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Tentativa de suicídio entre pacientes com uso nocivo de bebidas alcoólicas internados em hospital geral
Lima, Daniela Dantas;Azevedo, Renata Cruz Soares de;Gaspar, Karla Cristina;Silva, Viviane Franco da;Mauro, Marisa Lúcia Fabrício;Botega, Neury José;
Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0047-20852010000300001
Abstract: objective: to detect factors associated to previous suicide attempt among patients admitted to a general hospital who presented harmful alcohol drinking pattern. method: 4.352 patients consecutively admitted were screened by means of the audit (alcohol use disorder identification test) and had (hospital anxiety and depression scale). qui-squared tests and multiple logistic regression were performed. results: 423 individuals presented alcohol harmful use or dependence (audit > 8), 60 (14.2%) of which had depression (had > 8) and 34 (8%) previous suicide attempt. the latter was more frequent among young adults [odds ratio (or) = 3.4], those who were depressed (or = 6.6), had previously taken psychotropic medicines (or = 7) and had aids (or = 24). conclusion: our findings reinforce the need for detection and adequate treatment of conditions that, when together, strongly increase the suicide risk.
Depression, alcohol use disorders and nicotine dependence among patients at a general hospital
Botega, Neury José;Mitsuushi, Gabriela Nero;Azevedo, Renata Cruz Soares de;Lima, Daniela Dantas;Fanger, Priscila Caroline;Mauro, Marisa Lúcia Fabrício;Gaspar, Karla Cristina;Silva, Viviane Franco da;
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-44462010005000016
Abstract: objective: to determine prevalence rates and identify patient characteristics associated with depression, alcohol use disorders and nicotine dependence among individuals admitted to a general teaching hospital. method: using the hospital anxiety and depression scale and alcohol use disorder identification test, we assessed 4,352 consecutive medical and surgical patients admitted over a 13-month period. the patients were also asked to report their daily cigarette smoking habits during the last month. multiple logistic regression analyses were performed, and odds ratios (ors) were calculated. results: the mean age of the sample was 49.3 years, and 56.6% were male. prevalence rates of depression, alcohol use disorders and nicotine dependence were, respectively, 14%, 9.8% and 16.9%. in the multivariate analysis, depression was associated with previous suicide attempts (or = 8.7), lower level of education (or = 3.6), prior use of psychotropic medications (or = 3.1), cancer (or = 1.7) and pain (or = 1.7). alcohol use disorders were associated with male sex (or = 6.3), smoking (or = 3.5), admission for an external cause of injury, such as a traffic accident (or = 2.4), and previous suicide attempts (or = 2.3). nicotine dependence was associated with alcohol use disorders (or = 3.4), young adulthood (or = 2.3), widowhood (or = 2.2) and previous suicide attempts (or = 1.8). conclusion: this is the largest sample of medical and surgical patients ever surveyed with standardized screening instruments in a general hospital in brazil. the high prevalence rates of psychiatric disorders and the profiles of the patients evaluated in this study underscore the need to develop methods that are more effective for detecting and managing such disorders. hospital admission should be considered a major opportunity for the detection of psychiatric disorders and the subsequent implementation of the appropriate specific treatment strategies.
Depress?o e comportamento suicida em pacientes oncológicos hospitalizados: prevalência e fatores associados
Fanger, Priscila Caroline;Azevedo, Renata Cruz Soares de;Mauro, Marisa Lúcia Fabrício;Lima, Daniela Dantas;Gaspar, Karla Cristina;Silva, Viviane Franco da;Nascimento, Wagner Tadeu Jurevicius do;Botega, Neury José;
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302010000200015
Abstract: objective: to determine prevalence rates of depression and suicidal behavior among cancer inpatients and factors associated with these conditions. methods: a total of 5357 patients consecutively admitted to a university hospital were assessed by means of the hospital anxiety and depression scale (had) and the suicide risk section of the mini international neuropsychiatric interview (mini). univariate analyses adjusted for gender and age groups were performed with depression and suicide risk as dependent variables. results: of those assessed, 675 had cancer. the prevalence rates for depression and suicide risk were 18.3% (95%ci = 15.4 - 21.4) and 4.7% (95%ci = 3.2 - 6.7) respectively. depression was more frequently found in cancer bearers than in the other inpatients (13.2%; p = 0.0009). female gender, low schooling level, long time of disease, pain, use of psychotropic drugs and suicide risk were associated with depression (p < 0.05). pain and depression were associated with suicide risk. conclusion: because prevalence rates of depression and suicide risk are high among cancer inpatients, simple screening instruments and specific questions during interviews are needed to detect these clinical conditions.
