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NONO and RALY proteins are required for YB-1 oxaliplatin induced resistance in colon adenocarcinoma cell lines
Serges P Tsofack, Chantal Garand, Chris Sereduk, Donald Chow, Meraj Aziz, David Guay, Hongwei H Yin, Michel Lebel
Molecular Cancer , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1476-4598-10-145
Abstract: We show for the first time that transfection of YB-1 cDNA confers oxaliplatin resistance in two colorectal cancer cell lines (SW480 and HT29 cell lines). Furthermore, we identified by mass spectrometry analyses important YB-1 interactors required for such oxaliplatin resistance in these colorectal cancer cell lines. A tagged YB-1 construct was used to identify proteins interacting directly to YB-1 in such cells. We then focused on proteins that are potentially involved in colorectal cancer progression based on the Oncomine microarray database. Genes encoding for these YB-1 interactors were also examined in the public NCBI comparative genomic hybridization database to determine whether these genes are localized to regions of chromosomes rearranged in colorectal cancer tissues. From these analyses, we obtained a list of proteins interacting with YB-1 and potentially involved in oxaliplatin resistance. Oxaliplatin dose response curves of SW480 and HT29 colorectal cancer cell lines transfected with several siRNAs corresponding to each of these YB-1 interactors were obtained to identify proteins significantly affecting oxaliplatin sensitivity upon gene silencing. Only the depletion of either NONO or RALY sensitized both colorectal cancer cell lines to oxaliplatin. Furthermore, depletion of NONO or RALY sensitized otherwise oxaliplatin resistant overexpressing YB-1 SW480 or HT29 cells.These results suggest knocking down NONO or RALY significant counteracts oxaliplatin resistance in colorectal cancers overexpressing the YB-1 protein.Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the Western world (National Cancer Institute; 2009). Over 50% of those diagnosed require systemic therapy at some point during the disease trajectory. Clinical resistance is almost inevitable for advanced colorectal cancer within 6-12 months of any given therapy. For example, clinical responses of metastatic cancers (e.g. death and elimination of cancer cells) to the most a
Resolution of Chronic Subdural Hematoma after Treatment with Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Inhibitor  [PDF]
Donald Ross
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2011.24045
Abstract: Background and Importance: Chronic subdural hematomas (cSDH) are a common problem for which solutions remain imperfect. Surgery is effective, but not without risk. Recent data have suggested a role for inflammation in the genesis of cSDH and several reports have documented some benefit to steroid treatment. In this report, a possible role for tumor necrosis factor alpha blockade in the resolution of a multiply recurrent cSDH is described. Clinical Presentation: An 86-year-old man with rheumatoid arthritis treated with infliximab presented with a large, symptomatic, multiloculated cSDH. Infliximab was withheld and craniotomy for evacuation was uncomplicated, but recurrent symptoms were noted and a recurrence was operated upon again several weeks later. Follow up CT showed a second recurrence. The patient requested to go back on his infliximab due to painful arthralgias. After a single dose of 10 mg/kg, follow up CT showed that the cSDH resolved and did not recur. Conclusion: Anti-TNF-alpha treatment with infliximab may have played a role in the resolution of this patient’s cSDH. Further investigation of this possible effect seems warranted.
Democracy as the Communitarian Ideal  [PDF]
Donald Poochigian
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2014.41005

Democracy is distinguished by optimal integration of diverse public values, identifying the most encompassing set of mutually accepted elements defining the contemporary circumstance. Individual orderings are integrated into a continuum by rearranging common elements into conformity with every other ordering. Sequencing common elements differently, translation from individual to individual occurs by reordering elements in an understanding according to sequencing of another understanding. Utilizing the reordering process, apparent contradiction between concepts is eliminated, each smoothly transitioning into its opposite, fusing all into a transmutative whole. By this function, an axiom system can be generated from its constituent axioms in any order.

The Real Reason Why the Electron’s Bare g-Factor Is 2 Times Classical  [PDF]
Donald Bowen
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.710109
Abstract: When analyzing an Electron’s orbit’s and movements, a “classical” bare g-factor of “1” must be used, but when analyzing just the Electron itself, a bare g-factor and gyromagnetic ratio of twice the “classical” value is needed to fit reality. Nobody has fully explained this yet. By examining the electromagnetic wave nature of the electron, it is possible to show a simple reason why its bare g-factor must be 2, without resorting to superluminal velocities or dismissing it as mystically intrinsic. A simple charged electromagnetic wave loop (CEWL) model of the electron that maintains the same electromagnetic wave nature as the high-energy photons from which electron-positron pairs form, will have exactly half of its energy in the form of magnetic energy who’s field lines are perpendicular to the direction of the charge rotation, which leads to the conclusion that only half of the electron’s electromagnetic mass is rotational mass, from which it is easy to calculate a bare g-factor of 2 using Feynman’s equation for the electron’s g-factor.
