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Condicionamento fisiológico e vigor de sementes de maxixe
Araújo, Paulo Costa;Torres, Salvador Barros;Benedito, Clarisse Pereira;Paiva, Emanoela Pereira de;
Revista Brasileira de Sementes , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31222011000300011
Abstract: priming is a technique for controlling seed hydration that allows activation of germination metabolic processes but avoiding the emission of the primary root and providing uniformity and better plant performance in the field. the objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of hydropriming on germination, emergence and seedling development in gherkins. gherkin seeds of the do norte and nordeste cultivars, represented by three lots, were primed at 20 °c on paper towels until they reached 33.5% (nordeste) or 36.6% (do norte) water content. part of the seeds were dried at room temperature (28-34 ° c) and a relative humidity of 45-55% until water content was 7.0 to 8.5%. the physiological potential of the seeds was determined in the laboratory by evaluating germination rate and speed. later, the percentage and emergence speed index, height and dry mass of seedlings 14 days after sowing were determined in the greenhouse. hydropriming benefitted the germination and vigor characteristics of both cultivars.
Growth of chamaecyparis lawsoniana nursery trees with different levels of covering and substrate mineral fertilization / Crescimento de mudas de chamaecyparis lawsoniana em diferentes níveis de aduba o mineral do substrato e em cobertura
Andressa Emanoela do Prado,Gabriely Pinto Pereira,Denise Bruginski de Carvalho,Ruy Inacio Neiva de Carvalho
Semina : Ciências Agrárias , 2009,
Abstract: Two simultaneous experiments were accomplished in the Nursery of Ornamental Plants of the Federal University of Paraná State with the objective of evaluating the effect of mineral fertilization on the growth of nursery trees of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana planted directly in the field and in individual packings. The experimental design was the completely randomized with five combinations of NPK 4-30-10 + urea, in grams (0 + 0; 30 + 10; 60 + 20; 90 + 30 and 120 + 40 for the field and 0 + 0; 10 + 4; 20 + 8; 30 + 12 and 40 + 16 for the packings) and four replications. The growth of the plants was observed during one year and the height of plants and the diameter of the trunks were evaluated each two months. The fertilization in covering in the field did not stimulate the growth of the plants. The substrate fertilization promoted significantly higher growth of plants in height and diameter of trunks in the period from September to May. The trunk diameter was more influenced, demonstrating that the secondary growth of the plant is more stimulated by the fertilization. The plant growth in the field was greater than the plant growth in individual packings. Foram realizados dois experimentos simultaneos no Viveiro de Plantas Ornamentais da Universidade Federal do Paraná com o objetivo de avaliar o efeito da aduba o mineral sobre o crescimento de mudas de Chamaecyparis lawsoniana plantadas diretamente no campo e em recipientes individuais. Utilizou-se o delineamento completamente casualizado com cinco combina es de NPK (4-30-10) mais uréia, em gramas, (0 + 0; 30 + 10; 60 + 20; 90 + 30 e 120 + 40, respectivamente para o campo e 0 + 0; 10 + 4; 20 + 8; 30 + 12 e 40 + 16, respectivamente para os recipientes) e quatro repeti es. O crescimento das plantas foi observado durante um ano, realizando-se avalia es de altura da muda e diametro do tronco a cada dois meses. A aduba o em cobertura a campo n o estimulou o crescimento das mudas. A aduba o de substrato promoveu maior crescimento de mudas em recipiente em altura e em diametro de tronco mais significativamente no período de setembro a maio. O crescimento em diametro do tronco da muda foi mais influenciado, demonstrando que o crescimento secundário da planta foi mais estimulado pela aduba o. O crescimento das mudas a campo foi maior que o ocorrido em recipientes.
