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Parametros bioquímicos e microbiológicos e suas rela??es com a experiência de cárie em adolescentes sadios
Stamford, Thayza Christina Montenegro;Pereira, Daniela Marinho de Souza;Alcantara, Luciana Cabral de;Couto, Geraldo Bosco Lindoso;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-38292005000100009
Abstract: objectives: to establish a relationship between dental caries with the degree of streptococcus mutans present in the salivary flow and saliva buffer ability in 111 healthy adolescents seen at the pediatrics outpatient clinic of the hospital das clínicas de pernambuco. methods: intraoral examinations were performed and dental records filled to determine dmfs-s (decayed, missing teeth and filled permanent dental surfaces). following, saliva was collected to determined salivary flow and buffer ability. front teeth were scrapped to quantify streptococcus mutans present in the bacterial plaque. results: the population assessed had predominantly low caries activities with buffer ability of normal saliva and deficiency of salivary flow. the numbers of s mutans in the bacterial plaque exceeded 105 cfu/mg in the majority of individuals in the population studied. conclusions: caries activity was inversely proportional to the buffer capacity and directly proportional to the presence of streptococus mutans in the bacterial plaque. this low carie activity could be derived from the daily tooth-brushing with fluor dentifrices.
Utiliza??o da contagem de folículos antrais para predi??o do padr?o de resposta em ciclos de hiperestimula??o controlada com antagonista de GnRH
Souza, Maria do Carmo Borges de;Souza, Marcelo Marinho de;Oliveira, Jo?o Batista Alcantara;Henriques, Carlos André;Cardoso, Fernanda Freitas Oliveira;Mancebo, Ana Cristina Allemand;Rocha, Christina Albuquerque da;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032008000100007
Abstract: purpose: to establish whether there is a predictive relationship between the antral follicle count (afc) on the second day of the cycle and the response pattern in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation cycles for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (icsi). methods: a prospective study developed from may 2004 to may 2005, in which 51 patients aged <37 years old were submitted to assisted reproduction/icsi in ovarian hyperstimulation protocol with gonadotropin recombinant and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh) antagonist. a transvaginal ultrasonography was performed on the second day of the cycle, to count the number of follicles measuring 2 to 10 mm, at the beginning of stimulus, data compared with the number of follicles with >15 mm on the day of ovulation triggering, the total number of oocytes retrieved and in metaphases ii, the number of good quality embryos transferred and pregnancy rate. the statistical analysis was performed by the t-student test and the mann-whitney test, with statistical significance of 5% (p<0.05). results: the mean age in the study group was 32.4 years. the afc average was 7.1, minimum of 1 and maximum of 16. considering afc as a main variable, a significant direct correlation was observed with the number of follicles >15 mm on the day of ovulation triggering (p=0.0001), the total number of oocytes retrieved (p=0.0001) and those in metaphases ii (p=0.0001). such correlation between afc and pregnancy was not observed (p=0.43). there was no significant correlation between afc and the number of good quality embryos transferred (p=0.081). conclusions: afc on the second day of the stimulated cycle can be used to predict the quality of ovarian stimulation, the number of oocytes retrieved and the number of mature oocytes in in vitro fertilization cycles using gnrh antagonist.
