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Combining Automatic Tube Current Modulation with Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction for Low-Dose Chest CT Screening
Jiang-Hong Chen, Er-Hu Jin, Wen He, Li-Qin Zhao
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092414
Abstract: Objective To reduce radiation dose while maintaining image quality in low-dose chest computed tomography (CT) by combining adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASIR) and automatic tube current modulation (ATCM). Methods Patients undergoing cancer screening (n = 200) were subjected to 64-slice multidetector chest CT scanning with ASIR and ATCM. Patients were divided into groups 1, 2, 3, and 4 (n = 50 each), with a noise index (NI) of 15, 20, 30, and 40, respectively. Each image set was reconstructed with 4 ASIR levels (0% ASIR, 30% ASIR, 50% ASIR, and 80% ASIR) in each group. Two radiologists assessed subjective image noise, image artifacts, and visibility of the anatomical structures. Objective image noise and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) were measured, and effective dose (ED) was recorded. Results Increased NI was associated with increased subjective and objective image noise results (P<0.001), and SNR decreased with increasing NI (P<0.001). These values improved with increased ASIR levels (P<0.001). Images from all 4 groups were clinically diagnosable. Images with NI = 30 and 50% ASIR had average subjective image noise scores and nearly average anatomical structure visibility scores, with a mean objective image noise of 23.42 HU. The EDs for groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 were 2.79±1.17, 1.69±0.59, 0.74±0.29, and 0.37±0.22 mSv, respectively. Compared to group 1 (NI = 15), the ED reductions were 39.43%, 73.48%, and 86.74% for groups 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Conclusions Using NI = 30 with 50% ASIR in the chest CT protocol, we obtained average or above-average image quality but a reduced ED.
De Novo Assembly, Gene Annotation, and Marker Discovery in Stored-Product Pest Liposcelis entomophila (Enderlein) Using Transcriptome Sequences
Dan-Dan Wei, Er-Hu Chen, Tian-Bo Ding, Shi-Chun Chen, Wei Dou, Jin-Jun Wang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0080046
Abstract: Background As a major stored-product pest insect, Liposcelis entomophila has developed high levels of resistance to various insecticides in grain storage systems. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying resistance and environmental stress have not been characterized. To date, there is a lack of genomic information for this species. Therefore, studies aimed at profiling the L. entomophila transcriptome would provide a better understanding of the biological functions at the molecular levels. Methodology/Principal Findings We applied Illumina sequencing technology to sequence the transcriptome of L. entomophila. A total of 54,406,328 clean reads were obtained and that de novo assembled into 54,220 unigenes, with an average length of 571 bp. Through a similarity search, 33,404 (61.61%) unigenes were matched to known proteins in the NCBI non-redundant (Nr) protein database. These unigenes were further functionally annotated with gene ontology (GO), cluster of orthologous groups of proteins (COG), and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) databases. A large number of genes potentially involved in insecticide resistance were manually curated, including 68 putative cytochrome P450 genes, 37 putative glutathione S-transferase (GST) genes, 19 putative carboxyl/cholinesterase (CCE) genes, and other 126 transcripts to contain target site sequences or encoding detoxification genes representing eight types of resistance enzymes. Furthermore, to gain insight into the molecular basis of the L. entomophila toward thermal stresses, 25 heat shock protein (Hsp) genes were identified. In addition, 1,100 SSRs and 57,757 SNPs were detected and 231 pairs of SSR primes were designed for investigating the genetic diversity in future. Conclusions/Significance We developed a comprehensive transcriptomic database for L. entomophila. These sequences and putative molecular markers would further promote our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying insecticide resistance or environmental stress, and will facilitate studies on population genetics for psocids, as well as providing useful information for functional genomic research in the future.
Half-metallic ferromagnetism in transition-metal doped germanium nitride: A first-principles study
Sheng-Li Zhang,Wei Wang,Er-Hu Zhang
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1016/j.physleta.2010.05.064
Abstract: The electronic and magnetic properties of transition-metal doped $\beta$-Ge3N4 have been studied using first-principles calculations. The results show that the substitutional transition-metal impurities tend to cluster. The V and Cr doped Ge3N4 compounds are ferromagnetic semiconductors, while the compounds with Mn and Fe doping show a half-metallic ferromagnetic character.
Investigation of lower hybrid current drive during H-mode in EAST tokamak

Li Miao-Hui,Ding Bo-Jiang,Kong Er-Hu,Zhang Lei,Zhang Xin-Jun,Qian Jin-Ping,Yan Ning,Han Xiao-Feng,Shan Jia-Fang,Liu Fu-Kun,Wang Mao,Xu Han-Dong,Wan Bao-Nian,