Qualidade fisiológica de sementes de girassol avaliadas por condutividade elétrica
Oliveira, Fabrícia Nascimento de;Torres, Salvador Barros;Vieira, Francisco Elvis Ramos;Paiva, Emanoela Pereira de;Dutra, Alek Sandro;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1983-40632012000300007
Abstract: the seed quality evaluation is essential in quality control programs. thus, vigor tests have been developed to differentiate seed lots, due to the limitations of the germination test. this study aimed at evaluating the electrical conductivity test efficiency for determining the physiological quality of sunflower seeds. ten lots of sunflower seeds (catissol and multissol cultivars) were used. initially, the quality of each lot was determined, besides the seeds moisture content, by using tests of germination, first counting and seedling emergence, in a greenhouse. then, the seeds were submitted to the electrical conductivity test, for four soaking periods (6, 12, 18 and 24 hours), by using disposable plastic cups containing 25 and 50 seeds, in 50 ml and 75 ml of deionized water, at 25oc and 30oc. the experimental design was completely randomized, in a 5x4 factorial scheme (five lots and four soaking periods), separately for each cultivar, with four replications. it was possible to conclude that the electrical conductivity test combining 25oc, 75 ml of deionized water and 50 seeds was sufficiently sensitive to evaluate the physiological quality of sunflower seeds.
Effects of an experimental oil spill (bunker) on seedling survival and growth rate of Laguncularia racemosa (Combretaceae)
Emanoela Nardes,Maurício Garcia de Camargo,Paulo Cunha Lana
Biotemas , 2013,
Abstract: The effects of bunker oil on survival and growth rate of Laguncularia racemosa were tested using 60 seedlings planted in small plastic bags (experimental unit). One of the six treatments was randomly assigned to each bag: 0 mL (control), 10 mL, 20 mL, 30 mL, 40 mL e 50 mL of bunker oil spilled in each bag. The experiment was monitored weekly for 20 weeks. The results were analyzed by repeated measure ANOVA and linear regression. In the first seven weeks, we observed chlorosis, loss of leafs and death rate significantly superior to plants of all treatments compared to the control group. Persistent effects like reduction of stem growth and leaf production was proportional to the initial oil concentration. The plants from control and 10 mL treatments were significantly superior to all remaining treatments in height, leaf number and healthy level. Results indicated that L. racemosa seedlings suffer both lethal and sublethal effects from exposition to bunker oil exposure.
Percentual de degrada??o das for?as liberadas por ligaduras elásticas
Souza, Emanoela Volles de;Mendes, Alvaro de Moraes;Almeida, Marco Ant?nio de Oliveira;Quint?o, Cátia Cardoso Abdo;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192008000200016
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate gray and clear module and cane-loaded elastomeric ligatures of the brand morelli to determine the percentage of decay of the forces they deliver. methods: the elastomeric ligatures were stretched over 4mm diameter stainless steel dowels and placed in synthetic saliva bath at 37oc. the intensity of the forces delivered were taken at start, after 24 hours, one week, two weeks, three weeks and four weeks at a tensile test machine. results and conclusions: the cane-loaded ligatures delivered, in a period of 4 weeks, in average, greater force intensity than the modules. the percentage of force decay of all ligatures increased rapidly between zero and 24 hours and gradually after that period, except for the 28th day, when probably there was a loss of elastic properties of the ligatures. the researchers did not note any constant behavior in the cane-loaded and module ligatures in relation to the colors: gray and clear.
A crise ambiental e o papel da Educa??o: um estudo fundado na ontologia marxiana
Jimenez, Susana;Terceiro, Emanoela;
Educa??o em Revista , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-46982009000300015
Abstract: the paper relates to a research study currently in progress, which analyses, in a broader way, the educational paradigms connected to a project entitled education for all, from the marxian ontology point of view. in this sense, it attempts to offer some introductory critical elements to the dominant approach applied to the issue of environmental crisis and its implications to the education for sustainable development. to accomplish this task, it portrays, in general lines, the most current discourses on ecology, going over some significant events that compose the environmental agenda, placing in this context, the role of education. based upon the contributions of some authors who establish the necessary relationships between ecology, education, and the complexity of social reproduction, it points out the need to overcome the present social order, as an imperative condition for the solution of problems concerning human survival, as well as, that of full emancipation of mankind.
