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Hospital accreditation: the certainty of care with excellence
Sílvia Maria de Carvalho Farias, Olga Lúcia Teixeira de Carvalho, Ednéia de Oliveira Ernestino, Fabiana Concei??o A. Silva, Mariana Saraiva Porte Fernandes, Márcia Adonais Pinto, Edwalds Marques Farias Júnior, Maria Odete Pereira, Sonia Filipini
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: to search the history of hospital accreditation in Brazil; define the concept of hospital accreditation, analyze data on hospital accreditation. Methodology: this is a literature review. The articles were selected through the title and abstract, checking their suitability to the theme proposed in this study. Held reading and rereading the articles and books found, allowing reflection on the meanings attributed to the hospital accreditation. Results: Florence Nightingale deployed the first model of continuous quality improvement in health. The first edition of the Brazilian Manual of Accreditation was manufactured in 1998, this has been improving culminating with the release of the latest edition published in 2006 in a sample that has seven volumes. We see this approach to study the history of the first Brazilian Manual of overlaps with the emergence of the ONA, so that part of the common goal. Conclusion: believe that qualifying is paramount in the pursuit of excellence in service which is the essence of caring, building trust and good reputation so important to the pursuit of customers become increasingly demanding about the quality of their lives.
Fungos micorrízicos arbusculares como indicadores da recupera??o de áreas degradadas no nordeste do Brasil
Carneiro, Romero Francisco Vieira;Cardozo Júnior, Francisco Marques;Pereira, Lucimária Farias;Araújo, Ademir Sérgio Ferreira;Silva, Gladstone Alves;
Revista Ciência Agron?mica , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-66902012000400005
Abstract: attributes of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (amf) were evaluated in a region in the process of desertification at gilbués, piauí, brazil, with the objective of monitoring areas with different levels of soil degradation and recovery. soil samples were collected at a depth of 0 to 0.2 m during the dry season of 2009 in four areas of ultisol, which were visually defined as: rec - an area under recovery by erosion contention and the planting of exotic grasses and legumes; deg- an area with high degradation; ideg - an area with moderate degradation; mn - an area of native vegetation. the following were analysed: root colonization, the most probable number of infective propagules (mpn), diversity indices (the shannon-wiener index, the simpson diversity and dominance indices, the pielou equitability index and the margalef index) and the soil chemical attributes of ph, h+al, phosphorus and organic matter, used as explanatory variables for the variability of the amf attributes by multivariate analyses. root colonization and propagule mpn were higher in the rec area. the shannon-wiener index, the simpson dominance index and the margalef index were lower in the deg area, showing that they are good indicators of changes in the amf community in degraded areas. by hierarchical cluster analysis, the deg area showed higher dissimilarity in relation to the other areas. by principal component analysis, the shannon-wiener index, the margalef index and the simpson dominance index, and the phosphorus levels were the parameters that best explained the total variation.
Associa??o entre displasia e inflama??o em queilite actínica
Paiva, Marcos Antonio Farias de;Soares, Maria Sueli Marques;Figueiredo, Cláudia Roberta L. Vieira de;Luna, Aníbal Henrique;Oliveira, Victor Eric Nóbrega de;Brasil Júnior, Ozawa;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442012000600011
Abstract: introduction: actinic cheilitis may undergo malignant transformation to squamous cell carcinoma. furthermore, there is evidence that inflammatory components may be involved in this process, hence the importance of studies involving cellular atypia and chronic inflammation in this lesion. objective: the aim of this study was to evaluate the histological features of actinic cheilitis considering the degree of dysplasia, the intensity of inflammatory infiltrate and the possible correlation between the variables. material and methods: we selected 45 paraffin blocks of lesions with clinical and histopathological diagnosis of actinic cheilitis that enabled histopathological evaluation. the histopathological analysis was performed and the dysplasias and inflammatory infiltrates were classified into mild, moderate and severe. data were analyzed through descriptive statistics, chi-square test and analysis of variance (anova), considering p < 0.05. results: 59.5% (27) of cases of actinic cheilitis showed some degree of dysplasia, from which 40% (18) presented mild dysplasia, 11.1% (5) moderate and 8.4% (4) severe. squamous cell carcinoma occurred in 20% (9) of the specimens. all cases showed some degree of inflammation, from which 48.9% (22) showed mild inflammatory infiltrate, 20% (9) moderate and 31.1% (14) intense. there was a statistically significant association between the degree of dysplasia and the intensity of inflammatory infiltrate, namely anova p = 0.000 and chi-square p = 0.004. conclusions: the results indicate that the occurrence of dysplasia and squamous cell carcinoma are common in actinic cheilitis and the inflammatory process was closely related to the progression of epithelial atypia.
