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Retrospective Study of 23 Cases of Psoriasis Association with HIV Infection Observed in the Department of Dermatology-STD in the University Hospital of Donka Conakry Guinea  [PDF]
M. Keita, M. M. Soumah, T. M. Tounkara, D. Sylla, B. F. Diané, F. B. Sako, H. Baldé, M. Cissé
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2018.81001
Abstract: Introduction :The psoriasis is one of the inflammatory dermatoses with unknown etiology, with chronic evolution having episodic appearance and disappearance. Its prevalence in HIV patients varied from 2% to 5% in most of the times. Objective of this study was to describe the demographic, clinical and therapeutic characteristics of psoriasis patients infected with HIV. Methods: It is a descriptive retrospective study done from January 2003 to December 2013 based on the information from the hospital card of hospitalized patients and outpatients taken care in the department of Dermatology-STD for psoriasis at the University hospital center in Donka Conakry. We included all the cases of psoriasis associated with HIV infection diagnosed from clinical and paraclinical elements. Results: We recorded 23 (24.73%) cases of psoriasis associated with HIV infection among 93 patients observed for psoriasis in which there are 4 cases of psoriasis vulgaris, 10 cases of erythrodermic psoriasis and 9 cases of arthropathic form among these numbers. We had 7 women and 16 men. The medium age of our patients was 44.5 ± 12 years [27 - 62 years]. The delayed duration time of consultation varied from 30 to more than 180 days. The psoriasis was the circumstance of the discovery of the HIV infection among 55% of cases. The pruritus was the functional sign which is the most frequent in 20 cases among 23 cases and 71.4% of cases were accompanied with pain. Family history was found in 7.10% of cases. Anxiety was the dominant factor cause in 42% and the infection 38%. The cutaneous alteration was noted in all patients; 92.9% of patients had nails alteration and intertrigineous association in 78.6% of cases. The clinical forms found w
Skin Manifestations of HIV Infection in Children in Pediatric Services of Conakry University Hospital (Guinea)  [PDF]
M. M. Soumah, M. A. Bangoura, M. Ke?ta, T. M. Tounkara, B. F. Diané, D. Sylla, H. Baldé, F. B. Sako, F. Ke?ta, M. Cissé
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2018.82007
Abstract: Introduction: Dermatological manifestations during HIV infection play a diagnostic and prognostic role. They are observed in 83% - 98% of patients at the late stage of AIDS and 58% - 75% at an early stage of AIDS. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of skin diseases in HIV in children, describes the demographic profile and identify key dermatoses. Material and methods: This was a prospective study of descriptive kind conducted from August 25, 2009 to February 25, 2010. It involved children infected with HIV followed in pediatric services at the University Hospital of Conakry. All children were examined by an experienced dermatologist. The diagnosis of dermatosis was made according to the clinical signs. The stages of HIV infection were determined according to the WHO classification. Each child
Cimento aluminoso e seus efeitos em concretos refratários magnesianos espinelizados in situ
Milanez, D. H;Sako, E. Y;Maia, M. F;Braulio, M. A. L;Bittencourt, L. R. M;Pandolfelli, V. C;
Ceramica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132010000100015
Abstract: calcium aluminate cement (cac) bonded alumina-magnesia refractory castables present great advantages for steel ladle applications as a result of in-situ expansive formation of spinel and ca<6, which leads to high basic slag and thermal shock resistance. the cac content in those castables strongly influences its expansive behavior mainly due to ca6 formation. in the present work, the effects of the cac content in magnesia-alumina castables were analyzed. the results showed that calcium aluminate cement affects the volumetric stability of mgo-spinel system: the lower the cac content, the lower the shrinkage. these effects on the sintering and in the mechanical properties after sintering at high temperatures are also presented and discussed.
Forma??o in-situ ou adi??o de espinélio pré-formado: o que é melhor para concretos refratários aluminosos?
Sako, E. Y;Milanez, D. H;Braulio, M. A. L;Bittencourt, L. R. M;Pandolfelli, V. C;
Ceramica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132010000100005
Abstract: considering that developments on refractories performance are of utmost importance to the steel industry advances, thermo-mechanical properties and the corrosion and slag penetration resistance of the lining material are constantly being improved to extend steel ladle working life. these benefits could be attained in high alumina refractory castable by adding pre-formed spinel or magnesia, in order to result in the latter condition in in-situ spinel during the first use of the lining. the objective of the present work was to compare between high alumina castables with pre-formed or in situ spinel in order to verify their main properties differences. in addition, pre-formed spinel was used as aggregate replacing tabular alumina in alumina-magnesia compositions to analyze the effect of coarse particles in the expansion behavior of this type of castable. the results showed higher expansion and better mechanical performance for castables with in-situ spinel after firing at 1500 oc. also, the use of different aggregates in the same composition resulted in distinct expansion values.
