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Profile of Patients with Stroke and Disorders of the Vocal Tract  [PDF]
Lina Claudia Pereira Lopes, Daniel Almeida da Costa, Marcus Vinicius de Mello Pinto, Aline Ronis Sampaio, Lamara Laguardia Valente Rocha, Isabela Nardoni Bernardes, Rafael Batista Ferreira, Elias Sobreira Sathler, R. R. B. T. Vieira
World Journal of Neuroscience (WJNS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjns.2017.71008
Abstract: Background: The present work aims to characterize the profile of patients with stroke treat at a hospital located in the Region of the Mata of Minas Gerais, Brazil, considering the findings of the clinical vocal tract, kind of stroke, age and gender of such patients. Methodology: To obtain data, the clinical profile of 133 patients with a clinical or tomography diagnosis of stroke was analyzed, and the results were presented in percentage. For quantitative data average and analysis the tests were done with associations that held χ2 test, and for significance it was considered p < 0.05. Results: From the total of patients, 63 were women, accounting for 47.4% and the other 52.6% were males. Clinically, they were characterized with the highest percentage for ischemic stroke (89.4%) compared to the hemorrhagic type (10.6%). Most of them were referred for computed tomography (86.5%) and remained hospitalized for an average of 6.496 ± 7.372 days. Similar percentages were obtained in the analysis of the population in question, when considering if they had (54.1%) or not (49.6%) any damage in their speech, language skills or swallowing. There were different types of disabilities in patients with stroke. Men with an average age of 69.8 ± 13.9 presents mostly ischemic stroke, and the majority of patients with stroke had hemiplegia and abnormalities of the vocal tract, dysphasia, and aphasia. While older patients had an ischemic stroke and were presented with left hemiplegia, the younger ones suffered from hemorrhagic strokes that caused a disability characterized as right hemiplegic. Conclusion: Our results show important conclusions regarding the clinical evolution of the vocal tract of patients who suffered strokes during the period of the analysis, being useful for better comprehension of how the vocal tract from these patients evolved according to the kind of stroke, sex and age also allowing a contraposition with other future statistics periods available in literature. It can also be pointed out the difficulties in diagnosing the stroke and the concern with the immediate care, but not with its continuance or with its multidisciplinary approach, giving an evident life risk through dysphasia and the increase of permanent damage when there isn’t an appropriate work done with the patients.
Main Microbial Genres and Its Profile of Resistance and Sensitivity to Antimicrobials Used in the Treatment of Oncological Patients with Febril Neutropenia  [PDF]
Hélvecio Cardoso Póvoa, Richard Raphael Borges Tavares Vieira, Elias Sobreira Sathler, Isabela Nardoni Bernardes, Rafael Batista Ferreira, Mário Henrique Couto Lima, Thiago Sande Miguel, Nayrton Kalys Cruz dos Anjos, Lamara Laguardia Valente Rocha, Daniel Almeida da Costa
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2018.61005
Abstract: Objective: To determine the main microbial genotypes and their antimicrobial resistance and susceptibility profile commonly used in the treatment of oncologic patients with febrile neutropenia, carried out through the review of the clinical histories of the patients’ medical records at the Hospital do Cancer de Muriaé-Fundacao Cristiano Varella. Methods: Quantitative research, determined the susceptibility profile of microorganisms in patients with febrile neutropenia from April 2007 to April 2008 by reviewing clinical histories of patients’ medical records at the referred hospital. Results: Of the total of 8 patients evaluated with Gram-negative microorganisms, 50% of the patients were female and 50% were male. Of the 18 patients evaluated with Gram-positive microorganisms 66% were female and 34% male. Gram-positive bacteria are prevalent and cause around 60% of documented bacteremias, although Gram-negative bacteria are more common in febrile neutropenic patientes. Conclusion: Exaggerated use of antimicrobials in hospitalized patients leads to the suppression of drug-sensitive microorganisms from the intestinal flora and promotes the persistence and growth of resistant bacteria. The antibiotic should be used in a curative manner with other therapeutic measures with the determined bacterial infection.
