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The Usage of Videogame as a Physiotherapeutic Intervention in Individuals with Down Syndrome  [PDF]
Barbara Beatriz Joei Mioto, Cristiane Goncalves Ribas
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1100878
Abstract: Down syndrome (DS) is a genetic disease which has a set of characteristics that result in delays of basic motor skills. Physiotherapy aims to reduce delays in gross and fine motor skills. It also aims to prevent joint instabilities and deformities of the bones. A feature that has drawn the attention of therapists includes virtual reality as a method of rehabilitation. The goal of this study is to analyze the degree of effectiveness of the usage of the game in the rehabilitation of patients with Down syndrome. We have selected five volunteer students; on the attendances, we use Nintendo Wii and Wii Sports CD, which contains tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball and golf games. In addition to, the assessments were executed at the first and at the last attendances for comparison of results. The results were individually placed into charts, and it could be remarkable the evolution of the aspects was evaluated. We conclude that virtual reality, as an additional treatment, is interactive, playful and serves as an additional motivation for physical therapy appointments, and it gives the therapists an extra tool to assess and to acquire skills. We suggest further studies with a higher number of participants to give statistically meaning results regarding the use of videogame in therapies.
Feasibility of virtual therapy in rehabilitation of Parkinson's disease patients: pilot study
Loureiro, Ana Paula Cunha;Ribas, Cristiane Gon?alves;Zotz, Talita Gianello Gnoato;Chen, Rebeca;Ribas, Flávia;
Fisioterapia em Movimento , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-51502012000300021
Abstract: introduction: among parkinson's disease (pd) motor disabilities, postural and balance alterations are important parameters to physical therapists who need to choose specific, targeted therapies for their patients. among many therapy options, virtual therapy is studied as to whether it can be a viable rehabilitation method. objective: to verify the applicability of virtual rehabilitation in pd patients for the improvement of their balance and quality of life. material and methods: six volunteers, diagnosed to be in stages ii and iii of pd (hoehn and yahr scale), were recruited for this study. patients (65 ± 13 years old) participated in activities involving wii fit, for a total of twelve interventions, twice per week. clinical and qualitative methods were used for the data collection for the initial and final evaluations: borg's scale, berg functional balance scale, time up and go, anterior and lateral functional reach and nottingham's scale were performed during the study. penguin slide, ski slalom, soccer heading and table tilt were the wii games selected as a form of virtual therapy. results: the collected data were analyzed using the wilcoxon test. motor skill, functional capacities and quality of life were analyzed as variables of the patients' balance. statistically significant differences were found in the following tests: borg's scale (p = 0.0464), berg functional balance scale (p = 0.0277), lateral functional reach to the right (p = 0.0431*) and lateral functional reach to the left (p = 0.0277). conclusion: it is believed that exercises with virtual reality therapy can be a useful tool to improve the balance in pd patients.
Avalia??o da performance muscular de idosas n?o sedentárias antes e após aplica??o de um programa de exercícios de equilíbrio
Anjos, Elisangela Mendes dos;Cunha, Marina Ramos da;Ribas, Danieli Isabel Romanovitch;Gruber, Cristiane Regina;
Revista Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-98232012000300007
Abstract: introduction: one of the natural processes of senescence is the decrease in muscle strength and mass, called sarcopenia, a slow and progressive process that in the elderly will affect the functionality and quality of life by increasing morbity, dependence, recurrent hospitalizations, risk of falls and fractures. objective: to evaluate the effects of balance exercises on the strength and flexibility in elderly. methods: 13 volunteered elderly women aged 60 to 83 years (73 years ± 5.15), engaged in physical activity were evaluated for strength and flexibility of the lower limbs before and after the application of a balance program, for 12 consecutive weeks, once a week. strength was evaluated using the test sitting and standing and the flexibility through the sit and reach test. the results were analyzed by anova (p>0.05). results: there was no significant gains (p>0,05) in the strength and flexibility, but there was a maintaining in the values. conclusion: 12 weeks of application of balance exercises, performed once a week are enough to maintain strength and flexibility of non-sedentary elderly.
