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Accelerated Repair and Reduced Mutagenicity of DNA Damage Induced by Cigarette Smoke in Human Bronchial Cells Transfected with E.coli Formamidopyrimidine DNA Glycosylase
Mara Foresta, Alberto Izzotti, Sebastiano La Maestra, Rosanna Micale, Alessandro Poggi, Donatella Vecchio, Guido Frosina
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087984
Abstract: Cigarette smoke (CS) is associated to a number of pathologies including lung cancer. Its mutagenic and carcinogenic effects are partially linked to the presence of reactive oxygen species and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) inducing DNA damage. The bacterial DNA repair enzyme formamidopyrimidine DNA glycosylase (FPG) repairs both oxidized bases and different types of bulky DNA adducts. We investigated in vitro whether FPG expression may enhance DNA repair of CS-damaged DNA and counteract the mutagenic effects of CS in human lung cells. NCI-H727 non small cell lung carcinoma cells were transfected with a plasmid vector expressing FPG fused to the Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein (EGFP). Cells expressing the fusion protein EGFP-FPG displayed accelerated repair of adducts and DNA breaks induced by CS condensate. The mutant frequencies induced by low concentrations of CS condensate to the Na+K+-ATPase locus (ouar) were significantly reduced in cells expressing EGFP-FPG. Hence, expression of the bacterial DNA repair protein FPG stably protects human lung cells from the mutagenic effects of CS by improving cells’ capacity to repair damaged DNA.
Drugs targeting the mitochondrial pore act as citotoxic and cytostatic agents in temozolomide-resistant glioma cells
Annalisa Lena, Mariarosa Rechichi, Alessandra Salvetti, Barbara Bartoli, Donatella Vecchio, Vittoria Scarcelli, Rosina Amoroso, Lucia Benvenuti, Rolando Gagliardi, Vittorio Gremigni, Leonardo Rossi
Journal of Translational Medicine , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1479-5876-7-13
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to report a comprehensive analysis of the effects produced by selected MPT-inducing drugs (Betulinic Acid, Lonidamine, CD437) in a temozolomide-resistant glioblastoma cell line (ADF cells).EGFRvIII expression has been assayed by RT-PCR. EGFR amplification and PTEN deletion have been assayed by differential-PCR. Drugs effect on cell viability has been tested by crystal violet assay. MPT has been tested by JC1 staining. Drug cytostatic effect has been tested by mitotic index analysis. Drug cytotoxic effect has been tested by calcein AM staining. Apoptosis has been assayed by Hoechst incorporation and Annexine V binding assay. Authophagy has been tested by acridine orange staining.We performed a molecular and genetic characterization of ADF cells and demonstrated that this line does not express the EGFRvIII and does not show EGFR amplification. ADF cells do not show PTEN mutation but differential PCR data indicate a hemizygous deletion of PTEN gene. We analyzed the response of ADF cells to Betulinic Acid, Lonidamine, and CD437. Our data demonstrate that MPT-inducing agents produce concentration-dependent cytostatic and cytotoxic effects in parallel with MPT induction triggered through MPTP. CD437, Lonidamine and Betulinic acid trigger apoptosis as principal death modality.The obtained data suggest that these pharmacological agents could be selected as adjuvant drugs for the treatment of high grade astrocytomas that resist conventional therapies or that do not show any peculiar genetic alteration that can be targeted by specific drugs.High grade gliomas, which include anaplastic gliomas (WHO grade III) and glioblastomas (GBM, WHO grade IV) are the most common types of primary brain tumor in adults. The prognosis for patients with this tumor is very poor, with most of them dying within 1 year after diagnosis [1]. With the current standard care – which consists of maximal surgical resection, concurrent radiation therapy and daily temozolomide (TZM
Observations of Embryonic Changes in Middle and Late Stages of the Greater Wax Moth, Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)  [PDF]
Muhamad Abidalla, Donatella Battaglia
Advances in Entomology (AE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ae.2018.63015
Abstract: The embryogenesis of lepidopteran insects has morphogenetic events accompanying the blastokinesis movements (anatrepsis and katatrepsis) in early and late stages, respectively. Katatrepsis is related to embryonic movement with yolk mass and regression of amnioserosa folds in the second half of the development cycle. The whole mount method and differential interference contrast microscopy (DIC) were used for analysing the embryonic developmental changes. Those changes in the middle and late embryonic periods were described and divided into eight stages: 1) Completion of segmentation and differentiation of cephalic and thoracic appendages (32 - 40 hours post-oviposition h. PO); 2) Expanded growth of cephalo-gnathal and abdominal parts (41 - 60 h. PO); 3) Completion of thoracic appendages and appearance of pleuropodia, katatrepsis (60 - 70 h. PO); 4) Pre-revolution morphogenetic movement of the cephalo-gnathal region (71 - 80 h. PO); 5) revolution of the embryo (81 - 100 h. PO); 6) Beginning of dorsal closure (101 - 115 h. PO); 7) completion of dorsal closure (116 - 120 h. PO); and 8) full-grown embryo just before hatching (121 - 144 h. PO).
