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Protective effect of carboxymethyl-glucan (CM-G) against DNA damage in patients with advanced prostate cancer
Magnani, Marciane;Castro-Gomez, Raul Jorge Hernan;Mori, Mateus Prates;Kuasne, Hellen;Gregório, Emerson Pereira;Libos Jr, Farid;Cólus, Ilce Mara de Syllos;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572010005000103
Abstract: carboxymethyl-glucan (cm-g) is a soluble derivative from saccharomyces cerevisiae (1 → 3)(1 → 6)-β-d-glucan. the protective efficiency of cm-g against dna damage in cells from patients with advanced prostate cancer (pca), and undergoing androgen deprivation therapy (adt), was evaluated. dna damage scores were obtained by the comet assay, both before and after treatment with cm-g. the reduction in dna damage, ranging from 18% to 87%, with an average of 59%, was not related to the increased number of leukocytes in peripheral blood. the results demonstrate for the first time the protective effect of cm-g against dna damage in patients with advanced pca. among smokers, three presented the highest reduction in dna damage after treatment with cm-g. there was no observable relationship between dna damage scores before and after treatment, and age, alcoholism and radiotherapy.
Induction of a geochemical barrier for As, Fe and S immobilization in a sulfide substrate
Assis, Igor Rodrigues de;Dias, Luiz Eduardo;Ribeiro Jr, Emerson Silva;Abrah?o, Walter Ant?nio Pereira;Mello, Jaime Wilson Vargas de;Veloso, Renato Welmer;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832012000200036
Abstract: acid mine drainage (amd) is an environmental concern due to the risk of element mobilization, including toxic elements, and inclusion in the food chain. in this study, three cover layers were tested to minimize as, fe and s mobilization from a substrate from former gold mining, containing pyrite and arsenopyrite. for this purpose, different layers (capillary break, sealant and cover layer) above the substrate and the induction of a geochemical barrier (gb) were used to provide suitable conditions for adsorption and co-precipitation of the mobilized as. thirteen treatments were established to evaluate the leaching of as, fe and s from a substrate in lysimeters. the ph, as, fe, s, na, and k concentrations and total volume of the leachates were determined. mineralogical analyses were realized in the substrate at the end of the experimental period. lowest amounts of as, fe and s (average values of 5.47, 48.59 and 132.89 g/lysimeter) were leached in the treatments that received na and k to induce gb formation. mineralogical analyses indicated jarosite formation in the control treatment and in treatments that received na and k salts. however, the jarosite amounts in these treatments were higher than in the control, suggesting that these salts accelerated the gb formation. high amounts of as, fe and s (average values of 11.7, 103.94 and 201.13 g/lysimeter) were observed in the leachate from treatments without capillary break layer. the formation of geochemical barrier and the use of different layers over the sulfide substrate proved to be efficient techniques to decrease as, fe and s mobilization and mitigate the impact of acid mine drainage.
Cover layers to the growth of trees and shrobs over a sulfide spoil from gold mining
Assis, Igor Rodrigues de;Dias, Luiz Eduardo;Abrah?o, Walter Ant?nio Pereira;Ribeiro Jr, Emerson Silva;Mello, Jaime Wilson Vargas de;
Revista árvore , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622011000500019
Abstract: this work was done at a gold mine company in paracatu, mg, brazil, and was conducted from march 2000 to november 2005. the substrate (spoil) studied was a phillite rock which contains sulfides such as pyrite and arsenopyrite. this study aimed to evaluate the survival and growth of plant species on different combinations of substrate layers over the spoil. these layers were a cover layer and a sealing layer, both deposited over the spoil. the treatment 1 had saprolite (b1) in the sealing layer (sl) and b1 with liming (b1l) in the cover layer (cl). the treatment 2 had b1 in sl and b1l + soil with liming (sol) in the cl. the treatment 3 had b1 + sol in the sl and b1l in the cl. the treatment 4 had b1 + sol in the sl and b1l + sol in the cl. the plant species used were acacia farnesiana, a. holosericea, a. polyphylla, albizia lebbeck, clitoria fairchildiana, flemingia sp., mimosa artemisiana, m. bimucronata e enterolobium contortisiliquum. forty and 57 months after planting, collardiameter, height, and living plants were evaluated. the greatest survival rate was oobservedintreatmentwith b horizon of an oxisoil in both layers, with 80 %. in general, m. bimucronata and a. farnesiana species showed the highest survival rate. the arsenic-content by mehlich 3 in the cover layer ranged from 0.00 to 14.69 mg dm- 3 among treatments. the experimental results suggest that layers combinations above the sulfide substrate allow the rapid revegetation of the spoil.
