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José Ant nio Pádua. 2002. Um sopro de destrui o: pensamento político e crítica ambiental no Brasil escravista, 1786-1888. Rio de Janeiro: Jorge Zahar. 318 p
Daniel Vieira Nunes
Mundo agrario , 2008,
Perfil epidemiológico dos pacientes com vitiligo e sua associa??o com doen?as da tireoide
Nunes, Daniel Holthausen;Esser, Ligia Maria Hademann;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962011000200006
Abstract: background: vitiligo is considered the most frequent acquired hypomelanosis. although its pathogenesis is uncertain, it is believed that autoimmune etiology is the most plausible. this theory is based on the coexistence of vitiligo with autoimmune diseases. objectives: to describe the epidemiological profile of vitiligo patients and to estimate the prevalence of the association of vitiligo with autoimmune thyroid diseases. methods: a cross-sectional study was conducted through analysis of the medical records of patients diagnosed with vitiligo in the ame-unisul outpatient clinic of dermatology and at hu-ufsc. the clinical and laboratorial characteristics of these patients were assessed. results: 85 medical records were evaluated; 56 patients were female, with a mean age of 37.14 years and mean onset age of 25.25 years. vitiligo vulgaris occurred in 70.6%. autoimmune thyroid diseases were found in 22.4%. other autoimmune diseases were identified in 5.9%. patients with positive thyroid autoantibodies showed a probability of extension of vitiligo greater than 25%. there was no statistical difference with regard to the clinical characteristics of vitiligo in patients with or without autoimmune thyroiditis with hormonal change. conclusion: the findings of this study are similar to those obtained by other authors, showing that autoimmune thyroid diseases are more common in patients with vitiligo.
VARIABILIDADE PLUVIOMéTRICA DE ALGUNS MUNICíPIOS DA REGI O METROPOLITANA DE CAMPINAS (SP) EM DOIS PERíODOS HOMOGêNEOS / Rainfall variability in some municipalities of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas (SP) in two homogeneous periods
Daniel Alves de Aguiar,Lucí Hidalgo Nunes
Revista Sociedade & Natureza , 2006,
Abstract: The study aimed to evaluate the spatio-temporal variability of rainfall in some municipalities ofthe Metropolitan Region of Campinas, SP. Rainfall data were analyzed at annual and seasonallevels, in view of comparing their differences along time and space. Data of six rain gauges werechosen: Americana (1), Santa Bárbara d’Oeste (2), Cosmópolis (1), Jaguariúna (1) and Holambra(1). The total period investigated encompassed data from 1953 to 1997, divided into two sets,compared between them: PI (1953-1974) and PII (1975-1997). Periods that present lower rainfallamounts have higher values of coefficient of variation, i.e., there is higher variability of rainfalldistribution in the years which have lower totals, and in the winter. PII was more variable, fact thatcould be associated with some large scale phenomena (PDO and/or El Ni o). Results might be used by different agents (government, private sector, society) and can support habitation plans,industrial and agricultural locations and other sort of municipal projects.
A New Formulation to the Point Kinetics Equations Considering the Time Variation of the Neutron Currents  [PDF]
Anderson Lupo Nunes, Aquilino Senra Martinez, Fernando Carvalho da Silva, Daniel Artur Pinheiro Palma
World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology (WJNST) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/wjnst.2015.51006
Abstract: The system of point kinetics equations describes the time behaviour of a nuclear reactor, assuming that, during the transient, the spatial form of the flux of neutrons varies very little. This system has been largely used in the analysis of transients, where the numerical solutions of the equations are limited by the stiffness problem that results from the different time scales of the instantaneous and delayed neutrons. Its derivation can be done directly from the neutron transport equation, from the neutron diffusion equation or through a heuristics procedure. All of them lead to the same functional form of the system of differential equations for point kinetics, but with different coefficients. However, the solution of the neutron transport equation is of little practical use as it requires the change of the existent core design systems, as used to calculate the design of the cores of nuclear reactors for different operating cycles. Several approximations can be made for the said derivation. One of them consists of disregarding the time derivative for neutron density in comparison with the remaining terms of the equation resulting from the P1 approximation of the transport equation. In this paper, we consider that the time derivative for neutron current density is not negligible in the P1 equation. Thus being, we obtained a new system of equations of point kinetics that we named as modified. The innovation of the method presented in the manuscript consists in adopting arising from the P1 equations, without neglecting the derivative of the current neutrons, to derive the modified point kinetics equations instead of adopting the Fick’s law which results in the classic point kinetics equations. The results of the comparison between the point kinetics equations, modified and classical, indicate that the time derivative for the neutron current density should not be disregarded in several of transient analysis situations.
