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The Relation of Externalizing Behavior and Central Auditory Processing Deficits in 4-Year-Old Children  [PDF]
Cristina de Andrade Varanda, Eva Cristina de Carvalho Souza Mendes, Nilva Nunes Campina, Maria da Gra?a Giordano de Marcos Crescenti Aulicino, Rita de Cássia Gottardi van Opstal Nascimento, Cláudia Maria Fernandes Marczak, Karla Regina de Jesus Grilo, Elaine Cristina Diogo, Fernanda Mello, Renata Cristina Borges Corrêa, Fernanda Dreux Miranda Fernandes
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.613156
Abstract: The integrity of the central auditory system is a fundamental condition for language development. Good language development is related to good academic performance and adaptive behavior. Therefore, the evaluation of auditory processing along with behavior as well as the verification of a possible relationship between them can indicate possible ways on how to deal with both problem behavior and difficulties in language. 187 parents of preschoolers (mean age 3.8 years) were interviewed individually and asked to fill in the CBCL (Child Behavior Checklist), for ages 1(1/2) to 5, providing a behavioral profile concerning externalizing and internalizing behavior. Children were assessed regarding central auditory processing skills through the Simplified Assessment of the Auditory Processing—SAAP (Pereira & Schochat, 1997) including Sound Source Localization (SSL); Non-Verbal Sound Sequence Memory (NVSSM); Verbal Sounds Sequence Memory (VSSM). To investigate a possible association between central auditory processing skills and behavioral problems, all the scores in CBCL and the total scores of Simplified Auditory Processing Assessment were correlated with functional parameters using the Spearman rank correlation. The behaviors “acts too young for age”; “constantly seeks help”; “does not eat well”; “does not seem to feel guilty after misbehaving”; “easily frustrated”; “nervous movements or twitching”; “nervous, highstrung, or tense”; “poorly coordinated or clumsy”; “repeatedly rocks head or body”; “stares into space and seems preoccupied”, “sulks a lot” and “wanders away” were correlated with poor auditory processing skills. This indicates that the school staff along with health professionals should provide informational counseling regarding, not only the communicative difficulties associated with a poor performance on central auditory processing skills but also the psychosocial difficulties that these children may be facing.
A retrospective study of the epidemiological aspects of tuberculosis in the Complexo de Manguinhos, an urban slum area in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2000-2002
Mendes, Joycenea Matsuda;Fonseca, Leila de Souza;Louren?o, Maria Cristina;Ferreira, Rosa Maria Carvalho;Saad, Maria Helena Feres;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132007000400014
Abstract: to describe some aspects of tuberculosis in a low-income community (the complexo de manguinhos, in rio de janeiro, brazil), a retrospective study was carried out. of the 290 cases reported in the 2000-2002 period, 75.8% were new cases. the annual incidence rates were 157/100,000 (2000), 205/100,000 (2001), and 145/100,000 (2002). although there was a tendency toward a decrease in the number of cases over the period studied, the difference was not significant, suggesting that tuberculosis continues to be endemic in the area. therefore, despite the existence of local public health care services, more efficient strategies should be implemented in order to increase the effectiveness of tuberculosis control programs in the area.
Resistência a drogas em cepas de mycobacterium tuberculosis isoladas de amostras de escarro de pacientes ambulatoriais sintomáticos: Complexo de Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Mendes, Joycenea Matsuda;Louren?o, Maria Cristina;Ferreira, Rosa Maria Carvalho;Fonseca, Leila de Souza;Saad, Maria Helena Feres;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132007000500014
Abstract: this study aimed to assess drug resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated from sputum samples. to that end, sputum samples were collected from 263 patients suspected of having tuberculosis. all subjects lived in the complexo de manguinhos, which is located in the city of rio de janeiro, brazil. cultures testing positive between october of 2000 and december of 2002 were tested to determine strain susceptibility to isoniazid, rifampicin, streptomycin, ethionamide, and ethambutol. of the 75 patients diagnosed with tuberculosis, resistance to at least one of the drugs was found in 16 (21.4%). of those 16 patients, 8 (50%) were new cases, and 8 (50%) had previously been treated. multidrug-resistant tuberculosis was identified in 8 (10.6%) of the 75 patients, being associated with previous treatment in 6 (8%). the incidence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis might have been underestimated, since m. tuberculosis was not isolated from all of the samples testing positive for acid-fast bacilli. however, at least, our findings shed some light on the problem.