Inclus?o de alunos com paralisia cerebral no ensino fundamental: contribui??es da fisioterapia
Silva, Simone Massaneiro;Santos, Rosangela Ribeiro de Castro Neri;Ribas, Cristiane Gon?alves;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Especial , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-65382011000200007
Abstract: this study aimed to show how physiotherapists can contribute in the process of inclusion of students with cerebral palsy (cp) in elementary education. the present study was undertaken at three public elementary schools in curitiba. each school was visited five times between march and april of 2009, for data collection. the sample was composed of three literate students, aged between nine and 16 years, with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, without cognitive impairment. to assess the students, two procedures were used: an observation protocol and the descriptive and qualitative neurological evaluation card of pequeno cotolengo in paraná. the results enabled the researchers to establish goals for physiotherapy; specific interventions were carried out according to the needs of the students involved, during the months of april through june 2009. as a result, the study showed the importance of the role of physiotherapy on indicating how to adapt furniture and material, so as to become appropriate to the needs of students with cerebral palsy. their supervision also provided for the elimination of architectural barriers, contributed to better awareness of the educational professionals and helped in the development of the student with cerebral palsy in the school environment.
Produ o de brota es e enraizamento de miniestacas de Piptocarpha angustifolia Sprouts production and rooting of Piptocarpha angustifolia minicuttings
Aurea Portes Ferriani,Katia Christina Zuffellato-Ribas,Cristiane Vieira Helm,Adriana Boza
Pesquisa Florestal Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.4336/2012.pfb.67.257
Abstract: Piptocarpha angustifolia Dusén ex. Malme é uma espécie arbórea nativa brasileira, pioneira, pertencente à Floresta Ombrófila Mista, com potencialidades para recupera o de ecossistemas degradados e implanta o em sistemas agrossilvipastoris. Sua propaga o pela via seminal apresenta produ o irregular e número reduzido de sementes viáveis além de experimentos de estaquia com ramos semilenhosos n o apresentarem resposta para enraizamento adventício. Este trabalho buscou avaliar o potencial de enraizamento da espécie pela técnica da miniestaquia com uso de minicepas originadas por sementes e cultivadas sob sistema semi-hidrop nico. As brota es coletadas foram imersas em solu o de ácido ascórbico a 1% e as miniestacas confeccionadas com 5 cm de comprimento e manuten o do par de folhas no ápice, instaladas em substrato contendo vermiculita média e casca de arroz carbonizada (1:1 v v-1). Decorridos 90 dias, verificou-se maior produ o de miniestacas no inverno e primavera, variando entre 113,4 e 259,2 miniestacas por metro quadrado ao mês. O enraizamento adventício chegou a 45% no inverno com número de raízes igual a 6,3 e comprimento médio de 9,8 cm, sem utiliza o de fitorregulador. doi: 10.4336/2011.pfb.31.67.257 Piptocarpha angustifolia Dusén ex. Malme (Asteraceae) is a brazilian native and pioneer tree species, occuring in Araucária Forest, with potential to ecosystem restorarion and introduction in forest, agriculture and pasture systems. Its propagation by seed presents irregular production and low number of feasible seeds while vegetative propagation by cutting of mature plants with semihardwood shoots didn’t present rooting response. This work aimed to evalue adventitious rooting by minicutting technique using minisprouts from seeds. The minisprouts were collected and dipped in ascorbic acid solution (1%) and minicuttings were produced with 5 cm lenght mantaining a pair of leaves in the apex installed in a medium with vermiculite and carbonized rice husk (1:1 v v-1). The evaluation was made after 90 days considering percentage of rooting minicuttings, number and lenght average for minicuttings, percentage of living minicuttings, percentage of minicuttings with callus and dead minicuttings. The higher production of minicuttings was verified in winter and spring, varying between 113.4 to 259.2 units for square meter a month. The adventitious rooting reached 45% in winter with 6.3 roots and an average of 9.8 cm of length, without using plant growth regulator. doi: 10.4336/2011.pfb.31.67.257
