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Effects of chronic caloric restriction on kidney and heart redox status and antioxidant enzyme activities in Wistar rats
Marcio Ferreira Dutra*, Ivi Juliana Bristot, Cristiane Batassini, Nubia Broetto Cunha, Adriana Fernanda Kuckartz Vizuete, Daniela Fraga de Souza, Jose Cl
BMB Reports , 2012,
Abstract: Caloric restriction (CR) has been associated with healthbenefits and these effects have been attributed, in part, tomodulation of oxidative status by CR; however, data are stillcontroversial. Here, we investigate the effects of seventeenweeks of chronic CR on parameters of oxidative damage/modification of proteins and on antioxidant enzyme activitiesin cardiac and kidney tissues. Our results demonstrate that CRinduced an increase in protein carbonylation in the heartwithout changing the content of sulfhydryl groups or theactivities of superoxide dismutase and catalase (CAT).Moreover, CR caused an increase in CAT activity in kidney,without changing other parameters. Protein carbonylation hasbeen associated with oxidative damage and functionalimpairment; however, we cannot exclude the possibility that,under our conditions, this alteration indicates a differentfunctional meaning in the heart tissue. In addition, wereinforce the idea that CR can increase CAT activity in thekidney.
Severe Clinical Presentation of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Naturally Infected Dogs with Disruption of the Splenic White Pulp
Isadora S. Lima, Joselli S. Silva, Valter A. Almeida, Floriano G. Leal. Junior, Patrício AN. Souza, Daniela F. Larangeira, José P. Moura-Neto, Deborah BM. Fraga, Luiz A. R. de Freitas, Washington L.C. dos-Santos
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087742
Abstract: In this work, we investigated the association between the disruption of splenic lymphoid tissue and the severity of visceral leishmaniasis in dogs. Clinical and laboratory data from 206 dogs were reviewed. Spleen sections collected during the euthanasia of these animals were analyzed, and the splenic lymphoid tissue samples were classified as well organized (spleen type 1), slightly disorganized (spleen type 2), or moderately to extensively disorganized (spleen type 3). Of 199 dogs with evidence of Leishmania infection, 54 (27%) had spleen type 1, 99 (50%) had spleen type 2, and 46 (23%) had spleen type 3. The number of clinical signs associated with visceral leishmaniasis was significantly higher in the animals with evidence of Leishmania infection and spleen type 2 or 3 than in the animals with spleen type 1. Alopecia, anemia, dehydration, dermatitis, lymphadenopathy, and onychogryphosis were all more frequent among animals with evidence of Leishmania infection and spleen type 3 than among the dogs with evidence of Leishmania infection and spleen type 1. The association between the severity of canine visceral leishmaniasis and the disorganization of the splenic lymphoid tissue was even more evident in the group of animals with positive spleen culture. Conjunctivitis and ulceration were also more common in the animals with spleen type 3 than in the animals with spleen type 1. The serum levels (median, interquartile range) of albumin (1.8, 1.4–2.3 g/dL) and creatinine (0.7, 0.4–0.8 mg/dL) were significantly lower and the serum levels of aspartate aminotransferase were significantly higher (57, 39–95 U) in animals with spleen type 3 than in animals with spleen type 1 (2.8, 2.4–3.4 g/dL; 0.9, 0.7–1.2 mg/dL and 23, 20–32 U, respectively). Our data confirm the hypothesis that disruption of the splenic lymphoid tissue is associated with a more severe clinical presentation of canine visceral leishmaniasis.
Trabalho e emprego na educa??o infantil no Brasil: segmenta??es e desigualdades
Vieira, Lívia Fraga;Souza, Gizele de;
Educar em Revista , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-40602010000400006
Abstract: the present work aims at presenting results of empirical research about the situations of labor and employment in institutions of child education in brazil, highlighting the case of belo horizonte, capital city of minas gerais state, which offers nurseries and preschools and it is representative of brazilian urban centers. an analysis including documental sources, legislation, statistics, interviews and observations was conducted, aiming at revealing the relations between the typologies of child education establishments and the forms of recruitment, career, salary and working conditions. the situations examined referred to public education institutions (state and municipal) and private institutions, according to the categories private, communitarian, philanthropic and confessional. the studied establishments were selected, through an intentional sampling procedure, based on location and preferential public attended. information was also collected from employers - public and private - and from representations of the unions/associations of professionals, in the public and private sectors. the existence of professionals with differentiated status and formation/qualification was evident, as well as a number of modalities of labor and work relations, which reveal a process of precariousness in the professional exercise in child education. cleavages within the public sector and between public and private sectors reiterate historical inequalities in that field. however, an increased demand for professionalization is observed.