Study of Effects of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), in Scar-Induced Skin Wounds in Rats Wistar: The New Clinical Perspective for Ulcers  [PDF]
Marcus Vinicius de Mello Pinto, Aline Ronis Sampaio, Reggiani Vilela Gon?alves, Carlos Eduardo Tenório da Veiga, Lamara Laguardia Valente Rocha, Daniel Almeida da Costa, Lina Claudia Pereira Lopes, Rafael Batista Ferreira, Pamela Mara Cainelli Valim, Kellen Regina Rodrigues Chaveiro, Elias Sobreira Sathler, Richard Raphael Borges Tavares Vieira, Isabela Nardoni Bernardes
Modern Research in Inflammation (MRI) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/mri.2017.61001
Abstract: Photodynamic therapy today is becoming an important role in the healing of lacerated tissues, since it has therapeutic resources capable of accelerating this process. One treatment option is the clinical phototherapy, and Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is being widely used. This study aims to evaluate the effect of PDT on the healing of skin wounds in rats. We used a sample of 39 male rats Wistar divided into three groups, a control, a PDT-treated green and red with the last PDT. After 24 hours before the surgical incisions, PDT was used in both groups for 6 minutes and was evaluated in histological level, the inflammatory reaction and the repair process. The results showed that the granulation tissue was more developed in the irradiated group than in the control group and the amount of chronic inflammatory cells (monocytes, macrophages, lymphocytes and plasma cells) predominated with green phototherapy. The epithelialization in the wound margins and scarring with better quality occurred with red PDT (640 nm), which the higher deposition was of collagen. However, phototherapy not collimated of 640 nm (red) resulted in better anti-inflammatory effects. Given these answers with phototherapy not collimated green (525 nm) and red (640 nm), we conclude that the use of these wavelengths is possible with benefits, mainly with red LED.
Fibrose miocárdica e remodelamento ventricular na insuficiência aórtica cr?nica importante
Elias, Nelson;Tarasoutchi, Flávio;Spina, Guilherme Sobreira;Sampaio, Roney O.;Pomerantzeff, Pablo M. A.;Laurindo, Francisco Rafael;Grinberg, Max;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2009000100010
Abstract: background: significant symptomatic chronic aortic regurgitation (ar) leads to considerable left ventricular remodeling at the expense of myocyte hypertrophy and extracellular matrix remodeling. the relevance of interstitial fibrosis concentration in these patients is unknown. we analyzed the degree of fibrosis in the left ventricle (lv) in symptomatic patients with ar submitted to surgical treatment, and its relationship with functional and anatomical characteristics. objective: to evaluate myocardical fibrosis in chronic severe aortic regurgitation. methods: twenty-eight patients with chronic symptomatic ar (16 with normal lv function and 12 with lv dysfunction) were selected and assessed pre- and postoperatively by echocardiography. functional capacity was measured using maximal oxygen consumption (vo2max) through the cardiopulmonary test. myocardial fibrosis volume fraction (mfv) was quantified through endomyocardial biopsy performed in all patients during surgery. we compared the histopathologic results with a nine-patient control group. results: the mean age was 39 ± 12 years, 75% of the patients were male, and the rheumatic etiology accounted for 84% of the cases. twenty-five patients remained in fc l and ll at the end of the study, and there was a significant reduction of the lv diameters between the preoperative and late postoperative timepoints. three deaths occurred but they were not related to postoperative ventricular dysfunction. the parameters of the cardiopulmonary test were similar between pre- and postoperative timepoints. mfv in patients with ar was significantly higher than in the control group (3.47 ± 1.9% vs 0.82 ± 0.96%, respectively, p=0.001). there was no statistical correlation among lv fibrosis and lv diameters, lvef and mvo2. conclusion: in patients with significant symptomatic ar, the presence of limited myocardial fibrosis was not associated with clinical, echocardiographic or functional complications.
Efeito do processamento do milho sobre o desempenho e composi??o de carca?a de piaba (Leporinus friderici) criada em tanques-rede
Vieira, Jodnes Sobreira;Logato, Priscila Vieira Rosa;Ribeiro, Paula Adriane Perez;Freitas, Rilke Tadeu Fonseca de;Fialho, Elias Tadeu;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542005000200025
Abstract: the experiment with the objective of verify the effects of the processing (extrusion, rolling and pelleting of corn) on the performance and composition of the piaba (leporinus frederici) carcass, was conducted in the usina hidreletrica da companhia energética de minas gerais - cemig (minas gerais hydroelectric station), in the itutinga- mg , with the lenght of 45 days. the experiment was undertaken in 24 cages of 1m3, 480 fingerlings were utilized, they were distributed into blocks. the four experimental rations were formulated based in corn meal, extruded corn, rolled corn and pelleted corn. the data obtained were submitted to the analysis of variance and the comparison of means of the treatments by the scott & knott test. the results showed any statistical difference in the performance parameters. however, the use of extruded corn and corn meal increased protein content (p<0.05) and decreased fat content (p<0.05) of the carcass traits, these results showed, improved protein utilization for structural purposes. in conclusion the corn processing did not improve the performance of the fish and that corn meal and extruded corn increased protein content and reduced fat content in the carcass.