Molecular diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains in a slum area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mendes, Joycenea Matsuda;Machado, Silvia Maria Almeida;Louren?o, Maria Cristina;Ferreira, Rosa Maria Carvalho;Fonseca, Leila de Souza;Saad, Maria Helena Feres;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132008001200012
Abstract: this retrospective molecular study involving restriction fragment length polymorphism, using insertion sequence 6110 as a marker, was conducted in order to provide an initial insight into the genetic diversity of mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated in the slums of the complexo de manguinhos, located in the city of rio de janeiro, brazil. of the 67 strains evaluated, 23 (34.3%) were found to belong to clusters (total clusters, 10). household and social chains of transmission were associated with clustering, in 20% and 60%, respectively. living in the conjunto habitacional programado 2 slum was associated with clustering. although not significant, it is relevant that 26% of the clustered strains presented primary resistance. these findings, although possibly underestimating the prevalence due to the failure to analyze all strains, could help improve the local tuberculosis control program.
Compara??o entre dois métodos de avalia??o do controle da asma baseados na percep??o individual
Almeida, Paula Cristina Andrade;Souza-Machado, Adelmir;Leite, Mylene dos Santos;Castro, Lourdes Alzimar Mendes de;Coelho, Ana Carla Carvalho;Cruz, Constan?a Sampaio;Cruz, álvaro Augusto;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132012000300004
Abstract: objective: to compare the subjective perception of asthma control reported by the patient with that measured by the score obtained on the asthma control questionnaire 6-item version (acq-6) in patients with severe asthma and to determine whether asthma control is associated with the number of emergency room visits in the previous month. methods: this was a cross-sectional study involving 528 patients treated at the bahia state asthma and allergic rhinitis control program central referral clinic between august of 2008 and march of 2010, in the city of salvador, brazil. the patients completed the acq-6 and answered a specific additional question in order to evaluate their own perception of asthma control in the previous week. results: we evaluated 423 patients who met the inclusion criteria. the sample was predominantly female (81.3%), and 64.3% had an income lower than two times the national minimum wage. the mean age was 49.85 ± 13.71 years, and the duration of asthma symptoms was 32.11 ± 16.35 years. the patients had been regularly treated via the program for 36.65 ± 18.10 months. based on the subjective perception of asthma control, only 8% of the patients considered their asthma to be uncontrolled, whereas 38.8% had an acq-6 score > 1.5, which indicates poor control. the kappa statistic revealed poor concordance between the two methods. there was a direct association between uncontrolled asthma and the number of emergency room visits in the previous month (p < 0.001). conclusions: in this sample of patients, the subjective perception of asthma control differed from that measured by the acq-6 score, and the patients overestimated their own level of asthma control, which puts them at risk of being undertreated.
A educa??o infantil descobrindo a língua inglesa: intera??o professor/aluno
Carvalho, Raquel Cristina Mendes de;
Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-18132009000200009
Abstract: this study reports on an ethnographic investigation about the interaction between a teacher and her very young learners (vyl) in the english as a foreign language (fl) classroom. in order to carry out this investigation, data were collected in a private kindergarten school, by means of video recordings of classes and field notes from the teacher and from an observer. as ellis (1997) states as caretakers tend to modify the way they speak to children when these ones are learning the mother language, so teachers do modify their speech when communicating with learners. the results of this study may contribute to make teachers of vyl aware of the role of teachers' discourse as a facilitator of understanding in interactions in the fl classroom.
Enhancement of Cunninghamella elegans UCP/WFCC 0542 Biomass and Chitosan with Amino Acid Supply
Ednaldo Ramos dos Santos,Marta Cristina Freitas da Silva,Patrícia Mendes de Souza,Antonio Cardoso da Silva,Sergio Carvalho de Paiva,Clarissa D. C. Albuquerque,Aline E. Nascimento,Kaoru Okada,Galba M. Campos-Takaki
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules180910095
Abstract: Studies were carried out with Cunninghamella elegans UCP/WFCC 0542 to evaluate the effects of an abundant supply of amino acids, asparagine and corn steep liquor associated with sucrose on the production of biomass and chitosan by submerged fermentation. The concentrations of the components of the culture medium which were determined by a 2 3 full factorial design evaluated the interactions and effects of the independent variables of the sucrose, asparagine and corn steep liquor in relation to carbon and nitrogen sources, on the production of chitosan regarding biomass. The best results were observed at the central point [asparagine 0.025%, sucrose 0.15% and 0.45% of corn steep liquor, ratio C:N=2:6], and produced maximum yields of 16.95 g/L biomass and 2.14 g/L chitosan, after 96 h of submerged fermentation. However, the lowest level of sucrose, asparagine and corn steep liquor produced a low amount of biomass (10.83 g/L) and chitosan (0.60g/L). The infrared spectrum absorption of the chitosan produced by C. elegans showed bands regarding OH-axial stretching between 3406 and 3432 cm ?1, superimposed on the NH stretching band with axial deformation of the amide C=O group at about 1639 cm ?1, NH angular deformation at approximately 1560 cm ?1; axial deformation of amide-CN at around 1421 cm ?1, symmetrical angular deformation in CH 3 at 1379 cm ?1, -CN axial deformation of amino groups from 1125 to 1250 cm ?1 and polysaccharide structure bands in the range of between 890–1150 cm ?1. The crystallinity index of chitosan was 60.92%, and its degree of deacetylation was 75.25%. A low percentage of a supply of sucrose and asparagine with corn steep liquor offered higher yields of biomass and chitosan production at low cost.
