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Is Choking under Pressure a Consequence of Skill-Focus or Increased Distractibility? Results from a Tennis Serve Task  [PDF]
Chris Englert, Ra?ul R. D. Oudejans
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.59116

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that athletes often choke in high pressure situations because anxiety can affect attention regulation and in turn performance. There are two competing theoretical approaches to explain the negative anxiety-performance relationship. According to skillfocus theories, anxious athletes’ attention is directed at how to execute the sport-specific movements which interrupts execution of already automatized movements in expert performers. According to distraction theories, anxious athletes are distractible and focus less on the relevant stimuli. We tested these competing assumptions in a between-subject design, as semi-professional tennis players were either assigned to an anxiety group (n = 25) or a neutral group (n = 28), and performed a series of second tennis serves into predefined target areas. As expected, anxiety was negatively related to serve accuracy. However, mediation analyses with the bootstrapping method revealed that this relationship was fully mediated by self-reported distraction and not by skill-focus.

Hipertens?o arterial entre funcionários de banco estatal no Rio de Janeiro. Hábitos de vida e tratamento
Chor, Dóra;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X1998001100003
Abstract: purpose: this study estimates the frequency of treatment of high blood pressure and compares life-styles among hipertensives and non-hipertensives. methods: cross-sectional study in a sistematic sample of 1183 employees in a government-owned bank in the state of rio de janeiro, through a self-administered questionnaire. direct measurements of arterial pressure, weight and height were also taken in a sub-sample. those who had been informed more than once as having high blood pressure, by a health professional, were classified as hipertensives. results: there were no important differences among hipertensives and non-hipertensives with respect to the prevalence of smoking, alcohol and physical activities. dieting was more frequent among overweight/obese hipertensives than overweight/obese non-hipertensives. only 44,7% were under treatment. subjects with high level of education were more likely to be treated as were those who quit smoking, presented overweight/obesity or family history of cerebrovascular diseases. conclusion: access to information and health care was not sufficient to guarantee high blood pressure treatment or a healthy life-style which contributes to hypertension control.
Saúde pública e mudan?as de comportamento: uma quest?o contemporanea
Chor, Dóra;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X1999000200027
Abstract: most cardiovascular disease risk factors can be modified through life-style changes. choices of habits and behavior are in fact heavily influenced by concepts of normality and social values. however, social influences fail to fully explain these choices, insofar as health-related habits are also shaped by personal experience. the main limitations of public health practice can probably be found at this subjective level. this article emphasizes the need to consider determinants of human behavior at different levels, increasingly important for strategies to promote health and prevent disease, or at least delay its onset. the primary focus is to influence rules and laws aimed at protecting life. the article also discusses possible strategies for translating scientific knowledge into public health action, avoiding the restriction to the "healthy life" regulatory role. finally, participation by public health professionals is suggested in places where population groups share life experiences, such as workplaces, schools, and churches, developing approaches which include those experiences as well as fears and hopes related to health. scientific facts might thus be transformed into more familiar elements of everyday life.
Hipertens o arterial entre funcionários de banco estatal no Rio de Janeiro. Hábitos de vida e tratamento
Chor Dóra
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 1998,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Estimar a freqüência de tratamento de hipertens o arterial e hábitos de vida relacionados à saúde, comparando-se hipertensos e n o hipertensos. MéTODOS: Estudo seccional em amostra sistemática de 1183 funcionários de banco estatal, no Rio de Janeiro, através de questionário autopreenchido. Medidas diretas da press o arterial, peso e estatura foram tomadas em subamostra. Participantes informados por profissional de saúde, mais de uma vez, que eram hipertensos, foram classificados como hipertensos. RESULTADOS: N o houve diferen a importante entre hipertensos e n o hipertensos, quanto à prevalência de tabagismo, consumo de álcool e atividades físicas. Entre os hipertensos com sobrepeso/obesidade, a prática de dieta foi mais freqüente do que entre n o hipertensos com sobrepeso/obesidade. Apenas 44,7% dos hipertensos estavam sob tratamento, condi o associada à alta escolaridade, ser ex-fumante, ter sobrepeso/obesidade ou história familiar de doen as cerebrovasculares. CONCLUS O: A disponibilidade de servi os de saúde e o acesso à informa o n o foram suficientes para garantir o tratamento ou ado o de hábitos de vida que contribuem para o controle da press o arterial, no conjunto dos hipertensos.
