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Meninos com queixa escolar: autopercep??es, desempenho e comportamento
Ferreira, Andresa Aparecida;Conte, Karina de Melo;Marturano, Edna Maria;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2011000400005
Abstract: the aim of this study was to characterize the self-perceptions of boys experiencing difficulties with school, as well as to ascertain the connection between these perceptions and indices of academic performance and behavioral problems. in a university-based clinic linked to the public health system, we assessed 50 boys, with complaints about school, between the ages of 6 and 11. the instruments used were, raven colored progressive matrices test, school performance test, self-efficacy assessment form, piers-harris children's self-concept scale, child behavior checklist. results showed both global self-concept and self-efficacy to correlate modestly but significantly with academic performance measures. the self-concept of happiness correlated with all measures of school performance, while self-concept in terms of intellectual and academic status did not correlate with school performance at all. self-perceptions bore no association with behavioral problems. there is a need for further studies to clarify this pattern of associations.
La investigación científica y la educación superior: factores relevantes de los sistemas de innovación
Alcázar Farías, Edna Karina,Lozano Guzmán, Alejandro
Revista Espa?ola de Documentación Científica , 2012,
Abstract: This paper presents the concept of innovation and the description of various innovation models put forward by different authors. Three models were selected —black box, chain relations and the recommendations from the 3rd edition of the OECD’s Oslo Manual— in order to develop a numerical model for simulating the impact on society of investments in science and technology. Taking into account Mexico’s S&T context, the developed model was applied to the region called Queretaro Regional Innovation System (SIRQ). For this system, input-output factors are defined, with numerical values assigned to them based on local conditions. The model is applied by simulating six scenarios for possible development of SIRQ, considering the influence of scientific research and higher education on the region’s development. En este trabajo se presenta una revisión del concepto de innovación y la descripción de los diferentes modelos de innovación propuestos por diversos autores. De esta revisión, se seleccionan los modelos de caja negra, de relación en cadena y las recomendaciones plasmadas en la 3a edición del Manual de Oslo de la OCDE para desarrollar un modelo numérico que permite simular el impacto que la inversión en ciencia y tecnología tiene sobre la sociedad. El modelo desarrollado se aplica para una región que se denomina el Sistema de Innovación Regional de Querétaro (SIRQ), tomando en cuenta el contexto de la situación de la ciencia y la tecnología en México. Para este sistema, se se alan los diferentes factores que se consideran como entradas y salidas del modelo y se explican los valores asignados a cada uno de estos factores. Buscando ilustrar de forma objetiva el potencial de uso que tiene el modelo propuesto, se analizan seis escenarios para la región seleccionada como ejemplo.
Language and cognition in very low birth weight preterm infants with PELCDO application
Bühler, Karina Elena Bernardis;Limongi, Suelly Cecília Olivan;Diniz, Edna Maria de Albuquerque;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2009000200013
Abstract: the performance of very low birth weight preterm infants, in terms of cognition and expressive language, was analyzed and compared with that of term infants with the protocol for expressive language and cognition development observation (pelcdo). the study involved 12 very low birth weight preterm infants and 20 term infants, all of whom were evaluated monthly. sessions were videotaped, and data were analyzed according to this specific protocol. our results suggest that cognition and expressive language develop significantly later in very low birth weight preterm infants than in the term. we found positive correlations for cognitive and expressive language development, the delay becoming more evident after 6 months of age, persisting through the sensorimotor period, and continuing into the beginning of preoperational period, indicating the importance of follow-up evaluation, defining the true needs of such infants and identifying the ideal moment for speech-language intervention.
Chemical composition of flours made of residues from the king palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae) industry
Vieira, Manoela Alano;Podestá, Rossana;Tramonte, Karina Cardoso;Amboni, Renata Dias de Mello Castanho;Simas, Karina Nunes de;Avancini, Sandra Regina Paulon;Amante, Edna Regina;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132009000400021
Abstract: residues from king palm (archontophoenix alexandrae) processing were used for the production of flours, which were then chemically characterized. the protein content in these flours ranged from 3.62 to 9.75 g/100g and was higher in sifted leaf flour (slf). the dietary fiber contents varied from 64 to 72 g/100g. these values were high when compared to those of flours used in human nutrition. analysis of anti-nutritional factors showed phytate contents to be below the levels that affected the bioavailability of minerals in human diet. tannin contents were compatible with those found in legumes, between 0 and 2000 mg/100g. these flours showed high mineral content, which suggested a possibility for them to be used as food supplement. however, the bioavailability of these minerals could be affected by high total dietary fibre concentrations and anti-nutritional components contained in the samples.
Effect of the improved fermentation on physicochemical properties and sensorial acceptability of sour cassava starch
Marcon, Maria Janete Angeloni;Vieira, Gisele Cristina Netto;Simas, Karina Nunes de;Santos, Karina;Vieira, Manoela Alano;Amboni, Renata Dias de Mello Castanho;Amante, Edna Regina;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132007000700018
Abstract: the aim of this work was to study the effect of improved fermentation on sour cassava starch, aiming to reduce its fermentation time and to enhance its expansion capacity as well as its viscoamylographic properties and its sensorial acceptability. results showed that the improved process of cassava starch production did not harm starch expansion, physicochemical properties or sensorial acceptability; it also produced starches with different viscoamylographic properties, which compared favourably to those of the sour cassava starch produced through current industrial methods.
