal, Ricardo Mesquita;Paschoalin, Edson Luis;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502003001200019
Abstract: this is a review article on epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of testes tumors in childhood that represents 1 to 2% of the solid. germ tumors represent 60 to 75% of pediatric testes tumors of whom the most common is the yolk sac tumor that usually is treated by radical orquiectomy. teratoma is the second in frequency that has a benign behavior in childhood and can be managed by watchful waiting or partial orquiectomy. leydig cell and sertoli cell tumors are the most common of the gonad stroma and both can be treated plain orquiectomy.
Using Mitrofanoff's principle and Monti's technique as a surgical option for bladder augmentation with a continent stoma: a case report
Marcelo F Cassini, Antonio A Rodrigues, Silvio Tucci, Adauto J Cologna, Rodolfo B Reis, Antonio CP Martins, Haylton J Suaid
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-5-49
Abstract: A 33-year-old male Caucasian patient with myelomeningocele and neurogenic bladder developed low bladder compliance (4.0 mL/cm H2O) while still maintaining normal renal function. A bladder augmentation (ileocystoplasty) with continent derivation principle (Mitrofanoff) was performed. During surgery, we found that the patient's appendix was too short and was insufficient to reach the skin. We decided to make an association between the Mitrofanoff conduit and the ileal technique of Monti, through which we performed an anastomosis of the distal stump of the appendix to the bladder (with an antireflux valve). Later, the proximal stump of the appendix was anastomosed to an ileal segment of 2.0 cm that was open longitudinally and reconfigured transversally (Monti technique), modeled by a 12-Fr urethral catheter, and finally, the distal stump was sutured at the patient's navel.After the procedure, a suprapubic cystostomy (22 Fr) and a Foley catheter (10 Fr) through the continent conduit were left in place. The patient had recovered well and was discharged on the tenth day after surgery. He remained with the Foley catheter (through the conduit) for 21 days and cystostomy for 30 days. Six months after surgery he was continent with good bladder compliance without reflux and fully adapted to catheterization through the navel.The unpublished association between the Mitrofanoff and Monti techniques is feasible and a very useful alternative in urologic cases of derivation continent in which the ileocecal appendix is too short to reach the skin (i.e., in obese patients).The development of hydronephrosis, vesicoureteral reflux and renal scarring with subsequent progression to renal failure are feared and serious complications that can occur in patients with neurogenic bladder associated with myelomeningocele. Such patients should be treated starting in childhood with clean and intermittent catheterization along with anticholinergics in the presence of detrusor overactivity. In sever
Tumores testiculares e paratesticulares na infancia
Tucci Jr, Silvio;Tone, Luis Gonzaga;Molina, Carlos Augusto F.;Suaid, Haylton Jorge;Peres, Luiz Cesar;Chammas Jr., Mário F.;Cologna, Adauto José;Martins, Antonio Carlos Pereira;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502000000600017
Abstract: este estudo visa apresentar os dados referentes à idade, manifesta??o clínica, diagnóstico histopatológico e evolu??o de pacientes pediátricos portadores de neoplasia testicular e paratesticular tratados no hospital das clínicas da faculdade de medicina de ribeir?o preto. procedeu-se a análise retrospectiva dos prontuários médicos de pacientes, com idade até 18 anos, portadores de neoplasia testicular primária e/ou paratesticular diagnosticados no período compreendido entre janeiro de 1984 a agosto de 2000. foram atendidos 17 pacientes com idade entre 3 meses e 17 anos (mediana = 3 anos). o acometimento da g?nada direita foi semelhante ao da esquerda (n=8 para cada lado), com 1 paciente apresentando tumor bilateral. a manifesta??o clínica mais frequente foi a de massa escrotal indolor. nos tumores testiculares houve predomínio das neoplasia de células germinativas (n = 11), e 2 tumores de células de leydig. todos os tumores extratesticulares eram rabdomiossarcomas. apesar da baixa incidência de neoplasia testicular e paratesticular na infancia, esse diagnóstico deve ser considerado nos pacientes com massa escrotal indolor.
Results of novel strategies for treatment of Wilms' tumor
Tucci Jr, Silvio;Cologna, Adauto J.;Suaid, Haylton J.;Valera, Elvis T.;Tirapelli, Luis F.;Paschoalin, Edson L.;Martins, Antonio C.;
International braz j urol , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-55382007000200011
Abstract: objective: to evaluate treatment outcomes in wilms' tumor (wt). materials and methods: we studied 53 children with median age of 2 years with wt, stages i-19, ii-14, iii-12, iv-6 and v-2. treatment consisted of surgical excision plus adjuvant (40 children) or neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy (unresectable tumor, n = 8, or caval tumor extension, n = 5). chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed protocols of brazilian wilms' tumor study group excepting 16 cases with stage i disease that received a short duration postoperative treatment with vincristine (vcr - 11 doses) and dactinomycin (amd - 4 doses). relapsed wt was treated with multiagent regimens including cisplatin/carboplatin, cyclophosphamide, ifosfamide and etoposide. one patient with resistant relapsed wt was treated by high-dose conditioning chemotherapy with stem cell rescue. results: overall and disease-free survival rates at 5 years were respectively 88.2 ± 5.0% and 76.7 ± 6.6%. short duration therapy for stage i tumor showed a disease-free survival rate of 100% in a median time of 101 months (range 14 to 248 months). overall and disease-free survival of 10 patients with recurrent wt at 5 years was 42.8%. the child treated with high-dose chemotherapy plus stem cell transplant is alive without evidence of disease 84 months from relapse. conclusion: the postoperative chemotherapy in stage i disease can be reduced without compromising the cure rate. the treatment of unfavorable stage iii and iv disease or relapsed tumor remains a challenge.