Altera??es nos atributos químicos de um latossolo pelo manejo de plantas invasoras em cafeeiros
Araujo-Junior, Cezar Francisco;Guimar?es, Paulo Tácito Gontijo;Dias Junior, Moacir de Souza;Alcantara, Elifas Nunes;Mendes, Aretusa Daniela Resende;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832011000600036
Abstract: weed control is one of the most intensive management practices in coffee plantations resulting in changes in soil chemical properties. the objectives of this study were: a) to assess the effects of weed management in a coffee plantation on the chemical properties of a dystroferric red latosol (oxisol) compared to soil under native forest; b) to verify the relationship between soil organic carbon content (cos) and the effective cation exchange capacity (effective cec) and the cation exchange capacity at ph 7. this study was carried out on an experimental farm of the agricultural research company of minas gerais (epamig) at the s?o sebasti?o do paraíso county, of minas gerais state. in the experimental area, coffee was planted and the experiment was installed in randomized blocks with three replications. the following weed plant managements were evaluated: without weed control (scap); hand weeding (capm); post-emergence herbicide (hpos); mechanized mower (ro?a); rotary tiller (enrt); coffee tandem disc harrow (grad) and pre- emergence herbicide (hpre). each one of these weed control systems had been performed in the preceding 30 years in three inter-rows (length 36 m). five soil samples were collected in three layers (0-3, 10-13 and 25-28 cm) per plot between coffee rows, in december 2007. the following soil chemical analyses were performed: ph-water, exchangeable cations (ca, mg, k and al), cation exchange capacity at natural ph (effective cec) and cation exchange capacity at ph 7.0 (cec potential. the results showed that the maintenance of weed plants between coffee rows in the treatment no weed control (scap) had positive effects on the chemical properties (exchangeable ca, effective cec and cec at ph 7.0 in the three layers). furthermore, the total soil organic carbon content at 0-3 cm depth increased and may contribute to the increase and maintenance of carbon stocks in coffee plantations. thus, no weed control (scap) between coffee rows can be adopted for the im
Os Textos Clássicos e o Movimento da História. The Classic texts and movement of the History
Souza, Aroldo Alcantara de Paula
Revista Eletr?nica de Educa??o , 2009,
Abstract: A utiliza o dos textos clássicos no curso de pedagogia da UNAES (Centro Universitário de Campo Grande - MS) foi o tema desta pesquisa monográfica, que deu origem a este texto. Para atingir o objetivo proposto foi empreendida uma investiga o sobre a institui o, o curso e sua biblioteca. Através da análise das ementas, grades e registro do acervo ficou constatado que a desvaloriza o do texto clássico n o é um fen meno restrito à sala de aula e que as disciplinas Fundamentos Filosóficos da Educa o III e IV e Didática I, II, III e IV constituem-se atualmente como exce es em meio à regra geral: utiliza o de manuais didáticos, trechos de disserta es e fotocópias de capítulos de livros contemporaneos. Discurso, prática e linha de pensamento dos professores das duas disciplinas pesquisadas foram analisados com o objetivo de demonstrar que a vertente marxista "ciência da história" pressup e uma didática baseada na cientificidade histórica comum aos textos clássicos. O capítulo II destinou-se ao levantamento dos aspectos históricos e didáticos da temática, explicitando que, ao longo da história os textos clássicos, devido a sua proeminência e profundidade, sempre estiveram envolvidos em disputas que excediam o espa o escolar. Tais disputas terminaram por envolver o aparelho escolar na luta permanente das classes sociais, responsável pelo movimento da história das sociedades.The use of classical texts in the course of pedagogy of UNAES was the theme of this research, which gave rise to this text. To achieve the objective proposed was undertaken an investigation on the institution, the course and its library. Through the analysis of menus, knitwear and registration of the acquis was verified that the devaluation of the classic text is not a phenomenon endemic to the classroom and the disciplines Fundamentals Philosophical Education III and IV Didactics I, II, III and IV are-is currently as exceptions in the midst of a general rule: use of didactic manuals, stretches of dissertations and photocopies of book chapters contemporary. Speech, practical and line of thought of teachers in the two disciplines researched were analyzed with the objective to demonstrate that the hillside marxist ′′science history′′ presupposes a didactics based on scientific status common historical the classical texts. The chapter II went-if the survey of historical aspects and didactic the theme, explaining that, throughout history the classical texts, due to its prominence and depth, have always been involved in disputes that exceeded the school space. These disputes ended by involv
