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Human Germinal Center CD4+ CD57+ T Cells ActDifferently On B Cells Than Do Classical T-Helper Cells
Farida Bouzahzah,Alain Bosseloir,Ernst Heinen,Léon J. Simar
Clinical and Developmental Immunology , 1995, DOI: 10.1155/1995/76790
Human FDC express PrPc invivo and invitro
Caroline Thielen,Nadine Antoine,France Mélot,Jean-Yves Cesbron,Ernst Heinen,Rikiya Tsunoda
Clinical and Developmental Immunology , 2001, DOI: 10.1155/2001/45454
Abstract: Prion diseases are fatal neurodegenerative disorders caused by accumulation of abnormal prion protein (protease-resistant prion, PrPres). PrPres accumulation is also detected in lymphoid organs after peripheral infection. Several studies suggest that follicular dendritic cells (FDC) could be the site of PrPres retention and amplification.
Do Bovine Lymphocytes Express a Peculiar Prion Protein?
France Mélot,Caroline Thielen,Thouraya Labiet,Sabine Eisher,Olivier Jolois,Ernst Heinen,Nadine Antoine
Clinical and Developmental Immunology , 2002, DOI: 10.1080/10446670310001593550
Abstract: The cellular prion protein (PrPc) is a glycolipid-anchored cell surface protein that usually exhibits three glycosylation states. Its post-translationally modified isoform, PrPsc, is involved in the pathogenesis of various transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs). In bovine species, BSE infectivity appears to be restricted to the central nervous system; few or no detectable infectivity is found in lymphoid tissues in contrast to scrapie or variant CJD. Since expression of PrPc is a prerequisite for prion replication, we have investigated PrPc expression by bovine immune cells. Lymphocytes from blood and five different lymph organs were isolated from the same animal to assess intra- and interindividual variability of PrPc expression, considering six individuals. As shown by flow cytometry, this expression is absent or weak on granulocytes but is measurable on monocytes, B and T cells from blood and lymph organs. The activation of the bovine cells produces an upregulation of PrPc. The results of our in vitro study of PrPc biosynthesis are consistent with previous studies in other species. Interestingly, western blotting experiments showed only one form of the protein, the diglycosylated band. We propose that the glycosylation state could explain the lack of infectivity of the bovine immune cells.
Direito ao território e multiculturalismo
Juliano Heinen
Prisma Jurídico , 2011,
Abstract: Aborda-se, por meio desse artigo, a tentativa do Estado moderno em conciliar a perspectiva coletiva com a individual. Esse discurso, necessariamente, passa pela abordagem da perspectiva jurídico-dogmática do multiculturalismo, tendo como expoente pragmático o direito ao território. O acesso a tal direito, no entanto, n o tem sido tranquilo, sendo alvo de tensionamentos. Em raz o disso, busca-se abordar nesse estudo, como o direito ao território vem sendo encarado, tanto em nível normativo quanto em nível jurisprudencial.
Der Tod des Diktators und die Gegenwart der Vergangenheit: Rum nien 1989-2002
Heinen, Armin
Zeitenblicke , 2004,
Abstract: Rum niens Weg in die Demokratie nach 1989 ist ein Weg gewaltsamer Revolution, der partiellen Elitenkontinuit t und des bewussten Verdr ngens. Das hieraus resultierende, alle politische Gruppen einende Leiden an der politischen Kultur Rum niens spiegelt sich nicht zuletzt wider in der Auseinandersetzung um den Tod des Diktatorenpaares Nicolae und Elena Ceausescu. Der offene politische Streit um die Ceausescu-Jahre und die Dezemberrevolution beginnt nach einer Zeit des Unbehagens erst jetzt, so die These des Beitrags. Er schildert die Gründe für den gewaltsamen Umsturz, richtet den Blick indes vor allem auf die symbolische und diskursive Verortung der 'gestohlenen Revolution'. Angemessen scheint deshalb eine 'dichte Beschreibung', die zugleich zurückgreift auf Konzepte der Transformationsforschung, der Generationensoziologie, der klassischen Revolutionstheorie sowie auf das von Ernst Kantorowicz entwickelte Modell der 'zwei K rper des K nigs'.
Timo ectópico cervical: Comunicación de un caso y revisión bibliográfica
Heinen,Fernando L.;
Archivos argentinos de pediatr?-a , 2009,
Abstract: in a 1 month-old healthy newborn, a submaxilar solid tumor was palpated. gestation and delivery were normal and he was asymptomatic. at 9 months of age, surgery was decided and uneventfully performed. the diagnosis was ectopic thymic tissue, an infrequent cause of cervical tumor. remnants of the thymus can remain anywhere between the pharinx and the lower neck, all the way through the cervical migration pathway of the thymus. an ectopic thymic remnant can be solid or cystic, and should be considered among other cervical masses in children, such as lymphatic malformations ("lymphangiomas"), vascular tumors or mal-formations, branchial cleft cysts, eccentric thyroglossal cysts and parathyroid cysts. various solid masses, such as lymph nodes of neoplastic or infectious etiology, and tumors such as teratomas, lipomas, lipoblastomas, neuroblastomas or rabdomyosarcomas should also be considered. surgery is indicated for the complete removal of thymic remnants as it is often feasible and curative.
