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Rapid prototyping in Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology
Rosa, Everton Luis Santos da;Oleskovicz, César Fernando;Arag?o, Bruno Nogueira;
Brazilian Dental Journal , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-64402004000300015
Abstract: review of the literature from 1991 to 2002 on the use of rapid prototyping in the biomedical area emphasizes the applicability of this technique to aid diagnosis and planning in maxillofacial surgery and traumatology. a case report in which a tmj ankylosis relapse was treated using rapid prototyping (selective laser sintering) for surgery planning is presented. after one year, the patient's buccal opening was 45 mm. transitory paralysis of the facial nerve disappeared totally in six months.
Lean Office em organiza??es militares de saúde: estudo de caso do Posto Médico da Guarni??o Militar de Campinas
Seraphim, Everton Cesar;Silva, íris Bento da;Agostinho, Osvaldo Luis;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2010000200013
Abstract: this article presents an aplication of the concepts of lean office at the institutional level in the area of services, particularly in the segment of health. thus, the case study is the military treatment facility in campinas, state of s?o paulo, which is subordinate to the command of 11th light infantry brigade. firstly, an organizational and managerial chart is presented highlighting the existing conflicts. next, the lean office methodology applied to the solution of those problems and the results obtained are presented.
Everton Jose da Silva,Mauro Mitsuuchi Tashima,Jorge Luis Akasaki
Holos Environment , 2007,
Abstract: Rice husk is an agroindustrial residue which, when adequately burned and ground, may become an important pozzolan to be added in mortars. One factor contributing to the feasibility of its use is that of the 10 million tons of rice produced annually in this country, two million tons of husk remain, which can produce about 400 thousand tons of ash - enough to supply the market for mortars, concrete andothers. This large amount of material has become an environmental problem because it is being discarded inappropriately. Seeking a viable use of rice husk ash in the civil construction, the present research studies the variation in mortar behavior with different levels of RHA (Rice Husk Ash). Prismatic specimens were used, measuring 25x25x285mm, moulded with 0% (reference), 5%, 10% and 25% RHA. The influence of the RHA’s was verified through the following tests: efficiency of pozzolanic materials in avoiding expansion and alkali-aggregate reaction. The result obtained in the expansion reduction test (NBR 12651) showed that RHA reduces considerably the expansion of mortars due to reaction with the alkalis in the cement(94.29%), with the minimum reduction required by the norm for a pozolan being 75%. Although the expansion values in the alkali-aggregate reaction test (ASTM C-1260) remained above the limit allowed to consider the material innocuous, RHA levels of 5% as well as 10% obtained better results (expanded less) then the referenceline. = A casca de arroz é um resíduo agroindustrial que adequadamente queimada e moída, pode se tornar uma importante pozolana a ser adicionada em argamassas. Um fator que viabiliza o seu emprego, é que dos 10 milh es de toneladas de arroz que o país produz por ano, sobram dois milh es de toneladas de casca – que podem rendercerca de 400 mil toneladas de cinza, o suficiente para suprir o mercado de argamassas, concreto e outros. Esta grande quantidade de material produzido passa a se tornar um problema, porque acaba sendo descartada de modo inadequado, gerando polui o no meio ambiente. No sentido de encontrar uma finalidade viável para a utiliza o de cinza de casca de arroz na constru o civil, o presente trabalho estuda avaria o do comportamento de argamassas com diferentes teores de CCA. (Cinza de Casca de Arroz). Trabalhou-se com corpos-de-prova prismáticos, com dimens es de 25x25x285mm, moldados com 0% (referência), 5%, 10% e 25% de CCA, em substitui o em massa ao cimento. A influência da cinza foi constatada através dos seguintes ensaios: eficiência de materiais pozolanicos em evitar a expans o e rea o álcali-agregad
