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Tumor cytotoxicity of leucurolysin-B, a P-III snake venom metalloproteinase from Bothrops leucurus
Gabriel, LM;Sanchez, EF;Silva, SG;Santos, RG;
Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-91992012000100004
Abstract: although it has been demonstrated that venoms and toxins from some snakes are able to influence the growth of tumor cells, few antitumoral compounds from bothrops leucurus venom have been characterized. leucurolysin-b (leuc-b) is a metalloproteinase class p-iii isolated from b. leucurus which possesses an ecd-disintegrin domain. both ecd-disentegrin and rgd-disintegrin are able to bind to cell surface integrins and inhibit their adherence to their natural ligands. in the present study, the potential efficacy and the cytotoxic effects of leuc-b on glioblastoma, breast cancer and melanoma cell lines were analyzed. the effect of leuc-b on cancer cell survival was evaluated and its 50% inhibitory concentration (ic50) was determined. morphological alterations were monitored by contrast phase and fluorescent microscopy. the results demonstrated that leuc-b has potent cytotoxic effect in a micromolar range against all evaluated cancer cell lines. morphologically, dying cells showed fragmentation, condensation of their contents concomitant with shrinkage and appearance of vacuoles. this study reports for the first time the cytotoxic effect of leuc-b from b. leucurus snake venom on tumor cells.
Macroinvertebrate fauna associated with Pistia stratiotes and Nymphoides indica in subtropical lakes (south Brazil)
Albertoni, EF.;Prellvitz, LJ.;Palma-Silva, C.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842007000300015
Abstract: this study was carried out at the biguás and polegar lakes, both small environments but at different successional stages. the main objective was to characterize the macroinvertebrate community associated to the aquatic macrophyte stand in each lake in order for this community, the environmental conditions and their water quality to interact. the samples were taken in 2003. the abiotic variables of n and p totals, the temperature, electrical conductivity, ph and dissolved oxygen, as well as the determined clorophyll a concentration were measured. macroinvertebrates were sampled with a 500 μ mesh size net, separated under a stereomicroscope and identified at the lowest possible taxonomic level, and their densities were shown as the number of individuals per 100 g of macrophyte dry weight. the shannon-wiener diversity index (h'), pielou evenness (j), frequency of occurrence, abundance and taxa richness were calculated for each invertebrate community. the lago dos biguás is undergoing a process of eutrophication and during the study presented a large pistia stratiotes stand. the lago polegar is oligotrophic and had only a small nymphoides indica bankwe. the macrophyte associated invertebrate communities in each lake were considered significantly different (p < 0.05). sixty seven taxa were found for the lago dos biguás and 32 for the lago polegar. for both lakes, most of the taxa were considered rare, with a low dominance in a few months. the taxa with highest densities at lago dos biguás were chironomidae, daphniidae and cyclopidae, and oligochaeta, chironomidae and coenagrionidae for lago polegar.
Normal and pathological bone development controlled by the AP-1 transcription factor complex
EF Wagner
Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2001, DOI: 10.1186/ar169
Abstract: Since Fos proteins need Jun proteins to activate transcription, we investigated the function of c-Jun in bone cells using the cre/loxP system. Chondrocyte-specific inactivation using col2A1-cre transgenic mice results in severe scoliosis caused by failure of intevertebral disk formation and abnormal vertebral arch development, suggesting that c-jun is a novel regulator of sklerotomal differentiation.
The use of milk recording results on social sector farms
M ?ef
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1982, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-14-1-124
Systems Biology and the Development of Vaccines and Drugs for Malaria Treatments
EF Adebiyi
Biokemistri , 2006,
Abstract: The sequencing race has ended and the functional race has already begun. Microarray technology enables simultaneous gene expression analysis of thousands of genes, enabling a snapshot of an organisms’ transcriptome at an unprecedented resolution. The close correlation between gene transcription and function, allow the inference of biological processes from the assessed transcriptome profile. Among the sophisticated analytical problems in microarray technology at the front and back ends respectively, are the selection of optimal DNA oligos and computational analysis of the genes expression. In this review paper, we analyse important methods in use today in customized oligos design. In the course of executing this, we discovered that the oligos designer algorithm hanged on gene PFA0135w of chromosome 1, while designing oligos for the gene sequences of Plasmodium falciparum. We do not know the reason for this yet, as the algorithm runs on other sequences like the yeast (Saccharomyces cervisiae) and Neurospora crassa. We conclude the paper highlighting the procedures encompassing the back end phase and discuss their application to the development of vaccines and drugs for malaria treatment. Note that, malaria is the cause of significant global morbidity and mortality with 300-500 million cases annually. Our aims are not ends, but a means to achieve the following: Iterate the need for experimental biologists to (i) know how to design their customized oligos and (ii) have some idea about gene expression analysis and the need for cooperation between experimental biologists and their counterpart, the computational biologists. These will help experimental biologists to coordinate very well the front and the back ends of the system biology analysis of the whole genome effectively.
