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Efecto del pH en la corrosión de acero al carbono en presencia de un medio amargo
Esparza Zú?iga, E. M.;Veloz Rodríguez, M. A.;Reyes Cruz, V. E.;Uruchurtu Chavarín, J.;
Superficies y vacío , 2012,
Abstract: the analysis of electrochemical behaviour of carbon steel immersed in a sour water of the petroleum industry, varying the ph, was studied. different techniques used show the presence of three important corrosion stages: adsorption, species diffusion and localised corrosion. meb analysis showed the presence of corrosion products only at ph 8.5, while in all the ph tested there are cavities or pitting. the eds study confirms the presence of oxygen, calcium and chlorides at ph 8.5, where the corrosion products are present.
Successful experiences in the application of Concept Maps in Engineering in Computing, Mexico
Beatriz Guardian Soto,Jorge F. Veloz Ortiz,Iovanna A. Rodríguez Moreno,Luis E. Veloz Ortiz
Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers , 2013,
Abstract: Today there is an enormous amount of work related to new models and styles of learning and instruction in the field of engineering. In the case of the engineering degree in computing that is taught in the Mexico National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), there is a working group led by an expert of international waisted whose success and work thereon, processes are reflected in this text through experiences gained in the last 8 years with students and teachers, thus generatingthe requirements and tools for the globalised world and the knowledge society in which we find ourselves. Lessons learned are in subjects as the theory of automata (TA), compilers (Cs), analysis of algorithms (AA), (R), Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer programming (P) networks, degree project (PT) and strategic planning (PE) mainly, among others to facilitate the understanding of concepts and applications by the student and believe that through the teaching strategy using concept maps developed by j. Novak results have been favorable in dynamism, understanding and generating meaningful learning in the long term, providing well, solid elements for your professional practice. Listed proposals obtained by teachers and exercises developed by teachers and students.
Sugars, Organic Acids and Total Phenols in Varieties of Chestnut Fruits from Tenerife (Spain)  [PDF]
M. Hernández Suárez, B. Rodríguez Galdón, D. Ríos Mesa, C. Díaz Romero, E. Rodríguez Rodríguez
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2012.36096
Abstract: The sugar, organic and total phenol contents were determined in 21 varieties of chestnut from Tenerife (Spain). Sucrose, fructose and glucose were determined by HPLC/refraction index being the sucrose the sugar with the highest content. The organic acids were determined by HPLC/diode array, and the chestnuts had an organic acids profile characterized by the following compounds: oxalic, glutamic, tartaric, pyruvic, malic, ascorbic, citric, fumaric and cis-aconitic acids. Ascorbic, citric and malic acids were the major organic acids. There were differences in the composition of sugars, total phenols and organic acids between the chestnut varieties. The production zone only significantly affected the contents of moisture, sucrose, total phenols and fructose. The correlations between glucose-fructose, malic acid-fumaric acid, tartaric acid-oxalic acid could be emphasized. An important contribution to the intake of antioxidants is observed for the consumption of chestnuts.
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society , 2006,
Abstract: This paper describes the catalytic activation studies of the reduction of some 2-substituted-5-nitrofuran compounds by [Rh(COD)(2-picoline)2](PF6) (COD = 1,5-cyclooctadiene) anchored on poly(4-vinylpyridine) in contact with 80% aqueous 2-ethoxyethanol at 100 o C under carbon monoxide atmosphere. The effect of varying the nature of the 2-substituents of the furan ring was evaluated. The importance of the present catalysis studies can be emphasized, because the potential activity against bacteria of the 2-substituted-5-nitrofuran compounds could be monitored by determining the facility of catalytic reduction of the nitro group
Uterine Reconstruction Due to a Giant Myoma. A Case Report and Literature Review  [PDF]
M. N. Gennaro Della Rossa, B. Navarro Santana, M. Rodríguez Verdejo-Arias, E. Valer Cardenas, J. Plaza Arranz
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2016.61008
Abstract: Giant myomas, defined as those > 9 cm, are uncommon. Due to the difficulties caused by its enormous size, the usual surgical treatment is a simple total hysterectomy. The surgery may be performed by either laparoscopy or laparotomy. However, the case presents a 45-year-old woman who was diagnosed with a giant myoma of 23 cm. The patient is asymptomatic and does not accept the indication of a simple total hysterectomy because of her fear to lose her femininity and a feeling of mutilation and unfulfilled genesic desire. A personalized procedure was performed: myomectomy by laparotomy with subsequent uterine reconstruction. The case is described to focus the interest on giant uterine myomas, taking into account the limited availability of literature on the topic, and to highlight the reconstruction after myomectomy.