Circula??o extracorpórea e complica??es no período pós-operatório imediato de cirurgias cardíacas
Torrati, Fernanda Gaspar;Dantas, Rosana Ap. Spadoti;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002012000300004
Abstract: objective: to compare the frequency of complications presented by patients during the immediate postoperative period (ipp) for cardiac surgery, based on the time of extracorporeal circulation (ecc). methods: a quantitative, descriptive and correlational study with 83 adult patients, divided into two groups according to the time of ecc. results: of the total patients, 44 (53%) had an ecc duration of up to 85 minutes, and 39 (47%) had a time of over 85 minutes. complications were common in both groups, with the most frequent being pain and oliguria. however, hemothorax, pneumothorax, and acute myocardial infarction occurred only in the group with the longer duration of ecc. conclusion: the majority of ipp complications presented in similar frequency for patients, independent of ecc time.
Novos conceitos em modelamento corneano
Brocchetto, Daniela Coneglian;Dantas, Brunno;Schor, Paulo;
Revista Brasileira de Oftalmologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72802010000200013
Abstract: the cornea has a great influence in the visual process. however, it is liable to distortion, such as flattening. when this flattening is caused by the use of contact lenses, we call "corneal warpage". in this case, some symptoms may occur as blurred vision with glasses, conjunctival hyperemia, foreign body sensation, etc… used to think that the cornea was more rigid and, in time, realized that the cornea has viscoelastic properties. we can say that the cornea has a body biomechanics property and suffers instability when there are some changes, such as keratoconus, which is a progressive corneal degeneration. in order to preserve the cornea more stable, the cross-linking technique was developed to promote covalent bonds between the lamellae of the cornea to make it stronger and less elastic. other corneal change that may occur is based on the induction in corneal reshaping by using rigid contact lenses (only during sleeping) with high oxygen transmissibility (dk / l). this technique is known as orthokeratology and its concepts will be addressed in this study.
Estratégia no cuidado ao paciente cardíaco cirúrgico: avalia??o do senso de coerência
Torrati, Fernanda Gaspar;Gois, Cristiane Fran?a Lisboa;Dantas, Rosana Aparecida Spadoti;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342010000300027
Abstract: sense of coherence is the construct proposed by antonovsky to assess individuals' capacity of dealing with stress. this study aimed to measure the sense of coherence and evaluate its association to sociodemographic variables and the use of psychotropic drugs among 127 patients in the preoperative period of cardiac surgeries. the mean value of sense of coherence was 149.6 (s.d.= 24.6), ranging from 98 to 191 (possible range was 21 to 203), with higher values indicating higher sense of coherence. higher values were observed among male patients, older than 60 years, married and who did not use psychotropic drugs. statistically significant differences occurred only for gender and use of psychotropic drugs. results suggest that female and young patients need more attention from nurses in the planning of their perioperative care.
Qualidade de vida relacionada à saúde, antes e seis meses após a revasculariza??o do miocárdio
Gois, Cristiane Franca Lisboa;Dantas, Rosana Aparecida Spadoti;Torrati, Fernanda Gaspar;
Revista Gaúcha de Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1983-14472009000400017
Abstract: coronary artery bypass grafting (cabg) surgery aims at offering a better health-related quality of life (hrql), relieving symptoms and increasing survival .the objectives were to compare hrql before cabg and six months after it and to evaluate its relation concerning participants' age, sex, schooling and marital status. descriptive and longitudinal study, which used the sf-36 to evaluate hrql. among the 54 subjects, 53,7% were men, 66,7% of them were married, their average age was of 57,3+9,7 and their schooling of 5,7+4. after cabg, the scores of the domains of the sf-36 varied from 62 to 74,2 being the previous interval from 17,1 to 58,1. men showed a better evaluation towards hrql before and after cabg than women, but the differences were only statistically significant for general health and bodily pain. no association between hrql, schooling and marital status was stated. in conclusion, the cabg improved participants' hrql.