Complete III Cranial Nerve Palsy in a Leather Worker: An Unusual Case Report  [PDF]
Adriano Magli, Elisabetta Chiariello Vecchio
Open Journal of Ophthalmology (OJOph) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2014.43014

This case report describes features and surgical management in one patient that developed a worsening total III cranial nerve palsy in his right eye. Our 45 year-old male patient worked for about 25 years in leather tanning industry. He underwent medical history, routine blood test, eye exams that included visual acuity measurement, slit-lamp examination, dilated retinal biomicroscopy and indirect ophthalmoscopy, fundus photography, tonometry, corneal pachymetry, Krimsky test, oculomotor examination and eye deviation surgery. On examination of the fellow eye wasn’t found any disease. Stroke, aneurysm and intracerebral causes of third nerve palsy were excluded, and medical history was negative for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, trauma, neurological disease unless two previous polyneuropathies episodes and one herpetic keratitis episode. Result of any neuroimaging studies were recorded (Our patients performed in hospital CT, MRI and MRI angiography and all the testes were normal). To our knowledge third cranial nerve palsy has never been observed in literature in leather workers. In conclusion, it is important for ophthalmologists to evaluate carefully work history and lifestyle persons and plan the surgical approach focusing the different characteristics of these patients.

El Yo menguante
Diego Vecchio
Cuadernos LIRICO : Revista de la Red Interuniversitaria de Estudios sobre las Literaturas Rioplatenses Contemporáneas en Francia , 2010,
Abstract: El Diario del sinvergüenza no es más que una nebulosa de cuartillas, fichas, tarjetas y hojas sueltas, que Felisberto Hernández escribió a mano o a máquina, hacia 1957 y que José Pedro Díaz transformó en texto póstumo incluyéndolas en las Obras Completas, dándoles aquello que les faltaba : un orden, una forma, aunque no una unidad. No se sabe muy bien dónde empieza ni dónde termina ; qué fragmentos incluye o excluye ; qué partes le pertenecen y cuáles pertenecen a otros textos, como Tierras d...
Macedonio Fernández o el primer mentiroso del Río de la Plata
Diego Vecchio
Cuadernos LIRICO : Revista de la Red Interuniversitaria de Estudios sobre las Literaturas Rioplatenses Contemporáneas en Francia , 2006,
Abstract: 1- Lingüística y cartografíaComo corresponde a un “filósofo” idealista, Macedonio Fernández también fue un lingüista. En 1928, en No toda es vigilia, en el capítulo intitulado “Definiciones de ideas y vocablos”, elabora una primera teoría del lenguaje :La palabra es un signo para comunicación. Esta es sólo, más que comunicación, suscitación de imagen por signo. Y el orden de lo así comunicable es puramente el de las imágenes, aunque haciendo nacer en otra mente las imágenes que tenemos ahora ...
El despliegue del vacío: Arturo Carrera, el barroco, los orígenes
Diego Vecchio
Cuadernos LIRICO : Revista de la Red Interuniversitaria de Estudios sobre las Literaturas Rioplatenses Contemporáneas en Francia , 2007,
Abstract: Barroco: W lfflinUn a o : 1888. Un nombre : Henrich W lfflin. Un título : Renacimiento y barroco. Este a o, este nombre y este título se alan la entrada triunfal de la noción de barroco en la historia del arte. Hasta entonces barroco había sido un término peyorativo, utilizado para designar la producción artística posterior al renacimiento, considerada como un arte de la contrarreforma o, lo que es lo mismo, de la decadencia. Henrich W lfflin define por primera vez de manera positiva el térmi...
LISA observations of rapidly spinning massive black hole binary systems
Alberto Vecchio
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.70.042001
Abstract: Binary systems of massive black holes will be detectable by the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) throughout the entire Universe. Observations of gravitational waves from this class of sources will have important repercussions on our understanding of the behaviour of gravity in the highly non-linear relativistic regime, the distribution and interaction of massive black holes at high redshift and the formation and evolution of cosmic structures. It is therefore important to address how accurately LISA can measure the source parameters and explore the implications for astronomy and cosmology. Present observations and theoretical models suggest that massive black holes could be spinning, possibly rapidly in some cases. In binary systems, the relativistic spin-orbit interaction causes the orbital plane to precess in space producing a characteristic signature on the emitted gravitational waves. In this paper we investigate the effect of spins on the gravitational wave signal registered at the LISA output and the implications for parameter estimation. We consider the in-spiral phase of binary systems in circular orbit undergoing the so-called "simple precession" and we approximate the gravitational radiation at the restricted 1.5PN order. We show that the presence of spins changes dramatically the signature of the signal recorded by LISA. As a consequence, the mean square errors associated to the parameter measurements are significantly smaller than the ones obtained when the effect of spins is neglected. For a binary system of two $10^6 \Ms$ black holes, the angular resolution and the relative error on the luminosity distance improve by a factor $\approx$ 3-to-10; the fractional errors on the chirp mass and the reduced mass decrease by a factor $\sim 10$ and $\sim 10^3$, respectively.
Deep Surveys of Massive Black Holes with LISA
Alberto Vecchio
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1063/1.1291863
Abstract: Massive black hole binary systems are among the most interesting sources for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA); gravitational radiation emitted during the last year of in-spiral could be detectable with a very large signal-to-noise ratio for sources at cosmological distance. Here we discuss the impact of LISA for astronomy and cosmology; we review our present understanding of the relevant issues, and highlight open problems that deserve further investigations.
The Diseases of the Medici Family and the Use of Phytotherapy
Donatella Lippi
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2007, DOI: 10.1093/ecam/nem107
Abstract: The Medici Project is a paleopathological and historico-medical research, based on the exhumation of corpses of the Medici Family buried in the Medici Chapels (Florence, San Lorenzo). The scientific research carried out on these remains permits us to reconstruct habits and causes of death of members of this famous family of Italian Renaissance. The comparison between the literary sources and the paleopathological evidence is also important to reconstruct different therapies. Physicians, who assisted the most important persons of the Medici Family, have left a rich literature about their patients: the treatments were based on the use of plants and natural substances. Analyzing these sources is of unique importance and throws light on the therapeutical choices of the time.
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