Agronomic Performance of Cultivars of Upland Rice in the Southern of the Region of Rondônia, Brazil  [PDF]
Edimar Rodrigues Soares, Robertt Fernandes, Laercio da Silva Londero, Diego Lopes dos Santos, Samara Cristina Sampaio Corrêa, Everton Augusto Sampaio Corrêa, Remy Carvalho dos Santos, Ariel Pereira Gomes, Leandro Galon, Fabiana Ferreira Pires, Rosilene da Silva Gon?alves
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/as.2014.56053

The upland rice is grown in most Brazilian states. However, in many of them the yield obtained is low. The choice of cultivar more suited to a particular environment can contribute to increased productivity of this crop. This research aimed to evaluate the performance of a hybrid cultivar of upland rice (Ecco) and five conventional cultivars (BRS Monarca, BRS Primavera, AN Cambará, BRS Sertaneja and BRS MG Curinga) in two environments (Vilhena and Cerejeiras). The tests were conducted in the agricultural year 2010/2011. We evaluated the following characteristics: tillering, panicle number per unit area, number of filled grains per panicle sterile, mass of grains per panicle, 1000 grain weight, grain yield (kg·ha-1) and whole grain yield. There was no cultivar x environment interaction for all traits. Greater tillering, higher panicle number per area, higher productivity and yield of whole grains in the municipality of Cerejeiras were observed, while the highest number of sterile grains per panicle was obtained in Vilhena. The hybrid Ecco highlighted in relation to all other cultivars is in relation to tillering, panicle number per area and grain yield. The municipality of Cerejeiras is the most suitable for the cultivation of upland rice.

Fertilization with Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in Upland Rice Cultivars in the Southern Region of Rond?nia, Brazil  [PDF]
Edimar Rodrigues Soares, Robertt Fernandes, Laércio da Silva Londero, Leandro Galon, Fabiana Ferreira Pires, Marcelo de Andrade Barbosa, Diego Lopes dos Santos, Samara Cristina Sampaio Correa, Everton Augusto Sampaio Correa, Remy Carvalho dos Santos
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.614229
Abstract: The upland rice productivity in the state of Rond?nia is still low, in view of the potential of culture. The use of cultivars adapted to different regions and more responsive to fertilizer employed is an essential practice which can change that. The aim of this study was to evaluate the agronomic characteristics and productivity of two upland rice cultivars with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) doses in two municipalities in the southern state of Rondonia region. The experimental design was a randomized block design with four replications in a factorial 2 × 2 × 5, with the first factor composed of two cultivars (hybrid Ecco and conventional farming AN Cambará), the second factor, the environment of the two municipalities, Cerejeiras and Vilhena and the third factor of five doses of N-P-K (0-0-0, 30-40-30, 60-60-60, 90-90-90 and 120-100-120 kg·ha-1). The characteristics evaluated were: tillering, number of integers and sterile grains per panicle, weight of 1000 grains, grain yield (kg·ha-1) and whole grain yield. There was no triple interaction between the three factors for any of the traits. The hybrid Ecco has higher tillering ability than AN Cambara and presents fewer sterile grains per panicle, heavier 1000 grains and hence greater productivity. For both cultivars, the highest yields are obtained with a dose of 120-100-120 kg·ha-1 N-P-K. For the Ecco, the productivity is achieved with this dose and the dose of 90-90-90 kg·ha-1 is statistically similar. There is no difference in productivity between the municipalities when the dose of N-P-K is less than 60-60-60 kg·ha-1. The highest yield of whole grains in function of N-P-K fertilization is obtained in Cerejeiras.
