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Chemical characteristics of a Gleysoil under different soil use systems along the Guamá river banks in Belém, Pará
Elessandra Laura Nogueira Lopes,Ant?nio Rodrigues Fernandes,Catherine Grimaldi,Maria de Lourdes Pinheiro Ruivo
Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi : Ciências Naturais , 2006,
Abstract: The effect of the use of the soil on the fertility has been studied, in Gleyssoil under three different management systems. Collections had been made before the rainy period in the following handling systems: rice (Oriza sativa L.) plantation area, cultivated for approximately 40 years, with some interruptions in during this period. Some times the culture was mechanized, with use of plowshare and harrow; pasture area with plantation of canarana (Echinochloa pyramidalis Hitch.), cultivated for 20 years, without the use of fertilizers; and lowland area with natural vegetation. The samples of soil were collected in ten points, set by using the transect methodology, to four depths 0-10, 10-20, 20-30 and 30-40 cm in each point. The results demonstrate that the soil under natural conditions, presented chemical characteristics which insure to the soil a high potential for the agricultural use. The agricultural culture of the lowland soil in the Guamá River provoked a reduction in the concentration of P and K. The soil usage system with pasture presented better sustainability on it fertility than the system with rice cultivation, beyond the improvement of the chemical characteristics and raise in the organic matter concentration, when related to the natural vegetation system.
Microbial biomass and soil chemical properties under different land use systems in northeastern Pará
Lopes, Elessandra Laura Nogueira;Fernandes, Antonio Rodrigues;Lourdes Pinheiro Ruivo, Maria de;Cattanio, José Henrique;Souza, Gladys Ferreira de;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832011000400006
Abstract: the increase in agricultural production in the brazilian amazon region is mostly a result of the agricultural frontier expansion, into areas previously influenced by humans or of native vegetation. at the same time, burning is still used to clear areas in small-scale agricultural systems, leading to a loss of the soil productive capacity shortly after, forcing the opening of new areas. this study had the objective of evaluating the effect of soil preparation methods that involve plant residue shredding, left on the surface or incorporated to the soil, with or without chemical fertilization, on the soil chemical and biological properties. the experiment was conducted in 1995, in an experimental field of yellow latosol (oxisol) of the embrapa amaz?nia oriental, northeastern pará (brazil). the experiment was arranged in randomized blocks, in a 2x6 factorial design, with two management systems and six treatments evaluated twice. the management systems consisted of rice (oriza sativa), followed by cowpea (vigna unguiculata) with manioc (manihot esculenta). in the first system the crops were planted in two consecutive cycles, followed by a three-year fallow period (natural regrowth); the second system consisted of one cultivation cycle and was left fallow for three years. the following treatments were applied to the secondary forest vegetation: slash and burn, fertilized with npk (q+npk); slash and burn, without fertilizer npk (q-npk); cutting and shredding, leaving the residues on the soil surface, fertilized with npk (c+npk); cutting and shredding, leaving residues on the soil surface, without fertilizer (c-npk); cutting and shredding, with residue incorporation and fertilized with npk (i+npk); cutting and shredding, with residue incorporation and without npk fertilizer (i-npk). the soil was sampled in the rainier season (april 2006) and in the drier season (september 2006), in the 0-0.1 m layer. from each plot, 10 simple samples were collected in order to generate a co
Changes in the volume and histology of endometriosis foci in rats treated with copaiba oil (Copaiferalangsdorffii)
Nogueira Neto, Jo?o;Lindoso, Márcio Jorge de Souza;Coelho, Laura Fernandes;Carvalho, Rafael Antonio Freire;Rodrigues, Taciana Gabrielle Pinheiro de Moura;Araújo, Ana Gisélia Portela de;Gir?o, Manuel Jo?o Batista Castelo;Schor, Eduardo;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502011000800005
Abstract: purpose: the aim of this study was to analyze the changes that occur in rats with experimental endometriosis after treatment with copaiba oil. methods: experimental endometriosis was induced in rats. the experimental group received copaiba oil (copaiferalangsdorffii) orally (0.63 mg/day), and the control group received a 0.9% sodium chloride solution orally (1 ml/100 g of body weight/day). both groups were treated with gavage for 14 days. after this period, the animals were euthanized, and the implant volume was calculated. the autologous transplants were removed, dyed with hematoxylin-eosin, and analyzed by light microscopy. results: the average final volumes were significantly different between the groups (p=0.007). there was a significant increase (p=0.012) between the initial and final volumes in the control group, whereas treatment with copaiferalangsdorffii caused a marked reduction in endometrial growth over time (p=0.016). histologically, 6/11 (55.00%) rats in the experimental group had a well-preserved epithelial layer, and 3 (45.00%) had mildly preserved epithelium. the control group had seven cases (58.30%) of well-preserved epithelial cells and five cases (41.70%) of mildly preserved epithelial cells (p>0.05). conclusion: copaiba oil (copaiferalangsdorffii) appears to be a promising alternative treatment for endometriosis.