Maria Ester Alcantara de souza
Cognitio Juris : Revista Jurídica , 2011,
Abstract: RESUMO O artigo tem por objetivo averiguar a procedência do argumento do déficit crescente entre as receitas e despesas da previdência social brasileira, constantemente divulgado nas mídias. Para tanto, terá como fundamento estudos jurídicos e econ micos e as decis es dos tribunais superiores. Para, ao final, concluir que o discurso oficial do déficit previdenciário baseia-se em interpreta o equivocada da titularidade e da distribui o dos recursos provenientes da arrecada o das contribui es previstas no art. 195 da Constitui o Federal. Palavras- chave: Previdência, social, pública, déficit. PENSION DEFICIT: FACT OR MYTH? ABSTRACT The article aims to assess the merits of the argument of the growing deficit between revenue and expenditure of the Brazilian social security system, constantly publicized in the media. To this end, the foundation will have legal and economic studies and the decisions of higher courts. For in the end conclude that the official discourse of the social security deficit is based on misinterpretation of the ownership and distribution of proceeds from the collection of contributions provided for in art. 195 of the Constitution. Key-words: Welfare, social service, deficit. SUMáRIO 1. Introdu o; 2. Desenvolvimento; 2.1. Corte metodológico; 2.2. Histórico da previdência pública no Brasil e no mundo; 2.3. Cenário jurídico atual; 2.4. Reforma constitucional de 15.12.1998 e a segrega o das receitas decorrentes das contribui es incidentes sobre a folha de salários; 2.5. O discurso oficial; 2.6. Alerta dos especialistas; 2.7. Estudo que comprova a farsa; 2.8. Retorno ao campo do Direito: a quest o vista por um tributarista; 2.9. O fundo criado pelo art. 68, § 1o, III, da LC n. 101/2000; 2.10. Outros fatores que implicam déficit entre as receitas e as despesas previdenciárias; 2.11. Análise das principais decis es judiciais sobre o tema; 3. Conclus o; 4. Bibliografia.
The 2007-08 Financial Crisis from a Marxist View  [PDF]
Fernando Henrique Taques, Henrique Pavan Beiro De Souza, Douglas Alcantara Alencar
Modern Economy (ME) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/me.2017.89074
Abstract: The international financial crisis in the American economy in 2008 brought again to the fore an economic discussion on the origin of crises. Previously, only the 1929 accident had such magnitude, putting in discussion the economic policies adopted until then, raising the economic debate between several economic schools of thought. The effects of the crisis were notorious about the financial markets, but also hit hard the real economy, especially the productive sector, such as industry and services. Indeed, the consequences on employment, income and on the level of trade were not only felt by the American economy, but also in other countries. Starting from this context, this article aims to describe the propelling elements and the forms of theoretical manifestation of the crises under a marxist perspective, seeking to understand the origins of this phenomenon from the marxist stream, as well as discourse about the 2008 crisis and its developments on the American economy. Therefore, it makes use of economic indicators on the evolution of prices and sale of real estate in the United States, growth rate of gross domestic product and employment and income between 2000 and 2010. The methodology also includes the arguments on the capital bearer of interest and fictitious capital in addition to the role of the rate of profit, exposed in the Marxist conception of the origin of financial crises. As a result, it can be seen that the fictitious capital dominates economic and political relations so that the crisis has its origin on capital and not in the productive sphere.
Um estudo multinível sobre as filas para interna??es relacionadas com a gravidez, o parto e o puerpério no SUS
Marinho, Alexandre;Cardoso, Simone de Souza;
Economia Aplicada , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-80502007000400004
Abstract: we study the waiting times for pregnancy, childbirth and puerperal care in the years of 1999 and 2002 within the brazilian national health system - sus. the average waiting times were estimated by queueing theory models, and they were found to be very long and highly elastic, with respect to arrival and service rates in the system. the waiting times also presented great variability across municipalities and across states. by using multilevel regression models we estimate that the frequency of low birthweight; the cesarian section rates; the total fertility rate; the human development index - idh; and the proportion of non-resident cases treated are positively associated with waiting times. on the contrary, the utilization of prenatal care; the rates of nurses with higher level of education available; and the per capita total expenditure on health are negatively associated with waiting times.