Al?a intestinal invertida como substituto do ureter: estudo experimental em c?es
Maynard, Antonio F. D.;Martins, Antonio Carlos Pereira;Borelli-Bovo, Tiago José;Suaid, Haylton Jorge;Cologna, Adauto José;Tucci Junior, Silvio;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502002000900006
Abstract: objective: to investigate the outcome of ureter replacement with inverted seromuscular tube in dogs. methods: 40 adult mongrel dogs were divided in 5 groups of 8 animals. each group was divided in 2 subgroups: 1 - sacrifice on 12-15 postoperative days, and 2 - sacrifice on the 60th postoperative day). in group a ureter longitudinal incision 2cm long was sewed with an inverted ileal seromuscular patch 2cm long. in group b ureter incision and patch size were 4cm long. in the remaining groups a ureter segment was replaced by an inverted ileal seromuscular tube 2cm long (group c) or 6cm long (groups d and e). in all groups, except e, ileal mucosa was removed by a grasping maneuver with a scalpel. in group e the ileal mucosa was trimmed away by blunt dissection with a scissors. the ureter permeability was tested by an intravenous urogram, and after sacrifice by anatomic exploration with a catheter. all ureter segment removed through the necropsy were analyzed by histology after hematoxilin-eosin coloration. results: the number of animals with normal urogram after the followup was: a - 2, b - 2, c - 3, d - 2 and e - 2. histology revealed that ileal serosa was covered by ureteral mucosa grown from the ureter buds. conclusion: the inverted ileal seromuscular tube or patch does not work well for ureter replacement.
Válvula de uretra anterior
Tucci Jr., Silvio;Franco, Paulo B.;Molina, Carlos A.F.;Suaid, Haylton J.;Cologna, Adauto J.;Martins, Ant?nio C.P.;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0021-75572003000100016
Abstract: objective: to discuss clinical signs, diagnostic tools and therapeutics of anterior urethral valves, an obstructive anomaly of the urinary system in males. description: signs of urinary tract obstruction were identified on pre-natal ultrasound in two male fetuses and the diagnosis of anterior urethral valves was made through post-natal evaluation. as an initial treatment, vesicostomy was performed in both patients. later, the valves were fulgurated using an endoscopic procedure. during the follow-up period both patients presented normal renal function. comments: anterior urethral valves are a rare form of urethral anomaly that must be ruled out in boys with pre-natal ultrasound indicating infravesical obstruction. vesicostomy used as an initial treatment rather than transurethral fulguration may prevent potential complications that can occur due to the small size of the neonatal urethra.
Modelagem matemática e determina??o das propriedades termodinamicas do café (Coffea arabica L.) durante o processo de secagem
Corrêa, Paulo Cesar;Oliveira, Gabriel Henrique Horta;Botelho, Fernando Mendes;Goneli, André Luis Duarte;Carvalho, Fábia Martins;
Revista Ceres , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-737X2010000500005
Abstract: the aim of the present work was to model the drying process and to obtain the thermodynamic parameters of coffee beans (coffea arabica l.), cultivar catuaí amarelo, for three different conditions of temperature and relative humidity (35 oc and 32.1 %; 45 oc and 15.7 %; 55 oc and 10.2 %). coffee beans were hand picked with an initial moisture content of 1.25 (d.b.) and dried to a mean moisture content of 0.13 (d.b.). six mathematical models commonly used to represent the drying process of agricultural products were fit to the experimental data. fick's second law was used to obtain the diffusion coefficients of coffee beans using the drying kinetics. the activation energy for the drying process of coffee beans, as well as the entropy, enthalpy and gibbs free energy were determined. the modified midili model best represented the drying phenomenon of coffee beans. the calculated diffusion coefficients were 2.99 x 10-11, 2.39 x 1011 and 5.98 x 10-11 m2 s-1, to the temperatures of 35, 45 and 55 oc, respectively. enthalpy decreased with the increase in the drying air temperature, as well as the entropy. the gibbs free energy increased with the temperature.
Efeito protetor da lovastatina na fun o renal e mitocondrial de rins submetidos à isquemia normotécnica
Mendes Leal D,Tucci Jr S,Martins ACP,Cologna AJ
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2000,
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