Anxiety and Depression among Guardian Grandparents: A Proposal for a Psychoeducational Intervention  [PDF]
Cristina Maria de Souza Brito Dias, Celia Maria Souto Maior de Souza Fonseca, Cirlene Francisca Sales da Silva, Emily Schuler, Jhérsyka Evelin Mendes Lins
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2016.713146
Abstract: It is known that raising children is the responsibility of parents. However, several factors of an economic, relational and work have led grandparents to actively participate in the creation of grandchildren. Research has shown that for many grandparents, the fact of raising their grandchildren causes several difficulties to physical and psychological level, among which we highlight increased anxiety and depression. This study therefore aimed to design, implement and evaluate the effects of a psycho-educational intervention aimed at alleviating anxiety and depression of grandparents caring for grandchildren. 55 grandparents with an average age of 64 years participated in this research. They underwent a sociodemographic questionnaire, application BAI and BDI, before and after a psychoeducational intervention, and an interview to evaluate the intervention. This comprised eight sessions held weekly in groups, lasting two and a half hours. After analyzing the results, it can be seen that the grandparents reduced the level of depression and anxiety. This experience led to observe, through appearance, ease and own lines of grandparents; the intervention consisted in beneficial space so that they can better deal with the raising of grandchildren.
Vegetative compatibility and heterokaryon formation between different isolates of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum by using the nit mutant system
Carvalho, Camila Rodrigues de;Mendes-Costa, Maria Cristina;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822011000100044
Abstract: colletotrichum lindemuthianum, the causative agent of bean anthracnose, is one of the most common pathogens leading to expressive damage to plants beyond presenting noticeable variability. the knowledge on vegetative compatibility groups (vcgs) is of particular interest in asexual fungi as they subdivide the population in groups that can exchange genetic information via heterokaryosis and the parasexual cycle. among the techniques used in studies about vegetative compatibility groups, the obtainment of nit mutants is apparent. this paper is aimed at obtaining heterokaryons between different isolates of c. lindemuthianum, grouping them in vcgs and evaluating their genetic variability by using the nit mutants system. nit mutants were obtained from 20 single spore isolates. the mutants were phenotypically classified and paired for complementation and formation of heterokaryons so as to group them in vcgs. seventeen mutants from the different phenotypic-rates were recovered: nit1, nit2, nit3 and nitm. at the same time, 10 mutants were selected for pairing and division of the anastomosis groups. nine heterokaryons were obtained and the isolates were divided into 9 vegetative compatibility groups. in the combinations for the formation of anastomosis, 31 compatible combinations and 24 incompatible combinations were observed. it was concluded that the methodology used to select nit mutants in c. lindemuthianum made it possible to determine the vegetative compatibility groups and that such a technique was adequate to prove genetic variability.
Determina??o da variabilidade em isolados de Colletotrichum lindemuthianum por meio de marcadores morfológicos e culturais
Souza, Breno Oliveira de;Souza, Elaine Aparecida de;Mendes-Costa, Maria Cristina;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542007000400009
Abstract: colletotrichum lindemuthianum (teleomorfo glomerella cingulata f. sp. phaseoli) presents wide genetic variability, demonstrated by its morphological traits. the objective of this study was to characterize morphological markers in different isolates of c. lindemuthianum and, to identify useful morphological markers in genetic analyses. the following morphological and cultural traits were evaluated: color and texture of the colonies, vegetative and sexual compatibility, micelial growth index (mgi), colonial diameter (cd), esporulation capacity (ec), conidia dimensions and form, ascospores dimensions and formation of reproductive structures. the data showed wide genetic variability for all traits and that conidial form can be used as morphological marker in genetic analysis.
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