Rehabilitative treatment of cleft lip and palate: experience of the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies - USP (HRAC-USP) - part 3: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Freitas, José Alberto de Souza;Garib, Daniela Gamba;Trindade-Suedam, Ivy Kiemle;Carvalho, Roberta Martinelli;Oliveira, Thais Marchini;Lauris, Rita de Cássia Moura Carvalho;Almeida, Ana Lúcia Pompéia Fraga de;Neves, Lucimara Teixeira das;Yaedú, Renato Yassutaka Faria;Soares, Simone;Mazzottini, Reinaldo;Pinto, Jo?o Henrique Nogueira;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572012000600014
Abstract: this paper presents the treatment protocol of maxillofacial surgery in the rehabilitation process of cleft lip and palate patients adopted at hrac-usp. maxillofacial surgeons are responsible for the accomplishment of two main procedures, alveolar bone graft surgery and orthognathic surgery. the primary objective of alveolar bone graft is to provide bone tissue for the cleft site and then allow orthodontic movements for the establishment of an an adequate occlusion. when performed before the eruption of the maxillary permanent canine, it presents high rates of success. orthognathic surgery aims at correcting maxillomandibular discrepancies, especially anteroposterior maxillary deficiencies, commonly observed in cleft lip and palate patients, for the achievement of a functional occlusion combined with a balanced face.
Rehabilitative treatment of cleft lip and palate: experience of the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies/USP (HRAC/USP) - Part 1: overall aspects
Freitas, José Alberto de Souza;Neves, Lucimara Teixeira das;Almeida, Ana Lúcia Pompéia Fraga de;Garib, Daniela Gamba;Trindade-Suedam, Ivy Kiemle;Yaedú, Renato Yassutaka Faria;Lauris, Rita de Cássia Moura Carvalho;Soares, Simone;Oliveira, Thais Marchini;Pinto, Jo?o Henrique Nogueira;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572012000100003
Abstract: cleft lip and palate is the most common among craniofacial malformations and causes several esthetic and functional implications that require rehabilitation. this paper aims to generally describe the several aspects related to this complex pathology and the treatment protocol used by the hospital for rehabilitation of craniofacial anomalies, university of s?o paulo (hrac-usp) along 40 years of experience in the treatment of individuals with cleft lip and palate.
Rehabilitative treatment of cleft lip and palate: experience of the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies - USP (HRAC-USP) - Part 2: Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Freitas, José Alberto de Souza;Garib, Daniela Gamba;Oliveira, Marchini;Lauris, Rita de Cássia Moura Carvalho;Almeida, Ana Lúcia Pompéia Fraga de;Neves, Lucimara Teixeira;Trindade-Suedam, Ivy Kiemle;Yaedú, Renato Yassutaka Faria;Soares, Simone;Pinto, Jo?o Henrique Nogueira;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572012000200024
Abstract: the aim of this article is to present the pediatric dentistry and orthodontic treatment protocol of rehabilitation of cleft lip and palate patients performed at the hospital for rehabilitation of craniofacial anomalies - university of s?o paulo (hrac-usp). pediatric dentistry provides oral health information and should be able to follow the child with cleft lip and palate since the first months of life until establishment of the mixed dentition, craniofacial growth and dentition development. orthodontic intervention starts in the mixed dentition, at 8-9 years of age, for preparing the maxillary arch for secondary bone graft procedure (sbgp). at this stage, rapid maxillary expansion is performed and a fixed palatal retainer is delivered before sbgp. when the permanent dentition is completed, comprehensive orthodontic treatment is initiated aiming tooth alignment and space closure. maxillary permanent canines are commonly moved mesially in order to substitute absent maxillary lateral incisors. patients with complete cleft lip and palate and poor midface growth will require orthognatic surgery for reaching adequate anteroposterior interarch relationship and good facial esthetics.
Estratégias para redu??o do uso de hemoderivados em cirurgia cardiovascular
Souza, Helmgton José Brito de;Moitinho, Rilson Fraga;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382008000100010
Abstract: objective: the aim of this study is to evaluate the strategies adopted by our team to reduce the use of bloods components in patients undergoing cardiovascular surgical procedures. methods: between october 2005 and january 2007, 101 patients were operated. fifty-one (50.5%) were male and 50 (49.5%) female. patients' age ranged from 13 to 80 years (mean of 50.76 years). the strategy consisted in using antifibrinolytics and normovolemic hemodilution, and reinfusion of all the blood remaining in the cpb circuit. results: mean use of blood components was 1.45 ui, red blood cells; 0.75 ui, fresh frozen plasma; 0.89 ui, cryoprecipitate, and 1.43 ui, platelet. fifty-nine patients (58.4%) had not used blood components and 12 (11.9%) patients used more than 4 ui of red blood cells. in 27 patients (26.7%) whose cpb time was higher than 120 minutes, 17 (63%) needed hemotransfusion. however, 3 (2.97%) developed coagulopathy and 2 (1.98%) needed reoperation due to bleeding. of the three patients who developed coagulopathy, two were in the elderly subgroup. conclusion: in the presented series, the measures adopted succeeded in reducing the need of hemotransfusion in the postoperative period of thoracic surgery. patients with cpb time higher than 120 minutes tended to need hemotransfusion. the association of surgery in elderly patients and cpb time over 120 minutes resulted in significantly greater use of blood components postoperatively.
