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Pathophysiological mechanisms of blindness in facial trauma: A review  [PDF]
André Luis Ribeiro Ribeiro, Adriana Maria Melo dos Reis, Driene Góes Ramalho, Sérgio de Melo Alves Júnior, Jo?o de Jesus Viana Pinheiro
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2013.32032

Blindness is a serious complication that can occur after facial trauma and may represent the loss of one of the most useful senses in the human relationship with the world—the sight. This study aims to review the pathophysiology of blindness related to facial trauma in order to identify the mechanisms by which it develops and to recognize the signs and symptoms required to establish proper diagnosis and treatment. Blindness following facial trauma may occur due to mechanisms that involve injury to the eyeball, optic nerve and eyelids. The leading causes of blindness resulting from facial trauma, and which may be altered by medical interference, are related to retrobulbar hemorrhage and traumatic optic neuropathy, which require extremely rapid diagnosis and can be accomplished with the resources available in most trauma-based emergency services. The authors conclude that loss of vision tends to be irreversible in direct eyeball and optic nerve lesions, but can be prevented in retrobulbar hemorrhage and traumatic optic neuropathy. Eyeball and, especially, sight accuracy evaluation should be included in the initial care of trauma patients, so that the lesions that might lead to loss of vision are diagnosed and treated early.

Consumption Morality of the Locavorism Reflected in the Advertising of the Organic Fairs in Rio de Janeiro: Is the Belonging Password on the Desk?  [PDF]
Margarete Ribeiro Tavares, Fred Tavares, Bárbara Lúcia Guimar?es Alves, Jefferson F. G. G. da Costa, Marlen Maria Cabral Ramalho
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2019.94010
Abstract: The purpose of this essay is to investigate the connections that surround the morality of green consumption and locavorism from the logic of “having” to “being” under the aegis of the productilization of nature in the context of a new strand of rhizomatic capitalism that is diligently interspersed by the production of “subjectivity kits”, whose theoretical bases are inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. The hypothesis is related to the possibility of making desires from “subjectivity kits” based on symbolic, immaterial and intangible aspects with a moral identity proposition that promotes the relations of consumption, subjectivity, capital, “green feeding” and nature in the contemporary world. There is the possibility that a “liquefaction” of green food consumption, which is reflected by the conceptions of rhizomatic capitalism, may have been contingent upon articulations from a capilalistic culture co-opted by prêt-à-porter identities that empower themselves from the fabrication of new desires captured by social control devices. These devices can bypass their social actors, referring to the idea of Ecopower. There are indications that all this process reached the table of the Brazilian consumer in the context of locavorism from the publicity and the production of liquefied “green foods” as a brand patented by the market and aesthetized with a garment of moral consumption. In order to investigate these relationships in the field of locavore feeding, this qualitative, empirical-theoretical exploratory study was based on bibliographical-documentary research techniques based on the analysis of eight online advertising pieces of organic fairs in Rio de Janeiro. This study will promote an understanding of the linkages of possible intentions inserted in the advertising pieces analyzed and the expectation of a new social control device acting in the light of rhizomatic capitalism as a manufacturer of “subjectivities kits” agitated by moral food consumption.
A covariant model for the nucleon spin structure
G. Ramalho
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We present the results of the covariant spectator quark model applied to the nucleon structure function $f(x)$ measured in unpolarized deep inelastic scattering, and the structure functions $g_1(x)$ and $g_2(x)$ measured in deep inelastic scattering using polarized beams and targets ($x$ is the Bjorken scaling variable). The nucleon is modeled by a valence quark-diquark structure with $S,P$ and $D$ components. The shape of the wave functions and the relative strength of each component are fixed by making fits to the deep inelastic scattering data for the structure functions $f(x)$ and $g_1(x)$. The model is then used to make predictions on the function $g_2(x)$ for the proton and neutron.
Using the Single Quark Transition Model to predict nucleon resonance amplitudes
G. Ramalho
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.90.033010
Abstract: We present predictions for the $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast$ helicity amplitudes, where $N^\ast$ is a member of the $[70,1^-]$ supermultiplet. We combine the results from the single quark transition model for the helicity amplitudes with the results of the covariant spectator quark model for the $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast(1535)$ and $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast(1520)$ transitions. The theoretical estimations from the covariant spectator quark model are used to calculate three independent functions $A,B$, and $C$ of $Q^2$, where $Q^2=-q^2$ and $q$ is the momentum transfer. With the knowledge of the functions $A,B$, and $C$ we estimate the helicity amplitudes for the transitions $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast(1650)$, $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast(1700)$, $\gamma^\ast N \to \Delta(1620)$, and $\gamma^\ast N \to \Delta(1700)$. The analysis is restricted to reactions with proton targets. The predictions for the transition amplitudes are valid for $Q^2 > 2$ GeV$^2$.
A covariant model for the negative parity resonances of the nucleon
G. Ramalho
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We present a model for the $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast$ helicity amplitudes, where $N$ is the nucleon and $N^\ast$ is a negative parity nucleon excitation, member of the $SU(6)$-multiplet $[70,1^-]$. The model combines the results from the single quark transition model for the helicity amplitudes with the results of the covariant spectator quark model for the $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast(1535)$ and $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast(1520)$ transitions. With the knowledge of the amplitudes $A_{1/2}$ and $A_{3/2}$ for those transitions we calculate three independent coefficients defined by the single quark transition model and make predictions for the helicity amplitudes associated with the $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast(1650)$, $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast(1700)$, $\gamma^\ast N \to \Delta(1620)$, and $\gamma^\ast N \to \Delta(1700)$ transitions. In order to facilitate the comparison with future experimental data at high $Q^2$, we provide also simple parametrizations for the amplitudes, compatible with the expected falloff at high $Q^2$.