A comparative analysis of existing oligonucleotides selection algorithms for microarray technology
EF Adebiyi
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2007,
Abstract: In system biology, DNA microarray technology is an indispensable tool for the biological analysis involved at the level of the whole genome. Among the sophisticated analytical problems in microarray technology at the front and back ends, respectively, are the selection of optimal DNA oligonucleotides (henceforth oligos) and computational analysis of the genes expression data. A computational comparative analysis of the methods used to select oligos is important since the design and quality of the microarray probes are of critical importance for the hybridization experiments as well as subsequent analysis of the data. In an attempt to enhance efficient and effective design at the front end, a computational comparative analysis was performed on oligos selection tools using the barley ESTs, as well as the Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Encephalitozoon cuniculi and human genomes. The analysis also shows that a large number of the existing tools are difficult to install and configure. For cross hybridization test, most rely on BLAST and therefore design ill specific oligonucleotides. Furthermore, most are non-intuitive to use and lack important oligo design and software features.
Die assimilasie van lidmate in die plaaslike geloofsgemeenskap
EF Basson
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2010,
Abstract: The assimilation of church members into the local faith community In this article, the assimilation of members into the faith community is discussed. When a church has found its identity in being a ‘missional faith community’, the outcome is growth. Growth cannot take place if the church is unable to assimilate new members into church life. People are only assimilated into the faith community when they are interconnected through relationships, and experience a fundamental sense of belonging. This article discusses aspects of membership assimilation, namely intention, active participation, and culture. A model is proposed whereby leaders can evaluate the functional worth of people for the faith community at any level of assimilation. This model can also assist leaders in creating processes to assimilate members more effectively.
Urban Road Transportation in Nigeria From 1960 To 2006: Problems, Prospects And Challenges.
EF Ogunbodede
Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management , 2008,
Abstract: The nature of urban road transportation problems in Nigeria as at today can best be appreciated by looking at the trend of its development since Nigeria came into existence. Thus, this paper, attempt a cursory review of urban road transportation system in Nigeria from 1960 to 2006 (a period of 46 years). The paper adopts exploratory method of research to examine and discuss relevant issues of interest in the history of Nigeria road transport system in six sections. It was discovered that urban road transport system in Nigeria is inefficient and grossly inadequate even after 46 years of becoming independent from Colonial Rule. The paper suggested the construction of more motor-able roads within cities in order to increase the network; encourage increased public and private participation in the provision of transport services within cities and inter-cities transport system. The adoption of motorcycle as public mode of transportation in cities should be institutionalized since the users are constrained to use this means of transportation in the absence of alternative. However, policies guiding the regulations and use of this mode should be formulated and monitored so that its use would not impact negatively on the commuters' mobility rights and lives. Similarly, government should provide enabling environment that would guaranty efficient and adequate movement of vehicles in cities.
Clinical spectrum of paediatric HIV in Nnewi, Nigeria
EF Ugochukwu
West African Journal of Medicine , 2006,
Awareness Of HIV / AIDS Among Hospital Workers
EF Ugochukwu
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice , 2003,
Abstract: Objective: To determine the knowledge of a) HIV /AIDS among workers in a teaching Hospital, b) risk of HIV infection among hospital workers and c) precautionary measures against HIV infection in the hospital setting. Methods: 159 randomly selected workers of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi Nigeria were interviewed using an open –ended questionnaire on aetiology, pathogenesis, prevention, spread and risk of occupational transmission of HIV infection. Data analysis was done with EPI- INFO 2000. The chi – square test was used for statistical analysis and the 0.05 level of significance was adopted Result: There were 68 males and 91 females aged between 20 and 60 years drawn from 10 departments, Administration, Security, Domestic services, Nursing services, Laboratory, Laundry, Tailoring ,Pharmacy Mortuary and Works .Their level of education varied from no formal education to above senior school certificate. Respondents exhibited a fair understanding of HIV/AIDS. Awareness was more in workers below 40 years and those with higher education. There was no significant gender difference in knowledge. Certain misconceptions were noted. There was knowledge deficit in etiopathogenesis of HIV infection and of exposure to and prevention of infection in the health care worker. Nurses, pharmacists and laboratory technologists showed superior knowledge of HIV /AIDS than others. Conclusion: There is a need for health education lectures for all cadres of health care workers so as to reduce occupational transmission of HIV infection KEY WORDS: Awareness, Hospital workers, HIV AIDS Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol.6(2) 2003: 102-106
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