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Pré-tratamentos de mela?o de cana-de-a?úcar e água de macera??o de milho para a bioprodu??o de carotenóides
Valduga, Eunice;Valério, Alexsandra;Treichel, Helen;Luccio, Marco Di;Jacques, Rosangela Assis;Fúrigo Júnior, Agenor;
Química Nova , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422007000800012
Abstract: this work studied the pretreatment of sugarcane molasses (cm) and corn steep liquor (cs) for the production of carotenoids by sporidiobolus salmonicolor (cbs 2636). the acid pretreatment removed less micronutrients than that with activated carbon and led to high removals of cu and mn. reduction in optical density of the prepared medium and removal of glucose from it were 22% and 7% for cm and 95% and 38% for cs, respectively. total carotenoids obtained with substrates pretreated with acids (541 mg/l) were higher than the results obtained when the medium was treated with activated carbon (208 mg/l).
Flebotomíneos (Diptera, Psychodidae) de área de transmiss?o de leishmaniose tegumentar americana, no município de Itupeva, regi?o sudeste do Estado de S?o Paulo, Brasil
Mayo, Renata Caporalle;Casanova, Claudio;Mascarini, Luciene Maura;Pignatti, Marta Gislene;Rangel, Osias;Galati, Eunice Aparecida Bianchi;Wanderley, Dalva Marli Valério;Corrêa, Fernando Motta de Azevedo;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86821998000400002
Abstract: the present study was effected aiming the verification of the seazonal, spatial and hourly of the phlebotominic species found in the county of itupeva. captures were performed fortnightly and 864 sand flies were collected between april/94 and march/95. 81.3% of the captured specimens belonged to 4 species: l. migonei (32.4%), l. whitmani (26.0%), l. intermedia (12.0%) e l. fischeri (10.9%). such species showed larger densities during the cold and dry season of the year (from april to september/94) and were more active between the second and the fifth hour after twilight. l. migonei predominated almost in all the investigated surroundings being followed by l. whitmani and l. longipalpis in the domestic environnents. in conclusion it is thought that in conjunction with l. intermedia, a suspect vector in the state of s?o paulo, l. migonei and l. whitmani may have an important role in the transmission of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the area under study.
Leishmaniose tegumentar americana: flebotomíneos de área de transmiss?o, no município de Pedro de Toledo, regi?o sul do Estado de S?o Paulo, Brasil
Domingos, Maria de Fátima;Carreri-Bruno, Glória Cristina;Ciaravolo, Ricardo Mário de Carvalho;Galati, Eunice Aparecida Bianchi;Wanderley, Dalva Marli Valério;Corrêa, Fernando Motta de Azevedo;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86821998000500002
Abstract: considered as an american tegumentary leishmaniasis (atl) endemic area, ribeira valley, in the south region of s?o paulo state, presented 929 notified cases in the last 15 years. aiming to identify the phlebotomine fauna, captures were performed fortnightly in the rural area of pedro de toledo county during one year, from may 1994 onwards. set at dusk shannon traps were used in the peridomicile and cdc light traps both intra and peridomiciliarly and at the edge and in the forest. eight species summing to 11096 specimens were caught, l. intermedia being the dominant one (96,4%). more frequent all over the year during the first half of the night preferably in the domicile surroundings this species clearly indicated its preference for the anthropic environment. the data presented in this paper ratify l. intermedia as an important atl vector species in the ribeira valley.
Leishmaniose tegumentar americana: flebotomíneos de área de transmiss?o no município de Teodoro Sampaio, regi?o sudoeste do Estado de S?o Paulo, Brasil
Condino, Maria Lúcia Fadel;Sampaio, Susy Mary Perpétuo;Henriques, Lúcia de Fátima;Galati, Eunice Aparecida Bianchi;Wanderley, Dalva Marli Valério;Corrêa, Fernando Motta de Azevedo;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86821998000400004
Abstract: sandflies were captured in a secondary forest zone in the county of teodoro sampaio, s?o paulo, during 12 months as from may 1994. two houses located respectively at 240m and 850m from the semi-deciduous forest were selected. night center of disease control trap captures were performed fortnightly from twilight to dawn intradomiciliarly, in the edge and the interior of the forest and in the peridomicile of each one of the houses. captures were realized as well in the peridomicile using shannon traps during 6 hour for 24 captures and 4 quarter captures from twilight to dawn. the dominant specie was lutzomyia intermedia (93.5%). a larger number of insects were captured in the traps located in the edge of the forest. in the peridomicile of both houses an equivalent number of insects were captured, although a clear predominance of males was observed in the more distant located house. in the interior of the house located near the forest a larger number of specimens predominantly female were captured. l. intermedia and l. whitmani peaks ocurred in the first hour and were characteristically more abundant in may, september and december when the mean temperature varied from 21 to 25.7oc and the pluviometric index as from 66.7 to 195.1mm.
