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Compare and Analysis of SET Protocol and 3-D Secure Protocol
SET协议和3-D Secure协议的比较与分析*

WANG Dan-hui,LI Hui,LI Lin,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: The paper briefly introduces SET protocol and 3-D Secure protocol,the card payment criterions for on-line transaction.These two protocols are compared and analyzed mainly in security.The results show that 3-D secure protocol reduces complex encryption technology used in SET protocol,so it is weaker in security,thus a scheme is proposed to strengthen it.
Calpastatin Gene (CAST) Is Not Associated with Late Onset Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease in the Han Chinese Population
Lan Zhang, Hui Ding, Dan-Hui Wang, Yan-Li Zhang, Andrius Baskys, Piu Chan, Yu Zhong, Yan-Ning Cai
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0070935
Abstract: Recent studies point to an association between the late-onset sporadic Parkinson’s disease (PD) and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) rs1559085 and rs27852 in Ca2+-dependent protease calpain inhibitor calpastatin (CAST) gene. This finding is of interest since loss of CAST activity could result in over activated calpain, potentially leading to Ca2+ dysregulation and loss of substantia nigra neurons in PD. We explored the association between CAST SNPs and late-onset sporadic PD in the Han Chinese population. The study included 615 evaluable patients (363 male, 252 female) with PD and 636 neurologically healthy controls (380 male, 256 female) matched for age, gender, ethnicity, and area of residence. PD cases were identified from the PD cohort of the Chinese National Consortium on Neurodegenerative Diseases (www.chinapd.cn). A total of 24 tag-SNPs were genotyped capturing 95% of the genetic variation across the CAST gene. There was no association found between any of the polymorphisms and PD in all models tested (co-dominant, dominant-effect and recessive-effect). Similarly, none of the common haplotypes was associated with a risk for PD. Our data do not support a significant association between the CAST gene polymorphisms and late onset sporadic PD in the Han Chinese population.
Diagnosis Analysis of 4 TCM Patterns in Suboptimal Health Status: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach
Li-Min Wang,Xin Zhao,Xi-Ling Wu,Yang Li,Dan-Hui Yi,Hua-Ting Cui,Jia-Xu Chen
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/970985
Abstract: Background. We illustrated an example of structure equation modelling (SEM) in the research on SHS to explore the diagnosis of the Sub optimal health status (SHS) and provide evidence for the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) patterns in SHS. And the diagnosis of 4 TCM patterns in SHS was evaluated in this analysis. Methods. This study assessed data on 2807 adults (aged 18 to 49) with SHS from 6 clinical centres. SEM was used to analyze the patterns of SHS in TCM. Parameters in the introduced model were estimated by the maximum likelihood method. Results. The discussed model fits the SHS data well with CFI = 0.851 and RMSEA = 0.075. The direct effect of Qi deficiency pattern on dampness pattern had the highest magnitude (value of estimate is 0.822). With regard to the construct of “Qi deficiency pattern”, “fire pattern”, “stagnation pattern” and “dampness pattern”, the indicators with the highest load were myasthenia of limbs, vexation, deprementia, and dizziness, respectively. It had been shown that estimate factor should indicate the important degree of different symptoms in pattern. Conclusions. The weights of symptoms in the respective pattern can be statistical significant and theoretical meaningful for the 4 TCM patterns identification in SHS research. The study contributed to a theoretical framework, which has implications for the diagnosis points of SHS.
Effects of Light Stress on Chlorophyll Protein Complexes from Chloroplasts

Xu Chun-hui,Zhao Fu-hong,Wang he-bin,Yang Dan-hui,Dai Yun-ling,

植物学报 , 1994,
Abstract: The effects of strong light radiation on chlorophyll protein complexes and some photosynthetic characteristics of spinach's chloroplasts were studied. The experimental results showed that, with the time of radiation, the quantity of CPa band that belongs to PSII core chlorophyll protein complex decreased obviously first, and then the quantities of the bands that belong seperately to oligomer and dimer of LHCII decreased in different levels, and finally, almost the, most proportion of chlorophyll protein complexest bands including that of PSI were decomposed. It also showed that, when the chlorophyll protein complexes had been changed not evident enough by light stress, the Fv/Fo ratio and DCIP photoreduction activity which represent PSII, activities had been decreased obviously.
The Effects of Heavy Metals on the Structure and Function of Photosynthetic Membranes in Higher Plants