Aging, diversity, and health: the Brazilian and the Canadian context
Paskulin, Lisiane Manganelli Girardi;Aires, Marinês;Goncalves, Ana Valéria;Kottwitz, Carla Cristiane Becker;Morais, Eliane Pinheiro de;Brondani, Mario Augusto;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002011000600021
Abstract: aging is a universal and yet diverse phenomenon. this paper presents a review on the topic of diversity in the context of the aging populations in brazil and canada. the diversity of the aging population in both countries is discussed in terms of gender, ethnicity, age groups and living conditions while considering the impact on the health care systems. understanding and reflecting on the brazilian and canadian realities reinforces the need for respecting these diversities when developing and implementing local health policies and interventions. there are some similarities regarding gender, but marked differences in immigration patterns, education and living arrangements. the heterogeneity in the aging process within each country and between them carries different expectations and generates social consequences that manifest themselves in differences in health situations, resulting in new challenges to health services and the formulation of public policies for this age group in both countries.
Quarkonium suppression as a probe of a saturated gluon plasma ?
Victor Goncalves
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(01)01026-7
Abstract: A dense parton system is expected to be formed in the early stage of relativistic heavy-ion collisions at RHIC energies and above. The probability of a quark gluon plasma production and the resulting strength of its signatures depends strongly on the initial conditions associated to the distributions of partons in the nuclear wave functions. At very high energies, the growth of parton distributions should saturate, possibly forming a Color Glass Condensate, which is characterized by a bulk momentum scale $Q_s$. As a direct consequence, the possible signatures of the QGP should be $Q_s$-dependent if the saturation scenario is valid for RHIC and LHC. In this Letter we assume the saturation scenario for the QGP formation and estimate the saturation scale dependence of quarkonium suppression. We conclude that, if this scenario is valid, the $\Upsilon$ suppression only occurs at large values of $Q_s$.
Totally Asymmetric Zero-Range process in the Rarefaction Fan
Patricia Goncalves
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We consider the one-dimensional totally asymmetric zero-range process starting from a step decreasing profile leading in the hydrodynamic limit to the rarefaction fan of the associate hydrodynamic equation. Under that initial condition, we show that the weighted sum of joint probabilities for second class particles sharing the same site, is convergent and we compute its limit. We derive the Law of Large Numbers for the position of a second class particle initially at the origin under the initial state in which all positive sites are empty and all negative sites are occupied and also for a slight perturbation of the invariant state.
Equilibrium Fluctuations for the Totally Asymmetric Zero Range process
Patricia Goncalves
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1007/s10955-009-9888-9
Abstract: We prove a Central Limit Theorem for the empirical measure in the one-dimensional Totally Asymmetric Zero-Range Process in the hyperbolic scaling $N$, starting from the equilibrium measure $\nu_{\rho}$. We also show that when taking the direction of the characteristics, the limit density fluctuation field does not evolve in time until $N^{4/3}$, which implies the current across the characteristics to vanish in this longer time scale.
Central Limit Theorem for a Tagged Particle in Asymmetric Simple Exclusion
Patricia Goncalves
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: We prove a Functional Central Limit Theorem for the position of a Tagged Particle in the one-dimensional Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process in the hyperbolic scaling, starting from a Bernoulli product measure conditioned to have a particle at the origin. We also prove that the position of the Tagged Particle at time $t$ depends on the initial configuration, by the number of empty sites in the interval $[0,(p-q)\alpha t]$ divided by $\alpha$ in the hyperbolic and in a longer time scale, namely $N^{4/3}$.
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