Real-Time Monitoring of Climactic and Geotechnical Variables during Landslides on the Slopes of Serra do Mar and Serra da Mantiqueira (São Paulo State, Brazil)  [PDF]
Rodolfo Moreda Mendes,rio Valério Filho
Engineering (ENG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2015.73012
Abstract: The municipalities of Ubatuba, Campos do Jord?o, and S?o José dos Campos are located in the region of S?o Paulo State (Brazil). These municipalities are recognized nationally for having an elevated number of recorded landslides on slopes and embankments. In addition, these municipalities contain multiple areas that are at risk for landslides. Various soil landslides occurred in these municipalities in January 2013, when real-time climactic and geotechnical variables were monitored by automatic rain gauges, humidity sensors and soil temperature and suction devices. The resulting data were used to understand the functions of each variable in the occurrence of land- slides. Analyses of rainfall, humidity and soil temperature were used with field investigations to formulate a hypothesis regarding the predominant rupture mechanism and the role of each monitored variable in the deflagration of the soil landslides that occurred in the three studied municipalities. The geotechnical variable data revealed that both temperature and soil moisture contents played fundamental roles in the deflagration of shallow planar landslides in urban areas. The hourly rain intensity and/or rainfall accumulation for 24 and/or 72 h were responsible for the deflagration of the landslides that occurred in the studied areas, along with the existing anthropic constraints in the risk areas. Significant variations did not occur in the soil suction data during the landslides, principally due to the unsatisfactory sensor precision when reading field suction between 10 and?100 kPA (±25%).
Abundancia de liquidez e crise financeira em Roma: quest?es jurídicas e econ?micas em torno das taxas de juros na época de Augusto e de Tibério
Gaia, Deivid Valério;
História (S?o Paulo) , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-90742009000200019
Abstract: after defeating antony and cleopatra at actium in 31 bc, octovian brought the treasury of egypt to rome thus providing an abundance of wealth wich contributed to stabilize both public and private finances. the value of land increased and interest rates fell. during the augustan principate, roman economy went through a period of financial equilibrium. however, this balance was broken in the early 30's ad under tiberius' principate when, according to tacitus, suetonius and dion cassius, the first inopia nummorum (lack of liquidity) crisis of the roman empire came about. based on the accounts cited above and a comparative perspective with other financial crises in the roman empire, this paper examines issues concerning interest rates from the end of the republic to the principate, it presents an overview of cash loans and interest rates at the time of augustus and gives my reading of the crisis of ad 33, highlighting the main discussions about its origins, its development and its end.
Is marxism an economist scientificism? Seria o marxismo um cientificismo economicista? Anota es sobre a hipótese da invers o das causalidades
Valério Arcary
Diálogos , 2010, DOI: 10.4025/dialogos.v8i1.204
Abstract: Does economy govern politics? The dispute over economicism excesses in History isn’t new. The theoretical controversy on the alternation of pressure forces over causalities, constituted a methodological frontier in marxists discussions. It doesn't seem reasonable to doubt that the analysis of the economical antagonisms o. interests contributed to the explanation of turbulences in political life. But, paradoxically, it was demonstrated that social classes don't always act in agreement with what one could presume as being their immediate economical interests. A schematic determinism would, therefore, more hide than explain. Other calculations interfer on the movements. A economia governa a política? A querela sobre o perigo dos excessos economicistas, na História, n o é nova. A polêmica teórica sobre a alternancia das for as de press o das causalidades, constituiu um divisor de águas metodológico nas discuss es entre marxistas. N o parece razoável duvidar que a análise dos antagonismos dos interesses econ micos contribuiu para a explica o das turbulências da vida política; mas, paradoxalmente, já foi demonstrado que as classes sociais n o agem sempre de acordo com aquilo que se poderia presumir como sendo os seus interesses econ micos imediatos. Um determinismo esquemático poderia, portanto, mais ocultar do que explicar. Outros cálculos incidem sobre os movimentos das classes em luta e suas representa es políticas, e regulam as rela es de for as. Quando perspectivas políticas estratégicas estiveram amea adas, sacrifícios táticos foram compensatórios. As classes dominantes revelaram, em inúmeros processos, uma lucidez preventiva, e estiveram dispostas a realizar concess es para diminuir a intensidade de conflitos que poderiam deixar o poder vulnerável. A política poderia governar, eventualmente, a economia?
Apresenta o
Cleusa Valério Gabardo
Educar em Revista , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/s0104-40602010000200002
A forma o de professores em perspectivas internacionais: estudo comparado entre modelos europeus e brasileiro
Cleusa Valério Gabardo
Educar em Revista , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/s0104-40602007000100019
A Crítica da raz o prática e o estoicismo
Valério Rohden
DoisPontos , 2005,
Abstract: The present paper shows the close albeit subtle relation of Kant 's moral philosophy to ancient ethics, especially Cicero s Stoicism. The subject is made explicit by means of a rapprochement between the Critique of practical reason and De finibus, so as to be highlight Kant s criticism of the classical identifying of virtue and happiness and his synthetical recasting of the concept of the supreme good. The essay concludes by making clear that the moral actualization of reason, reclaimed by Cicero, finds in Kant s reformulation its most precise determination.
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