As especificidades do brincar de crian as com transtorno invasivo do desenvolvimento: a conquista gradual da capacidade simbólica
Natália Ferraz de Camargo Erba,Ana Carolina de Castro Soares,Clariana Rodrigues Cardin,Emanoela Priscila Toledo Arruda
Revista Ciência em Extens?o , 2010,
Abstract: Introdu o: O autismo come ou a ser estudado por Leo Kanner, psiquiatra americano, na década de 1940 e atualmente está classificado segundo DSM-IV, como Transtorno Global de Desenvolvimento, ou ainda como Transtorno Invasivo do Desenvolvimento pelo CID-10. Porém, suas causas ainda n o s o claras e há uma dificuldade no diagnóstico, o que levou muitos enganos, erros de tratamento e cuidados maiores para com os portadores. Este distúrbio caracteriza-se por isolamento, distúrbios de comunica o verbais e n o-verbais, necessidade de imutabilidade (a exemplo das estereotipias), respostas perturbadas a estímulos sensoriais, anomalias motoras, afetos inadequados, distúrbios do desenvolvimento, entre outros. No município de Assis, o Projeto Fênix, fundado em 2005, tem por finalidade oferecer atendimento para pessoas com transtornos invasivos do desenvolvimento, realizando atividades acadêmicas, de música, pintura, educa o física e pré-oficinas, com o objetivo de amenizar os desvios presentes nestas pessoas, auxiliar e apoiar suas famílias e difundir o conhecimento sobre o autismo. Objetivos: O presente projeto de extens o tem por objetivo favorecer o desenvolvimento da capacidade cognitiva e emocional de crian as com transtornos invasivos do desenvolvimento por intermédio de atividades lúdicas interativas. Métodos: Partindo das observa es realizadas semanalmente em 2008, a montagem da brinquedoteca foi planejada de forma a atender as necessidades principais das crian as participantes do projeto. Foram atendidas sete crian as divididas em dois grupos, sendo que cada grupo participa da brinquedoteca duas vezes por semana em sess es de cinqüenta minutos. Resultados: Até o momento, dentre os resultados observados, pode-se destacar que as tendências iniciais das crian as se resumiam a aproximar-se dos brinquedos de forma estereotipada e, posteriormente, com o desenrolar das atividades evidencia-se uma amplia o de suas capacidades simbólicas, representadas pelo brincar mais diversificado, coletivo e com maior intera o uns com os outros e com as estagiárias. Outro fator observado é que a amplia o da capacidade lúdica da crian a melhora sua intera o favorecendo a implanta o de propostas de inclus o escolar. Palavras-chaves: brincar, autismo, crian a.