Dislipidemia relacionada à fibrose cística
Alves, Crésio de Arag?o Dantas;Lima, Daniela Seabra;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132008001000012
Abstract: this article aims to review the physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of cystic fibrosis-related dyslipidemia (cfd). bibliographic searches of the medline and latin american and caribbean health sciences literature databases were made (year range, 1987-2007), and the most representative papers on the theme were selected. the characteristic symptoms of cfd are hypertriglyceridemia-with or without hypocholesterolemia-and essential fatty acid deficiency. the principal cfd risk factors are pancreatic insufficiency, high-carbohydrate diet, liver diseases, inflammatory state and corticosteroid therapy. there are no specific recommendations regarding screening, which is typically performed based on the diagnosis, and at regular intervals, and more frequently in individuals belonging to high-risk groups. treatment includes a balanced diet, micronutrient supplementation, and regular physical exercise according to individual tolerance. in the great majority of the cases, cfd-related hypertriglyceridemia does not reach values for which the use of hypolipidemic drugs is indicated. we conclude that there are few articles in the literature regarding the frequency, etiology and management of cfd. preventive and therapeutic recommendations for hypertriglyceridemia are extrapolated from studies in individuals without cystic fibrosis. further research is necessary to investigate the association of essential fatty acid deficiency and the physiopathology of cystic fibrosis . since hypertriglyceridemia is an important risk factor for coronary artery disease, prospective studies will contribute for a better understanding of the natural history of this condition and define how to prevent and treat it.
Desenvolvimento de Milho Irrigado e Adubado com Silicato de Cálcio e Magnésio
Edvaldo Eloy Dantas Júnior,Lúcia Helena Garófalo Chaves,Fernando Ant?nio Melo da Costa,Gaspar Henrique Korndorfer
Revista Brasileira de Agricultura Irrigada , 2011, DOI: 10.7127/rbai.v5n400069
Abstract: Os silicatos de cálcio e magnésio quando aplicados aos solos, têm efeito sobre a nutri o das plantas, uma vez que s o fontes de silício, cálcio e magnésio. Objetivando-se avaliar o desenvolvimento das plantas de milho submetidas às doses crescentes de silício e diferentes laminas de água,realizou-se um experimento em uma casa de vegeta o pertencente ao Departamento de Engenharia Agrícola da Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Campina Grande- PB, formado pela combina o de quatro laminas de irriga o, referentes à reposi o de água de 50, 75, 100 e 125 % da evapotranspira o da cultura e 0, 82, 164 e 246 g de silicato de cálcio e magnésio, em triplicata, misturados a 80 kg de solo acondicionados em vasos plásticos. O delineamento experimental foi em blocos ao acaso, em esquema de parcelas subdivididas, sendo as laminas de água distribuídas em faixas e as doses de silício compondo as subparcelas. As variáveis de crescimento, comprimento e diametro dos caules e comprimento, largura e número das folhas, foram influenciadas pelas laminas de irriga o utilizadas e pela intera o entre laminas de irriga o e doses de silicato. As doses de silício utilizadas isoladamente n o interferiram no comprimento nem no diametro do caule e na área foliar. As plantas submetidas a déficit hídrico (laminas correspondentes a 50 e 75 % da ET0), na presen a de silício (300 e 600 kg ha-1) n o apresentaram redu o na massa da matéria seca da parte aérea e mantiveram um conteúdo de água nas células semelhante ao encontrado nos tratamentos que receberam as maiores laminas de irriga o (100 e 125 % da ETc).
Determina??o da dissolu??o de alumínio durante cozimento de alimentos em panelas de alumínio
Dantas, Sílvia Tondella;Saron, Elisabete Segantini;Dantas, Fiorella Balardin Hellmeister;Yamashita, Daniela Mary;Kiyataka, Paulo Henrique Massaharu;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612007000200014
Abstract: aluminum is associated with neurological diseases, such as alzheimer by some authors. although this has never been confirmed, there is evidence of an accumulation in kidneys of people with renal problems. this present work was carried out to address this subject by evaluating the occurrence of significant aluminum migration from cooking utensils during food preparation. eight types of food cooked in different ways and three distinct types of pans (a saucepan, pressure cooker and frying pan), with and without teflon coating, were evaluated. the metal analysis was conducted in an optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma. the results showed insignificant transference of aluminum in some food products. the main transference occurred when tomato sauce was prepared, which has a low ph, in the pan without teflon coating. the menu prepared with all the foods for two meals in a day showed that the aluminum mass incorporated by the food corresponded to 2% of the daily consumption limit of aluminum for a 60 kg person (1 mg.kg -1 of body weight per day). thus, the use of aluminum pans in food cooking practically does not interfere in the total consumption of aluminum allowed for people.
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