Yang Dan-hui,

植物学报 , 1991,
Closed-Form Formula of the Transverse Dynamic Stiffness of a Shallowly Inclined Taut Cable
Dan-hui Dan,Zu-he Chen,Xing-fei Yan
Shock and Vibration , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/497670
Abstract: The segmented vibration-governed equations and their general solutions for cables acted upon by intermediate transverse forces are derived by applying Hamilton’s principle. Including the effects of sagging, flexible stiffness, clamped boundary conditions, and inclination angle of the cable, the element-wise dynamic stiffness for each cable segment, split into segments having unique transverse forces, is derived. By using methods from the global stiffness assembly process of FEM, the global level of the cables’ dynamic equilibrium equation is obtained, and, as a result, the final closed-form formula of transverse dynamic stiffness is derived. Additionally, the corresponding analytic form, without considering sagging effects, is also obtained. Case studies are conducted on the aspects of accuracy, rationality of the distribution on the spatial field, and frequency domains of dynamic stiffness calculations. By comparison with the Guyan-based static FEM reduction method, it is shown that the result obtained from the proposed closed-form solution, which includes sagging effects, is exact and rational, thus creating a powerful tool in transverse vibration analysis. 1. Introduction A current trend in structure development is exceeding existing spanning limits, for which cable structures are playing an increasingly important role. With the extensive use of cable structures, the use of lateral bracing is becoming common, including the installation of intermediate turn supports, lateral dampers, and the use of cross ties, chain bar between cables, and hanger rods [1, 2]. These elements provide transverse static forces for the main body of the cable structures and are often specially designed for improving the dynamic characteristics of the cable structures [3, 4]. The analysis and calculation of characteristics and behaviors of cables acted upon by transverse forces exerted by these elements are also important factors in the design of a cable system. A direct relationship between the excitation and vibration response can be determined by an analysis of the dynamic stiffness, and, therefore, this particular analysis method has become an important tool in cable vibration analysis [5, 6]. Due to the nonlinear behavior of cables, the study on their dynamic stiffness is limited. Currently, most studies on the dynamic stiffness of cables are focused on the development of a computation method using a 4 × 4 matrix that describes the two-dimensional dynamic stiffness of one end of a cable, while the other end is kept fixed. Kolousek first provided the series solution to
Sensitivity of parameters in net primary productivity model of broadleaf-Koreanpine mixed forest.

ZHOU Chun-hua,HAO Zhan-qing,HE Hong-shi,ZHOU Dan-hui,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: PnET-II (photosynthesis and evapotranspiration) model is an ecosystem process model, which requires extensive input parameters, including vegetation parameters, soil parameters and climate parameters, to simulate net primary productivity (NPP). This study estimated the total and wood (stem and branch) NPPs of Korean pine and broadleaf species in Fenglin Natural Reserve, and examined the responses of the NPPs to the variations of the input parameters in PnET-II model. The simulation results indicated that among the vegetation parameters in PnET-II model, the variation of canopy parameters, had greater effects on the simulated NPPs of Korean pine and broadleaf species, and the response of Korean pine's total NPP to vegetation parameters was larger than that of broadleaf species'. The variation of soil water holding capacity (WHC) had smaller effects on the NPPs of Korean pine and broadleaf species, and the response of Korean pine's NPP to the WHC was somewhat smaller than that of broadleaf trees'. In climate scenarios, the variation of air temperature had the greatest effects on the simulated NPP of Korean pine and broadleaf trees, followed by precipitation and radiation. Different climate scenarios had different effects on the predicted results. The total and wood NPPs of Korean pine and broadleaf trees had different responses to the input parameters.
Potential impact of seasonal temperature increase pattern on the succession of coniferous-broadleaved Korean pine mixed forest in Xiaoxing''''an Mountain

ZHOU Dan-hui,HE Hong-shi,LI Xiu-zhen,ZHOU Chun-hua,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: With LINKAGES model, a simulation prediction was made on the future succession process of coniferous-broadleaved Korean pine mixed forest in Xiaoxing'an Mountain under different seasonal temperature increase patterns. The future getting-warmer climate was assumed as a 5 degrees C increase of monthly mean temperature and an unobvious change of precipitation. Three climate change patterns were designed, i.e., temperature increasing range was greater in winter than in summer, the same in the two seasons, and greater in summer than in winter. The simulation results indicated that when the temperature increasing range was greater in winter than in summer, the succession of the present stand in Xiaoxing'an Mountain was relatively least affected by temperature increase, and the tree species composition still remained a relatively stable coniferous-broadleaved forest state. On the contrary, when the temperature increasing range was greater in summer than in winter, the succession of present stand was most significantly affected by temperature increase, and the tree species degenerated fastest. It could be concluded that there was a close relationship between the succession of coniferous-broadleaved Korean pine mixed forest in Xiaoxing'an Mountain and the future climate change patterns. The maximum temperature could be the key factor determining the viability of the present tree species.


物理学报 , 1980,
Abstract: 我们用椭圆偏光法对As+离子注入Si的损伤和退火效应进行了测量。对As+注入能量为150keV、注入剂量为1016cm-2的情况,测得的折射率分布呈现平台型,表明出现了非晶质层。在600—700℃间有一转变温度,高于此温度退火,可消除非晶质层。实验结果表明椭圆偏光法亦是测定辐射损伤的有用工具。
Study on the Network Virtual Ear Experiment Based on 3D Engine
Xiujuan Wang,Dan Wang,Hui Wang,Lingge Meng
Modern Applied Science , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v5n3p221
Abstract: At present, the virtual experiment has been one of the most important and hot applications in the virtual reality technology. By applying advanced computer and network technology into the classroom teaching and network distance teaching, combining with the ear experiment in the anthropotomy course, using 3DMax and MaxScript scripting language to construct the 3D modeling of ear, and transferring VRML and JavaScript technological combination to realize the dynamic interaction of the ear structure and eardrum vibration. The virtual experiment based on the campus network in the article could be presented to teachers and students by the web form, and support the classroom teaching and network distance teaching sufficiently.
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