Application of the Weibull Distribution to Estimate the Volume of Water Pumping by a Windmill  [PDF]
M. Toledo Velázquez, J. Hernández Rodríguez, M. Vega Del Carmen, F. E. Flores Murrieta, G. Tolentino Eslava
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2016.49004
Abstract: Given the steady increase in use of alternative energy sources to supply part of the energy demand of the world, and considering that Mexico has enough wind resources to produce all the electricity required by the country, in this work, it is carried out the development of a system of wind resource assessment to determine the volume of water that a windmill pumping system can provide in a specific area. To this end, it has developed a computer program for wind resource assessment by measurements of wind speed, direction, temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity. Measuring equipments were mounted in a wind measurement tower of 10 m high, within the premises of the University of Quintana Roo which is located along the coast. Until this day, there are records over a period of five months of the variables of wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. These variables were used for statistical calculations using the Weibull distributions. To give a better use of the calculated data, they were applied to the evaluation of a Pumping System.
Concentraciones de calcio, magnesio, sodio y potasio en leche materna y fórmulas de inicio
Rodríguez Rodríguez,E.M; Sanz Alaejos,M; Díaz Romero,C;
Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición , 2002,
Abstract: concentrations of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium in human milk and infant formulas. concentrations of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium were determined in 55 samples of mature human milk from canary women and 5 samples of powdered infant formula. according to the literature our data fell within the normal intervals described for each kind of milk. the mean concentration of ca, mg, na y k of powdered infant formula was higher than those concentrations found in the human milks. significant differences among the concentrations of ca, mg and na for the milks of the considered mothers were observed. only the ca intakes for infants fed with human milk were lower than those requirements recommended by the food and nutrition board (1989). however, the infants fed with powdered infant formula had an adequate intake of all the studied metals. a progressive decrease of the na, k and ca concentrations with the lactation stage was observed. maternal age, parity and sex of the newborns did not affect the metal concentrations significantly.
La edad de la madre como condicionante del consumo de alimentos y la ingesta de energía y nutrientes de sus hijos en edad preescolar
Navia,B.; Ortega,R. M.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez,E.; Aparicio,A.; Perea,J. M.;
Nutrición Hospitalaria , 2009,
Abstract: objectives: the aim of this study was to analyse whether the mother's age at the offspring's birth may condition food consumption and energy and nutrients intake as well as the appropriateness of the diet of their offspring at pre-school age. materials and methods: socio-economic, anthropometrical, and dietary data were collected from a group of 103 pre-school children from madrid, and the population was divided according to the mother's age (= 26 years (percentile 25) or < 26 years) at birth. results: twenty-two point five of the mothers of the preschool children studied had their offspring before 26 years of age and 6.8% before 18. children from younger mothers consumed less sugars (p < 0.01) and alcohol-free beverages (p < 0.05), but also less fruits (p < 0.01) and others (p < 0.05). the energy from fats was lower (p < 0.05) and that from carbohydrates higher (p < 0.05) among children with older mothers. besides, the lipid profile was also better in this children, with less caloric intake from polyunsaturated fats (p < 0.05). besides, fibre (p < 0.05) and vitamin c (p < 0.001) intake was higher in children from older mothers. conclusions: it seems that mother's age may have an influence on dietary habits of their children and be a protection factor against dietary inappropriateness of the offspring, so that younger mothers might need special counselling in this respect.
