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Gratitude, or the Positive Side of the Relationship with Patients. Development and First Validation of New Instruments: A Scale of Gratitude Perceived by Operators and a Scale of Support Offered by the Gratitude Expressed by Their Patients  [PDF]
Mara Martini, Daniela Converso
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.56067

The relationship with patients/users is a crucial dimension for helping professionals. It is nevertheless mostly analyzed in its negative connotation, that’s to say as a possible cause, for example, of the burnout syndrome, while very few are research works that take into account the positive side of the relationship, as a resource more than a problem, and even fewer are the instruments to measure it. The aim of the present work is the development and the analysis of the characteristics of a scale to measure the gratitude expressed by patients perceived by operators and of a scale to measure the perception of support that gratitude by patients/customers offers to relieve the fatigue of daily commitment and return significance to their work. The two scales were developed and then integrated into a questionnaire including items regarding the negative side of the relationship (exceeding requests from patients) and the Customer-initiated support scale (Zimmermann et al., 2011). The questionnaire was filled in by 267 nurses in Piedmont, Italy. Descriptive analyses on each item, exploratory factor analysis, Cronbach’s alpha, analysis of variance, and bivariate correlations were conducted. Both scales show a one-factor solution. The independent sample t-tests highlighted differences between men and women and between people who have families to care for and people who do not. Bivariate correlations signalled a positive relationship between both the gratitude scales and the Customer-initiated support; no relationships are evident with the scale of exceeding request from patients. A limitation of the work is the dimension of the sample: a more extensive administration of the questionnaire is currently in progress that will also permit to more deeply investigate the factorial structure of the scales. The scales will allow filling a gap in measuring a central work issue for helping professions.

Patient satisfaction and occupational health of workers in hospital care setting: Associations and reciprocity  [PDF]
Marco Ferrara, Daniela Converso, Sara Viotti
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.510218

Research studies conducted in the healthcare sector usually examine patients’ and workers’ wellbeing as separate entities; however, recent studies have revealed significant correlations between, for example, patient satisfaction, workers stress and burnout. The present study examines the relationships between patient perceived quality of care (in terms of satisfaction with regard to accessibility, organizational efficiency and humaneness of care), and workers’ perceived quality of organizational life (in term of organizational support and availability of resource and reward), quality of relationship in the work-unit (superior and coworkers), quality of relationship with patients (disproportionate client expectations and customer verbal aggression) and individual health (emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, job satisfaction). 147 workers and 132 patients from seven hospital wards in northern Italy constitute the data base for the study. Analyses showed that accessibility and humaneness of care were negatively associated with disproportionate patient expectations, patient verbal aggression, emotional exhaustion and positively associated with availability of material recourses. Moreover, accessibility was also positively associated with the organizational support while organizational efficiency with support from colleagues. Globally, the results of the present study confirm that staff wellbeing is an essential aspect in relation to the patient perception of the quality of care and supporting the assumption that healthy organizations improve the wellbeing of their workers, their organizational performance and

the quality of their service at the same time.