Homocisteinemia em mulheres com síndrome dos ovários policísticos
Cerqueira, Joeline Maria Cleto;Costa, Laura Olinda Bregieiro Fernandes;Nogueira, Andrea de Almeida Vasconcelos;Silva, Daniela Celestino Cat?o da;Torres, Dilênia de Oliveira Cipriano;Santos, Ana Célia Oliveira dos;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032010000300005
Abstract: purpose: to compare serum homocysteine levels in polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) and non-pcos women and correlate them with clinical, hormonal and metabolic parameters. methods: transverse study with carried out on 110 women, including 56 with pcos and 54 normal controls. patients were submitted to anamnesis, physical examination and pelvic sonograms and to the determination of homocysteine, c-reactive protein (crp), glucose insulin, follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh), luteinizing hormone (lh), thyroid-stimulating hormone (tsh), free thyroxin (free t4), prolactin, and testosterone. for the statistical analysis, we used the student's t test, pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient and the χ2 test. the "enter" method was used to determine independent association between variables. results: there was a significant increase in the average serum homocysteine levels in the group of patients with pcos compared to controls (5.97±2.95 versus 5,17±1.33 μmol/l; p=0,015). as expected, since they are affected by pcos, values of body mass index (bmi), waist circumference, total cholesterol, hdl cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin and homa were significantly different between groups. serum homocysteine levels, bmi and pcos were correlated. multivariate analysis showed that pcos, by itself, does not correlate with high serum homocysteine levels. conclusions: pcos women have significantly higher serum levels of homocysteine that may increase their risk for cardiovascular disease. however, other intrinsic pcos-related factors, not identified in this study, may be responsible for this alteration.
A radiodifus o como servi o público: consequências para a possibilidade jurídica de imposi o de cotas de conteúdo nacional [Broadcasting as a Public Service: A Juridical Analysis of the Proposed Rules on Local Content Must-Carry Obligations in Brazil]
Laura Fernandes de Lima Lira
Revista de Direito, Estado e Telecomunica??es , 2010,
Abstract: O servi o de radiodifus o, principalmente no que se refere à televis o comercial, possui grande impacto no Brasil. Contudo, esse servi o enfrenta alguns dilemas no que concerne à atua o estatal no setor e ao respeito à liberdade de express o. Para lidar com esses problemas, é necessária uma abordagem sobre a natureza jurídica do servi o e as consequências de sua defini o. Este trabalho desvenda a natureza jurídica do servi o de radiodifus o tal como previsto na Constitui o de 1988, bem como analisa as diferen as entre controle e limita o à liberdade de express o, para, a partir disso, estudar a sua aplica o no arcabou o jurídico brasileiro, principalmente no que concerne à imposi o de cotas de conteúdo nacional. Estuda-se o conceito de servi o público e as limita es que ele imp e ao prestador do servi o, o aparato normativo do controle de conteúdo, e, por fim, as experiências de novos projetos de lei que visam instituir limites e controle de conteúdo aos servi os de comunica o eletr nica de massa no Brasil. Conclui-se que os princípios jurídicos decorrentes da titularidade estatal dos servi os de radiodifus o n o têm sido refor ados por medidas concretas de incentivo à produ o nacional, embora as discuss es atuais do Congresso Nacional no ambito do Projeto de Lei 29 levantem um de seus aspectos: a exigência de reserva de programa o para a produ o nacional. [Modern life is largely influenced by broadcast services in Brazil, with special attention to commercial television. Policy makers face a constant dilemma over how to rule this sector without damaging the right of speech. To deal with this issue it is necessary to study these services' juridical nature and the consequences of its definition. This essay gives a panoramic view of broadcast services' juridical nature as stated in the 1998 Constitution and also analyzes the limits between regulating these activities and restraining the liberty of speech. These concepts will be then applied to the Brazilian juridical framework with emphasis on the imposition of required percentages of national content at the distribution layer. The concept of public service and the limitation that it imposes upon electronic mass communication service providers, the normative tools of content control and the outcomes of new legislation pertaining content control and other regulatory issues are then analyzed. The conclusion is that the juridical principles related to the broadcast services have not being reflected into concrete benefits towards national content production, although some improvement can be achieved
Desdobramentos politico-pedagógicos do bilinguismo para surdos: reflex es e encaminhamentos
Sueli Fernandes,Laura Ceretta Moreira
Revista Educa??o Especial , 2009, DOI: 10.5902/1984686x275
Abstract: O artigo trata do bilingüismo para surdos, suas implica es no processo educacional, bem como alguns dos desdobramentos das políticas lingüísticas inclusivas propostas oficialmente a partir do final da década de 1990 para esse segmento. Discutem-se as características socioculturais e lingüísticas das comunidades surdas brasileiras e a importancia das mesmas serem conhecidas e valorizadas socialmente. Apontam-se algumas diretrizes e desafios para o acesso e permanência de estudantes surdos no processo educacional escolar. Por fim, o texto reflete acerca dos programas de educa o bilíngüe para estudantes surdos, visto que esses s o complexos, justamente porque perpassam interesses econ micos, ideológicos e culturais contraditórios e heterogêneos. Palavras-chave: Bilingüismo. Educa o de Surdos. Língua Brasileira de Sinais.