Comparación de la Eficacia Analgésica de Codeína más paracetamol vs Tramadol en el Tratamiento del Dolor por Cáncer Comparison of the analgesic effectiveness of codeine plus paracetamol vs Tramadol in the Treatment of Cáncer Pain
R. F. Rodríguez,Luís E. Bravo,A. M. ángel,M. F. Rodríguez
Revista de la Sociedad Espa?ola del Dolor , 2008,
Abstract: El dolor es el síntoma más importante en 70% de pacientes que padecen cáncer avanzado. La terapia con analgésicos utilizada en forma adecuada, controla el dolor en 80-90% de los pacientes. Objetivos. Comparar la eficacia analgésica y seguridad de la codeína más acetaminofén (CA) y Clorhidrato de Tramadol (T) en el alivio del dolor por cáncer. Método. Se realizó un ensayo clínico controlado doble ciego, en pacientes con dolor por cáncer de intensidad moderada o severa. En forma aleatoria se asignó un grupo de pacientes para ser tratados con la combinación de Codeína más paracetamol, mientras que el otro grupo recibió Clorhidrato de Tramadol por un periodo de tres semanas. La intensidad del dolor fue medida con una escala numérica de cero a diez, considerándose como dolor de intensidad moderada el marcado en la escala entre 5-7 y de intensidad severa de 8-10. El tratamiento analgésico se consideró eficaz cuando el dolor desapareció o disminuyó a una intensidad leve, comprendida entre 1-4. Resultados. Se incluyeron 115 pacientes: 59 recibieron CA y 56 recibieron T. En el grupo de pacientes que recibió CA 58% aliviaron con una dosis inicial de codeína de 150 mg/día y 8% con la dosis doblada; 34% no aliviaron. En el grupo de pacientes tratado con T el dolor alivió en 62% de los pacientes con la dosis inicial de 200mg/día y 11% con la dosis doblada, mientras que 27% no experimentó alivio. Las diferencias entre los dos grupos no fueron significativas en cuanto a su eficacia analgésica. El grupo que recibió Tramadol presentó en forma significativa, mayor incidencia de efectos colaterales de intensidad leve: náusea (p: 0.05, RR: 0.62; IC95%: 0.38-1.01), mareo (p: 0.04; RR: 0.58; IC95%: 0.33-1.01) y pérdida de apetito (p: 0.001; RR: 0.08; IC95%: 0.01-0.59). Conclusión. No existen diferencias en cuanto a la eficacia analgésica de CA y T en el tratamiento del dolor por cáncer. Con el uso de T se presentó una mayor incidencia de efectos colaterales de intensidad leve. Pain is the principal symptom in 70% of patients with severe cáncer. Analgesics therapy with a proper management controls pain in 80-90% of patients. Objective. Compare the analgesic efficacy and tolerability of codeine plus acetaminophen (CA) and tramadol clorhydrate (T) in the relief of cáncer pain. Method. A double blind, randomize controlled clinical trial was perform in patients with modérate to severe pain intensity. Randomly patients were assigned in a group for receiving codeine plus acetaminophen and in other group for receiving tramadol chlorhydrate for a three weeks period. Pain intensity was
Situación de folatos en escolares espa oles y su asociación con la presencia del hábito tabáquico en los padres Folate status in spanish schoolchildren and its association with parental smoking habits
L. G. González-Rodríguez,E. Rodríguez-Rodríguez,J. M. Perea,P. Estaire
Nutrición Hospitalaria , 2012, DOI: 10.3305/nh.2012.27.4.5785
Abstract: Objetivo: Estudiar la situación de folatos de escolares espa oles y su asociación con la presencia del hábito tabáquico en los padres. Métodos: Se estudiaron 511 escolares entre 9 y 12 a os de Madrid (Espa a). La información sobre el hábito tabáquico de los padres fue autodeclarada. La ingesta de energía y de nutrientes (especialmente folatos) se calculó utilizando el método de registro de alimentos durante tres días (de domingo a martes) y en dos de ellos (lunes y martes) se procedió a controlar los alimentos consumidos en el comedor escolar, utilizando el método de pesada precisa individual (pesando alimentos servidos y restos dejados en el plato). La ingesta de folatos se comparó con la ingesta recomendada (IR). Se analizaron las concentraciones séricas de folatos, vitamina B12 y homocisteína. Para el análisis estadístico se utilizaron los test de t-student, Mann Whitney, correlación de Pearson y Spearman, ANCOVA, MANCOVA y regresión lineal múltiple. Se consideraron valores significativos de P < 0,05. Resultados: El consumo de verduras, hortalizas y de frutas, la ingesta de folatos y su contribución a las ingestas recomendadas (I/IR%) y las concentraciones séricas de folatos fueron mayores en los hijos de madres no fumadoras que en los hijos de madres fumadoras. El 13,3% de los escolares presentaron cifras de folatos séricos inferiores a las indicadoras de deficiencia moderada (6 ng/mL) y un 0,26% mostraron deficiencia severa (3 ng/mL). Teniendo en cuenta variables interferentes se observó una correlación negativa y significativa entre las concentraciones séricas de folatos de los escolares y el hábito tabáquico de la madre (r = -0,257, p = 0,01). Conclusión: La presencia del hábito tabáquico en la madre condiciona la ingesta dietética y las concentraciones séricas de folatos en sus descendientes. Aim: To study the folate status in a group of Spanish schoolchildren and its association with parental smoking habits. Methods: A group of 511 schoolchildren between 9 and 12 years old from Madrid (Spain) were studied. Parental smoking habits were self-reported by a questionnaire. Energy and nutrients intake (especially folates) were calculated with a "3-day diet record" and during two days (Monday and Tuesday) the food consumption was controlled in the school canteen using the "precise weighing method" (recording the weights of food served and leftovers on the plate). Folate intake of the sample was compared with the recommended intakes (RI) for this vitamin. Folate, vitamin B12 and homocysteine were determined. Student's t-test, Mann Whitney Test, Pearson
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