Varia??o do tamanho de gr?o da magnésia: um exemplo da complexidade de ceramicas refratária
Braulio, M. A. L.;Milanez, D. H.;Sako, E. Y.;Bittencourt, L. R. M.;Pandolfelli, V. C.;
Ceramica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132010000300003
Abstract: the expansive behavior of alumina-magnesia refractory castable, attributed to the in-situ spinel formation, is affected by the magnesia source and its grain size. in the present work, increasing mgo grain size induced cracking, and, consequently, reduced the mechanical properties as a result of a large expansion. scanning electron microscopy evaluations after firing at 1500 oc showed distinct microstructures for castables containing different grain sizes (< 45 μm and < 100 μm). for the composition with finer magnesia, phases commonly detected in the literature were observed: spinel and ca6. nevertheless, besides those two phases, the castable with the coarse magnesia also presented forsterite and monticellite around the magnesia remaining grains. hence, the objective of this work is to analyze how the refractory castable properties could be considerably affected even by changing a single parameter: the magnesia grain size.
Agentes ligantes e seus efeitos em concretos refratários alumina-magnésia
Braulio, M. A. L.;Milanez, D. H.;Sako, E. Y.;Bittencourt, L. R. M.;Pandolfelli, V. C.;
Ceramica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132010000400003
Abstract: the usual binder of alumina-magnesia castables is the calcium aluminate cement. due to in-situ spinel (mgal2o4) formation at high temperatures, these materials present an expansive behavior. when bonded with cement, further reactions (ca2 and ca6 formation) also contribute to the overall expansion. changing the most common cement used (~ 30 wt.% cao) for other containing less calcia (~ 20 wt.% cao) or for hydratable alumina are suitable alternatives for controlling the castables' volumetric stability. nevertheless, the binder replacement may affect castables properties, such as cold mechanical strength, mgo hydration degree and properties during and after sintering. therefore, the objective of the present paper is to analyze the effects of these binders on the alumina-magnesia castables processing. as a result, the binder systems can be used as a tool for designing the alumina-magnesia castables expansion, increasing the flexibility on the selection of steel ladles linings.
Concretos refratários engenheirados com expans?o controlada para panelas de siderurgia
Braulio, M. A. L.;Milanez, D. H.;Sako, E. Y.;Brito, M. A. M.;Bittencourt, L. R. M.;Pandolfelli, V. C.;
Ceramica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132008000100002
Abstract: thermodynamics and microstructural analysis are of utmost importance to choose the best refractory lining for molten steel containers. in order to extend ladle lining life, thermodynamically stable oxides, such as alumina and magnesia, are essential. at higher temperatures, the in-situ reaction between these two oxides leads to the formation of spinel, which has an outstanding corrosion resistance. due to this reaction, alumina-magnesia castables are liable to a great volume expansion. because of this, controlling the spinel formation is fundamental to keep the integrity of the material. the extent to which this reaction affects the properties of these castables depends on the matrix raw materials. considering this aspect, the aim of this study is to design a residual expansion based on previously engineered microstructure. consequently, the association of chemical resistance and an excellent toughening mechanism can be attained, resulting in materials with better performance.
Beam energy dependence of charged pion ratio in $^{28}$Si + In reactions
M. Sako,T. Murakami,Y. Nakai,Y. Ichikawa,K. Ieki,S. Imajo,T. Isobe,M. Matsushita,J. Murata,S. Nishimura,H. Sakurai,R. D. Sameshima,E. Takada
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: The double differential cross sections for $^{nat}$In($^{28}$Si, $\pi ^{\pm}$) reactions are measured at 400, 600, and 800 MeV/nucleon. Both $\pi^+$ and $\pi^-$ are found to be emitted isotropically from a single moving source. The $\pi^- / \pi^+$ yield ratio is determined as a function of the charged pion energy between 25 and 100 MeV. The experimental results significantly differ from the prediction of the standard transport model calculation using the code PHITS. This discrepancy suggests that more theoretical works are required to deduce firm information on the nuclear symmetry energy from the $\pi^- / \pi^+$ yield ratio.
Evidence for a correlation between the Si II 4000 width and Type Ia supernova color
J. Nordin,L. Ostman,A. Goobar,C. Balland,H. Lampeitl,R. C. Nichol,M. Sako,D. P. Schneider,M. Smith,J. Sollerman,J. C. Wheeler
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/734/1/42
Abstract: We study the pseudo equivalent width of the Si II 4000 feature of Type Ia supernovae in the redshift range 0.0024 < z < 0.634. We find that this spectral indicator correlates with the lightcurve color excess (SALT2 c) as well as previously defined spectroscopic subclasses (Branch types) and the evolution of the Si II 6150 velocity, i.e., the so called velocity gradient. Based on our study of 55 objects from different surveys, we find indications that the Si II 4000 spectral indicator could provide important information to improve cosmological distance measurements with Type Ia supernovae.
A Study of the Matter of SPH Application to Saturated Soil Problems
H. Bui,R. Fukagawa,K. Sako
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: We present an application of SPH to saturated soilproblems. Herein, the standard SPH formulation was improved to model saturated soil. It is shown that the proposed formulation could yield several advantages such as: it takes into account the pore-water pressure in an accurate manner, it automatically satisfies the dynamics boundary conditions between submerged soil and water, and it reduced the computational cost. Discussions on the use of the standard and the new SPH formulations are also given through some numerical tests. Furthermore, some techniques to obtained correct SPH solution are also proposed and discussed. To the end, this paper suggests that the proposed SPH formulation should be considered as the basic formulation for further developments of SPH for soil-water couple problems
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