Camarotella torrendiella comb. nov. e C. acrocomiae: agentes etiológicos das lixas do coqueiro
Vitória, Nadja S.;Bezerra, José L.;Gramacho, Karina P.;Luz, Edna D.M.N.;
Tropical Plant Pathology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1982-56762008000400006
Abstract: the fungi causing the diseases "lixa grande" and "lixa pequena" of coconut, camarotella torrendiella. and c. acrocomiae, respectively, have been described by 15 authors under 24 different binomials and 13 genera. the diseases, originally described as being caused by two different fungi, were recently rather arbitrarily ascribed to a single species. fresh and dried leaflets were examined by stereoscope for morphometric characterization of symptoms and signs of the pathogens. the comparative study of stromata, picnidia, ascomata, asci and ascospores showed differences between the two fungi. camarotella torrendiella presents ascomata with radially ridged ostioles and ascospores hialine, sub-fusoidal elipsoidal, 23.16 x 8.54 μm on average, with acute ends, while c. acrocomiae has larger ascomata with rugose ostioles and ascospores brown, ovoidal to elliptical, 21.52 x 9.40 μm on average, with blunt ends. attempts to grow both fungi on culture media were unsuccessful. the mode of infection of camarotella torrendiella on coconut was elucidated through inoculation tests with ascospores and conidia on healthy young coconut leaflets. the morphology of the fungi causing the "lixas" of coconut proves that they belong to two different species of the genus camarotella.
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2008,
Abstract: salmonella enterica serovariedad typhimurium, has been associated with outbreaks because of the ingestion of fruits and vegetables and those outbreaks have been related due to contamination sources like irrigation water, farm workers influence and the soil itself. in this investigation it was artificially inoculated in a compost and later applied to a lettuce crop, in order to determine the transfer capacity of this microorganism to the plants, as well as to establish if the polyethylene cover protected the crop. in this study, four treatments were made with two controls, t1 and t2 - with and without polyethylene cover - these treatments and controls were inoculated with salmonella enterica serovariedad typhimurium atcc 13176 0,04 mo/g de compost, t3 y t4 - with and without polyethylene cover - each one with 100 mo/g de compost, and finally c1 and c2 - with and without polyethylene cover -, but without inoculation. at 8 weeks the microorganism was determine by the mpn/4g technique (epa, 2006). salmonella enterica serovariedad typhimurium atcc 13176 is capable to transfer itself to the lettuce, through the contaminated compost (or=2.53) regardless of microorganism concentration in the compost, and there was an association between the contamination and the crop cover condition (p=0.002). the analysis of the roots and the irrigation water, demonstrated that it does not exist any transference association.
Caracteriza??o de uma popula??o de cacaueiro para mapeamento de genes de resistência à vassoura-de-bruxa e podrid?o-parda
Dantas Neto, Alfredo;Corrêa, Ronan X.;Monteiro, Wilson R.;Luz, Edna D. M. N.;Gramacho, Karina P.;Lopes, Uilson V.;
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582005000400007
Abstract: cocoa (theobroma cacao) is a target for several diseases, the main one being black-pod, caused by phytophthora spp. however, witches' broom caused by crinipellis perniciosa is the most devastating cocoa disease in brazil. the search for sources of disease resistance is the first step in breeding programs. to this end, this study aimed to quantitatively characterize a progeny from the cross between the cocoa clones sic-864 and ccn-51, two contrastant genotypes for several traits, including resistance to witches' broom and black pod. the progeny was assessed under field conditions for the average number of pods per tree per year, the percentage of healthy pods, the percentage of pods with witches' broom, the percentage of pods with black pod, the average number of vegetative brooms per tree per year and the average number of cushion brooms per tree per year, for a period of four years. the descriptive statistics for productivity and resistance to diseases were computed considering the maximum, the mean and the minimum values, the standard deviation, the coefficient of variation and the distribution of frequency. the repeatability coefficient was computed to estimate the accuracy of the phenotypic measurements through the methods variance analysis, principal components and structural analysis. it was shown that this progeny segregates for resistance to witches' broom, black pod and other traits, thus illustrating its usefulness for studies of genetic mapping using molecular markers, aiming to identify genes of resistance and quantitative trait loci (qtls) different from those found in the scavina-6 clone, traditionally used in cocoa breeding programs.
Expans?o da fronteira, megaprojetos de infraestrutura e integra??o sul-americana
Castro, Edna;
Caderno CRH , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-49792012000100004
Abstract: the analysis of the relationship between developmentalist policies and social and territorial dynamics in the amazon usually focuses on a brazilian national perspective. this article aims to reveal an increase of interest in the exploitation of the region's natural resources, beyond its political borders, thus turning the pan-amazon into a vital zone in brazilian geopolitics. the brazilian growth acceleration programs (pac i and ii) and the initiative for the integration of the regional infrastructure of south america (iirsa) follow the same direction of a competitive integration, adopting a modernization model based on investment megaprojects. the iirsa, carried on in south america as a regional block, and the pac, developed nationwide, are programs that aim to boost transport, energy and communication logistics. continent-wise, they both indicate irreversible social and territorial dynamics and represent the common interests of brazil and the other countries, based on the 1970's dominant model of border expansion in the amazon.
Hepatite C
Strauss, Edna;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822001000100011
Abstract: it has been estimated that 3% of the world population is infected with the hepatitis c virus. those who are blood product recipients or have been illicit drug users are at risk. dental and medical procedures as well as tattooing and acupuncture are also risk factors. chronic infection occurs in up to 85% of infected cases but they may remain without symptoms during years or even decades, and clinical presentation varies. determination of anti-hcv in sera is a fairly sensitive tool for the diagnosis, and confirmation requires the identification of hcv-rna. staging of the liver disease as well as definition of its present activity can be graded by liver biopsy. the aim of treatment is to stop the progression of the hepatic disease by inhibiting viral replication. due to the low therapeutic efficacy combined with important side-effects, the administration of interferon and ribavirin have specific indications and contraindications. predictive factors of therapeutic response, particularly viral load and genotypes of hcv, are useful in the evaluation of patients.
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