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Avalia??o das concentra??es plasmática e urinária de isoflavonas purificadas de soja
Pereira, Isabela Rosier Olimpio;Damasceno, Nágila Raquel Teixeira;Pereira, Edimar Cristiano;Tavares, Leoberto Costa;Abdalla, Dulcineia Saes Parra;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-93322002000300005
Abstract: soy isoflavones show antioxidant and estrogenic effects and have been related to decreased risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. the goal of the present study was to standardize the extraction of isoflavones from soy molasses and to evaluate the plasmatic and urinary concentrations of isoflavones in rabbits after consumption of extracted isoflavones. isoflavones were extracted with 90% ethanol and purified with a c18 column. the extraction yield was 81%. the purified isoflavone extract was added to the chow (5 mg isoflavone/ kg body weight/ day) used for feeding rabbits during 6 months. the concentration of isoflavones (genistein and daidzein) in the extracts, chow, blood plasma and urine was determined by high performance liquid chromotagraphy. the mean concentration of isoflavones in blood plasma was 4 mm and the urinary excretion was 22 μmol/24 h. the extraction of isoflavones from soy molasses resulted in a suitable preparation for experimental studies.
Evaluation of the Liver Function and its Histological Alterations in Rats Treated with Herbalife Green Tea
David Feder,Lucas Godoy,Silvana Forsait,Cecilia K.R. Feder,Marilia Tavares Campos Oliveira Gaboardi,Giuliana Petri,Marisa Regina de Fatima Veiga Gouveia,Edimar Cristiano Pereira,Virginia Berlanga Campos Junqueira,Fabio Ferreira Perazzo,Ligia Ajaime Azzalis,Fernando Luiz Affonso Fonseca
Research Journal of Biological Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/rjbsci.2011.227.229
Abstract: A large number of drugs, especially the phytotherapeutical ones may cause hepatic lesions either by intrinsic toxicity or idiosyncratic reactions. In the scientific literature, very little information can be found regarding hepatopathy cases caused by natural supplements which are freely sold without any control. In many countries, they are considered dietary or herbal supplements and they are not submitted to safety or efficacy studies before they are marketed. Herbalife products are mainly used on weight loss programs. Since, herbal-based products are sold as natural products, people in general consider their consumption safe. A study performed in Switzerland found 13 cases of toxic hepatitis caused by Herbalife supplement intake between the years, 1998 and 2004. There were enough data in 10 out of those 13 cases that safely fit the World Health Organization criteria for hepatotoxicity. The objective of this study is to verify the hepatic histological and functional alterations in rats treated with Herbalife supplements. The 14 male adult rats were kept with water and food ad libitum. The 7 animals (Control) received 0.5 mL day-1 of saline solution and the other 7 were gavage fed with 100 mg/kg/day of Herbalife green tea for 2 months. After this period of time, a laboratorial analysis of a blood sample was performed as well as an anatomopathological analysis of the liver. The statistical analysis through the t-test was considered significant when p<0.05. Both groups gained considerable weight and there was no difference in relation to this gain. There were no significant alterations in the hepatic enzymes (AST, ALT, GammaGT, alkaline phosphatase, protein electrophoresis) in either group. Two animals in the control group and three animals in the Herbalife group presented subtle hepatic cell balonization in zone 3. There were no macroscopic alterations. Researchers did not observe any functional or pathological alterations in rats treated with Herbalife green tea.
BDTC - Uma Biblioteca Digital de Trabalhos Científicos com Servi os Integrados
Cristiano Roberto Cervi,Edimar Manica,Carina Friedrich Dorneles,Renata Galante
Revista Brasileira de Computa??o Aplicada , 2009, DOI: 10.5335/rbca.2012.570
Abstract: Este artigo apresenta a BDTC, uma biblioteca digital de trabalhos científicos. A BDTC é composta por um conjunto de servi os que busca atender a algumas necessidades dos usuários. O artigo foca a arquitetura da BDTC, mostrando especificamente os servi os de autoarquivamento de documentos, extra o de metadados de arquivos PDF e uso de índices que fornecem suporte à busca por similaridade. This paper presents BDTC, a digital library for scientific work. BDTC is composed of a set of services that try to attend some user needs. This paper focuses on the BDTC architecture, showing specifically the following services: self-archiving of documents, metadata extraction from PDF files and the use of indexes that provide support to similarity search.
