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Por uma pedagogia da pesquisa educacional e da forma??o de professores na universidade
Catani, Denice;
Educar em Revista , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-40602010000200006
Abstract: the paper analyses and discusses aspects and possibilities to teacher education in universities. it shows ideas about the constitution of a pedagogy of research and a pedagogy of teacher education. therefore, it uses the notion of habitus by p. bourdieu and it introduces two perspectives on how to educate: the culture of caring as a perspective to be done in teacher's education and the didactic style as dispositions and brands of pedagogic action built by teachers. by connecting these three aspects to the appreciation and the constitution of teacher education stories and stories of relations with the knowledge and work new guidelines start to be considered by licenciature and pedagogy courses.
Are Accounting Metrics Applicable to Human Resources? The Case of Return on Valuing Assignments
Adam Steen,Denice Welch
Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal , 2011,
Abstract: The importance of accounting for human resources has long been recognised by the Accounting profession. Until recently, Human Resource Accounting (HRA) literature has been dominated by discussion as to whether humans fit the traditional definition of assets, and how to measure and report them. We investigate the concept of human capital and its measurement through a review of the HRA literature, as well as the literature in Human Resources (HR). This paper then draws on the findings of a small exploratory study into the measurement of Return on Investment (ROI) for international assignments. Interview data reveals that intangible costs and benefits are problematic when applying such a metric; that much of the outcome from the assignment is intellectual capital, in its broad sense, and therefore difficult to isolate and effectively measure.
Diversity and evolution of the small multidrug resistance protein family
Denice C Bay, Raymond J Turner
BMC Evolutionary Biology , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2148-9-140
Abstract: A thorough annotation of unidentified/putative SMR sequences was performed placing sequences into each of the three SMR protein subclass designations, namely small multidrug proteins (SMP), suppressor of groEL mutations (SUG), and paired small multidrug resistance (PSMR) using protein alignments and phylogenetic analysis. Examination of SMR subclass distribution within Bacteria and Archaea taxa identified specific Bacterial classes that uniquely encode for particular SMR subclass members. The extent of selective pressure acting upon each SMR subclass was determined by calculating the rate of synonymous to non-synonymous nucleotide substitutions using Syn-SCAN analysis. SUG and SMP subclasses are maintained under moderate selection pressure in comparison to integron and plasmid encoded SMR homologues. Conversely, PSMR sequences are maintained under lower levels of selection pressure, where one of the two PSMR pairs diverges in sequence more rapidly than the other. SMR genomic loci surveys identified potential SMR efflux substrates based on its gene association to putative operons that encode for genes regulating amino acid biogenesis and QAC-like metabolites. SMR subclass protein transmembrane domain alignments to Bacterial/Archaeal transporters (BAT), DMT, and MFS sequences supports SMR participation in multidrug transport evolution by identifying common TM domains.Based on this study, PSMR sequences originated recently within both SUG and SMP clades through gene duplication events and it appears that SMR members may be evolving towards specific metabolite transport.Anthropogenic drug overuse combined with the rapid horizontal distribution of multidrug efflux genes encoded on mobile genetic elements has facilitated drug resistance in distant or unrelated microorganisms [1-3]. One such gene encode small multidrug resistance (SMR) proteins which are frequently identified within the 3' conserved region of mobile genetic elements referred to as integrons [4] and on vari
Providing competency-based family medicine residency training in substance abuse in the new millennium: a model curriculum
J Paul Seale, Sylvia Shellenberger, Denice Clark
BMC Medical Education , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6920-10-33
Abstract: The authors reviewed reports of past Family Medicine curriculum development efforts, previously-identified barriers to education in high risk substance use, approaches to overcoming these barriers, and current training guidelines of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and their Family Medicine Residency Review Committee. A proposed eight-module curriculum was developed, based on substance abuse competencies defined by Project MAINSTREAM and linked to core competencies defined by the ACGME. The curriculum provides basic training in high risk substance use to all residents, while also addressing current training challenges presented by U.S. work hour regulations, increasing international diversity of Family Medicine resident trainees, and emerging new primary care practice models.This paper offers a core curriculum, focused on screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment, which can be adapted by residency programs to meet their individual needs. The curriculum encourages direct observation of residents to ensure that core skills are learned and trains residents with several "new skills" that will expand the basket of substance abuse services they will be equipped to provide as they enter practice.Broad-based implementation of a comprehensive Family Medicine residency curriculum should increase the ability of family physicians to provide basic substance abuse services in a primary care context. Such efforts should be coupled with faculty development initiatives which ensure that sufficient trained faculty are available to teach these concepts and with efforts by major Family Medicine organizations to implement and enforce residency requirements for substance abuse training.Despite numerous faculty development initiatives related to primary care substance abuse training over the past three decades [1-10], rates of primary care screening and alcohol counseling remain low [11,12] and many clinicians report a lack of confidence in as
Evaluación de la eficacia del tratamiento antihelmíntico con pamoato de pirantel/oxantel y la reinfección por geohelmintos, en ni?os de dos poblaciones del estado Sucre
Patete,Denice; Michelli,Elvia; De Donato,Marcos;
Kasmera , 2005,
Abstract: efficacy of oxantel-pyrantel pamoate and helminthic reinfection were evaluated in children from both sexes between the ages of 3 and 14. we selected 289 children in total, 123 from agua blanca, montes municipality, and 166 from malariologia, cumana, sucre municipality. feces samples were collected and freshly processed by a coproparasitologic analysis with saline solution and lugol, using also the methods of ritchie, feces culture in agar plates, quantitative kato-katz and quantification of protozoan. four post treatment samples were taken from each individual (weeks 1, 3, 5 and 10). the findings were presented in prevalencia charts; the tests of squared ji (c2) and anova multiple, to 95% of dependability, were also applied, and classical methods were used to determine the efficacy and effectiveness of the drug, and helminthic reinfection. the prevalence of intestinal parasites was 99.19% for agua blanca and 85.54% for malariologia. trichuris trichiura was the most prevalent helminth in both populations (74.84% and 50.00%, respectively), and blastocystis hominis was the most prevalent protozoan (73.17% and 40.96%, respectively). most of the helminthic infections showed low levels and no statistically significant differences were seen between the populations (f=2,76; p>0,05 for ascaris lumbricoides, f=2,13; p>0,05 for t. trichiura and f=1,17;p>0,05 for necator americanus). children between 7 and 10 years old were the most affected. oxantel-pyrantel pamoate showed more efficacy and effectiveness towards a. lumbricoides than any other helminthic species. there were statistical differences in the reinfections between the two populations (c2=14,82; p>0,05). environmental characteristics of each community could favor helminthic transmission and maintain the infection-reinfection cycle seen.
