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The Effects of Aerobic Exercise Training on Basal Metabolism and Physical Fitness in Sedentary Women  [PDF]
Fatma Kizilay, Cengiz Arslan, Fatma ?. Kerkez, Aysegul Beykumul, Egemen Kizilay
Health (Health) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/health.2016.82020
Abstract: Objective: Aerobic exercises are the basic activity on fight against obesity. And obesity is related with metabolic rate. So our study is aimed to investigate the effects of 8 weeks aerobic exercise on basal metabolic rate and physical parameters. Methods: Sedentary women between the ages of 35 - 45 (n = 40) were randomized into control group (CG) (n = 20) and exercise group (EG) (n = 20). EG underwent 8 weeks of aerobic-run-walk exercise training: 3 days a week, 1 hour sessions. The CG was not trained. Basal metabolic rate (BMR), body mass index (BMI), waist-hip ratio (WHR), body fat percentage (BFP), body fat mass (FM) and lean body mass (LBM) were measured for all of the subjects before and after the training program. Results: Mean BMR decreased from 1386 ± 213.6 kcal to 1327 ± 253.7 in CG, and raised from 1308 ± 201.8 to 1409 ± 218.3 kcal in EG. While BMI raised from 31.39 ± 6.15 kg/m2 to 31.51 ± 6.09 kg/m2 in CG, it decreased from 29.62 ± 3.78 kg/m2 to 28.47 ± 3.74 kg/m2 in EG. There was also statistically significant difference in parameters of WHR, BFP, FM and LBM in favour of EG (p < 0.05). Conclusion: After 8 weeks aerobic exercise training program, there was a statistically significant difference in favour of EG in BMR, BMI, BFP, FM, LBM, WHR and weight parameters.
Structural Changes in Tunica Mucosa Cells of Bladder in Rats with Experimental Diabetes Mellitus
Gulnur Kizilay,Muberra Uygun
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Diabetes mellitus causes some changes in urine quality and quantity. Therefore, we planned this study to explain how these changes affect the histological structures in the urinary bladder. We classified this experimental subjects under 4 Groups as follows; Group I: Control group, Group II: 60 mg kg-1 single dose of streptozotocin was administered intraperitoneally (i.p.), Group III: 40 mg kg-1 dose of streptozotocin i.p. was administered 5 days consecutively, Group IV: 150 mg kg-1 single dose of alloxan was administered i.p. We obtained the biopsy materials of tunica mucosa of the urinary bladder after 6 months, then we exposed these materials for observations with light and electron microscopy. In Group II, we observed a decrease in the number of urothelium layers, loss of dome shaped cells which were replaced with the intermediate layer cells. In Group II and especially in Group III, we observed an increase in the thickness of the epithelial and capillary basement membranes. In Group IV, we observed a repair process in urothelium. The increase in the thicknesses of the basement membranes were less than the other groups. After the 6 months of experimental period, the degeneration of tunica mucosa in Group III, which had the highest blood glucose levels, seems to be related to the complications of lasting diabetes. The mild degeneration of tunica mucosa in Group II and Group IV seems to be related to the insuline production which was caused by cell regeneration or island cell adenoma and also these factors reduced the complications of diabetes seriously.
Swarm Behavior of the Electromagnetics Community as regards Using Swarm Intelligence in their Research Studies
Asim Egemen Yilmaz
Acta Polytechnica Hungarica , 2010,
Abstract: Recently, swarm intelligence and its applications have gained much popularityamong researchers of various disciplines. The main aim of this study is to investigate thesituation for the electromagnetic theory and microwave technology practitioners and try topoint to an interesting analogy.
Emet Egemen ASLAN
Idil Dergisi , 2012, DOI: 10.7816/idil-01-04-01
Abstract: Archeological studies conducted in Anatolia demonstrate that the ceramic production started in Neolithic Period. Finding obtained in the excavations show that the ceramic culture reached an advanced level ion this geography. However, only small amount of this rich culture survived currently. Avanos District of the Nev ehir Province is an important production center reflecting this culture and representing the traditional pottery. However, due to economical reasons, workshops producing ceramic articles closed one by one. The precautions taken by individuals and local authorities to stop this trend and to boost the Avanos pottery could not be sufficient. Thus, Avanos pottery is in danger of being lost. Only small number of potters in Avanos use the clay obtained from the region to make potteries and use the pottery-shaping set-up rotated by foot, locally called as Tepme Tezgah , for shaping traditional forms of ceramic articles. Black kiln, a traditional kiln used in firing of these ceramic pieces, is used to put decorations on the potteries reflecting these forms. Although black kilns have been constructed and used by potters for years, there are only few workshops are using this kiln for firing purposes. Ceramics produced in Black Kilns and locally called as All - Güllü, are rare. However, in order to prevent loosing this traditional Anatolian pottery value and transfer the knowledge to the next generations, black kilns should be constructed and workshops should be done.