Fotodegrada??o de fenol e clorofenóis por processo foto-Fenton mediado por ferrioxalato
Nogueira, Raquel Fernandes Pupo;Modé, Daniela Fonseca;
Eclética Química , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-46702002000200015
Abstract: the influence of some operational parameters such as stirring the solution during solar irradiation and the solution flow rate into artificial irradiation photoreactor were evaluated on the photodegradation of 2-chlorophenol (2cp) and 2,4-diclorophenol (dcp) by photo-fenton process mediated by ferrioxalate. after evaluation of these parameters, the systems were applied to photodegradation of phenol and mono (2-chlorophenol and 4-clorophenol), di (2,4-dichlorophenol) and tri (2,4,6-trichlorophenol) chlorophenols to evaluate the photodegradation efficiency of these compounds under solar as well as artificial irradiation. small differences in the percentages of total organic carbon (toc) removal and generation of chloride ions were observed with and without stirring the solution during solar irradiation of 2cp. under artificial irradiation, the increase of flow rate resulted in lower toc removal, while a higher rate of toc removal was obtained due to a shorter irradiation time. an intermediate flow rate of 33.4 ml min-1 was then used. under solar irradiation, 15 minutes irradiation were necessary for complete removal of all chlorophenols, however, the complete removal of phenol was achieved in 20 minutes. under artificial irradiation, the chlorophenols were removed between 4.5 and 6.5 minutes of irradiation. the degradation rates increased slightly with the increase of the number of chlorides bonded to the aromatic ring under solar as well as artificial irradiation.
A experiência norte-americana com o seguro agrícola: li??es ao Brasil?
Guimar?es, Marcelo Fernandes;Nogueira, Jorge Madeira;
Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20032009000100002
Abstract: agricultural insurance is considered to be an effective to manage rural risks. surprisingly, its adoption by farmers is very limited all over the world. an outstanding exception is the united states of america, country in which this instrument has achieved remarkable success. nevertheless, the process of diffusion of agricultural insurance in the usa was slow and expensive. it has also required significant government intervention through a variety of complementary actions. in this context, countries willing to introduce this instrument among other agricultural policy tools, as it seems the case of brazil, should proceed with caution. agricultural insurance success has important pre-requisites and its general diffusion may amplify its problems. the analysis of the north american experience provides worthwhile lessons.
Associa??o entre Transtorno Disfórico Pré-menstrual e Transtornos Depressivos
Pires, Maria Laura Nogueira;Calil, Helena Maria;
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-44461999000200011
Abstract: premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd) is characterised by a myriad of emotional symptoms and behavioural alterations, which occur with a cyclic temporal pattern associated with the pre-menstrual period. the validity of an isolated psychiatric diagnostic category for pmdd remains controversial. however, research results have been showing a specific association between pre-menstrual changes and depressive disorder. the present review has as objective to sintethise the results on similarity between depressive symptoms in pmdd and in the depressive disorders, comorbidity, family history and biological variables. evidences suggesting that the pre-menstrual symptoms would be expression of a vulnerability to the development of dysphoric states (depression and anxiety) as well as diagnostic implications of such proposals are discussed.
Associa o entre Transtorno Disfórico Pré-menstrual e Transtornos Depressivos
Pires Maria Laura Nogueira,Calil Helena Maria
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 1999,
Abstract: O Transtorno Disfórico Pré-menstrual (TDPM) é caracterizado por uma constela o de sintomas emocionais e altera es comportamentais, que se manifesta com um padr o temporal cíclico em associa o com o período pré-menstrual. A validade de uma categoria diagnóstica psiquiátrica distinta para TDPM ainda é uma quest o controversa. Entretanto, inúmeros estudos têm documentado uma associa o específica entre mudan as pré-menstruais e transtornos depressivos. A presente revis o tem como objetivo sintetizar os resultados a respeito da semelhan a dos sintomas depressivos no TDPM e nos transtornos depressivos, co-morbidade, história familiar e variáveis biológicas. Evidências de que os sintomas pré-menstruais seriam express o de vulnerabilidade ao desenvolvimento de estados disfóricos (depress o e ansiedade), assim como as implica es diagnósticas dessa proposta s o comentados.
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