中国物理 B , 2011,
A Fast Algorithm for Complete Euclidean Distance Transformation Based on Contour Scanning

LU Ji-wen,ZHANG Er-hu,

中国图象图形学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The Euclidean Distance Transform(EDT)converts a binary image into one where each pixel has a value equal to its Euclidean distance to the nearest foreground.It has important applications in image analysis and computer vision.This paper gives an algorithm for complete Euclidean distance transformation on the binary image on the basis of the contour scanning.In the suggested algorithm all the pixels are classified and the ones which neither are characteristic pixel nor have characteristic pixels in 4-neighbors are marked.For the marked pixel,scan its contour form inner to outer,find its nearest characteristic pixel and compute their Euclidean distance.The exact distances are obtained.The requirement of time are analyzed briefly,some testing data produced in running the implementation are illustrated.The result shows that the algorithm runs fast,the requirements of space and time are satisfying in the present hardware condition,and it is an effective and enormous applied distance transformation algorithm.
Gait Recognition Using Variance of Dynamic Region

ZHANG Er-hu,ZHAO Yong-wei,

中国图象图形学报 , 2009,
Abstract: To solve the problem that the clothes variance or taking goods may affect the result of gait recognition, a new gait recognition method based on variance of dynamic region is proposed in this paper. Firstly, through the background subtraction and shadow elimination, human motion silhouettes are obtained, which will be normalized in terms of location and scale. Next, the dynamic regions are obtained using gait energy image and threshold segmentation, and gait feature is extracted from the dynamic region using the sector region distance transform. At last, maximum entropy markov Model is used to model the gait sequences of each people and implements recognition based on probability graph. The method is evaluated for the CASIA gait database and receives comparatively high correct recognition rate. The experimental results show that our approach is robust in the case of clothes variance and taking goods.
Fast fuzzy edge detection algorithm based on classifier

LU Ji-wen,ZHANG Er-hu,

计算机应用 , 2005,
Abstract: A new fast fuzzy edge-detection algorithm was presented by analyzing and improving Pal-King fuzzy edge detection method. Firstly, this algorithm enhanced the original image in fuzzy way and designed one classifier according to its and its 8-neighbor gray levels; secondly, classified each pixel into the proper edge class by computing and comparing its greatest fuzzy truth of membership; lastly, thinned the edge pixels detected and omit the noise edge pixels. This fast algorithm not only abandoned the complex iterative calculation of Pal-King method, but also conquered missing edge information which is low gray level and can detect various details by setting various parameters. Finally experimental results showed that this method improves the Pal-King algorithm efficiently and its calculation speed was about 20 times faster than Pal-King algorithm.
Multiple adaptive digital watermarking method based on chaos and independent component analysis

LU Ji-wen,ZHANG Er-hu,

计算机应用 , 2005,
Abstract: Based on chaotic sequences and independent component analysis(ICA),a novel multilevel image watermarking method was proposed in wavelet domain.Firstly,discrete wavelet transform(DWT) was applied to one subimage extracted from the original image according to one chaotic sequence label and multiple independent chaotic watermark signals were generated and embedded into the middle wavelet frequency coefficients adaptively.The watermarking was detected according to the Newman-Pearson criterion without the original image.Then ICA was applied to extract the watermarking if the watermarking are the original watermarking.Situational results demonstrate that this algorithm is an effective digital watermarking method with very outstanding robustness against many common attacks such as noise attacks,geometric operations and JPEG compression,and it solves the problems of multi-copyright claim in digital products.
A Broken Surface Modeling Based on Subdivision Method

ZHAO Liang,ZHAO Chun-xi,ZHANG Er-hu,MA Ren-an,

中国图象图形学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The reconstruction of the surface is a basic problem in CG field. And the current research focuses on the reconstruction surface and the mesh optimization. Most processes a continuous surface. In order to reconstruct the broken surface, a new method is presented in this paper to approach the object surface with the subdivision method first and then calculate the discontinuous mesh automatically. This algorithm has been used in the 3D seismic data scientific visualization.
Multi-parameter optimized joint source channel coding method

ZHANG Dan,LI Xiao-feng,JIAN Chong,ZHAO Er-hu,XIONG Ronga,

计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: The paper presented a multi-parameter optimized joint source channel coding method (MPO-JSCC), combined with JPEG2000 and Turbo codes for image transmission. On the basis of conventional layered-rate allocation mechanism, also chose the interleave length and iterative decoding times dynamically, according to the importance of that quality scalable bitstream for image recovery. Introduced the error resilient tools JPEG2000 provided to improve the image reconstruction ratio at the receiving end. Compared to the approaches reported in the literature, the MPO-JSCC method gives better compression efficiency while having higher coding gain, and reduces the transmission power budget.
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