Intrauterine Exposure to Chronic 22 kHz Sound Affects Inhibitory Avoidance and Serotonergic Parameters in Forebrain Areas of Dams and Rat Offspring  [PDF]
Patrícia da Silva Oliveira, Ariomester Nascimento Daniel, Polliana Toledo Nunes, Karina Abdo Costa, Hani Camille Yehia, Angela Maria Ribeiro
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2015.52003
Abstract: In the present study we evaluated the effects of chronic exposure to sounds at 22 kHz during pregnancy on the central serotonergic and behavioral parameters in Wistar rat dams after the suckling period and on their male rat offspring. In addition, we also assessed the effects of an acute 22 kHz sound, associated with the chronic intrauterine exposure, on the emotional responses of adult offspring. The primary hypothesis was that experiencing 22 kHz stimuli during an early stage of development would interfere with brain serotonergic parameters and, later, with the adult rat’s defensive responses. The corollary question was whether a 22 kHz sound exposure would differentially affect inhibitory avoidance and escape responses and central serotonergic parameters. Female rats were divided into four groups: non-pregnant control; non-pregnant chronic exposure; pregnant control; and pregnant chronic exposure. Male offspring were divided into four groups: chronic intrauterine sound exposure; acute sound exposure in adulthood; chronic intrauterine exposure with acute exposure in adulthood; and no exposure. Chronic sound exposure affected inhibitory avoidance and serotonergic parameters in female rats. For offspring, there was an interaction between chronic and acute sound exposure effects on inhibitory avoidance response but not on escape response. There were significant effects of chronic intrauterine exposure on serotonin turnover in the hippocampus and PFC of females. For offspring, the turnover was increased by chronic exposure only in PFC, and in amygdala it was increased by acute exposure. These results illuminate the potential of an early acoustic sound exposure for causing central serotonergic and emotional behavioral changes that can persist into later periods of life.
Parasites of four ornamental fish from the Chumucuí River (Bragan a, Pará, Brazil) Parasitas de quatro peixes ornamentais do Rio Chumucuí (Bragan a-Pará, Brasil)
Rodrigo Yudi Fujimoto,Zaira Monik Nunes de Barros,Adjalbas Nunes Marinho-Filho,Daniel Guerreiro Diniz
Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinária , 2013,
Abstract: The objective of the present study was to evaluate the parasite fauna of four species of ornamental fish collected in the Chumucuí River, municipality of Bragan a, Pará, Brazil. From June 2006 to December 2007. Fishes (n=307) belonging to four species were collected, including 23 specimens of Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae (redeye tetra), 37 Carnegiella strigata (marbled hatchetfish), 7 Chilodus punctatus (spotted headstander), and 240 Astyanax bimaculatus (twospot astyanax). The parasites found belonged to three taxa: monogeneans in the gills, nematodes (larvae of Capillaria sp. and Contracaecum sp.) in the digestive tract and liver and acanthocephalans (Quadrigyrus torquatus, Q. brasiliensis and Q. nickoli) in the stomach and intestine. Astyanax bimaculatus presented higher prevalence of acanthocephalans in the wet season, and lower prevalence of nematodes in the dry season. The possible importance of these parasites in the exportation of ornamental fish is discussed. O objetivo do presente trabalho foi avaliar a fauna parasitária de quatro espécies de peixes ornamentais capturados no rio Chumucuí, no município de Bragan a-PA. Foram coletados um total de 307 peixes pertencentes a 4 espécies, sendo elas: Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae (olho de fogo, n = 23), Carnegiella strigata (borboleta, n = 37), Chilodus punctatus (cabe a-para-baixo, n = 7) e Astyanax bimaculatus (lambari, n = 240) coletados de junho de 2006 a dezembro de 2007. Foram observados 3 taxa parasitando os peixes: monogenéticos nas branquias, nematóides (larvas de Capillaria sp. e Contracaecum sp.) no trato digestório e fígado e acantocéfalos (Quadrigyrus torquatus, Q. brasiliensis e Q. nickoli) no est mago e intestino. Astyanax bimaculatus apresentou maior prevalência de acantocéfalos na esta o chuvosa, menor prevalência de nematóides na esta o seca. Discute-se a eventual importancia destes parasitas na exporta o de peixes ornamentais.
