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Petrological and Structural Approach to Understanding the Mechanism of Formation and Development of Paleoproterozoic Calc-Alkaline Volcanic Rocks of West Africa’s Craton: An Example of the Mako and Foulde Groups (Kedougou Inlier in Western Senegal)  [PDF]
Adrien Gozo, Mahamadane Diène, Dinna Pathé Diallo, Edmond Dioh, Mamadou Gueye, Papa Moussa Ndiaye
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2015.67055
Abstract: The calc-alkaline volcanic formations in the western part of the Kedougou-Kenieba inlier crop out in three complexes: the Foulde in the North and the areas of Mako and Baniomba in the South. These complexes which either combine with the tholeiites or cut across the sedimentary formations are composed of thin veins and massive lava flows. They have many petrographic similarities and show chemical characteristics that resemble those of island-arc rocks. At the tectonic level, the D1 deformation phase preceding the formation of the basins and the transpressive tectonics including an oblique convergence may account for the structural evolution of the Mako volcanic belt. Its occurrence in different basins may be evidenced by the composition of some lithophilic components like the Sr, Ba, U, Rb and the composition of clinopyroxenes enriched in TiO2, FeO, Na2O in the Foulde calc-alkaline volcanic rocks that developed in a sedimentary environment.
Morphology, Thermal Behavior and Dynamic Rheological Properties of Wood Polypropylene Composites  [PDF]
Diène Ndiaye, Vincent Verney, Haroutioun Askanian, Sophie Commereuc, Adams Tidjani
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2013.411092

Wood polymer composites (WPCs) were made with pine and polypropylene matrix (PP). The composites were produced by melt blending in a Brabender at 180°C. Characterization of the samples, with the aid of scanning electron microscopy supplemented by microscope photography, showed an improved dispersion of wood in the polymeric material in presence of polypropylene grafted with maleic anhydride (MAPP) or nanoclay. The use of the MAPP instead of clay seems to have enhanced the level of crystallinity in the composites for the same levels of wood loading and also accelerates the crystallization. Melt rheological measurements of neat PP and PP-wood composites were carried out at 180°C with an ARES Rheometer scientific mechanical spectrometer in oscillatory frequency. All the composites materials exhibit viscoelastic values greater than those for neat PP. The samples containing MAPP as comptabilizer show the higher Newtonian viscosity, however, the addition of a small concentration of nanoparticles like nanoclays does not improve the resulting melt viscoelastic behavior of the composite.

Pozzolanic Activity of Old Volcanic Tuffs of Mako Area (Senegal-Oriental, West African Craton): An Economic and Environmental Interest  [PDF]
Matar Ndiaye, Mahamadane Diène, Mouhamadou Bassir Diop, Papa Malick Ngom
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2019.103014
Abstract: The volcanic tuffs of Senegal-Oriental in Mako area are produced during a calc-alkaline volcanism which occurs in this region and which is dated from about 2.3 - 1.95 Ga. Despite their altered appearance, the X-Ray diffractions show mineral paragenesis: Quartz-Kaolinite-Illite and an important amorphous phase. On the Ternary Keil-Rankin diagram for the CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 the volcanic tuffs of Mako area are situated between pozzolan and the fly ash. The difference between silica and lime is greater than 34% in these volcanic tuffs. In this study, they have been mixed with Portland cement to obtain pozzolanic cements respectively with 20%, 30%, 35% and 40% of addition of volcanic tuffs. The pozzolanic reactivity is highlighted by the compressive strength increase until 90 days of conservation in water. It supposes that the vitreous phase of the volcanic tuffs reacts with the free CaO (CaOf) of Portland cement to produce new hydrated minerals. This study has a positive economic and environmental impact. Because the time of grinding of pozzolanic cements is reduced. Also, the addition of volcanic tuffs reduces the production of clinker, then the CO2 emission.