Do cuidado da alma ao cuidado da vida: evolu es históricas do exercício do cuidado pastoral
Ronaldo Sathler Rosa
Caminhando , 2012,
Abstract: RESUMOEste ensaio revisa a literatura de referência sobre as diferentes ênfases do exercício do cuidado pastoral em diversas fases da história. A divis o da história aqui utilizada é aleatória. O texto tem dois objetivos principais: primeiro, recapitular essa prática milenar da Igreja; segundo, inspirar-se na vida e testemunho da igreja, em sua trajetória histórica, para a contínua renova o do exercício do pastoreio crist o na atualidade. O foco centraliza-se nas intera es de contexto sociocultural e correspondentes ênfases pastorais nos períodos históricos selecionados. Palavras-chave: Cuidado pastoral; teologia pastoral; contexto histórico; fun es pastorais. ABSTRACTThis essay examines the literature regarding the different emphases of the exercise of pastoral care in diverse historical phases. The historical division that is utilized here is random. The text has two principal objectives: first, to recapture this thousand year old practice of the Church; second, to inspire in the life of the Church this witness, in its historical trajectory, in order to maintain continuous renovation of current pastoral action. The focus is concentrated on socio-cultural interaction and correspondent pastoral emphases within the selected historical periods.Keywords: Pastoral care; pastoral theology; historical context; pastoral functions RESUMENEste ensayo revisa la literatura de referencia sobre los diferentes énfasis del ejercicio del cuidado pasto-ral en diversas fases de la historia. La división de la historia aquí utilizada es aleatoria. El texto tiene dos objetivos principales: primero, recapitular esa práctica milenar de la Iglesia; segundo, se inspira en la vida y testimonio de la iglesia, en su trayectoria histórica para la continua renovación del ejercicio del pastoreo cristiano en la actualidad. El enfoque se centra en las interacciones de contexto sociocultu-ral y los correspondientes énfasis pastorales en los períodos históricos seleccionados.Palabras clave: Cuidado pastoral; teología pastoral; contexto histórico; funciones pastorales.
Upper Cervical Spine Infection. Complication of Hypopharyngeal Injury  [PDF]
Ghassan Skaf, Elias Elias
International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (IJOHNS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ijohns.2016.52016
Abstract: Background: We describe a rare case of Candida albicans retropharyngeal infection with upper cervical spondylodiscitis associated with epidural abscess triggered by ingestion of a chicken bone. Case Description: A 63-year-old woman presented with posterior neck and bilateral shoulders pain three weeks after choking on a 2-centimeter chicken bone. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed spondylodiscitis and epidural abscess with significant spinal cord compression at C2 and C3 levels. A Barium swallow showed a focal disruption of the posterior wall of the esophagus. A posterior upper cervical fixation (C2-C5) was initially performed. One week later an anterior decompressive procedure was carried out followed by iliac crest bony fusion, and repair of the esophageal defect. Intra-operative cultures showed heavy growth of Candida albicans. After a transitory post-operative neurologic worsening, and after six weeks of appropriate antifungal therapy, the patient achieved a full clinical and radiologic recovery. Conclusion: Prompt surgical debridement, fusion and stabilization combined with adequate antimicrobial agents are necessary to guarantee a good outcome and reverse the neurological deficits.
A disciplinariza??o do ensino de Música e as contingências do meio escolar
Sobreira, Silvia;
Per Musi , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-75992012000200012
Abstract: since the proclamation of law 11.769/2008 in brazil, music education has been seeking full acceptance as an academic focus in that country. this article considers some of the characteristics inherent in this process. it has been alleged that theories in the field of curricular development may contribute to the serious study of this subject. the article concludes that the search for appropriate procedures and methodologies may be unproductive if it does not take into consideration several influences that the study of music undergoes to become an educational discipline.
A disciplinariza o do ensino de Música e as contingências do meio escolar Shaping music in Brazilian curricula and the constraints of the schooling environment
Silvia Sobreira
Per Musi , 2012,
Abstract: A partir da promulga o da Lei 11.769/2008, a educa o musical busca sua inser o e aceita o no contexto escolar. Neste artigo, s o consideradas algumas características inerentes a este processo. é alegado que as teoriza es advindas do campo dos estudos curriculares podem contribuir para o aprofundamento do assunto. Conclui-se que a busca por procedimentos e metodologias adequados pode ser improdutiva se n o forem levadas em considera o as várias influências que os conhecimentos sofrem ao se tornarem disciplinas escolares. Since the proclamation of Law 11.769/2008 in Brazil, music education has been seeking full acceptance as an academic focus in that country. This article considers some of the characteristics inherent in this process. It has been alleged that theories in the field of curricular development may contribute to the serious study of this subject. The article concludes that the search for appropriate procedures and methodologies may be unproductive if it does not take into consideration several influences that the study of music undergoes to become an educational discipline.
Mudan as climáticas globais: as dimens es humanas em perspectiva
Douglas Sathler,Ruibran dos Reis
Revista Brasileira de Estudos de Popula??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/s0102-30982010000100015
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