The Generalized Pythagorean Comma Harmonic Powers of a Fundamental Frequency Are Equivalent the Standing Wave Harmonic Fraction System  [PDF]
Donald Chakeres
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2018.87038
Abstract: Purpose: The Pythagorean Comma refers to an ancient Greek musical, mathematical tuning method that defines an integer ratio of exponential coupling constant harmonic law of two frequencies and a virtual frequency. A Comma represents a physical harmonic system that is readily observable and can be mathematically simulated. The virtual harmonic is essential and indirectly measurable. The Pythagorean Comma relates to two discrete frequencies but can be generalized to any including infinite harmonics of a fundamental frequency, vF. These power laws encode the physical and mathematical properties of their coupling constant ratio, natural resonance, the maximal resonance of the powers of the frequencies, wave interference, and the beat. The hypothesis is that the Pythagorean power fractions of a fundamental frequency, vF are structured by the same harmonic fraction system seen with standing waves. Methods: The Pythagorean Comma refers to the ratio of (3/2)12 and 27 that is nearly equal to 1. A Comma is related to the physical setting of the maximum resonance of the powers of two frequencies. The powers and the virtual frequency are derived simulating the physical environment utilizing the Buckingham Π theorem, array analysis, and dimensional analysis. The powers and the virtual frequency can be generalized to any two frequencies. The maximum resonance occurs when their dimensionless ratio closest to 1 and the virtual harmonic closest to 1 Hz. The Pythagorean possible power arrays for a vF system or any two different frequencies are evaluated. Results: The generalized Pythagorean harmonic power law for any two different frequencies coupling constant are
Application of Nonlinear Dynamics in Studying Flashover Fire in a Small Open Kitchen  [PDF]
Wan Ki Chow, Jing Liu
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.45100
Abstract: Open kitchen designs are found in small units in tall residential buildings of Asian-Oceania regions for better space utilization. As many combustibles are stored in small residential units, fire originated in the open kitchen can grow and spread fast. Consequently, flashover can occur to give a big fire and result in severe casualties and property damage. Nonlinear dynamics can be applied to predict critical heat release rate to flashover in the unit with an open kitchen and will be illustrated in this paper. Based on a two-zone model, temperature of the hot smoke layer was taken as the system state variable. An evolution equation was developed with selective control parameters. Onsetting of flashover using a nonlinear dynamical system was demonstrated in the example residential units. Effects of the floor dimensions, the radiation feedback coefficient and thermal properties of wall material on the onset of flashover were then examined and analyzed. The developed nonlinear dynamical model for studying the onset of flashover gives a better understanding of the various control parameters.
A Study of the Chinese Rare Books in Lingnan University Library
Yi Chow
Journal of Library and Information Studies , 2012,
Abstract: The Lingnan University in this article is the Guangzhou Lingnan University, whose forerunner was a Christian College built in 1888 and which ceased operations and was largely absorbed into the Guangzhou Sun Yat-Sen University in 1952. The Chinese rare books of the former Lingnan University Library were by and large merged into the current Sun Yat-Sen University Library and have become a major constituent of its rare books collections. This article analyzes the quantity, sources, and characteristics of the Chinese rare books and shows how the collection development supported the education and research purposes. Lingnan University Library had 174 kinds of Chinese rare books before the Second Sino-Japanese War. It comprised prodominantly Zhao Zeng’s collections and the donations of Gantang Xu, Zongzhou Pan, Shaozhen Xu, Hanchen Gan. The Library of Congress of the United States had influenced the collection of local records in Lingnan. The prominent characteristics of the existing collection included the following: (1) it comprises a large quantity of prints and manuscripts of the Ming dynasty; (2) particularly, it highlights the historical and literary records of the Ming; (3) geographically it emphasizes Guangdong records. [Article content in Chinese]
On a formula of Daskalopoulos, Hamilton and Sesum
Bennett Chow
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We give an exposition of a formula of Daskalopoulos, Hamilton and Sesum for solutions to the Ricci flow on the 2-sphere. This is one of several estimates used by them to classify ancient solutions on the 2-sphere.
Averaging on thin sets of diagonal forms
Sam Chow
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We investigate one-dimensional families of diagonal forms, considering the evolution of the asymptotic formula and error term. We then discuss properties of the average asymptotic formula obtained. The subsequent second moment analysis precipitates an effective means of computing $p$-adic densities of zeros for large primes $p$.
On an alternate proof of Hamilton's matrix Harnack inequality for the Ricci flow
Bennett Chow
Mathematics , 2001,
Abstract: Based on a suggestion of Richard Hamilton, we give an alternate proof of his matrix Harnack inequality for solutions of the Ricci flow with positive curvature operator. This Harnack inequality says that a certain endomorphism, consisting of an expression in the curvature and its first two covariant derivatives, of the bundle of 2-forms Whitney sum 1-forms is nonnegative. The idea is to consider the 2-form which minimizes the associated quadratic form to obtain a symmetric 2-tensor. A long but straightforward computation implies this 2-tensor is a subsolution to heat-type equation. A standard application of the maximum principle implies the result.
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