Circular local skin flap: a new approach to areola reconstruction
Oliveira, Marcelo de;Nunes, Daniel;Beolchi, Mirta;Vargas, André;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502007000400015
Abstract: purpose: despite the numerous surgical options available today for nipple-areola reconstruction, the results are often unsatisfactory. the present study proposes a simple and efficient method for areola reconstruction that uses a circular local skin flap. methods: we prospectively followed five patients that underwent areola reconstruction using a circular local skin flap. a circle, approximately 5 cm in diameter, was marked on the desired area for the new areola. a thin centripetal undermining of 1.5-2 cm was performed, which created a flap with a central pedicle of approximately 1-2 cm. after hemostasis, the thin flap was fixed in its former position with continuous sutures. results:the mean procedure time was 20 minutes (± 9). the postoperative results were classified as satisfactory by four of the five patients at six months postoperative. due to superficial undermining, the resulting scar resembled the appearance of the transition from the mammary skin to the areola. dermopigmentation was only required in one areola. no complications such as dehiscence, necrosis, hematoma, or infection occurred. conclusion: this technique achieved satisfactory results with low morbidity and few complications, and is thus a potentially promising resource for areola reconstruction.
A model for the study of skeletal anomalies in rat fetuses
Effting, Cristiane;Paula, Daniel Jesus de;Nunes Junior, Guilhermino Pereira;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132004000100005
Abstract: the aim of this study was to validate a model of skeletal anomalies in rat fetuses by the administration of ketoconazole (80 mg/kg) to pregnant rats during organogenesis. bones of the head, trunk and anterior and posterior limbs were examined for detection of anomalies. statistical differences regarding the number of fetuses and postimplantation resorptions, and fetal and placental weight were significant. the frequency of skeletal anomalies in the head, trunk, and anterior and posterior limbs in the ketoconazole-treated group were also significant when compared to the control group. it could be concluded that the model suggested was valid for study of skeletal anomalies and abnormal bones development in rat fetuse, in spite of the loss of fetuses due to resorptions.
Características relatadas sobre animais agressores submetidos ao diagnóstico de raiva, S?o Paulo, Brasil, 1993-2007
Buso, Daniel Sartore;Nunes, Caris Maroni;Queiroz, Luzia Helena;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2009001200021
Abstract: epidemiological factors related to animal bites in humans and other animals were obtained from a database with 10,616 records of animal specimens sent for rabies diagnosis in northwest s?o paulo state, brazil, from 1993 to 2007. of this total, 61.5% contained information on the bites, and among the biting animals (25%), the majority were dogs (67%), followed by cats (21.8%), and bats (8.1%). in 92.1% of the reports the victims were humans, and 82.3% of the animals were home pets. the majority of the biting dogs were less than a year old. there was a significant association (p < 0.0001) between aggressiveness and gender (with male animals more aggressive than females). of the rabies-positive animals, 75.9% (183/241) were biters. the data are important for establishing bite prevention programs based on the profile of both victims and biting animals, besides identifying risk factors for animal bites.
Daniel Nascimento Pereira da Silva,Pedro Nunes,Mário Basto
REMark : Revista Brasileira de Marketing , 2011, DOI: 10.5585/remark.v10i2.2258
Abstract: As marcas adquiriram particular preponderancia nas estratégias das empresas, visto serem capazes de gerar sentimentos, sensa es e emo es nos clientes. Os valores, n o mensuráveis, resultar o, obviamente, em valor para as empresas e para as próprias marcas. Uma marca forte configurar-se-á como o maior património de uma empresa. E é hoje vista como um dos activos mais importantes. A evolu o de uma marca, como activo intangível e estratégico de uma empresa, assume-se cada vez mais de vital importancia, no seio destas, como forma de maximizar os seus resultados. Esta necessidade, quer do mercado quer das empresas, justifica o direccionamento da pesquisa para o sector — o valor da marca. O trabalho tem como objectivo principal apresentar um novo modelo de avalia o de marcas. Este modelo sustenta-se numa vertente tangível e numa intangível, esta última avalia os conhecimentos e a capacidade dos seus responsáveis e funcionários para a constru o de uma marca de valor, através da correcta ordena o das prioridades das dimens es do modelo proposto. O modelo foi testado na marca Blue Rise.
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