Uma nova vis o da análise dos atos de aposentadoria a cargo do TCE/RJ: um caso de ensaio de custos para retorno socioecon mico A new vision of retirement acts under the Estate of Rio de Janeiro Audit Court: a tentative case on costs for socioeconomic return
Valderez Ferreira Fraga,Virgílio de Oliveira Souza
Revista de Administra??o Pública , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0034-76122012000300013
Abstract: Uma discuss o sobre a complexidade da teoria da administra o pública favoreceu a contextualiza o de um ensaio de caso, munido de um instrumento gerencial para melhores práticas. A expectativa de um espírito de servir público, a partir da inclus o de custos na análise dos atos de aposentadoria, é delimitada pela realidade brasileira do Tribunal de Contas (RJ), preocupada com a atividade dos servidores encarregados do cumprimento dos dispositivos legais relacionados, inferindo-se que a "tarefa", além de instrumental e tecnicamente confiável, pode ser fonte de autoestima, devido ao seu mérito social. Seu benefício à qualidade da gest o pública, com austeridade e o zelo ético pelo público, orientou o debate teórico e a constru o instrumental, para um sentido de acolhimento à intera o teoria e prática que, afastada do gerencialismo, n o relega "deveres" gerenciais sobre custos legalmente instituídos. Considera es finais reconhecem o labirinto da administra o, transformando seu emaranhado em instigante investiga o, na desafiadora ciência-arte de escutar o povo, para respeitar a res publica que lhe pertence, como permanente labuta por compreens o. A discussion around the complexity of Public Administration Theory favored the contextualization of the included tentative case study which is supplied with an instrument in search for better practices. The expectations of a public serving spirit, from the inclusion of costs on the retirement acts analysis - delimited by the Brazilian reality of the RJ state Audit Court, preoccupied with the activity of public servers in charge of the related legal determinations compliance, inferring that the "task" besides of a technically trustful instruments, can also be a source de self esteem, due to its social merit. Its benefit toward the quality of public management, in terms of austerity and ethical zeal for the people, has oriented the theoretical debate and the instrumental construction toward a sense of sheltering theory and practice interaction. Away from managerialism, does not relegate legally instituted duties on costs. Final considerations recognize the labyrinth of Administration theories, transforming its entanglement into an instigating investigation on that challenging science-art of listening to people, respecting the res publica which belongs to him, as a permanent struggle for comprehension.
Em busca de uma racionalidade convergente ao ecodesenvolvimento: um estudo exploratório de projetos de turismo sustentável e de responsabilidade social empresarial In search of an ecodevelopment-oriented rationality: an exploratory study of sustainable tourism and entrepreneurial social responsibility projects
Vanessa S. Fraga de Souza,Carlos Alberto Cioce Sampaio
Revista de Administra??o Pública , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/s0034-76122006000300005
Abstract: Caminha-se para a supera o de um modelo de desenvolvimento que pode ser representado pela máxima: privatizam-se os lucros de curto e de médio prazos e socializam-se os prejuízos de longo prazo. Esse tipo de desenvolvimento tem sido apontado como economicamente insustentável a longo prazo até para a minoria da popula o mundial que dele se beneficia. Este artigo analisa processos de tomada de decis o organizacional que tentam superar o modelo de racionalidade utilitarista econ mica e incorporar outros modos de racionalidade, buscando promover o ecodesenvolvimento. Fez-se um estudo exploratório de experiências que desenvolveram projetos que dizem promover o turismo sustentável e a responsabilidade social empresarial. As experiências analisadas, mesmo se ainda houve dúvidas da existência de mais equívocos do que êxitos, possuem elementos que incorporam os conceitos de turismo sustentável e de responsabilidade social empresarial. Mesmo porque, em um período de mudan as paradigmáticas como o atual, se a análise de novas experiências for muito criteriosa, corre-se o risco de inibir elementos de onde possam emergir novos conceitos que ainda est o em constru o. We are overcoming a development model that privileges the privatization of short-and mid-term profits and the socialization of long-term losses. This kind of development has been indicated as economically unsustainable on the long term even for the minority that benefits from it. This article analyzes organizational decision-making processes that try to overcome the utilitarian economic rationality and incorporate other models promoting ecodevelopment. It presents an exploratory study of projects that claim to promote sustainable tourism and entrepreneurial social responsibility. Even though there could be more mistakes than successes, these projects have incorporated both concepts. One must consider that, in a time of paradigmatic changes as we live today, one must not analyze new experiences too closely because there is the risk of disregarding elements that could bring new concepts or that are still under construction.
Estudo qualitativo da integra??o ensino-servi?o em um curso de gradua??o em Odontologia
Souza, Ana Luiza de;Carcereri, Daniela Lemos;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832011005000025
Abstract: this qualitative study aimed to investigate, through individual and group interviews, the teaching-service integration between a public university in southern brazil and the public health services. the data were analyzed following the thematic content analysis. two thematic axes and four categories emerged. the thematic axis called activator grouped aspects developed in the program, and the axis under construction revealed the difficulties that were observed. the identified categories were: teaching-service partnership; curricular structure; paradigm change; and teaching practices. it was concluded that the participants understand the teaching-service integration as a potential strategy that can contribute to the process of change of practices in health education, although there are resistant groups. the curricular restructuring collaborated to develop new actions in education, as well as to improve the teaching and service integration.
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