Ressincroniza??o ventricular: comparando os marcapassos biventriculares com os marcapassos bifocais de ventrículo direito
Rocha, Eduardo Arrais;Gondim, Tatiana Pereira;Abreu, Sebasti?o;Farias, Roberto;Marques, Vera;Rocha, Almino;Ribeiro, Demóstenes;Pereira, Ricardo;Negreiros, Pedro;Rodrigues, Carlos Roberto M.;Paes Júnior, José Nogueira;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2007000600008
Abstract: objective:to analyze the conventional biventricular pacing (bv) and the bifocal (bf) right ventricular (rv) pacing, and to perform a comparative analysis of these two techniques in relation to clinical, functional and echocardiographic parameters in a population without the exclusion criteria of the major studies. methods:a prospective non-randomized analysis of 36 patients undergoing surgery for multisite pacemaker implantation due to qrs > 130 ms, severe left ventricular dysfunction, and nyha functional class iii or ambulatory class iv congestive heart failure was performed. results: favorable results of resynchronization were obtained with both techniques, with no significant differences in the comparison of the two groups, except for a higher qrs narrowing in the bv group, and a trend of a lower number or hospital admissions in the bv group. when the groups were analyzed separately and compared before and after the procedures, we observed that improvement was much more significant in the biventricular group, as were the more statistically relevant rates. conclusion: cardiac resynchronization therapy proved to be an efficient therapy in both groups analyzed, although with more significant outcomes in the biventricular group.
Notas sobre um itinerário bibliográfico: onde est o os homossexuais negros?
Joilson Santana Marques Júnior
Em Pauta : Teoria Social e Realidade Contemporanea , 2012,
Abstract: O presente artigo tem como objetivo apresentar resultados da investiga o realizada, inicialmente, a partir de revis o bibliográfica acerca da quest o racial e da homossexualidade. A experiência singular da homossexualidade negra, deslocada do lugar reservado à identidade negra ou identidade gay, produz contextos diferenciados de preconceitos e discrimina o. Assim, a partir da sele o de uma bibliografia de referência na discuss o da homossexualidade, procura-se mapear algumas quest es: se há identifica o de homossexuais negros; como eles aparecem nos textos e se, em algum mo-mento, tornam-se eixo central de análise. Como resultado preliminar, conclui-se que, em um primeiro momento, esses sujeitos s o identificados racialmente, até porque s o os negros e mesti os os alvos de estudos de base antropo-criminológica. Mas, com o incremento de pesquisas menos discriminatórias que revelam a legitimidade desse desejo, posteriormente, os sujeitos das investiga es e estudos tornam-se brancos.
Associa??o entre prevalência de inatividade física e indicadores de condi??o socioecon?mica em adolescentes
Farias Júnior, José Cazuza de;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922008000200005
Abstract: objective: the decrease in the levels of physical activity in the young population has been described thoroughly in several countries, above all in some subgroups of that population. the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of physical inactivity in high school adolescents from the jo?o pessoa city - pb and to analyze its association with indicators of socio-economic status. methodology: 2,566 adolescents (1,132 boys and 1,434 girls), ages between 14-18 years (16.5±1.17) participated in this study. demographic (sex and age) and socio-economic data (work, school type, economic class, and parents' educational background) were raised. besides that, the level of physical activity (kcal/kg/day) was measured through a diary of physical activity. the adolescents were classified as physically inactive when had daily energy demand <37kcal/kg/day. the ratio prevalence (rp), with respective reliability intervals of 95% (ri95%), was used as association measure. results: the prevalence of physical inactivity positively associated with the socio-economic status, showing higher prevalence in the adolescents who did not work (boys rp=2.22; ri95%=1.62-3.04 and girls rp=1.52; ri95%=1.19-1.93), and in the girls whose parents presented higher educational background (girls rp=1.20; ri95%=1.05-1.35), compared with the adolescents who worked and the ones whose parents had lower educational background, respectively. conclusion: the prevalence of physical inactivity was high, mainly in the girls. adolescents who belonged to more priviledged socio-economic strata were more exposed to physical inactivity.