Mauro Mitsuuchi Tashima,Leandro Cirqueira Sousa,Jorge Luis Akasaki,Everton Jose da Silva
Holos Environment , 2011,
Abstract: The world population growth, coupled with technological advances achieved in recent years, generates high environmental contamination, both as associated with the greenhouse gas emission, as the high waste production without an appropriate place for its final disposal. Among the agricultural wastes, it can highlight the high amount of rice husk ash that is produced by the rice industry. One solution to avoid these problems is the reuse of rice husk ash in other sectors, such as building construction. This paper presents a brief review of the research that has being carried out in terms of reuse of rice husk ash in construction, more specifically, in concrete and mortar preparation. = O crescimento da popula o mundial, associado ao avan o tecnológico alcan ado nos últimos anos, gera como consequência uma enorme contamina o meio ambiental, tanto no que se refere à emiss o de gases tóxicos, quanto na produ o de enormes quantidades de resíduos, sem um local apropriado para a sua disposi o final. Entre os resíduos agrícolas, pode-se destacar a imensa quantidade de cinza de casca de arroz, produzida pela indústria do arroz. Uma das solu es para evitar esses problemas é a reutiliza o da cinza de casca do arroz em outros setores produtivos, por exemplo, constru o civil. O presente trabalho apresenta uma breve revis o sobre as pesquisas que vêm sendo desenvolvidas em termos de reaproveitamento da cinza de casca de arroz na constru o civil, mais especificamente, em concretos e argamassas.
DOI: 10.5585/riae.v8i1.1624

Everton Luis Pellizzaro de Lorenzi Cancellier,Anete Alberton,Anielson Barbosa da Silva,Rosilene Marcon
Revista Ibero-Americana de Estratégia , 2009, DOI: 10.5585/riae.v8i1.1624
Abstract: The aim of this work is to study the practice of monitoring strategic information from the external environment in small companies, and its importance lies in the fact that studies on small companies and on monitoring are still incipient in Brazil. The research can be characterized as a survey, with the application of a questionnaire to be answered by the managers of the units studied. Among the main results obtained are the findings that companies favor the monitoring of some aspects of the environment, to the detriment of others, that they use only a small number of sources of information and that the barriers to effective monitoring seem to be a consequence of the managerial profile of the respondents rather than the result of limitations of resources, whether human or financial. Este trabajo tiene como objetivo estudiar el monitoreo de informaciones estratégicas del ambiente externo en peque as empresas. El mismo es relevante ya que los estudios en peque as y medianas empresas y sobre monitoreo aun son muy incipientes en Brasil. La investigación se caracteriza por ser una encuesta o survey, en la cual se aplicó un cuestionario que fue respondido por los dirigentes de las unidades investigadas. Entre los principales resultados obtenidos se destacan que las empresas privilegian el monitoreo de algunos aspectos del ambiente en detrimento de otros, se basan en un reducido número de fuentes de informaciones y las barreras al monitoreo parecen situarse más en el perfil gerencial de los dirigentes que en las limitaciones de recursos humanos y financieros. Este artigo tem por objetivo estudar o monitoramento de informa es estratégicas do ambiente externo em pequenas empresas. A relevancia deste trabalho situa-se no fato de os estudos em pequenas empresas e sobre monitoramento serem ainda muito incipientes no Brasil. A pesquisa caracteriza-se por ser do tipo levantamento ou survey, com aplica o de questionário respondido pelos dirigentes das unidades pesquisadas. Dentre os principais resultados obtidos pode-se destacar que as empresas privilegiam o monitoramento de alguns aspectos do ambiente em detrimento de outros, baseiam-se em um reduzido número de fontes de informa es e que as barreiras ao monitoramento parecem situar-se mais no perfil gerencial dos dirigentes do que em limita es de recursos humanos e financeiros.