Effects of benzene on glycogen levels of liver and muscle tissues and on blood glucose of rats
?zdikicioglu Ferda,Dere Egemen
Acta Veterinaria , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/avb0406379o
Abstract: Benzene is used commonly in industry and known as a toxic and carcinogenic agent. In this study a 100 mg.kg-1 dose was administered to Swiss Albino (Rat rattus norvegicus) rats by intraperitoneal injection. Changes in glycogen levels in the liver, muscle and blood glucose levels were investigated after 0, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 hours. In this study increased glycogen levels in liver and muscle tissues of both control and benzene-treated rats were found to depend on nourishment. The toxic effect of benzene disappeared at 64 hours after treatment. There was no significant difference between male and female groups regarding glucose levels except at a few time intervals. In conclusion, our results indicate that glycogen levels in the liver and muscle tissues were altered by benzene while glucose in the blood remained largely unchanged.
Multiple Sclerosis and Pregnancy
Egemen ?D?MAN
N?ropsikiyatri Ar?ivi , 2008,
Abstract: Multiple sclerosis is more frequent in women than men, particularly among young women. During pregnancy, the frequency of relapses clearly decreases, with a subsequent surge in the early post-partum period.There is an increase during pregnancy in levels of the sex hormones. After delivery ,levels of these hormones rapidly revert to pre-pregnancy levels, and immune functions return to the baseline activity. This protective effect is probably due to hormonal and immune response changes induced by pregnancy. The precise mechanisms of interactions between immune system and hormonal circuits are unknown. More information is needed regarding the effect of sex hormones on multiple sclerosis. Oestrogen may be responsible,at least in part, for this protective effect. (Archives of Neuropsychiatry 2008; 45 Supplement: 21-5)
Risk Management Strategies in Dairy Farming: A Case Study in Turkey
Handan Akcaoz,Hatice Kizilay,Orhan Ozcatalbas
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: In this study, the results of a survey conducted in the Antalya province of Turkey are presented. The aim of this research was to determine differences between socio economic features, risk sources and risk management strategies of the dairy farmers appearing in 3 different groups, according to number of dairy cows. Considering the research area conditions, risk sources and risk management strategies were summarized under 35 and 18 variables, respectively. Farmers were categorized as small (up to and equal 5 head of dairy cows), medium (6 to <10 head of dairy cows) and large (equal 11 and >11 head of dairy cows). The questionnaire was put into practice in October 2007-75 randomly selected dairy producers in Merkez, Manavgat and Serik counties of Antalya province. The major share of the Antalya s dairy cow population is concentrated in this area. In the study, common factor analysis was employed to summarize the information in a reduced number of factors. Calculated mean values showed that the most important risk source in the small dairy farms was milk price variability (1.38) followed by the family members health situation (1.59) and lack of production hygiene (1.63). It was found that marketing problems were the least important risk factor. Considering the medium and large farms, the most important risk source was milk price variability, while the least important was marketing problems. According to study findings, the most significant risk management strategy was keeping debt low.
On the Target Classification Through Wavelet-Compressed Scattered Ultrawide-Band Electric Field Data and ROC Analysis
Senem Makal;Ahmet Kizilay;Lutfiye Durak
PIER , 2008, DOI: 10.2528/PIER08040903
Abstract: This paper's aim is to classify cylindrical targets from their ultrawide-band radar returns. To calculate the radar returns, image technique formulation is used to obtain the Electric Field Integral Equations (EFIEs). Then, the EFIEs are solved numerically by Method of Moment (MoM). Because of wide frequency range of the ultrawide-band radar signal, the database to be used for target classification becomes very large. To deal with this problem and to provide robustness, wavelet transform is utilized. Application of wavelet transform significantly reduces the size of the database. The coefficients obtained by wavelet transform are used as the inputs of the artificial neural networks (ANNs). Then, the actual performances of the networks are investigated by Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) analysis.
Endometriosis and Implantation
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi , 2007,
Abstract: Implantation is a complex process by which the embryo attaches to the endometrium. The human endometrium becomes receptive to the embryo during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle under the influence of steroid hormones and paracrine factors originating from endometrial cells and the embryo. Several paracrine factors influencing the implantation include leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and interleukin (IL)-11. Moreover, timely development of pinopodes, and expression of integrins and Hox genes in endometrium, and oocyte quality also determines the implantation outcome. Endometriosis is a common gynecologic disorder and estimated that 25 to 50% of infertile women have endometriosis. Although the mechanisms contributing to infertility are poorly understood, accumulating evidence suggests that altered folliculogenesis, sperm dysfunction, impaired fertilization, toxicity against early embryonic development, defective implantation, and poor oocyte quality with decreased ability to implant may be the contributing factors in some endometriosis patients.
Risk Management in Agriculture and Agricultural Insurance Applications in
H. Akcaoz,B. Ozkan,H. Kizilay
Journal of Tekirdag Agricultural Faculty , 2006,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine farmers’ attitudes towards risk behaviours for agriculturalinsurance in Antalya province. Data used in the research were collected from 143 farm holdings located inthe Centre, Manavgat and Serik districts of Antalya province by using questionnaire method. The researchresults showed that 77, 6% of farms did not have agricultural insurance regularly. In these farms, the mostimportant reasons were insufficient income, high premium and irregular damage payments.
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