Thomas Heinen,Pia M. Vinken
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine , 2011,
Abstract: The goal of this study was to investigate the role of binocular and monocular vision in 16 gymnasts as they perform a handspring on vault. In particular we reasoned, if binocular visual information is eliminated while experts and apprentices perform a handspring on vault, and their performance level changes or is maintained, then such information must or must not be necessary for their best performance. If the elimination of binocular vision leads to differences in gaze behavior in either experts or apprentices, this would answer the question of an adaptive gaze behavior, and thus if this is a function of expertise level or not. Gaze behavior was measured using a portable and wireless eye-tracking system in combination with a movement-analysis system. Results revealed that gaze behavior differed between experts and apprentices in the binocular and monocular conditions. In particular, apprentices showed less fixations of longer duration in the monocular condition as compared to experts and the binocular condition. Apprentices showed longer blink duration than experts in both, the monocular and binocular conditions. Eliminating binocular vision led to a shorter repulsion phase and a longer second flight phase in apprentices. Experts exhibited no differences in phase durations between binocular and monocular conditions. Findings suggest, that experts may not rely on binocular vision when performing handsprings, and movement performance maybe influenced in apprentices when eliminating binocular vision. We conclude that knowledge about gaze-movement relationships may be beneficial for coaches when teaching the handspring on vault in gymnastics
Dynamical density functional theory for the diffusion of injected Brownian particles
H. L?wen,M. Heinen
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1140/epjst/e2014-02322-8
Abstract: While the theory of diffusion of a single Brownian particle in confined geometries is well-established by now, we discuss here the theoretical framework necessary to generalize the theory of diffusion to dense suspensions of strongly interacting Brownian particles. Dynamical density functional theory (DDFT) for classical Brownian particles represents an ideal tool for this purpose. After outlining the basic ingredients to DDFT we show that it can be readily applied to flowing suspensions with time-dependent particle sources. Particle interactions lead to considerable layering in the mean density profiles, a feature that is absent in the trivial case of noninteracting, freely diffusing particles. If the particle injection rate varies periodically in time with a suitable frequency, a resonance in the layering of the mean particle density profile is predicted.
Is the kinematics of special relativity incomplete?  [PDF]
Ernst Karl Kunst
Natural Science (NS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2014.64027

A thorough analysis of composite inertial motion (relativistic sum) within the framework of special relativity leads to the conclusion that every translational motion must be the symmetrically composite relativistic sum of a finite number of quanta of velocity. It is shown that the resulting spacetime geometry is Gaussian and the four-vector calculus to have its roots in the complex-number algebra. Furthermore, this results in superluminality of signals travelling at or nearly at the canonical velocity of light between rest frames even if resting to each other.

On the Physics inside a Closed, Static, Rotating Einsteinian Hypersphere in Due Consideration of the Galaxy  [PDF]
Ernst Karl Kunst
Natural Science (NS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2014.611087

Einstein’s weak equivalence principle suggests that gravity and acceleration (centrifugal force) are indistinguishable from each other and, therefore, equivalent. We maintain that they are not only equivalent, but even identical, or to rephrase the main statement of this work: A gravitational force does not exist. Rather, gravity is a fictitious force, or, more pointedly: Gravity is the centrifugal force which acts upon material bodies within the rotating S3-hypersphere of the Universe. These in turn warp the adjacent space-fabric, shaping it to the well-known field geometry of general relativity.


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