As Institui es de Ensino Superior no Brasil: desafios e perspectivas para os gestores do século XXI - fundamentos em Pedro Demo e Pierre Bourdieu
Angela Maria Andrade Marinho de Souza
Revista Gest?o Universitária na América Latina : Revista GUAL , 2012, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5007/1983-4535.2012v5n1p28
Abstract: This article discusses the challenges of Higher Education – Brazilian grounds on Demo and Bourdieu relating in particular to the University of the 21st century. Displays the operation of this level of education, so dialectic, in view of the bottlenecks that hamper do research and education in Brazil, especially, that have positive results for society highlighting the social commitment from their real purposes. Part a bibliographic theoretical contribution, whose objective analysis to draw the attention of managers, academics and other professionals of higher education, to the urgent need to think about the higher education of the 21st century, the role of teachers and the University's profile, given the assumptions of Critical Paradigm. It is important to discuss the direction of Brazilian universities and the training of new professionals. Invest in research and education is to invest in development. Hence the confrontation of the scientific community in ensuring the existence of a deliberative Council with the participation of all national scientific entities, to define the allocation of resources and the direction that the University will take in this third millennium. The research that reveal social engagement with his surroundings to institutionalize in an appropriate manner requires connection with education and with the extension.
Sandra Marinho de Souza,Adriano Leal Bruni
Revista Universo Contábil , 2008,
Abstract: A disponibilidade de crédito para uma indústria é afetada diretamente pelo índice de inadimplência, por esse motivo conhecer suas causas ajuda a prevenir sua incidência. O objetivo do presente estudo consistiu em identificar fatores comuns que geraram a concordata de três empresas da indústria brasileira de fios e cabos de cobre no ano de 2002. A identifica o destas causas é útil, na medida em que serve de aprendizado tanto para novas avalia es creditícias como para a gest o financeira das empresas. Os objetivos específicos foram identificar as causas de inadimplência das três empresas, verificar as contribui es das análises tradicional e dinamica das demonstra es contábeis para esta identifica o e elaborar um quadro síntese das causas coincidentes. As análises possibilitaram identificar as estruturas de financiamento e aplica es de recursos das empresas, bem como seus desempenhos operacionais nos cinco anos precedentes ao pedido de concordata. Os grupos de indicadores encontrados revelaram alto endividamento, liquidez e índices de atividade inconstantes, baixa rentabilidade e ausência de capital suficiente para manter a atividade operacional das empresas. Os determinantes dos pedidos de concordata encontrados em comum foram: estrutura de capitais alavancada, ausência de rentabilidade e má administra o do capital de giro. The availability of credit for an industry is directly affected directly by the insolvency index; knowing its causes helps to prevent its incidence. The objective of the paper consisted in identifying common factors that had generated the forced agreement of three companies from the Brazilian copper wires and cables industry in 2002. Identifying these causes is useful, to the measure that it serves as a learning tool for new credit ratings and for the company’s financial management. The specific objectives were to identify the causes of the insolvency of the three companies involved, to verify the contributions of the traditional and dynamic analyses of the financial statements for this identification and to elaborate a synthesis table on the coincident causes. The analyses make it possible to identify the companies’ financing and applications resources structures, as well as their operational performances in the previous five years before the forced agreement order. The ratios groups found disclosed high indebtedness, unpredictable liquidity and activity ratios, low return on capital and absence of working capital sufficient enough to keep up the companies’ operational activity. The common determinative factors of the forced ag
Proposi??o de um modelo para a gest?o da demanda: um estudo entre os elos atacadista e fornecedores de produtos de mercearia básica
Melo, Daniela de Castro;Alcantara, Rosane Lúcia Chicarelli;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2012000400008
Abstract: demand management is an emerging topic in supply chain management. it is focused on a fast and adequate integration of supplier needs in order to balance and strategically align demand with operational capability in the supply chain. the demand alignment in the supply chain may pose some problems leading to inefficient customer service, poor stock rotation, and high obsolescence rate aggravated by the wide diversity of products. the objective of this study was to develop a framework for demand management in the supply chain of grocery products considering the dyadic relationship between the supplier and wholesaler. therefore, a case study was conducted in the wholesale company martins and nine of its suppliers. the research revealed that the demand management implementation process can be divided into three phases: 1) joint alignment of strategic policies, 2) formulation of business plan, and 3) implementation and monitoring of the business plan. moreover, this process consists of three elements: top management involvement, inter and intra-firm interactions, and benefits of demand management. the benefits include profitability increase by improving efficiency and effectiveness, as well as knowledge sharing and learning.
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