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Phonological Skills Among Children with Reading Disabilities
Mirela Duranovic , Nevzeta Salihovic , Amela Ibrahimagic , Emina Tinjic
Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/v10215-011-0007-5
Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to examine the phonological skills among children with reading disabilities of the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, where each phoneme is represented by a grapheme following a certain phonemic principle. The sample consists of 15 children with reading disabilities and 15 children without reading disabilities, where "The diagnostic set for examination of the speech, language, reading and writing abilities among children" was used for examination of their phonological capacity. Phonological skills in children are very important for reading and writing acquisition. The results of the study showed that children with reading disabilities achieved poorer results in all tasks examining the phonological skills, compared to children without reading difficulties. The results of our study comply with results of studies conducted for other languages. The study highlights the importance of the mentioned skills for acquiring reading skills in the Bosnian Croatian/Serbian language and the significance of deficient phonological abilities for the etiology of reading disabilities. Based on the conducted study, it can be concluded that phonological skills are very important for acquiring reading and writing abilities.
Integrated Scenario Planning and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Framework with Application to Forest Planning  [PDF]
Livia Bizikova, Emina Krcmar
Open Journal of Forestry (OJF) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2015.52014
Abstract: This paper explores approaches concerning complex forest planning challenges, such as restoration after large-scale disturbances and under climate change. It introduces a new framework that integrates qualitative scenario planning with quantitative multi-criteria decision analysis. This framework allows stakeholders without background in forestry to express their preferences as a set of scenarios that are further assessed for specific forest management goals and activities using multi-criteria models. The assessment of the modelled scenarios created a common understanding for the stakeholders and experts to compare trade-offs between several management options and needed policy choices. The framework was applied in the case study of forest restoration following insect disturbance in British Columbia, Canada. The framework enabled structured stakeholder groups’ interactions such as industry, business associations, local and regional governments, and non-governmental organizations to identify potential restoration options. Different community futures were envisioned by two scenarios: one resembling current conditions and standard practices, while another promoting diversification of the forestry sector. The results indicated that each of the scenarios leads to different consequences for the community measured by levels of economic benefits, total harvest volumes and harvest flows over time. The results also show that the developed framework linking scenarios and multi-criteria decision analyses proved crucial to broaden the discussion on relevant species mixes and management practices, and their implications for the community and policy development.
New Markers of Oxidative Damage to Macromolecules
Emina olak
Journal of Medical Biochemistry , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10011-007-0049-x
Abstract: The presence of free radicals in biological material has been discovered some 50 years ago. In physiological conditions, free radicals, in the first place the ones of oxygen and nitrogen, are continuously synthesized and involved in the regulation of a series of physiological processes. The excess of free radicals is efficiently eliminated from the body in order to prevent their toxic effects. Toxic effects of free radicals may be classified into three groups: a) change of intracellular redox potential, b) oxidative modification of lipids, proteins and DNA, and c) gene activation. Lipid peroxidation involving cell membranes, lipoproteins and other molecules leads to the production of primary high-reactive intermediaries (alkyl radicals, conjugated dienes, peroxy- and alkoxyl radicals and lipid hydroperoxide), whose further breakdown generates the secondary products of lipid peroxidation: short-chain evaporable hydrocarbons, aldehydes and final products of lipid peroxidation: isoprostanes, MDA, 4-hydroxy-2, 3-transnonenal and 4,5-dihydroxydecenal which are important mediators of atherosclerosis, coronary disease, acute myocardial infarction, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic sclerosis and lupus erythematodes. Oxidative modification of proteins is manifested by changes in their primary, secondary and tertiary structures. Proteins have a specific biological function, and therefore their modification results in unique functional consequences. The nature of protein modification may provide valid information on the type of oxidants causing the damage. Chlorotyrosyl is a specific marker of oxidative damage to tyrosine caused by HOCl action, which most commonly reflects the involvement of neutrophils and monocytes in oxidative stress, while nitrotyrosyl indicates the presence of higher peroxy-nitrite synthesis. Methyonin and cysteine are the amino acids most sensitive to oxidative stress, carbonyl groups are markers of severe damage caused by free radicals, and di-tyrosyl is the most significant and sensitive marker of oxidative modification made by γ rays. Carbonyl stress is an important form of the secondary oxidation of proteins, where reducing sugars non-enzymatically react with amino groups of proteins and lipids and give rise to the production of covalent compounds known as advanced glycosylated end products (AGE-products). A hydroxyl radical damages the DNA, leading to a loss of base and the formation of abasic sites (AP sites), break of DNA chain and sugar modification. Final lipid peroxidation products (MDA) may covalently bind to DNA, producing the DNA radicals which are responsible for mutations. Measurement of an adequate oxidative stress biomarker may not only point to an early onset of disease, its progression and assessment of therapy effectiveness, but can also help in the clarification of the pathophysiological mechanisms of tissue damage caused by oxidative stress, prediction of disease prognosis and choice of appropriate treatment in
El-Ghibli. Il caso di una rivista di letteratura della migrazione
Antonella Emina
Altre Modernità , 2009,
Abstract: During the XX, literary magazines were the elected places for experimenting in literature and for spreading cultural and political manifestoes, but in the XXI print seems to loose its appeal. Online literary magazines begin publishing important writers and interesting new ones. Besides they deal with the most significant themes of our time. El Ghibli - rivista online di letteratura della migrazione, that really promotes migrant writers in Italy, is elected as a case study. This article describes its essential features and verifies its position among Italian literature and national cultural movements. Moreover, it is a preliminary study of the magazine which is a quite original issue within the Italian milieu.