La traducción de los valores democráticos en la participación organizativa de la sociedad civil: un estudios de caso entre México e Italia
Hindrichs, Imke;Girardo, Cristina;Converso, Daniela;
Economía, sociedad y territorio , 2011,
Abstract: this article deals with the topic of democratic participation in non-profit organizations (npo) from a psycho-organizational point of view. the first part discusses democracy as a horizon and an imperative for npos. further, the references to transformational leadership and empowerment are posed as useful dimensions for analysis and improvement of organizational democratic cultures in npos. the second part presents the qualitative analysis by the method of template analysis as a compared reading of two organizational cultures in mexico and italy bound to the experiences of the fair trade movement.
La traducción de los valores democráticos en la participación organizativa de la sociedad civil: un estudios de caso entre México e Italia
Imke Hindrichs,Cristina Girardo,Daniela Converso
Economía, sociedad y territorio , 2011,
Abstract: En este artículo se aborda el tema de la participación democrática al interior de las organizaciones de la sociedad civil (OSC) desde el punto de vista de la psicología organizacional. En la primera parte se estudia la democracia como horizonte e imperativo en las OSC. Además, se plantea la referencia al liderazgo transformacional y al fortalecimiento como dimensiones útiles para el estudio y la mejora de culturas organizativas democráticas en las OSC. En la segunda parte se presenta un ánalisis cualitativo con base en el método del template analysis, como lectura de dos culturas organizativas en México e Italia vinculadas con las experiencias del movimiento de comercio justo.
Déficit, crédito y deuda pública: Córdoba, Argentina, 1920-1940
Converso, Félix;
América Latina en la historia económica , 2009,
Abstract: the intention of this article is to study the evolution of the finances of the province of cordoba, circumscribing it to the analysis of the internal and external credit besides, to establish the dimension of the resulting national debt and its service, without losing of sight the use of the received capitals and the emitted internal tides. including an inter-war period of importance in the argentine economy, which simultaneously was shocked by the effects of two major crises, conventionally placed in 1914 and 1930.
Déficit, crédito y deuda pública: Córdoba, Argentina, 1920-1940
Félix Converso
América Latina en la historia económica , 2009,
Abstract: El propósito de este artículo es estudiar la evolución de las finanzas de la provincia de Córdoba, circunscribiéndolo al análisis del crédito interno y externo, y establecer la dimensión de la consecuente deuda pública comprometida y su servicio, sin perder de vista la utilización de los capitales recibidos y de los títulos internos emitidos. Comprendiendo un periodo de entreguerras de importancia en la economía argentina, que a la vez se encontraba conmocionada por los efectos de dos grandes crisis, convencionalmente situadas en 1914 y 1930. The intention of this article is to study the evolution of the finances of the province of Cordoba, circumscribing it to the analysis of the internal and external credit Besides, to establish the dimension of the resulting national debt and its service, without losing of sight the use of the received capitals and the emitted internal tides. Including an inter-war period of importance in the Argentine economy, which simultaneously was shocked by the effects of two major crises, conventionally placed in 1914 and 1930.
Control of Muscle Mitochondria by Insulin Entails Activation of Akt2-mtNOS Pathway: Implications for the Metabolic Syndrome
Paola Finocchietto, Fernando Barreyro, Silvia Holod, Jorge Peralta, María C. Franco, Carlos Méndez, Daniela P. Converso, Alvaro Estévez, Maria C. Carreras, Juan J. Poderoso
PLOS ONE , 2008, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0001749
Abstract: Background In the metabolic syndrome with hyperinsulinemia, mitochondrial inhibition facilitates muscle fat and glycogen accumulation and accelerates its progression. In the last decade, nitric oxide (NO) emerged as a typical mitochondrial modulator by reversibly inhibiting citochrome oxidase and oxygen utilization. We wondered whether insulin-operated signaling pathways modulate mitochondrial respiration via NO, to alternatively release complete glucose oxidation to CO2 and H2O or to drive glucose storage to glycogen. Methodology/Principal Findings We illustrate here that NO produced by translocated nNOS (mtNOS) is the insulin-signaling molecule that controls mitochondrial oxygen utilization. We evoke a hyperinsulinemic-normoglycemic non-invasive clamp by subcutaneously injecting adult male rats with long-lasting human insulin glargine that remains stable in plasma by several hours. At a precise concentration, insulin increased phospho-Akt2 that translocates to mitochondria and determines in situ phosphorylation and substantial cooperative mtNOS activation (+4–8 fold, P<.05), high NO, and a lowering of mitochondrial oxygen uptake and resting metabolic rate (?25 to ?60%, P<.05). Comparing in vivo insulin metabolic effects on gastrocnemius muscles by direct electroporation of siRNA nNOS or empty vector in the two legs of the same animal, confirmed that in the silenced muscles disrupted mtNOS allows higher oxygen uptake and complete (U-14C)-glucose utilization respect to normal mtNOS in the vector-treated ones (respectively 37±3 vs 10±1 μmolO2/h.g tissue and 13±1 vs 7.2±1 μmol 3H2O/h.g tissue, P<.05), which reciprocally restricted glycogen-synthesis by a half. Conclusions/Significance These evidences show that after energy replenishment, insulin depresses mitochondrial respiration in skeletal muscle via NO which permits substrates to be deposited as macromolecules; at discrete hyperinsulinemia, persistent mtNOS activation could contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction with insulin resistance and obesity and therefore, to the progression of the metabolic syndrome.
A Mitochondrial Kinase Complex Is Essential to Mediate an ERK1/2-Dependent Phosphorylation of a Key Regulatory Protein in Steroid Biosynthesis