Teratogén tényez k és hatásaik az ókori világban Teratogenic factors and their effects in the ancient world
Pataricza Dóra PhD
Kaleidoscope History , 2011,
A n i magyaros dolmány, mint üzenethordozó, n i testeken The female “Hungarian-like” dolman – as carrying messages on women’s bodies
Dezs? Dóra
Kaleidoscope History , 2011,
Child Soldiery as a Tool of Modern Warfare(?): the Role of Child Soldiers in “New Wars”
Obrana a Strategie , 2010,
Abstract: The hardly-known but regrettably prevalent phenomenon of child soldiery, which can be considered as a new development of modern warfare, might affect approximately 250,000 – 300,000 children worldwide. According to the estimates, 40% of our planet’s armed forces or armed groups deploy “child combatants” for different tasks, while the international community is still struggling against this form of the abuse of children. The global nature of child soldiery raises many questions in many fields, because it has deep political, social, economic, military, environmental, ethnic and religious etc. roots and far reaching consequences in the so-called Third World. Moreover, if we focus on the African peacekeeping missions of the European Union, child soldiery might also have indirect impacts on the European community. The aim of this study is to offer a comprehensive approach in connection with child soldiery, and pointing out the links between the post-colonial conflicts and this form of human rights breaches.
Saúde pública e mudan as de comportamento: uma quest o contemporanea
Chor Dóra
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 1999,
Abstract: O artigo reconhece que alguns dos principais fatores de risco para doen as cardiovasculares s o passíveis de altera o por meio de mudan as de hábitos de vida. Conceitos sociais de normalidade influenciam escolhas destes comportamentos, que s o aparentemente individuais. No entanto, a dimens o coletiva n o esgota a quest o, já que, embora os hábitos relacionados à saúde sejam culturalmente mediados, tomam também formas bastante pessoais. é nesta dimens o que se encontram, provavelmente, as maiores lacunas do "fazer" da epidemiologia, ao n o levar em conta o caráter n o racional das escolhas de comportamento. Aponta-se a necessidade de integrar os vários determinantes do comportamento humano, cada vez mais importantes para estratégias de promo o da saúde e preven o de doen as. O artigo discute estratégias para traduzir em a o preventiva o conhecimento gerado no campo da Saúde Pública. Em primeiro lugar, favorecer normas e leis que que protejam e valorizem a vida. Em outro nível, sugere a presen a de profissionais de saúde pública em ambientes de trabalho e escolas, onde grupos compartilham experiências de vida, reconhecendo seus temores e esperan as em rela o à saúde, para que as descobertas científicas possam se tornar menos estranhas ao cotidiano de cada um.
Local phonon mode in a fermionic bath, and its relation to Kondo effect
Balázs Dóra
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.75.245113
Abstract: We have studied the interplay of a local phonon mode embedded in a metallic host (Holstein impurity model) using Abelian bosonization. The phonon frequency softens, which takes place in two steps: first, their frequency starts softening, and acquires finite lifetime. Then oscillations disappear from the response, and two distinct, finite dampings characterize them. Similar behaviour shows up in the spin-boson model. Due to phonons, the electrons experience an attractive, dynamic interaction. As a result, the electronic charge response enhances similarly to the spin response in the Kondo model. The local electronic density of states develops a dip around zero frequency. Thus the chance of charge-Kondo effect emerges.
Local Classical and Quantum Criticality due to Electron-Vibration Interaction
Balázs Dóra
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.165121
Abstract: We study the local classical and quantum critical properties of electron-vibration interaction, represented by the Yu-Anderson model. It exhibits an instability, similar to the Wentzel-Bardeen singularity, whose nature resembles to weakly first order quantum phase transitions at low temperatures, and crosses over to Gaussian behaviour with increasing temperature. We determine the dominant energy scale separating the quantum from classical criticality, study the effect of dissipation and analyze its impact on correlation functions. Similar phenomenon should be observable in carbon nanotubes around local defects.
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