Endothelial function in pre-pubertal children at risk of developing cardiomyopathy: a new frontier
Tavares, Aline Cristina;Bocchi, Edimar Alcides;Guimar?es, Guilherme Veiga;
Clinics , 2012, DOI: 10.6061/clinics/2012(03)12
Abstract: although it is known that obesity, diabetes, and kawasaki's disease play important roles in systemic inflammation and in the development of both endothelial dysfunction and cardiomyopathy, there is a lack of data regarding the endothelial function of pre-pubertal children suffering from cardiomyopathy. in this study, we performed a systematic review of the literature on pre-pubertal children at risk of developing cardiomyopathy to assess the endothelial function of pre-pubertal children at risk of developing cardiomyopathy. we searched the published literature indexed in pubmed, bireme and scielo using the keywords 'endothelial', 'children', 'pediatric' and 'infant' and then compiled a systematic review. the end points were age, the pubertal stage, sex differences, the method used for the endothelial evaluation and the endothelial values themselves. no studies on children with cardiomyopathy were found. only 11 papers were selected for our complete analysis, where these included reports on the flow-mediated percentage dilatation, the values of which were 9.80±1.80, 5.90±1.29, 4.50±0.70, and 7.10±1.27 for healthy, obese, diabetic and pre-pubertal children with kawasaki's disease, respectively. there was no significant difference in the dilatation, independent of the endothelium, either among the groups or between the genders for both of the measurements in children; similar results have been found in adolescents and adults. the endothelial function in cardiomyopathic children remains unclear because of the lack of data; nevertheless, the known dysfunctions in children with obesity, type 1 diabetes and kawasaki's disease may influence the severity of the cardiovascular symptoms, the prognosis, and the mortality rate. the results of this study encourage future research into the consequences of endothelial dysfunction in pre-pubertal children.
Solu??o salina hipert?nica para preven??o de insuficiência renal em pacientes com insuficiência cardíaca descompensada e hiponatremia
Issa, Victor Sarli;Bacal, Fernando;Mangini, Sandrigo;Carneiro, Rodrigo Moreno Dias;Azevedo, Cristiano Humberto Naves de Freitas;Chizzola, Paulo Roberto;Ferreira, Silvia Moreira Ayub;Bocchi, Edimar Alcides;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2007001600007
Abstract: background: hyponatremia and congestive phenomena indicate a bad prognosis in decompensated heart failure. the occurrence of renal failure is associated to an increased death risk. objective: to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the hypertonic saline solution in patients with decompensated heart failure for renal failure prevention. methods: patients with decompensated heart failure, congestion and hyponatremia participated in the study. in addition to the standard treatment, the patients received hypertonic saline solution and were submitted to clinical as well as laboratory assessment. results: nine patients were enrolled in the study. mean age was 55 + 14.2 years, being 5 male (55.5%) and 4 (44.5%) female patients. all of them presented functional class iii-iv of the new york heart association (nyha), and 5 (55.5%) received dobutamine. all of them presented initial creatinine > 1.4 mg/dl. the mean tonicity of the solution was 4.39% + 0.018% (2.5% to 7.5%) and the duration of treatment was 4.9 days + 4.1 days (1-15 days). there were no severe adverse effects; none of the patients presented clinical worsening or neurologic disorders; hypokalemia occurred in 4 cases (44.5%). the comparison of the variables before and after treatment showed a decrease in urea (105 mg/dl + 74.8 mg/dl vs. 88 mg/dl + 79.4 mg/dl; p = 0.03) and increase in the urinary volume (1,183 ml/day vs. 1,778 ml/day; p = 0.03); there was no tendency to creatinine decrease (2.0 mg/dl + 0.8 mg/dl vs. 1.7 mg/dl + 1.0 mg/dl; p = 0.08). despite the elevation in sodium levels (131 meq/l + 2.8 meq/l vs. 134 meq/l + 4.9 meq/l) and weight decrease (69.5 kg + 18.6 kg vs. 68.2 kg + 17.1 kg), there was no statistically significant difference. conclusion: the use of hypertonic saline solution in patients with decompensated heart failure can be a safe therapeutic method and potentially related to clinical improvement and renal failure prevention.
Estimativa do consumo relativo de água para a cultura do feijoeiro na regi?o do Planalto Médio do Rio Grande do Sul
Matzenauer, Ronaldo;Maluf, Jaime Ricardo Tavares;Barni, Nídio Antonio;Radin, Bernadete;Anjos, Cristiano Schacker dos;
Ciência Rural , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782004000500007
Abstract: the objective of this work was to estimate the relative water consumption (etr/etm) for the critical period of common bean in several sowing dates, and different water availability in soil for tree places of rio grande do sul state, brazil,. the maximum evapotranspiration (etm) was estimated using the crop coefficient (kc) while the real evapotranspiration (etr) was estimated through the water balance, calculated for the period from 1975/76 to 2000/2001. considering the average values of the periods, the relative water consumption varied from 0.68 in the sowing date of november, in julio de castilhos, for water availability in soil of 50mm, to 0.88 in the sowing of september in passo fundo, for water availability in soil of 70mm. the medium values, obtained for each local and sowing date, are inside of favorable index for the common bean (etr/etm > 0.60). the largest values of the relative water consumption where obtained in sowing date of september, with intermediary values for october and smallest values in sowing of november. the relative water consumption was smaller than 0.20, in years of strong drought, evidencing situations of high risk to grain production. in 20.6% of the cases, the relative water consumption was classified as of high or medium risk (index etr/etm £ 0.60 during the critical period), for water availability in soil of 50mm. cruz alta presented the highest risk to grain production, while passo fundo presented the smallest risk. the sowing date with the highest risk was november while september had the lowest risk. for the analyzed places, it can be expected that, of every ten years, in about two should happen reduction of common bean yield due to water deficiency, with variable intensity, depending on the place, year and sowing date.