Cecilia Poderoso, Daniela P. Converso, Paula Maloberti, Alejandra Duarte, Isabel Neuman, Soledad Galli, Fabiana Cornejo Maciel, Cristina Paz, María C. Carreras, Juan J. Poderoso, Ernesto J. Podestá
PLOS ONE , 2008, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0001443
Abstract: ERK1/2 is known to be involved in hormone-stimulated steroid synthesis, but its exact roles and the underlying mechanisms remain elusive. Both ERK1/2 phosphorylation and steroidogenesis may be triggered by cAMP/cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA)-dependent and-independent mechanisms; however, ERK1/2 activation by cAMP results in a maximal steroidogenic rate, whereas canonical activation by epidermal growth factor (EGF) does not. We demonstrate herein by Western blot analysis and confocal studies that temporal mitochondrial ERK1/2 activation is obligatory for PKA-mediated steroidogenesis in the Leydig-transformed MA-10 cell line. PKA activity leads to the phosphorylation of a constitutive mitochondrial MEK1/2 pool with a lower effect in cytosolic MEKs, while EGF allows predominant cytosolic MEK activation and nuclear pERK1/2 localization. These results would explain why PKA favors a more durable ERK1/2 activation in mitochondria than does EGF. By means of ex vivo experiments, we showed that mitochondrial maximal steroidogenesis occurred as a result of the mutual action of steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein –a key regulatory component in steroid biosynthesis-, active ERK1/2 and PKA. Our results indicate that there is an interaction between mitochondrial StAR and ERK1/2, involving a D domain with sequential basic-hydrophobic motifs similar to ERK substrates. As a result of this binding and only in the presence of cholesterol, ERK1/2 phosphorylates StAR at Ser232. Directed mutagenesis of Ser232 to a non-phosphorylable amino acid such as Ala (StAR S232A) inhibited in vitro StAR phosphorylation by active ERK1/2. Transient transfection of MA-10 cells with StAR S232A markedly reduced the yield of progesterone production. In summary, here we show that StAR is a novel substrate of ERK1/2, and that mitochondrial ERK1/2 is part of a multimeric protein kinase complex that regulates cholesterol transport. The role of MAPKs in mitochondrial function is underlined.
Tumor Cell Phenotype Is Sustained by Selective MAPK Oxidation in Mitochondria
Soledad Galli, Valeria Gabriela Antico Arciuch, Cecilia Poderoso, Daniela Paola Converso, Qiongqiong Zhou, Elisa Bal de Kier Joffé, Enrique Cadenas, Jorge Boczkowski, María Cecilia Carreras, Juan José Poderoso
PLOS ONE , 2008, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0002379
Abstract: Mitochondria are major cellular sources of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), the production of which is modulated by oxygen availability and the mitochondrial energy state. An increase of steady-state cell H2O2 concentration is able to control the transition from proliferating to quiescent phenotypes and to signal the end of proliferation; in tumor cells thereby, low H2O2 due to defective mitochondrial metabolism can contribute to sustain proliferation. Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) orchestrate signal transduction and recent data indicate that are present in mitochondria and regulated by the redox state. On these bases, we investigated the mechanistic connection of tumor mitochondrial dysfunction, H2O2 yield, and activation of MAPKs in LP07 murine tumor cells with confocal microscopy, in vivo imaging and directed mutagenesis. Two redox conditions were examined: low 1 μM H2O2 increased cell proliferation in ERK1/2-dependent manner whereas high 50 μM H2O2 arrested cell cycle by p38 and JNK1/2 activation. Regarding the experimental conditions as a three-compartment model (mitochondria, cytosol, and nuclei), the different responses depended on MAPKs preferential traffic to mitochondria, where a selective activation of either ERK1/2 or p38-JNK1/2 by co-localized upstream kinases (MAPKKs) facilitated their further passage to nuclei. As assessed by mass spectra, MAPKs activation and efficient binding to cognate MAPKKs resulted from oxidation of conserved ERK1/2 or p38-JNK1/2 cysteine domains to sulfinic and sulfonic acids at a definite H2O2 level. Like this, high H2O2 or directed mutation of redox-sensitive ERK2 Cys214 impeded binding to MEK1/2, caused ERK2 retention in mitochondria and restricted shuttle to nuclei. It is surmised that selective cysteine oxidations adjust the electrostatic forces that participate in a particular MAPK-MAPKK interaction. Considering that tumor mitochondria are dysfunctional, their inability to increase H2O2 yield should disrupt synchronized MAPK oxidations and the regulation of cell cycle leading cells to remain in a proliferating phenotype.
Caracteriza??o e análise do estado mental e funcional de idosos institucionalizados em institui??es públicas de longa permanência
Converso, Maria Estelita Rojas;Iartelli, Isabele;
Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0047-20852007000400005
Abstract: background: this study had as objective to characterize the institutionalized elderly residents in three long-term care facilities, about their functional capacity and mental state, and to evaluate if there is a correlation between both. methods: to do so, three instruments were used: an identification form, the mini-mental state examination (mmse) and barthel?s index. for statistical analysis the person?s correlation and anova test were used. results: the population studied consisted of 115 elders with ages between 62 and 104 years old, 40.66% females and 59.13% males. 49.56% are literate and 50.43% illiterate. regarding the marital status, singles (46.65%) and widows (21.8%) were predominant. about the mental and functional state, there was a high rate of elders showing cognitive decline (76.72%) and functionally independent (75.65%). conclusions: according to the results, one can notice that there is a mild degree of correlation between the barthel?s index and mmse (r = 0.441; p < 0.000), and the variables of gender and age are not influenced in the results of these instruments. there is a significant statistical relation (p < 0.0001) between education and mental and/or functional state of the individual.
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