Uma história das práticas de ensino da leitura e da escrita na produ o autobiográfica de professores e alunos no Brasil (1870-1970) =A history of reading and writing teaching practices in teachers’ and students’ autobiographical production in Brazil (1870-1970)
Catani, Denice Barbara,Vicentini, Paula Perin
Educa??o , 2011,
Abstract: O texto aborda investiga o que discute amplamente a natureza das informa es advindas das reconstru es memorialísticas e ficcionais e sublinha a possibilidade de se apreender, mediante o exame de tais fontes, as maneiras pelas quais os sujeitos constroem os sentidos das experiências de vida escolar e como estas integram-se ao desenvolvimento dos sujeitos ao longo de tempos diversos da existência. A pesquisa analisa tanto perspectivas reconstruídas a partir da posi o de alunos quanto a partir do lugar dos professores. Em ambos os casos, s o frequentes as referências às práticas de ensino da leitura e da escrita. Evidentemente, tais referências s o melhor compreendidas à luz da história da escolariza o e da análise de outras práticas sociais, mas também é de se sublinhar o fato de que as referências às experiências de vida escolar e, em especial, aquelas ligadas ao aprendizado da leitura e da escrita, s o numerosas nas fontes autobiográficas. The text analyse the ways of appropriation of teachers’ and students’ school life experiences described in literary and memorialistic writings. In this investigation, we discuss the nature of information reconstructed in memorialistic and fictional texts and point out the possibility to know, through these sources, the ways in which people build the senses of their school life experiences and how these are constructed in different moments of life. The research analyses both the students’ and the teachers’ perspectives. In these sources, we often find references to reading and writing teaching practices. Evidently, these references can be better understood by the History of School and the analysis of other social practices, but it is also necessary to observe that references to school life experiences, and, especially, the references on learning how to read and write are numerous in autobiographical sources.
As apropria es da obra de Pierre Bourdieu no campo educacional brasileiro
Afranio Catani,Denice Catani,Gilson Pereira
Revista Portuguesa de Educa??o , 2002,
Abstract: From a research conducted with 20 journals specialized in education, published between 1971 and 2000, the present text analyses the appropriation forms from Pierre Bourdieu s work in the Brazilian educational field. 355 articles published in those periodics making references to the sociologist constitute the basic corpus for the analysis of the peculiarities of the brazilian interpretation of the author.
The Relationship between Personality Traits and Stress Levels in Children  [PDF]
Jéssica Elandra Bedin, Mariane Luiza Mattjie, Vinícius Renato Thomé Ferreira, Denice Bortolin Baseggio
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.66065
Abstract: This study assessed the relationship between the personality traits and stress levels in children. The Scale of Children Personality Traits and the Scale of Infant Stress were administered. The personality trait dimensions refer to neuroticism, psychoticism, extroversion and sociability, and the stress dimensions refer to levels of stress resistance, alertness, near-exhaustion and exhaustion and the stress reaction types regarding the psychological, psychological with depressing component, psychophysiological and physic types. Fifty children of both genders were assessed; all of them studied in classes from the first to the fourth grades of an elementary public school. The data indicate moderate and positive correlations between the neuroticism and stress levels traits, being mainly evidenced in psychological reactions. On the other hand, the traits psychoticism, ex-troversion and sociability did not present significant correlations with the sample stress levels.
Um lugar de produ??o e a produ??o de um lugar: a história e a historiografia divulgadas no GT História da Educa??o da ANPEd (1985-2000)
Catani, Denice Barbara;Faria Filho, Luciano Mendes de;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-24782002000100010
Abstract: this text analyses the ground covered by the anped working group on the history of education (1985-2000) reconsidering the characteristics of the productions presented in the group and its constitutive process as a "place of production" for brazilian historical educational research. it emphasises the role of the working group as a place for theoretical-methodological discussions and for the nurturing of new research perspectives. it also identifies the emergence of theoretical perspectives and methodological options that have marked national production in this area.
Um lugar de produ o e a produ o de um lugar: a história e a historiografia divulgadas no GT História da Educa o da ANPEd (1985-2000)
Denice Barbara Catani,Luciano Filho Mendes de Faria
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2002,
Abstract: This text analyses the ground covered by the ANPEd Working Group on the History of Education (1985-2000) reconsidering the characteristics of the productions presented in the group and its constitutive process as a place of production for Brazilian historical educational research. It emphasises the role of the Working Group as a place for theoreticalmethodological discussions and for the nurturing of new research perspectives. It also identifies the emergence of theoretical perspectives and methodological options that have marked national production in this area.
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