Perfil Sistêmico e Manifesta??es Bucais em Pacientes com Hipotireoidismo
da Silva Santos,Graziele Beanes; Cruz de Jesus,Vivianne; Góes Guarda,Milena; Matos Paraguassú,Gardênia; Tavares Rodriguez,Tania; Pedreira Ramalho,Luciana Maria;
Revista Cubana de Estomatolog?-a , 2012,
Abstract: the hypothyroidism is an endocrine disorder characterized by the systemic character of the thyroid gland dysfunction. the t3 and t4 thyroid hormones are necessary to fulfill with the normal functions of the physical body. thus, the alterations in the t3 and t4 secretion may be associated with changes in the stomatognathic system. among the changes are included the condylar hypoplasia, the mandibular or maxillary atresia, the underdeveloped mandible, the hypoplasia of the enamel and the dentine, the taurodontism and the delay of dentition as well as the radicular development. thus, it is essential that stomatologist know on the local or systemic manifestations associated with this endocrine disorder. the aim of present paper is to approach the systemic and oral changes in patients presenting with hypothyroidism, as well as the better management and care applied during the dental treatment. the data collection was thorough the selection of articles published on the oral manifestations in patients presenting with hypothyroidism in large databases like bireme, scielo and medline. the hypothyroidism is a common system disease that occasionally have oral manifestations known by the stomatologists since they are patients needing special care during the stomatologic treatments. also, must to be considered the drug interaction in these patients, since the drugs regularly prescribed in stomatology may to provoke adverse reactions. it is necessary that surgeon knows on the appropriate procedures in the treatment of hypothyroidism patients.
Concentrations of Silver Nitrate in the In Vitro Development and Conservation of Passiflora gibertii N. E. Brown  [PDF]
Gláucia Amorim Faria, Lucas Menezes Felizardo, Antonio Flávio Arruda Ferreira, Paula Suares Rocha, Aline Namie Suzuki, Ant?nio da Silva Souza, Tatiana Góes Junghans, Maria A. P. C. Costa, Ana Patricia Bastos Peixoto, Augusto Ramalho de Morais, Beatriz Garcia Lopes, Tiago Almeida de Oliveira
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.812199
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of silver nitrate in the in vitro development and conservation of passion fruit plants. Experiments were carried out at the Laboratory of Culture and Tissues, in the National Cassava and Fruits Research Center (EMBRAPA), using microcuttings of Passiflora gibertii N. E. Br., previously cultivated in vitro. The microcuttings were placed in MS media supplemented with silver nitrate at concentrations of 0, 1, 2, 4 and 8 mg·L-1, and, during 30, 60 and 90 days, the following variables were identified: Shooting length (cm), number of roots, number and coloration of leaves. A completely randomized design with 30 replications in a split-plot scheme was employed. Polynomial regression equations were adjusted in analysis of variance to compare averages of treatments. The obtained results support the assumption of high sensitivity of passion fruit tissues to ethylene, which reflects in the lost of vigor and in the induction of culture senescence by its accumulation. Based on obtained results, and in order to mitigate this problem, it is possible to indicate an addition of 2 mg·L-1?of silver nitrate in culture media, for the micropropagation of passion fruit plant, allowing the controlling of the atmosphere inside the culture test tubes, during the establishment of explants and other steps of the process.
Octet to decuplet electromagnetic transition in a relativistic quark model
Ramalho, G.;Tsushima, K.
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2013,
Abstract: We study the octet to decuplet baryon electromagnetic transitions using the covariant spectator quark model, and predict the transition magnetic dipole form factors for those involving the strange baryons. Utilizing SU(3) symmetry, the valence quark contributions are supplemented by the pion cloud dressing based on the one estimated in the $\gamma^\ast N \to \Delta$ reaction. Although the valence quark contributions are dominant in general, the pion cloud effects turn out to be very important to describe the experimental data. We also show that, other mesons besides the pion in particular the kaon, may be relevant for some reactions such as $\gamma^\ast \Sigma^+ \to \Sigma^{*+}$, based on our analysis for the radiative decay widths of the strange decuplet baryons.
Valence quark contributions for the gamma N -> P11(1440) form factors
G. Ramalho,Kazuo Tsushima
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.81.074020
Abstract: Using a covariant spectator quark model we estimate valence quark contributions to the F1*(Q2) and F2*(Q2) transition form factors for the gamma N -> P11(1440) reaction. The Roper resonance, P11(1440), is assumed to be the first radial excitation of the nucleon. The present model requires no extra parameters except for those already fixed by the previous studies for the nucleon. Our results are consistent with the experimental data in the high Q2 region, and those from lattice QCD. We also estimate the meson cloud contributions, focusing on the low Q2 region, where they are expected to be dominant.
A model for the Delta(1600) resonance and gamma N -> Delta(1600) transition
G. Ramalho,K. Tsushima
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.82.073007
Abstract: A covariant spectator constituent quark model is applied to study the gamma N -> Delta(1600) transition. Two processes are important in the transition: a photon couples to the individual quarks of the Delta(1600) core (quark core), and a photon couples to the intermediate pion-baryon states (pion cloud). While the quark core contributions are estimated assuming Delta(1600) as the first radial excitation of Delta(1232), the pion cloud contributions are estimated based on an analogy with the gamma N -> Delta(1232) transition. To estimate the pion cloud contributions in the gamma N -> Delta(1600) transition, we include the relevant intermediate states, pi-N, pi-Delta, pi-N(1440) and pi-Delta(1600). Dependence on the four-momentum transfer squared, Q2, is predicted for the magnetic dipole transition form factor, GM*(Q2), as well as the helicity amplitudes, A_1/2(Q2) and A_3/2(Q2). The results at Q2=0 are compared with the existing data.
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