Validade das medidas auto-referidas de peso e estatura para o diagnóstico do estado nutricional de adolescentes
Farias Júnior, José Cazuza de;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-38292007000200007
Abstract: objectives: analyze self-reported weight and height measurements to diagnose adolescents nutritional state. methods: eight hundred and sixty seven adolescents (433 boys and 434 girls) of the municipality of florianópolis, santa catarina aged between 15 and 18 years old (16.2 ± 1.08). initially the adolescents would report their weight and height; following the respective measurements would be taken by the researchers. the body mass index (bmi) was esta-blished based on the self-reported and taken measurements. results: when reporting their anthropometric measurements, in average, adolescents would underestimate their weight in 0.5 kg, overestimated their height in 0.42 cm and the bmi based on these measurements were underestimated in 0.3 kg/m.2. self-reported measurements had high correlation with the measurements taken (intra-class correlation coefficient - icc - 0.91 to 0.96). validity rates of bmi determined from the self-reported measurements varied between 60% and 79.1% for sensitivity, 98.4% to 99.2% for specificity, 89.8% and 90% for positive predictive value. overweight/obesity was underestimated in 2.6% when determined from the self-reported measurements (p = 0.18). conclusions: weight and height self-reported measurements are valid as an approximation of the measurements taken and can be used when assessing adolescents nutritional state based on bmi in epidemiological studies.
História e Retórica: propostas para análise documental
José Petrúcio Farias Júnior
Revista Espa?o Acadêmico , 2011,
Abstract: Pretendemos, com esse artigo, apresentar sucintamente os diálogos e duelos que tangenciaram as duas disciplinas a partir do final século XIX. Objetivamos, diante disso, delinear as tendências investigativas que possibilitaram a análise retórica de fontes históricas e propor novas perspectivas para análise documental no campo da História. Com isso, esperamos contribuir para o futuro aprofundamento das discuss es acadêmicas que se remetem à aproxima o entre Histórica e Retórica.
Estruturalismo e semiótica: aproxima es entre Saussure e Greimas
José Petrúcio Farias Júnior
Revista Espa?o Acadêmico , 2010,
Abstract: Propor-nos-emos, no transcorrer desse artigo, discorrer sobre dois lingüistas preocupados com a quest o do signo lingüístico, a saber: Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913) e Algirdas Julien Greimas (1917-1992), os quais se debru aram sobre a teoria da verifica o do significado e colaboraram, guardadas as devidas propor es, para a organiza o, fortalecimento e dinamicidade do estruturalismo, como corrente do pensamento científico. Objetivamos, mais precisamente, delinear as contribui es de Saussure ao estruturalismo e verificar em que medida Greimas promoveu a revis o do pensamento de Saussure e produziu inova es, no campo das pesquisas sobre a manifesta o do significado.
Cultura Política na Antiguidade
José Petrúcio Farias Júnior
Revista Espa?o Acadêmico , 2009,
Abstract: Pretendemos discutir nesse artigo algumas implica es do termo cultura política na Antiguidade, especificamente, na sociedade romana imperial. Dessa forma, acreditamos que as considera es que apresentaremos a seguir contribuam para reflex o da utiliza o desse termo, produto das investiga es contemporaneas, sobre os estudos das sociedades antigas. Para a historiadora Profa. Dra. Margarida Maria de Carvalho, tais reflex es representam ainda uma lacuna na historiografia concernente a essa temática. Isso posto, discorreremos, inicialmente, sobre o conceito de cultura e seus desdobramentos para, em seguida, refletirmos sobre o viés interpretativo que fundamenta estudos históricos que se desenvolvem sob o beneplácito da linha de pesquisa intitulada História e Cultura Política.
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