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De la problématique des articles synopsis dans la compilation des dictionnaires au Gabon
G Saphou-Bivigat, E Ella
Lexikos , 2006,
Abstract: Le caractère multilingue et multiculturel du Gabon résulte de l'environnement linguistique et sociolinguistique, dont il faut tenir compte dans la compilation des dictionnaires. Par rapport aux articles simples les articles synopsis offrent une meilleure approche dans le transfert des données linguistiques et culturelles dans les dictionnaires. Autrement dit, au Gabon l'attention doit porter sur l'utilisation des articles synopsis dans la compilation des dictionnaires, en vue de refléter dans ses ouvrages la diversité linguistique et culturelle de ce pays. Ceci est d'autant plus vrai que l'utilisation des articles synopsis ne dépend aucunement de la typologie du dictionnaire. Cet article à pour but de suggérer les différentes approches méthodologiques à partir desquelles les lexicographes et compilateurs des dictionnaires peuvent utiliser les articles synopsis pour présenter les données linguistiques et sociolinguistiques. Ces approches méthodologiques prennent en compte l'utilisation de ces articles dans différents types des dictionnaires. Ces développements seront discutés et évalués en fonction de leurs capacités à traiter l'aspect encyclopédique des items lexicaux. L'accent ne sera pas seulement porté sur le traitement des articles synopsis dans la nomenclature, mais aussi sur les post-textes qui peuvent aussi contenir un texte avec une liste de tous les items qui sont les unités de traitement de ces articles dans cette partie centrale du dictionnaire. En d'autres termes, le point central de cet article est l'utilisation des articles synopsis dans la nomenclature, complétée par les régistres alphabétiques contenus dans les post-textes en vue de la compilation des différents types des dictionnaires polyaccessibles en fournissant aux usagers des moyens d'accès rapide pour atteindre les données aussi bien linguistiques que culturelles. Mots-clés: article synopsis, items lexicaux, article simple, signe lemme, aspects linguistiques, types de macrostructures, aspects linguistiques et extralinguistiques, items lexicaux centrés sur la culture
International Crises, Characterization of Contagion and Social Well-Being in Developing Countries: A Theoretical Model  [PDF]
Giscard Assoumou Ella
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.41011

This paper has two objectives: to characterize the exposure of developing countries to the international income, prices and monetary shocks and to calculate the social well-being in the period of contagion. Firstly, we develop a theoretical model with a world composed of two countries (developed and developing countries) and measure the level of the exposure of income in developing country to the external shocks trough external trade, international tourism, migrant transfers, external debt, foreign aid, FDI and other private financial flow channels. And, we characterize imported inflation in studying the effect of the international shocks on real exchange rate. Secondly, we search the social well-being. The results suggest that economic disequilibrium in developing country is socially optimal and that the dependence of its income to the domestic industry is necessary to reduce contagion. This conclusion is important for African countries because they import finished products for the households’ consumption. In these conditions, they are exposed to the imported inflation. The domestic monetary and tax policies are not adapted to fight against inflation. Also, they produce and export raw materials essentially toward industrialized economies. Thus, they must develop the domestic industry in order to influence the demand (or prices) of raw materials and to substitute imports by domestic goods in period of hyper-inflation in advanced economies in order to reduce imported inflation.

Rough Sets Data Analysis in Knowledge Discovery: A Case of Kuwaiti Diabetic Children Patients
Aboul ella Hassanien,Mohamed E. Abdelhafez,Hala S. Own
Advances in Fuzzy Systems , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/528461
Abstract: The main goal of this study is to investigate the relationship between psychosocial variables and diabetic children patients and to obtain a classifier function with which it was possible to classify the patients on the basis of assessed adherence level. The rough set theory is used to identify the most important attributes and to induce decision rules from 302 samples of Kuwaiti diabetic children patients aged 7–13 years old. To increase the efficiency of the classification process, rough sets with Boolean reasoning discretization algorithm is introduced to discretize the data, then the rough set reduction technique is applied to find all reducts of the data which contains the minimal subset of attributes that are associated with a class label for classification. Finally, the rough sets dependency rules are generated directly from all generated reducts. Rough confusion matrix is used to evaluate the performance of the predicted reducts and classes. A comparison between the obtained results using rough sets with decision tree, neural networks, and statistical discriminate analysis classifier algorithms has been made. Rough sets show a higher overall accuracy rates and generate more compact rules.
Os sefarditas em Israel: o sionismo do ponto de vista das vítimas judaicas
Shohat, Ella;
Novos Estudos - CEBRAP , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-33002007000300006
Abstract: this article aims to contemplate an issue seldom mentioned in alternative critical discourse concerning israel and zionism: the presence of arab or oriental jews, the sephardi jews, coming largely from arab and moslem countries. a broader analysis must include negative consequences of zionism not only to palestinian people, but also to the sephardi jews. the zionist denial of the arab-moslem and palestinian east has as its corollary the denial of the mizrahim (the "eastern ones"), who, like the palestinians, have also been stripped of the right of self-representation.
Des-orientar Cleópatra: um tropo moderno da identidade
Shohat, Ella;
Cadernos Pagu , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332004000200002
Abstract: this article proposes a study about cleopatra's representation throughout the last century, situating the debate on her looks and origins among colonial domination, anti-colonial struggles and post-colonial racial frictions that, as it tries to demonstrate, add another dimension towards understanding the investment in cleopatra's identity.