Natural phytosanitary products effects on Bacillus Thuringiensis SUBSP. Kurstaki (Berliner) Efeito de produtos fitossanitários naturais sobre Bacillus Thuringiensis subesp. Kurstaki (Berliner)
Everton Ricardi Lozano da Silva,Luis Francisco Angeli Alves,Leonardo Martinelo,Marina Andressa Fromentini
Semina : Ciências Agrárias , 2012,
Abstract: This work aimed to evaluate the effect of natural phytossanitary products (NPP) on spores and crystal toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki – HD1 (Btk). For this commercial products (Agromos, Biogermex, Bovemax, Bordeaux mixture, Ecolife , Dalneen, Matan Plus, Pyronin and Stüble-Aid ) were used at three different concentrations. The effect of NPP on spores was assessed by comparing a suspension of Btk + NPP with sterile distilled water (SDW) and another suspension with nutrient broth (NB), inoculated on nutrient agar (NA) in Petri dishes to quantify the number of CFU/mL, 18 h after inoculation and incubation. The effect of NPP on crystals was evaluated with a suspension of Btk+SDW+NPP added to the artificial diet supplied for Anticarsia gemmatalis Hub. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) quantifying the number of dead larvae at 12, 24, 48 and 72 h. Matan Plus was the only natural product that did not present effect on spores. All other products, regardless of concentration, decreased significantly CFU/mL Regarding crystals, Bordeaux mixture was the only one that reduced significantly Btk insecticidal activity at three concentrations. Este trabalho objetivou avaliar o efeito dos produtos fitossanitários naturais (PFN) sobre esporos e sobre a toxicidade dos cristais de Bacillus thuringiensis subespécie kurstaki – HD1 (Btk). Para tal foram usados os produtos comerciais (Agromos, Biogermex, Bovemax, Calda Bordalesa, Ecolife , Dalneen, Matan Plus, Pironin e Stüble –Aid ) em três diferentes concentra es. O efeito dos PFN sobre esporos foi avaliado comparando-se suspens es de Btk + PFN com água destilada esterelizada (ADE) e suspens es com caldo nutriente (CB), inoculadas em agar nutriente (AN), em placas de Petri quantificando-se o número de unidades formadoras de col nias (UFC / mL), 18 h após a inocula o e incuba o. O efeito dos PFN sobre cristais foi avaliado com suspens es de Btk + ADE + PFN adicionados à dieta artificial fornecida para Anticarsia gemmatalis Hub. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), quantificando-se o número de lagartas mortas nos tempos 24, 48 e 72 h. Matan Plus foi o único produto natural que n o apresentou efeito sobre esporos. Todos os outros produtos, independentemente da concentra o, diminuíram significativamente as UFC/mL. Com rela o aos cristais, a Calda Bordalesa foi o único produto que reduziu significativamente a atividade inseticida de Btk nas três concentra es.
Avalia??o multicriterial de desempenho e separa??o em aglomerados de fornecedores críticos de uma manufatura OKP
Rosa, Everton Peter Santos da;Sellitto, Miguel Afonso;Mendes, Lia Weber;
Produ??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65132006000300005
Abstract: this paper presents a case study of multicriterial performance assessment of ten critical supplier firms of a one-of-a-kind manufacture. the suppliers were selected according to financial and strategic importance. the methodology includes a focus group with purchasers of the company, which identified and assigned priorities, with the aid of ahp, to supplier performance multicriteria. the performance in purchasing structure achieved had yielded a categorical questionnaire used for five purchasers to evaluate the ten suppliers. according to the results, supplier firms were separated in two, three and four clusters, which allows, in continuity, the definition of specific purchasing strategy and this may be thought as a contribution to the study of this kind of strategy.
Análise comparativa do conteúdo Filo Mollusca em livro didático e apostilas do ensino médio de Cascavel, Paraná
Santos, Juliana Cristina dos;Alves, Luis Francisco Angeli;Corrêa, Jo?o Jorge;Silva, Everton Ricardi Lozano;
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-73132007000300003
Abstract: the objective of this work was to carry out a comparative analysis between an instructional biology book used in the junior year of high school in the school network system of the state of paraná at the municipality of cascavel, pr, and teacher's notes/handouts used by two schools in the private school network. after surveying and selecting the materials, these were submitted to a general analysis with regard to their cover, binding, line spacing, font size, illustrations, charts and tables, and also to a specific analysis in relation to their phylum mollusca contents, in which concepts, supplementary reading suggestions, typos and conceptual errors, printing and proofreading errors, and illustrations were taken into consideration. it was observed that all learning materials analyzed showed imperfections; however, a higher number of imperfections was found in one set of teacher's notes, because besides having an extremely succinct content and not presenting any planning in relation to the proposed activities, it contained incorrect images without self-explanatory labels.
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