Study of the Thermal, Rheological, Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Biocomposites Based on Rod-Of Typha/HDPE Made up of Typha Stem and HDPE  [PDF]
Babacar Niang, El Hadj Babacar Ly, Abdou Karim Diallo, Nicola Schiavone, Haroutioun Askanian, Vincent Verney, Ansou Malang Badji, Mahmoud Kalid Diakite, Diéne Ndiaye
Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2018.89023
The thermal, rheological and morphological properties of composite biomaterials made with mixture of high density polyethylene and typha rod powder (RD) were evaluated. The dynamic mechanical behavior of the samples was studied with 25%, 35% and 45% typha stem powder concentrations. The viscoelastic properties are mainly related to the nature of the polymer and the typha stem powder. Storage (G') and loss (G\") moduli increased significantly, depending on the amount of powder in the molten mixture. After a viscosity increase was noticed in low frequency, it decreased in high frequencies, which demonstrates the pseudo-plasticity effect. Morphological and thermal characterization results have shown the dispersion state of the powder and its ability to modify the kinetics crystallization of biocomposites.
Les cultures religieuses et leurs signifiances dans les poésies des civilisations modernes
Ibra Diène
Caligrama : Revista de Estudos Romanicos , 2004,
Abstract: Resumo: No século XX, o recuo da prática religiosa n o fez desaparecer a religi o das obras, que continuam marcadas por essa prática. Até mesmo as obras blasfematórias exprimem, em seu conteúdo e forma, uma certa cultura religiosa, assim como outros textos, de temática diferente, servindo de base para a legibilidade ideológica, expressividade ou poeticidade dos mesmos. Existem, nesses textos, significancias e fun es diversas que podem ser observadas através da forma como s o tratadas as culturas relacionadas com as religi es mu ulmanas e crist s nas literaturas das sociedades modernas. Atualmente, é muito raro haver uma inspira o direta e principal da religi o, a menos que seja blasfematória, o que procederia dessa nova tradi o subversiva, situada, recentemente, dentro de critérios de modernidade. Entretanto, nas sociedades de modernidade recente, em que o espiritual é ainda primordial, como no Senegal, a fidelidade a Deus é, às vezes, objeto poético e sua poeticidade coloca-se como meio discursivo eficaz, pela sua dupla fun o, persuasiva e perlocutória. Palavras-chave: Literatura senegalesa; religi o; cristianismo; islamismo. Résumé: Au XXe siècle, le recul de la pratique religieuse n’a pas entra né l’effacement de la religion dans les oeuvres et celles-ci continuent à en être marquées. Même les oeuvres blasphématoires étalent une certaine culture religieuse dans contenu et dans leur forme, tout comme des textes de thématique différente, pour asseoir le fondement de leur lisibilité idéologique, de leur expressivité ou de leur poéticité. Il y a là diverses signifiances et fonctions que nous pouvons observer à travers le traitement des cultures référant aux religions musulmanes et chrétiennes dans les littératures des sociétés modernes. Aujourd’hui, l’inspiration directe et principale de la religion, à moins d’ètre blasphématoire, ce qui procéderait de cette nouvelle tradition subversive récemment posée en critères de modernité, est très rare. Pourtant, dans les sociétés de modernité recente où le spirituel est encore d’une emprise primordiale comme au Sénégal, l’allégeance à Dieu est parfois objet poétique et sa poéticité se pose comme moyen discursif efficace à la double fonction persuasive et perlocutoire. Mots-clés: Littérature sénégalaise; religion; Christianisme; Islam. Keywords: Senegalese literature; religion; Christianity; Islam.
Water Quality from the Purification Unit of Thiakhar (Diourbel, Senegal) and Impact of Discharges from Treatment on Water Resources  [PDF]
Cheikh Hamidou Kane, Moustapha Diène, Baba Sarr
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2013.512126

The installation of a purification unit since 2008 in the village of Thiakhar has improved the physico-chemical and bacteriological quality of the water supply. However about 55% of the raw water comes out of the unit as discharges (approximately 14 m3 per day) highly concentrated in fluoride and chloride ions. Based on historical samples, we find that the volumes of water consumed together with the volumes of water discharged are increasingly significant from year to year. The storage of waste water is carried out in a septic tank connected to a leaking cesspool sink. Significant excesses of these discharges are visible on the site and a flow of concentrate is observed creating a puddle of water that attracts birds and straying cattle. The study describes the following substantial impacts on the natural and human environment: 1) contamination of groundwater, 2) soil salinization 3), impact on flora and fauna, 4) impact on health. The study concludes by identifying measures to mitigate the negative impacts related to the discharges and by proposing alternative solution.