Planning lessons: A socio-historical-cultural approach in physics teaching
Andre Machado Rodrigues,Luciani Bueno Tavares,Jose Luis Ortega,Cristiano Rodrigues De Mattos
Science Education International , 2010,
Abstract: This paper investigates physics teacher class planning and its consequences during implementation in class mainly focusing the contradictions emerged among teacher’s and students’ expectations of the class. This situation is analysed from a socio-cultural-historical point of view mainly supported by Activity Theory. We highlight the components of the activity and the context in which they are reorganized exploring the complexity of the dialogical classroom situation. Through the use of video recordings of an experimental task we showed students measuring and isolating relevant variables to characterize a simple pendulum. We point out important aspects of the different moments of a teacher's planning, organization and the importance of dialogic interaction in the classroom to overcome lack of communication.
1.4 A Educa o Ambiental como ferramenta de apoio à Gest o de Recursos Hídricos
Rodrigo Torres Lima,André Bohrer Marques,Luciane Duarte Tavares,Cristiano Peixoto Maciel
Boletim do Observatório Ambiental Alberto Ribeiro Lamego , 2010,
The Role of Fusion in Ant Chromosome Evolution: Insights from Cytogenetic Analysis Using a Molecular Phylogenetic Approach in the Genus Mycetophylax
Danon Clemes Cardoso, Silvia das Gra?as Pompolo, Maykon Passos Cristiano, Mara Garcia Tavares
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087473
Abstract: Among insect taxa, ants exhibit one of the most variable chromosome numbers ranging from n = 1 to n = 60. This high karyotype diversity is suggested to be correlated to ants diversification. The karyotype evolution of ants is usually understood in terms of Robertsonian rearrangements towards an increase in chromosome numbers. The ant genus Mycetophylax is a small monogynous basal Attini ant (Formicidae: Myrmicinae), endemic to sand dunes along the Brazilian coastlines. A recent taxonomic revision validates three species, Mycetophylax morschi, M. conformis and M. simplex. In this paper, we cytogenetically characterized all species that belongs to the genus and analyzed the karyotypic evolution of Mycetophylax in the context of a molecular phylogeny and ancestral character state reconstruction. M. morschi showed a polymorphic number of chromosomes, with colonies showing 2n = 26 and 2n = 30 chromosomes. M. conformis presented a diploid chromosome number of 30 chromosomes, while M. simplex showed 36 chromosomes. The probabilistic models suggest that the ancestral haploid chromosome number of Mycetophylax was 17 (Likelihood framework) or 18 (Bayesian framework). The analysis also suggested that fusions were responsible for the evolutionary reduction in chromosome numbers of M. conformis and M. morschi karyotypes whereas fission may determines the M. simplex karyotype. These results obtained show the importance of fusions in chromosome changes towards a chromosome number reduction in Formicidae and how a phylogenetic background can be used to reconstruct hypotheses about chromosomes evolution.
Heart transplants for patients with Chagas' heart disease
Bocchi, Edimar Alcides;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 1995, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31801995000200021
Abstract: the role of heart transplants for treating chagas' heart disease is not quite clear. immunosuppression could lead to resurgence of t. cruzi infection with acute or chronic damage to the allograft. there are few publications regarding this issue. thus we reported the follow-up of 18-patients with chagas' heart disease submitted to orthotopic heart transplants from 1985 to 1993 at the heart institute. the patients were in functional class iv or iii, or ii, with sustained ventricular tachycardia episodes. the mean left ventricular ejection fraction was 25 ± 9% and the mean right ventricular ejection was 22 ± 6% (muga). immunosuppression was based on cyclosporin, azathioprine and corticosteroids. for specific post-transplant monitoring of t. cruzi infection, blood tests were performed (examination of blood or leukocyte concentrate, giemsa-stained blood smears, blood culture, xenodiagnosis, mouse inoculation) and tissue biopsy (skin or myocardium). in addition, complement fixation hemagglutination and immunofluorescence assays were performed. t. cruzi parasitemias were detected in 18 circumstances in 13 patients. resurgence of chagas' disease was diagnosed in 11 circumstances in 5 patients. fever, subcutaneous nodules and myocarditis predominated in these episodes. all episodes of parasitemia and chagas' disease resurgence were successfully treated with benzonidazole. all surviving patients had normal cardiac function despite left ventricular function worsening during some myocarditis episodes. neoplasias were important findings and 3 patients developed lymphoproliferative disease, 2 developed karposi's sarcoma and 1 patient developed skin cancer. the survival rates at 4 and 12 months were 83% and 49% respectively. the survival of patients who underwent heart transplants from august 1991 to april 1993 was 100% at 4 months and 75% at 12 months. heart transplants for chagas' heart disease may be associated with episodes of parasitemia and a reoccurrence of episodes of chag
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