Compressing Mixed-State Sources by Sending Classical Information
Emina Soljanin
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: We consider visible compression for discrete memoryless sources of mixed quantum states when only classical information can be sent from Alice to Bob. We assume that Bob knows the source statistics, and that Alice and Bob have identical random number generators. We put in an information theoretic framework some recent results on visible compression for sources of states with commuting density operators, and remove the commutativity requirement. We derive a general achievable compression rate, which is for the noncommutative case still higher than the known lower bound. We also present several related problems of classical information theory, and show how they can be used to answer some questions of the mixed state compression problem.
Makanin-Razborov diagrams for limit groups
Emina Alibegovic
Mathematics , 2004, DOI: 10.2140/gt.2007.11.643
Abstract: We give a description of $Hom(G,L)$, where $L$ is a limit group (fully residually free group). We construct a finite diagram of groups, Makanin-Razborov diagram, that gives a convinient representation of all such homomorphisms.
A Combination Theorem for Relatively Hyperbolic Groups
Emina Alibegovic
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: In this paper we give new requirements that a tree of $\delta$-hyperbolic spaces has to satisfy in order to be $\delta$-hyperbolic itself. As an application, we give a simple proof that limit groups are relatively hyperbolic.
Translation lengths in Out(F_n)
Emina Alibegovic
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: We prove that all elements of infinite order in $Out(F_n)$ have positive translation lengths; moreover, they are bounded away from zero. Consequences include a new proof that solvable subgroups of $Out(F_n)$ are finitely generated and virtually abelian and the new result that such subgroups are quasi-convex.
The evaluation of vision in children using monocular vision acuity and strereo-acuity tests
MO Emina, AB Osaiyuwu
Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association , 2005,
Abstract: Monocular visual acuity and stereo-acuity tests were carried out on 308 children between the ages of two to twelve years. Children with reduced visual acuity (V.A) and who failed the RandomDot E (RDE) stereo- acuity tests were further examined for associated eye problems. 308 (97.7%) children were tested for monocular visual acuity, 287(93.8%) children for RDE stereo-acuity and 263 (85.4%) for Randot circles stereo-acuity test. Reduced visual acuity was found in 38 (12.3%) children and 3 (1%) children were blind in one eye. 21 (26.8%) children who failed stereo-acuity had ocular problems and 17(5.5%) children failed both stereo-acuity and monocular visual acuity tests. There was no significant difference between preschool and school aged children with reduced V.A (Z = 1.047, Z = 3.84). It is thus useful that monocular visual acuity and stereopsis eye examination be part of the routine eye examinations for children.
Application of Business Intelligence in the Banking Industry
Bogdan Ubiparipovi?,Emina ?urkovi?
International Scientific Journal of Management Information Systems , 2011,
Abstract: A highly dynamic market, changing client demands, fierce competition, the necessity of strict control and risk management are only some of the characteristics of the business environment where modern banks conduct their operations. Better management and better decision-making process make the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful on the market with these characteristics.Business intelligence solutions for banks should provide the decision makers from all business segments of a bank with the ability to manage and exploit information resources, in order to solve the problems and make timely and high-quality decisions. Business intelligence systems in banks must be comprehensive and yet simple for the end user. Business intelligence covers many areas of the bank, and among the most important are: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Performance Management (PM), Risk Management (RM), Asset and Liability Management (ALM), and Compliance. Data warehouse and online analytical processes (OLAP) form the informational basis for the application of business intelligence.Data mining and knowledge retrieval are also important segments of business intelligence and deal with complex statistical analysis, discovering "hidden" relationships between data and forecasting the behaviour trends of business systems.

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