Use of nylon tie-rap in the prior hemostasis on ovariosalpingohisterectomy in cats Bra adeiras de náilon para hemostasia preventiva na ovariosalpingohisterectomia em gatas
Jo?o Moreira Costa Neto,Emanoela Matheo Teixeira,Emanoel Martins Ferreira Filho,Júlia Morena de Miranda Le?o Toríbio
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2009,
Abstract: Ovariesalpingohistectomy (OSH) is a reproductive cycle inhibitor often used to control canine and feline populations, as well as infectious diseases that spread from these and other animals to humans. In an attempt to make OSH a practical and crucial part of the public health programs, several studies have been developed focusing on minimizing surgical trauma, surgical time and reducing operating costs. The purpose is in examining the effectiveness, practicality and functionality of nylon tie-rap as an alternative method in reducing hemostasis in felines. The nylon tie-rap, originally designed for electro-hydraulic maneuvers, has been tested in some surgical procedures in which securer vascular bandages are required. Results from using nylon tie-rap during feline operations offered effective patient care in less time, reduced scarring and faster recuperation. Fifty healthy adult female felines of varying species, size and weight were referred to the Veterinary Medicine Hospital - UFBA to undergo surgical procedures to measure physiological changes in their reproductive hormones. Based on the results, the nylon tie-rap offered one of the safest medical devices and provided resistance to traction without breakage or loosening during or after application. In conclusion, the nylon tie-rap has far-reaching potential as a vascular bandage, in which it can be surgically inserted easily, reduces clinical cost and increases the number of patients in need of veterinarian care. A ovariosalpingohisterectomia (OSH) é indicada para inibi o do ciclo estral, frequentemente empregada no controle populacional de c es e gatos e, consequentemente, no controle de zoonoses. Na tentativa de viabilizar esse procedimento, visando sua aplica o em programas de saúde pública, diversos estudos vêm sendo desenvolvidos objetivando minimizar os traumas cirúrgicos, otimizar o tempo de cirurgia e, principalmente, diminuir os custos operacionais. Para tanto, objetivou-se avaliar a eficácia, operacionalidade e funcionalidade da bra adeira de náilon como método alternativo de hemostasia preventiva na OSH em gatas. As bra adeiras de náilon, inicialmente projetadas para emprego em manobras eletro-hidraúlicas, têm sido testadas em alguns procedimentos cirúrgicos que exigem ligaduras vasculares seguras, reduzindo o tempo operatório e mostrando-se inertes ao organismo. Para realiza o deste estudo, foram utilizadas bra adeiras de náilon, esterilizadas em sistema de autoclavagem e empregadas na OSH de 50 gatas hígidas, adultas, de diferentes ra as, encaminhadas ao Hospital de Medicina Veteriná
Universidad y currículo: nuevas perspectivas
Elisabete Pereira de Aguiar Pereira
Perfiles educativos , 2005,
Abstract: El artículo pone a discusión un análisis de los cambios en la producción de conocimiento con nuevas bases,distintas a las trazadas por los paradigmas de la modernidad, y sus consecuencias para la universidady el currículo universitario. éste es el fruto de investigación teórica desarrollada por el Grupo de Estudiose Investigación sobre Educación Superior de la Facultad de Educación de UNICAMP, Brasil, y discute losnuevos principios, conceptos y visiones que, por estar estructurados por otra epistemología, influyenenormemente en la forma de abordar el conocimiento en el currículo universitario. Se analiza la relaciónde la universidad moderna en su base epistemológica y cómo los cambios en esta base han afectadolas cuestiones curriculares de la universidad.
International Recommendations on Calculation of Absorbed Dose in Biota: A Comprehensive Revue  [PDF]
Wagner de S. Pereira, Alphonse Kelecom
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.59077

Since the early times, radioprotection has been focused on the human being. Currently this approach has changed, being now also necessary to take care of the protection of the environment from unwanted effects of ionizing radiation. To this end, several institutions (UNSCEAR, ICRP, IAEA, DOE, ACRP) and consortia of institutions (FASSET, ERICA) have established procedures in order to protect the biota of such effects. Developed procedures are based on the calculation of the absorbed dose in biota (ICRP, DOE, IAEA), or on environmental risk assessment―ERA (DOE, ACRP, FASSET, ERICA); but even in this latter approach the parameters used are related to the absorbed doses in biota. The calculation of dose is the standard procedure in human radioprotection, and this points such an approach as the most interesting for providing a convergence between human and nonhuman (= biota) radioprotections. On the other hand, the ERA approach is easier to apply, because this methodology is used in several countries for non-radioactive contamination assessments. Since the world radioprotection system follows a number of institutions (UNSCEAR, ICRP, IAEA and regulatory institutions of member countries) that use dose calculation, this appears to be the way for biota radioprotection. We here review and comment the evolution of the concepts and approaches of the recommendations for radioprotection of non-human biota.

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