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Three-port versus four-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy in acute and chronic cholecystitis
Dhafir Al-Azawi, Nariman Houssein, Abu Rayis, Donal McMahon, Dermot J Hehir
BMC Surgery , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2482-7-8
Abstract: The medical records of 495 patients who underwent LC between September 1999 and September 2003 were reviewed. Variables such as complications, operating time, conversion to open procedure, hospital stay, and analgesia requirements were compared.Two hundred and eighty-three patients underwent three-port LC and 212 patients underwent four-port LC. In total, 163 (32.9%) patients were diagnosed with AC and 332 (67.1%) with CC by histology. There was no statistical difference between the three and four-port groups in terms of complications, conversion to open procedure (p = 0.6), and operating time (p = 0.4). Patients who underwent three-port LC required less opiate analgesia (pethidine) than those who underwent four-port LC (p = 0.0001). The hospital stay was found to be related to the amount of opiates consumed (p = 0.0001) and was significantly shorter in the three-port LC group (p = 0.005).Three-port LC is a safe procedure for AC and CC in expert hands. The procedure offers considerable advantages over the traditional four-port technique in the reduction of analgesia requirements and length of hospital stay.Since its foundation in 1987 by Philip Mouret of Lyon, laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) has been the procedure of choice for symptomatic gall bladder disease [1]. Since then, there have been many changes and improvements in the technique. Traditional LC is performed using four-port technique [2,3]. Reducing the size or number of ports did not affect the safety of the procedure and further enhanced the advantages of laparoscopic over open cholecystectomy [4]. These modifications actually reduced the pain and analgesia requirement [5]. Three trocars and even two trocars were used to perform LC [4,6], as has using mini-instruments, authors of these new techniques claimed that these techniques took a similar time to perform and caused less postoperative pain than the standard laparoscopic cholecystectomy [5,7]. Some authors even advised for procedures as needlescope
Database Analysis of Adults with Bipolar Disorder Consuming a Micronutrient Formula
Dermot Gately and Bonnie J. Kaplan
Clinical Medicine Insights: Psychiatry , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Bipolar disorder is a lifelong problem with imperfect available treatments. Recent research has shown potential benefit of nutritional treatment for mood symptoms. The goal of the current study was to determine whether adults with bipolar disorder reported treatment benefit from consuming a micronutrient formula. Methods: Self-report data were available from 682 adults who reported a diagnosis of bipolar disorder; 81% were taking psychiatric medications. Those reporting additional diagnoses were excluded, as well as those who provided data 60 times during 180 days of using the micronutrients, leaving 358 for analysis. Results: Mean symptom severity was 41% lower than baseline after 3 months (effect size = 0.78), and 45% lower after 6 months (effect size = 0.76) (both paired t-tests significant, p 0.001). In terms of responder status, 53% experienced 50% improvement at 6 months. Half the sample were taking medications approved for bipolar disorder (lithium, anticonvulsants, atypical antipsychotics), and half were either medication-free or taking other medications: the magnitude of treatment benefit did not differ between these two groups. Regression analyses indicated that decreased symptom severity over the 6 months was associated with increasing micronutrient dosage and with reducing medication. Symptom improvements were significant and sustained at 6 months, suggesting that benefits were not attributable to placebo/expectancy effects. Conclusions: Further research on this micronutrient formula is warranted.
Wave mixing of hybrid Bogoliubov modes in a Bose-Einstein condensate
Dermot McPeake,J F McCann
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.68.053610
Abstract: Mode-mixing of coherent excitations of a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate is modelled using the Bogoliubov approximation. Hybridization of the modes of the breather ($l=0$) and surface ($l=4$) states leads to the formation of a Bogoliubov dark state. Calculations are presented for second-harmonic generation between the two lowest-lying even-parity $m=0$ modes in an oblate spheroidal trap. Two hybrid modes are strongly excited near second-harmonic resonance, and the coupling strength, and hence conversion rate, to the breather mode is half that given by an equivalent hydrodynamic estimate.