Ella Gordova
Sovremennye Issledovania Social?nyh Problem , 2012,
Abstract: In given article economic ethics are considered as set of norms of behavior of the businessman, the requirements shown by a cultural society to its style of work, to character of dialogue between participants of business, to their social shape. The conclusion becomes that economic ethics have applied character in relation to theoretical, to obschenormativnoy ethics, hence, represent section of applied ethics. On the other hand, the specific standard maintenance characterizes economic ethics as ethics professional.
Die anderen Ausdrucksweisen: subtile Offensiven Different Modes of Expression: Subtle Offensives
Ella Jasiowka
querelles-net , 2002,
Abstract: Was passiert, wenn der Herrscher des filmischen Blickes“ eine Frau ist? Anhand zweier jeweils sehr unterschiedlicher Beispiele weiblicher“ Filmkunst zeigt die Autorin, dass es n tig ist, herk mmliche Interpretationsmuster zu überwinden, um dem Filmschaffen einzelner Künstler und Künstlerinnen auf den Grund zu gehen. Da es nicht die feministische Kunst“ an sich gibt, mu man für das Werk so unterschiedlicher Künstlerinnen wie Sally Potter und Jane Campion jeweils unterschiedliche Schlüssel suchen, um ihnen gerecht zu werden. Dies tut Radkiewicz in ihrem Werk – aus feministischer Perspektive. Sie holt jeweils verschieden weit aus, wenn es darum geht, künstlerische Herkunft, Biographie, Vorbilder und Ziele der Künstlerinnen zu deren Werk in Bezug zu setzten. Ohne zu bahnbrechend neuen Erkenntnissen zu kommen, gelingt es ihr doch, ein komplexes Bild der von ihr behandelten Filmemacherinnen und den Filmen zu entwerfen, das einen umfassenden Gesamteindruck vermittelt. Die Kürze des Buches bringt dabei eine Konzentration mit sich, die zu einer Weiterbesch ftigung und Vertiefung einl dt. What happens if the filmmaker directing the audience’s gaze is a woman? Radkiewicz uses two very different examples of “female” film art to portray the two directions into which this kind of undertaking can lead. In so doing, she demonstrates that traditional methods of analysis no longer suffice to thoroughly examine the work of an artist. Since there is no neatly defined category of “feminist art,” one has to take into consideration different kinds of approaches in order to do justice to the work of film directors like Jane Campion and Sally Potter. Radkiewicz does exactly that in her work, and thus provides an analysis that is informed by a feminist perspective. She includes the filmmakers’ artistic trajectory, background, biography, and goals into her interpretation of Campion’s and Potter’s films. While Radkiewicz does not re-invent or expand feminist theory, she succeeds at providing a complex portrayal of the two filmmakers and their work, and offering a good overview over their work. The conciseness of Radkiewicz’s book provides a useful introduction to these issues and invites its readers to further explorations.
A vinda para a América: reflex es sobre perda de cabelos e de memória
Revista Estudos Feministas , 2002,
A Note on Conserved Charges of Asymptotically Flat and Anti-de Sitter Spaces in Arbitrary Dimensions
Ella Jamsin
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/s10714-008-0640-6
Abstract: The calculation of conserved charges of black holes is a rich problem, for which many methods are known. Until recently, there was some controversy on the proper definition of conserved charges in asymptotically anti-de Sitter (AdS) spaces in arbitrary dimensions. This paper provides a systematic and explicit Hamiltonian derivation of the energy and the angular momenta of both asymptotically flat and asymptotically AdS spacetimes in any dimension D bigger or equal to 4. This requires as a first step a precise determination of the asymptotic conditions of the metric and of its conjugate momentum. These conditions happen to be achieved in ellipsoidal coordinates adapted to the rotating solutions.The asymptotic symmetry algebra is found to be isomorphic either to the Poincare algebra or to the so(D-1, 2) algebra, as expected. In the asymptotically flat case, the boundary conditions involve a generalization of the parity conditions, introduced by Regge and Teitelboim, which are necessary to make the angular momenta finite. The charges are explicitly computed for Kerr and Kerr-AdS black holes for arbitrary D and they are shown to be in agreement with thermodynamical arguments.
The Memory-Conservation Theory of Memristance
Ella Gale
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: The memristor, the recently discovered fundamental circuit element, is of great interest for neuromorphic computing, nonlinear electronics and computer memory. It is usually modelled either using Chua's equations, which lack material device properties, or using Strukov's phenomenological model (or models derived from it), which deviates from Chua's definitions due to the lack of a magnetic flux term. It is shown that by modelling the magnetostatics of the memory-holding ionic current (oxygen vacancies in the Strukov memristor), the memristor's magnetic flux can be identified as the flux arising from the ions. This leads to a novel theory of memristance consisting of two components: 1. A memory function which describes how the memristance, as felt by the ions, affects the conducting electrons located in the `on' part of the device; 2. A conservation function which describes the time-varying resistance in the `off' part of the device. This model allows for a straight-forward incorporation of the ions within the electronic theory and relates Chua's constitutive definition of a memristor with device material properties for the first time.
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