A regula??o pública da saúde no Estado brasileiro: uma revis?o
Santos, Fausto Pereira dos;Merhy, Emerson Elias;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832006000100003
Abstract: aiming at analyzing the public regulation of the health care system in brazil, this essay concerns the area of healthcare management and policies. taking regulation to mean the capacity to intervene in the offer of services, changing or orienting their execution, the paper discusses its historical evolution, its determinants, the different regulation strategies used, their objectives, the actors involved, and, in particular, the instruments created by the government, one of the actors. the study is based on a review of the subject, debating conceptual issues and the tools used in the regulatory process in the healthcare field, its reach and limitations.
Análise dos determinantes da oferta no setor de turismo: efeitos sobre o setor de transporte aéreo
Edgard Antonio Pereira,Emerson Fernandes Mar?al
Revista de Literatura dos Transportes , 2011,
Abstract: A atividade turística é uma das variáveis determinantes da estrutura de oferta do setor de transportes aéreos e de seu desempenho econ mico. Neste artigo analisa-se a literatura econ mica aplicada ao setor de turismo, mostrando que em fun o das características do bem “turismo” há potencialidade de ocorrência de falhas de mercado que impedem a melhor aloca o dos recursos. Essas falhas de mercado podem ocorrer por problemas de informa o, externalidades ou super-utiliza o de recursos n o renováveis. Em consequência, uma adequada regula o do setor é necessária para a obten o de uma aloca o mais eficiente dos recursos. A regula o deverá contemplar em cada caso a op o por uma explora o de maior valor ou maior volume do bem turístico e necessariamente deverá contemplar as diversas esferas de governo: federal, estadual e municipal. A op o regulatória adotada resultará em diferentes impactos sobre a estrutura o da oferta e sobre o desempenho do setor de transportes aéreos.
Analysis of the supply determinants of tourism sector: effects on air transportion sector [paper in Portuguese]
Edgard Antonio Pereira,Emerson Fernandes Mar?al
Journal of Transport Literature , 2011,
Abstract: Tourist activity is one of the variables determining the structure of the air transport sector supply and the economic performance of this sector. This article analyzes the economic literature applied to the tourism sector, showing that depending on the characteristics of good "tourism" is the potential occurrence of market failures that prevent the best allocation of resources. These market failures may occur due to problems of information, externalities or over use of nonrenewable resources. As a result, a proper regulation of the sector is required to obtain a more efficient allocation of resources. The regulation should include in each case the option of a higher value or greater volume strategy of use of the touristic good and necessarily must include the various tiers of government: federal, state and municipal levels. The regulatory option adopted leads to different impacts on the supply structure and on the performance of the air transport sector.
Quest?es epistemológicas das neurociências cognitivas
Pereira Jr., Alfredo;
Trabalho, Educa??o e Saúde , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1981-77462010000300010
Abstract: this essay pinpoints four key issues that are central to the epistemology of cognition-oriented neurosciences: the multiple levels of analysis in the study of the brain functions, the confrontation between the computational and dynamicist models; the proper treatment of the interactions among the brain, the body, and the environment; and the philosophical problems encountered in the attempts made to build a neurobiological theory of conscious and human language processes.
Uma Reflex o a Respeito da Evolu o Humana e a Natureza da Linguagem
Alfredo Pereira Jr.
Abstracta : Linguagem, Mente e A??o , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper I discuss scientific and philosophical issues related to the interdisciplinary area ofNeurolinguistics, focusing on the origin and nature of human language. What kind ofevolutionary process leads to the emergence of language? I propose that this process began withthe adoption of bipedalism, triggering the co-evolution of new brain structures and forms ofsocial organization. This process created a context that favoured the emergence of articulatedvocalization using a combinatorial linguistic system. The identification of sufficient conditionsfor the emergence of human language in this context depends on the paradigm adopted for theanalysis. I look for a synthesis of nativist and constructivist paradigms, showing that bothcontribute to an understanding of the origin and nature of human language.
What The Cognitive Neurosciences Mean To Me
Alfredo Pereira Jr
Mens Sana Monographs , 2007,
Abstract: Cognitive Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary area of research that combines measurement of brain activity (mostly by means of neuroimaging) with a simultaneous performance of cognitive tasks by human subjects. These investigations have been successful in the task of connecting the sciences of the brain (Neurosciences) and the sciences of the mind (Cognitive Sciences). Advances on this kind of research provide a map of localization of cognitive functions in the human brain. Do these results help us to understand how mind relates to the brain? In my view, the results obtained by the Cognitive Neurosciences lead to new investigations in the domain of Molecular Neurobiology, aimed at discovering biophysical mechanisms that generate the activity measured by neuroimaging instruments. In this context, I argue that the understanding of how ionic/molecular processes support cognition and consciousness cannot be made by means of the standard reductionist explanations. Knowledge of ionic/molecular mechanisms can contribute to our understanding of the human mind as long as we assume an alternative form of explanation, based on psycho-physical similarities, together with an ontological view of mentality and spirituality as embedded in physical nature (and not outside nature, as frequently assumed in western culture).
A publica o científica na atualidade Current scientific publication
Alfredo Pereira Jr.
Jornal Vascular Brasileiro , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/s1677-54492007000400002
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