Public Spending and Growth in the Countries of the Economic Community of West African States  [PDF]
Amath Ndiaye
Modern Economy (ME) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/me.2018.911122
Abstract: Our research focuses on the impact of government spending on economic growth in the countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). It draws on new theories of endogenous growth, and more specifically on Rajhi model. After the tests of specification, an ARDL model was estimated for each of the countries which have cointegration relationships. For those whose cointegration relationship does not exist, a VAR estimate was made. So according to estimates, Total Public Spending in most of the countries of ECOWAS has not positive influence on the economic growth as well in the short term as in the long term. Also in most of the countries, Public Consumption did not positively affect economic growth as well in the long run as in the short run. Regarding Public Investment, we have the same results; it does not positively affects economic growth in most of the ECOWAS countries. Burkina Faso, Guinea and Ivory Coast are the three excepted countries where Total Public Spending has a positive effect on GDP growth in the long term but not in the short run. For further analysis we looked at Public Consumption and Public Investment. It is only in four out of ten countries of the sample that, we found that Public Consumption expenditures positively affect economic growth in the short term while the impact generally is negative in the long term. Regarding Public investment, it is only in three out of ten countries (Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana), that it was found determinant to economic growth in the long term.
Therapeutic Aspects of Chronic Bone Infections and Management Challenges  [PDF]
Charles Diémé, Lamine Sarr, Alioune Badara Guèye, Ndeye Fatou Coulibaly, André Sané, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, Seydina Sèye
Open Journal of Orthopedics (OJO) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojo.2014.42004
Abstract: This study aims to investigate various aspects of the treatment of chronic bone infections and the challenges in their management. The characterization of treatment of 73 patients with chronic bone infection was reported. The four management challenges including consultation delay, immune depression, extreme variety of clinical manifestations and non-use of CT or MRI were discussed in this study. We conducted a retrospective study at Aristide Le Dantec Hospital on 90 cases of chronic bone infection in 73 patients. The mean duration of symptoms before consultation was 36 months. More than half of the patients had a productive fistula at the first consultation. Sickle cell anemia was found in 6 patients. Multiple lesions were found in 10 patients; and long bones were affected in 90% of cases. The bacterial culture was positive in 93.15%. Staphylococcus aureus was the most isolated germ (68.35%). Seventy-two out of seventy-three patients were operated on. The procedure depended on anatomical and radiological lesions. Surgical treatment was associated with antibiotherapy which was firstly probabilistic and secondarily adapted to the results of bacterial culture. A favorable trend was found in 41 patients (56.16%). 32 cases of adverse effects were noted (43.83%), and 27 patients had recurrence after a favorable outcome. Several complications and sequelae were observed demonstrating the tenacity of these chronic infections.
Syndrome de la persistance des canaux de Muller
R Kane, A Ndiaye, E Diémé, M Ogougbemy
African Journal of Urology , 2012,
Abstract: Le syndrome de la persistance des dérivés mullériens représente une forme rare de pseudohermaphrodisme masculin interne (une centaine de cas décrits dans la littérature). Il est caractérisé par la présence de l’utérus, des trompes et de la partie supérieure du vagin chez un garc on par ailleurs normalement virilisé avec un caryotype 46 XY. Il est la conséquence d’un déficit en hormone anti-mullérienne ou d’une anomalie de ses récepteurs. Nous rapportons un cas de découverte per opératoire lors de la cure d’une hernie inguinale associée à une cryptorchidie.
Application of the p-Median Problem in School Allocation  [PDF]
Fagueye Ndiaye, Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye, Idrissa Ly
American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2012.22030
Abstract: This paper focus on solving the problem of optimizing students’ orientation. After four years spent in secondary school, pupils take exams and are assigned to the high school. The main difficulty of Education Department Inspection (EDI) of Dakar lies in the allocation of pupils in the suburbs. In this paper we propose an allocation model using the p-median problem. The model takes into account the distance of the standards imposed by international organizations between pupil’s home and school. The p-median problem is a location-allocation problem that takes into account the average (total) distance between demand points (pupil’s home) and facility (pupil’s school). The p-median problem is used to determine the best location to place a limited number of schools. The model has been enhanced and applied to a wide range of school location problems in suburbs. After collecting necessary numerical data to each EDI, a formulation is presented and computational results are carried out.
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