Independence, Intervention and Great Power Patronage: Kosovo, Georgia and the Contemporary Self-Determination Penumbra
Aidan Hehir
Amsterdam Law Forum , 2012,
Abstract: This article contends that despite the increased currency of self-determination in contemporary international political debate the issue remains highly ambiguous and problematic. Two situation in 2008 - Kosovoa€ s declaration of independence and Russiaa€ s recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia a€“ brought this issue to the top of the international agenda and yet neither case has clarified the self-determination penumbra. The issue remains the preserve of political expediency rather than objective legal doctrine. This article assesses the evolution of independence Kosovo highlighting the highly contingent nature of this case and the conditional nature of Kosovoa€ s a€ independencea€
Superfluid toroidal currents in atomic condensates
Eileen Nugent,Dermot McPeake,J F McCann
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.68.063606
Abstract: The dynamics of toroidal condensates in the presence of condensate flow and dipole perturbation have been investigated. The Bogoliubov spectrum of condensate is calculated for an oblate torus using a discrete-variable representation and a spectral method to high accuracy. The transition from spheroidal to toroidal geometry of the trap displaces the energy levels into narrow bands. The lowest-order acoustic modes are quantized with the dispersion relation $\omega \sim |m| \omega_s $ with $m=0,\pm 1,\pm 2, ...$. A condensate with toroidal current $\kappa$ splits the $|m|$ co-rotating and counter-rotating pair by the amount: $\Delta E \approx 2 |m|\hbar^2 \kappa < r^{-2}>$. Radial dipole excitations are the lowest energy dissipation modes. For highly occupied condensates the nonlinearity creates an asymmetric mix of dipole circulation and nonlinear shifts in the spectrum of excitations so that the center of mass circulates around the axis of symmetry of the trap. We outline an experimental method to study these excitations.
Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy: World Allergy Organization Position Paper 2009
G Walter Canonica, Jean Bousquet, Thomas Casale, Richard F Lockey, Carlos E Baena-Cagnani, Ruby Pawankar, Paul C Potter, Philippe J Bousquet, Linda S Cox, Stephen R Durham, Harold S Nelson, Giovanni Passalacqua, Dermot P Ryan, Jan L Brozek, Enrico Compalati, Ronald Dahl, Luis Delgado, Roy van Wijk, Richard G Gower, Dennis K Ledford, Nelson Filho, Erkka J Valovirta, Osman M Yusuf, Torsten Zuberbier, Wahiduzzaman Akhanda, Raul Almarales, Ignacio Ansotegui, Floriano Bonifazi, Jan Ceuppens, Tomás Chivato, Darina Dimova, Diana Dumitrascu, Luigi Fontana, Constance H Katelaris, Ranbir Kaulsay, Piotr Kuna, Désirée Larenas-Linnemann, Manolis Manoussakis, Kristof Nekam, Carlos Nunes, Robyn O'Hehir, José M Olaguibel, Nerin Onder, Jung Park, Alfred Priftanji, Robert Puy, Luis Sarmiento, Glenis Scadding, Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, Ester Seberova, Revaz Sepiashvili, Dírceu Solé, Alkis Togias, Carlo Tomino, Elina Toskala, Hugo Van Beever, Stefan Vieths
World Allergy Organization Journal , 2009, DOI: 10.1097/wox.0b013e3181c6c379
Umbilical artery tone in maternal obesity
Mark P Hehir, Audrey T Moynihan, Siobhan V Glavey, John J Morrison
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1477-7827-7-6
Abstract: Sections of umbilical artery were obtained from umbilical cord samples immediately after delivery and mounted for isometric recording in organ tissue baths under physiological conditions. Cumulative additions of 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and Prostaglandin F-2alpha (PgF2alpha) were added in the concentration range of 1 nmol/L to 10 micromol/L. Control vessels were exposed to Krebs physiological salt solution (PSS) only. The resultant effects of each drug addition were measured using the Powerlab hardware unit.5-HT exerted a significant effect on human umbilical artery tone at concentrations of 100 nmol/L, 1 micromol/L, and 10 micromol/L in normal (n = 5; P < 0.05) and obese (n = 5; P < 0.05) women. The contractile effect was significantly greater in vessels from obese women {Mean Maximum Tension (MMT) = 4.2532 g} than in those from women of normal BMI (MMT = 2.97 g; P < 0.05). PgF2alpha exerted a significant contractile effect on vessels at 1 micromol/L and 10 micromol/L concentrations when compared with controls (n = 5; P < 0.05). There was a non-significant trend towards an enhanced tone response in vessels from obese women (MMT = 3.02 g; n = 5), in comparison to vessels from women of a normal BMI (MMT = 2.358 g; n = 5; P > 0.05).These findings support the hypothesis that endogenous regulation of umbilical artery tone is altered in association with maternal obesity. This may be linked to the cardiovascular effects of secretory products of adipose tissue, with implications for the feto-maternal circulation.It has become evident in recent years that there is a marked increase in the prevalence of obesity among the adult and child population [1,2]. While some of the adverse effects of this on health and wellbeing are obvious, the more subtle systemic effects of the so called metabolic syndrome, are hitherto not fully understood. In obstetric practice, it is well established that obesity is associated with a wide range of disorders in pregnancy including hypertensive
Use of Animal Models to Investigate Major Allergens Associated with Food Allergy
Jenna L. Van Gramberg,Michael J. de Veer,Robyn E. O'Hehir,Els N. T. Meeusen
Journal of Allergy , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/635695
Database analysis of children and adolescents with Bipolar Disorder consuming a micronutrient formula
Julia J Rucklidge, Dermot Gately, Bonnie J Kaplan
BMC Psychiatry , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-244x-10-74
Abstract: Data were available from an existing database for 120 children whose parents reported a diagnosis of PBD; 79% were taking psychiatric medications that are used to treat mood disorders; 24% were also reported as ADHD. Using Last Observation Carried Forward (LOCF), data were analyzed from 3 to 6 months of micronutrient use.At LOCF, mean symptom severity of bipolar symptoms was 46% lower than baseline (effect size (ES) = 0.78) (p < 0.001). In terms of responder status, 46% experienced >50% improvement at LOCF, with 38% still taking psychiatric medication (52% drop from baseline) but at much lower levels (74% reduction in number of medications being used from baseline). The results were similar for those with both ADHD and PBD: a 43% decline in PBD symptoms (ES = 0.72) and 40% in ADHD symptoms (ES = 0.62). An alternative sample of children with just ADHD symptoms (n = 41) showed a 47% reduction in symptoms from baseline to LOCF (ES = 1.04). The duration of reductions in symptom severity suggests that benefits were not attributable to placebo/expectancy effects. Similar findings were found for younger and older children and for both sexes.The data are limited by the open label nature of the study, the lack of a control group, and the inherent self-selection bias. While these data cannot establish efficacy, the results are consistent with a growing body of research suggesting that micronutrients appear to have therapeutic benefit for children with PBD with or without ADHD in the absence of significant side effects and may allow for a reduction in psychiatric medications while improving symptoms. The consistent reporting of positive changes across multiple sites and countries are substantial enough to warrant a call for randomized clinical trials using micronutrients.The diagnosis of pediatric bipolar disorder (PBD) is one of the most controversial in modern child psychiatry [1]. Disagreement exists on how to define it, at what age to identify it, and how it matches with t
Stimuli Responsive Ionogels for Sensing Applications—An Overview
Andrew Kavanagh,Robert Byrne,Dermot Diamond,Kevin J. Fraser
Membranes , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/membranes2010016
Abstract: This overview aims to summarize the existing potential of “ Ionogels” as a platform to develop stimuli responsive materials. Ionogels are a class of materials that contain an Ionic Liquid (IL) confined within a polymer matrix. Recently defined as “a solid interconnected network spreading throughout a liquid phase”, the ionogel therefore combines the properties of both its solid and liquid components. ILs are low melting salts that exist as liquids composed entirely of cations and anions at or around 100 °C. Important physical properties of these liquids such as viscosity, density, melting point and conductivity can be altered to suit a purpose by choice of the cation/anion. Here we provide an overview to highlight the literature thus far, detailing the encapsulation of IL and responsive materials within these polymeric structures. Exciting applications in the areas of optical and electrochemical sensing, solid state electrolytes and actuating materials shall be discussed.
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